How to make a guy chase you: 21 secrets to getting him hooked

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It’s one thing for a guy to notice you but making him chase you is a different thing.

Perhaps you’re wondering how you can make a guy realize that you’re the person he would love to date and have in his life. 

It’s time to find out how you can make the guy you’re attracted to desire and chase you

So you can let a guy do the chasing, I’m sharing with you these subtle yet powerful moves that work like charm.

21 powerful ways to get a guy hooked and chase you

These are great practical strategies that even men can use on women too.

Read on to let the chase begin.

1) Ignore him first

Most people have the urge of wanting what they can’t easily have. So when you deny him to get his attention, it will drive him crazy. 

According to Psych Central, there are reasons why people want what they can’t have including:

  • Getting excited about the thrill of the chase
  • Satisfaction of the ego
  • Attraction to the unpredictability of the person
  • Fulfillment of a fantasy
  • To prove that we deserve them

Pretend that you don’t care (a little), even if you do. 

He’ll start to think and get curious about you. He’ll start to wonder why you’re not interested in him and why you’re refusing him.

Since you’re the only woman who doesn’t give a damn about him, he’ll do things so you’ll get to notice him. This will shake his ego and he will prove that he’s a man worthy of your attention.

While this is one of the oldest tips, ignoring a man always works wonders.

It’s because men don’t want to lose. And they’ll do whatever it takes to win what they can’t easily have.

2) Get busy once in a while

Don’t make your world revolve around him. Use your time to enjoy doing things that make you happier.

This means giving time for yourself so you won’t spend the entire day waiting for him to contact you. And when he messages or calls you, don’t respond right away (even if you’re already dying to hear from him). 

He needs to realize that you have an awesome life. And this will make him wonder what’s keeping you preoccupied. Also, don’t make yourself available for him all the time. 

Let him know that you have things to do (even if you’re just watching your favorite Netflix series). 

Quick Tip: 

Go quiet for a couple of days to make him wonder what you’ve been to or where you’ve been.

Sooner, he’s going to miss you and you’ll know that.

3) Exude confidence

People get attracted to those who look, speak, and act with confidence.

Men also want their partners to be smart, attractive, and determined too – extremely sexy traits. Thus, make sure your personality shines so that the guy you want will chase you.

Show your natural confidence that makes you untouchable yet desirable at the same time.

Here are easy ways on how you can radiate more confidence:

  • Be the woman you want to attract
  • Step out of your comfort zone
  • Dress in what makes you feel good
  • Prioritize self-care so you’ll feel great about yourself
  • Turn off your inner critic
  • Remind yourself what a fabulous woman you are

When you’re confident in your skin, this will make a man desire you more. So if there’s something you need to have – it’s your confidence.

Once you learn to accept yourself, your flaws, and your uniqueness, feel a lot better. Remember that your confidence is the way to being attractive and sexified. 

When you think positively about yourself, you’ll be a better person than before, no matter what happens. It will always be worth it.

Your confidence creates a positive aura that will make this guy get drawn to you.

4) Get advice specific to your situation

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5) Use your feminine charm

Love and connect with your femininity. Since men are naturally drawn to feminine energy, use that to your advantage. 

Your feminine side will draw him closer and make him want to chase you more.

In the research published at the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin,  it was examined that feminine charm — combined with friendliness and flirting — makes a woman get what she wants.

According to the research author Laura Kray, Ph.D., professor at the Haas School of Business at the University of California, Berkeley, 

“It’s an effective tool for women to use when they need to be assertive but also want to be liked.”

With your feminine charm, you’ll be more desirable and attractive in his eyes. Here’s how you can make your charm works:

  • Take good care of yourself
  • Smile and laugh naturally
  • Make frequent eye contact when you talk with him
  • Be vulnerable without showing signs of neediness
  • Appreciate his efforts
  • Compliment him sincerely
  • Find the beauty in everything

The key here is to be warm, friendly, and inviting. So, get out there and turn on your charm.

Trust that you can melt his heart with the power of your allure. 

6) Make him think of you

When we like someone, we want to be around this person all the time.

But if you want this guy to chase you, you’ll come off as being clingy and needy. And this is something that he won’t want.

It’s best to make him enjoy his time without you, but with his mind on you. And yes, it’s possible to make him miss you and think about you all the time.

Whenever you’re talking to him or spending time with him, be fully present.

Do something that will leave an impression or anything that’s completely unexpected.

For instance, when you’re on a date, give him a quick kiss on your way out. Then, follow it up with a simple text message during the day.

This way, he’ll keep thinking about you all night long and the day after.

Just always do it the right way. And it’s best to leave things to his imagination, so he’ll be more excited to be with you the next time around. 

The trick is to make him feel that you’re interested in his life so he’ll want you more. 

7) Make it known that you have options

Women make the mistake of being glued to one guy and letting the world know about it.

When a guy you like knows that you’re intensely attracted to him, he’ll lose interest and won’t chase you anymore.

That’s why you don’t have to let him think that he’s the only one. Make him see that you’re attracting other men. 

Notice how he would react when he sees that you’re getting attention from others. The more desirable he thinks you are, the more he’ll pursue and chase you.

Here’s a trick: Enjoy the company of other guys.

The heavy competition will get his attention and make him insanely jealous.

You can tell from these signs that a guy is jealous because he likes you.

8) Let him know he’s in charge

If you want a guy to chase you, make him feel that he plays a big role in deciding what to do.

Doing this will boost his ego. He’ll also realize that you can support him and you’re the woman he can lean on.

When men are in control, they’ll feel wanted and needed. 

Here’s how you can do this:

  • Let him take the lead
  • Tell him that you feel safe around him
  • Acknowledge his effort and everything he does
  • Respect his opinion on things
  • Compliment his best assets

Guys have a hero instinct that needs to be triggered. Make this guy understand how he is needed in your life.

When you do this, he’ll feel all kinds of great emotions that will make him want to have a relationship with you.

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9) Create an air of mystery

Make a man smitten by twisting things a bit to get what you want. Never be an open book or a movie with a known ending.

You don’t have to reveal your entire life nor share your past intimate moments all at once. Just be a bit mysterious without being too distant.

Instead, share bits of interesting things about yourself. Then leave the rest of the great things that are happening in your life.

Keep a couple of things for yourself and save things for later to create anticipation and curiosity.

You can be mysterious without compromising your confidence and integrity. Here are more ways to be mysterious without playing hard to get:

  • Tell him a secret without telling the whole thing. 
  • Suggest doing something he wouldn’t think you’d enjoy
  • Let him see a peek into your personality each time you’re together
  • Plan a surprise you know he’ll appreciate
  • Do the opposite of what he’s expecting

Here’s the key: Leave enough to his imagination to make him yearn for you more.

He’ll get attracted to the dynamic, interesting, and mysterious woman that you are. Your sense of mystery will be the fire that will keep him coming back to you for more and more. 

So use this strategy to keep him interested in chasing you.

10) Be fun to get instead of being hard to get

Some women fall into the trap of thinking that “playing hard to get” is the way to do it. This approach often backfires and drives men away. 

Based on what couple therapist Dr. Gary Brown shared, 

“Playing hard to get can leave the impression that you are not interested and that you think too much of yourself.” 

This can hinder your chances of building a healthy relationship. 

So instead of being aloof and disinterested, be nice, interesting, and welcoming. Pay attention to him, but always maintain your personal space.

The trick here is to give him a flirtatious smile so he’ll enjoy persuading you.

For instance, don’t always agree or be available when he asks you to hang out with him. Maybe you can act that you prefer doing something else, like him bringing you dinner instead.

This gives him that adrenaline rush so he’ll win you over. 

11) Don’t contact him all the time

If you want an easy way to make the guy chase you, this technique is a no-brainer.

While I know you want to send him a message or video chat with him, take a step back. Since you want him to chase you, restrain from doing this.

You’ll know he’s interested if he initiates making a conversation with you.

When you go out for a date and it went exceptionally well, thank him as a courtesy. But don’t initiate another date, even if you want to. Let him do that. 

And if a guy likes you, he’ll make a move and nothing will stop him from keeping in touch with you.

In the meantime, keep yourself busy while waiting for that phone call or text message. Sit back and let him come to you.

When he does, respond casually. But when he doesn’t, maybe he doesn’t feel a strong attraction.  

12) Fill your life with meaning and excitement 

Be confident and happy with your life. Do something more important for yourself aside from his attention.

Men would find you more attractive when you have your own goals, ambitions, and passions. They desire to be in a relationship with a woman who has the kind of life they admire.

Make this guy see that you have a social life, a career, hobbies, and everything else. 

A quick tip: Share a few snaps on social media to catch his attention.

This is one of the best ways to make him want you more.

And when he knows that you are above other women who want instant pleasure, he’ll see the smart, amazing woman who lives life with meaning.

When a man realizes this, he’ll do anything so you’ll be part of his life. He’ll keep on chasing you for the woman that you are. 

13) Do fun things together

Establish the connection and create that emotional bond. It’s best if you have something in common. 

Find out if you share the same hobbies, if you listen to the same music, or maybe if you’re looking forward to the next season of a show on Netflix.

This way, he’ll think of you — or even reach out — when he does it next time.

When he invites you to do something together, take it as a sign that he wants your company. It’s clear that he’s starting to chase you and he’s thinking of you as much as you’re thinking of him.

And having things in common and doing things together makes a relationship grow and last longer.

I mentioned this fascinating concept earlier: the hero instinct. When a man’s inner hero is triggered, he’s more likely to see that he’s really lucky to have you around

Just by knowing the right things to say to him, you’ll open a part of him that no woman has ever reached before.

And the easiest way to do so is by watching this free video by James Bauer. In it, he’ll reveal simple phrases and texts you can use to make your man truly yours. 

Here’s a link to the excellent video again.

14) Flirt in a subtle way

Men love women who can make the chase interesting and exciting. 

Even if you want this guy to chase you, you still have to show that you’re interested in him. You don’t have to be mean nor be an ice queen.

Instead, enjoy the chase and flirt with him. And don’t get intimate right away or give him everything he wants. 

A study made by evolutionary psychologist David Buss proves that “one of the most reliable techniques to make men chase, is to hint that you are primed for sex.”

And you can do this by teasing and flirting subtly.

  • Make eye contact and lock his gaze
  • Touch his hand lightly
  • Remove something from his shirt gently
  • Touch your hair while you laugh at his jokes
  • Ask a question that draws attention to himself

Just make sure that you’re not doing it aggressively. Remember that men adore women who flirt in a feminine way.  

15) Show your sexiness

Being sexy doesn’t mean dressing provocatively or being someone you’re not.

This simply means enhancing and loving the best features you naturally have. It means taking care of yourself even more without being too obsessed with your appearance. And it’s always valuable to have the traits of a great woman

Since men are visual creatures, grab their attention by being more desirable and attractive.

  • Wear light makeup when you’re out with him
  • Wear something that defines your curves
  • Always look fresh and clean
  • Have a great sense of humor
  • Smile and maintain eye contact

It’s about being more comfortable in your body.

This is because when you look and feel good about yourself, men will get drawn to your wonderful attitude, great mind, and winning personality.

16) Don’t give him everything right away

Since this guy isn’t your boyfriend yet, you should not give him free benefits.

Don’t feel inclined that you have to make out with him right away.  When you do, he won’t see the point of chasing after you.

If you have sex with a man on a first date or after a couple of dates, there’s a possibility that he might lose interest in you.

And don’t just think sex is the best thing that you can offer to a man you love because it isn’t.

Other than sex, men seek emotional support, intimacy, connection, trust, security, warmth, and understanding. But don’t worry if you had sex with this guy already. 

There are ways on how you can still make a man chase you after you sleep with him

17) Do away with the drama

Men avoid too much drama as they can’t handle the emotions that go with it.

So when they sense that you attract drama most of the time, they’ll run away from you.

Based on an article shared by certified life transformation coach Natalie Maximets, too much negativity, conflicts, and arguing all the time can be destructive in a relationship

Men would rather have a peaceful, loving relationship with you than one that’s filled with too many battles. They won’t go for someone who’s always whining, complaining, fighting, or arguing over nothing.

So if you want the guy to chase after you, leave the drama at home or with your girls.

It doesn’t mean you have to be emotionless or live a conflict-free life.  Emotions are a different thing. 

You just have to stay from unnecessary conflict and work on not being too dramatic over simple things.  Instead, be involved only when it’s necessary.

If you’re being too dramatic, these simple ways will minimize the drama in your life:

  • Step back and change your perspective
  • Don’t feed yourself with other people’s drama
  • Check if you’re around toxic people
  • Choose your battles

Remember, too much distress isn’t healthy.  

You don’t have to be a damsel in distress or pull tricks just to get a man to notice and chase you. 

18) Stop the chase

Guys lose interest when they know that a girl is willing to give herself easily. 

Most desire and pursue someone where they can get the thrill and excitement while doing the chase. You can effectively use reverse male psychology so it will work for you.

Since you want him to do the chasing and have him commit to you, stop doing the chase. This doesn’t mean you have to ignore him completely. 

What you need to do is pay attention to his actions and be nice.

Show that you’re not interested in controlling his life, but you want to be part of it. And make him feel the connection with you so he’ll realize that you’re worth the chase. Because you are.

19) Be your true self

Though we always want to put our best foot forward and leave a good impression, you still have to stay true to yourself.

Don’t try to impress him by being someone you’re not. 

Let this man chase and love you for who you are. 

  • Be vulnerable, open, and carefree. 
  • Embrace your uniqueness, weirdness, and weakness in all its forms
  • Accept your imperfections as you work on them
  • Feel more comfortable in your skin
  • Don’t depend on others to know your self-worth

Be completely honest with who you are, what you feel, what you value, and what you desire. When in your authentic self, you’ll feel more comfortable simply by being you.

While society and social media are filled with fakeness, always try to be your real self. 

20) Be a woman of value and substance

We all know that men get attracted to physical beauty. 

But more than that, they desire strong-minded, competent, and independent women.

Love your life and take notice of how he craves to be part of your life. Aside from becoming a treat to his eyes, be irresistible for him.

Men get attracted to a woman living her own life. They don’t want women who constantly need attention and get clingy all the time. 

  • Be open to try new things like indoor rock climbing or taking a boxing class
  • Be open to adventures and experiences like seeing a random event
  • Be decisive and know what you want

Being the best version of yourself is part of your journey. It is the beauty of your heart and soul that will keep them with you.

And this will make a guy naturally drawn to the attractive qualities you have. 

21) Let him see you as a potential partner

Be as close as you can.

Get to know his friends and with them over. He’ll chase you more when he feels that your friends are hooked on you too. 

When you know that he’s going through a rough time, be there for him. Boost and encourage him. I’m sure he’ll appreciate your presence and the support you’re giving him.

Let him know that he can trust you. Show that you care for him. This way, he’ll realize that you’ll be with him even during bad times.

And be the breath of fresh air in his life.

Try surprising him when he’s not expecting anything. Since when life becomes boring, your spontaneity will make his life more interesting.

Bring excitement into his life by showing your naturally silly side. Laugh with him as laughter builds the foundation of a relationship.

Let the chase flow naturally

Women desire to be wanted. We love the adrenaline rush of being pursued as it makes us feel special. 

There’s nothing wrong or ridiculous about it.

Keep this in mind: 

Allow this guy to chase you only when you’re certain that you want him. Never play with a guy’s feelings just so you’ll feel good. 

Go for the one you know who’s right for you. Nothing is more important than loving selflessly

What you can do is to keep the chase interesting and exciting for them. And there’s something about a man’s instinct that will make them chase what they want. 

Since men enjoy chasing after what they want, let him do the chasing for you.  

Take a step back, relax, and enjoy this chasing period. Before you know it, he’ll start pursuing you and he’ll get hooked.

Love yourself more

While doing this make sure that you live your dreams, do your passions, and enjoy being yourself.

Focus on yourself and your happiness. Value yourself so that this guy and other people will find you more valuable.

Keep your focus more on building the relationship and nurturing what you have.

Above everything else, hold your self-respect.

With all these, you’ll get to enjoy the beauty of being loved, by the man you desire. You’ll get to win him over and there’s a chance that he’ll keep you forever as her girlfriend.

And if he’s the right man for you and you’re meant to be together, trust that the universe will tell.

Wrapping Up

I touched on the hero instinct earlier – it’s the perfect remedy for the situation you’re facing. 


Because once a man’s hero instinct is triggered, he’ll only have eyes for you. You’ll reach a part of him that no woman has ever managed to reach before. 

And in return, he’ll be compelled to commit to you and love you like he’s never loved another woman. 

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