10 effective ways to make a girl chase you by ignoring her (and when you should not ignore her)

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Have you ever noticed that girls, no matter how much they hate it, will always chase after you if you completely ignore them? 

Well, you might have not noticed it but yes, they do. 

So, if you wanted her chasing after you at all costs, what would be your ten best options? 

Here are 10 effective ways to make a girl chase you by ignoring her.

1) Be friends with her first

Before you start anything, leave an impression on her – she will be able to see if you are genuine or just trying to take advantage of her. 

It’s going to be difficult for you to connect with a person whose attention is what you want, if your first impression isn’t good.

To be friends with her, all you have to do is get to know her or talk to her from time to time and find out what she likes. She will be more likely to make the effort to go out with you if she’s already trying to connect with you first.

But if you are already friends with her, “friend zoned” her – it is time to step up your game – move to the next tip and have her chasing you. 

You see, when she realizes that you have put her into the friend zone, she will go nuts and try to find ways to make you notice her.

Here’s a thought: What if she is your friend and suddenly, you stop talking to her? 

She might also be confused at first, but then move on like everything’s normal. However, she will keep a lookout for a time when she can talk to you again about anything. 

This is the perfect opportunity for you to get her chasing you.

2) Flirt with her for awhile

If you are attracted to this girl, it’s no surprise that you want to show your intentions.

Flirt with her.

This is the step that will have her chasing you, and even the reason why you will eventually get with her. 

Attraction is the first thing that a girl will look out for whenever you approach her. If she isn’t attracted to you, her friendship level with you will not change. You are stuck with the friend zone which you may have started, forever.

When she gets attracted to you, she’ll move on up to the next step. 

If you don’t like flirting, it’s time for you to learn how to flirt – it’s one of the easiest ways for you to get a girl chasing after your attention and it doesn’t cost anything at all.

Make her think that you like her and then completely cut off communication. If you do this for a couple of weeks, she will start pursuing you; seeing if you might be interested in continuing the thing you had been going on.

3) Act cool and distant in front of her but continue being friendly in front of others

From the very beginning, act cool and distant with her. 

Why? It will be tricky if she finds out that you are interested in her. 

You can even tell people around you that it seems like she’s your friend but not just yet or whatever it’s necessary to make it seem like you don’t want to jump into something right away. 

It will surely work in your favor when she sees how cool and distant you are with her and how friendly and easygoing you are around other people. This way, she will hardly think that she can catch up with you and get a chance at being with you.

She might even start to wonder if you are done with her and she has no chance of getting with you. You can then leave her wondering, and trust me on this, she will try to find ways to get your attention again. 

4) Communicate from time to time

This does not definitely mean that you are available for her every time she sends you a text or calls to you. Communicate from time to time, but do not put your thoughts into the text or call. If you do that, you will be at the risk of blowing it. 

If she senses that you are trying to make her chase you, it will not work. She will just think that you are just playing a game and she won’t give in to what you are trying to push her into.

This tip may sound confusing, however, it is surely effective when done the right way – do not rush anything and make sure that she does not sense that you like her too much as well.

Let’s face it: Initial conversations with women can be tough. However, you can turn a potentially awkward moment into a moment of connection simply by finding common ground with them.

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5) Don’t pay attention to her CONSTANT texts and calls

If you are dating her or are on a casual date with her, it is possible that she will not stop texting you or calling you. 

She will want to talk to you in order to get your attention. But if things turn to worse, she will try to contact you nonstop – that’s a sure sign that she wants your attention badly.

You have to take a pause if you notice that she becomes clingy:

  • She sends you hundreds of texts at a time
  • She will not stop calling you
  • She will even hang at your place without knowing if that’s what you want
  • She invites herself to a chance of meeting you out

If she keeps doing this, and you notice that she is getting desperate, let her get a hold of you only from time to time. 

If she continues to call or text – do not respond anymore; just let her sit there wondering if things are over. A girl who is chasing after a man will be determined and persistent. 

It’s time for you to ignore her

She knows what she wants – and she doesn’t want to lose any chances with you.

I understand that it might be hard for some guys not to reply back when their girl keeps texting them nonstop, but honestly – it will surely work in your favor when she tries contacting you again.

If you don’t respond, she can’t help it and start to wonder what is going on with you. 

Her curiosity is going to make her go nuts and will try to find ways to get your attention again. ​

6) Be constantly busy with work, family and friends

How to ignore a girl successfully? Get busy.

As simple as it may sound, it is the ultimate solution if you want to ignore this girl. 

Have a busy schedule and try to stick with it:

  • Do some extra work
  • Start a new hobby
  • Spend more time with your family
  • Hang out with your friends
  • Start a new project
  • Do not stop moving and do not stop doing anything

The busier you are, the less time she will have to contact or talk to you. ​

If you’ve already been in contact with her, it might be challenging at first, but after a couple of days, it will become easier for you to avoid her – especially if she doesn’t give up trying.

If she keeps trying to contact you through text or call, you can give her a small break but leave it there – don’t respond anymore. Don’t give up on being busy even if it means that you have to constantly cancel on her.

It will surely give her some cold feet – at least that’s what she’ll think. She won’t be able to keep up with your pace and if she’s still trying to contact you – she’ll only get more confused.

The more she is confused, the more you will be in her mind.

7) Don’t fall for it if she tries to make you jealous

Some people in this world will do anything to get someone’s attention, even by making them jealous. 

Some of them are very persistent, and if you want to ignore this girl, then this is what you have to do: don’t fall for it if she tries to make you jealous.

This might be the trickiest part of ignoring a girl – but believe me, it will surely work. She’ll try anything in her power to make you jealous. 

If she calls another guy or starts talking with another guy – don’t react. 

If she wants to go on a date with another guy – don’t be concerned.

If she “accidentally” texts you which is meant for another man – don’t respond.

This is the most subtle way of ignoring a girl, but it will surely work. 

She’ll have to figure out that you are not that easily swayed and that you are not bothered by what she is trying to pull off. She’ll see this as a dedication to your relationship, and it will make her think twice about how important you really are to her.

If she has gone desperate to the point of using someone to make you jealous, it is time to take a break of you ignoring her. 

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8) Change your social media settings

Are you aware that girls have great detective skills once they have set their mind to it? 

They will know how to find you on social media very easily, they will know your mutual friends, even some of the classmates you had before. 

If you have resorted to ignoring her in order to get her attention, your social media should also be on the same page. 

Make her chase you by making it difficult for her to find you.

Stay a low profile in your social media – don’t post on Instagram, don’t follow her on Facebook and don’t like her or her posts on any of your social media sites.

This will surely make her wonder why you are no longer following her, and she’ll try to figure out what’s wrong.

She’ll reach out to you more often – and sometimes, you won’t be able to see it or read it. This will surely occupy her mind and crave for your attention more.

9) Don’t tolerate it if she’s being unreasonable

Here’s a valid reason to ignore a girl: when she’s being unreasonable. 

If she is not making any sense or is acting a fool, it is officially time for you to take a break from her. If she’s simply being highly demanding, she might need to back off.

Hypersensitive people are common – I am also one of them. This doesn’t mean that you should just give in if she doesn’t want to listen to you and insists on doing things the way she wants them done. 

Take the best decision and ignore her until she understands how unreasonable she truly was. She’ll learn from it and will appreciate you a lot more in the future.

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10) Simply ignore her if she’s not interested in you

If there is no real interest from her end, if you are not her type, or if she doesn’t find you attractive – then ignore her. There’s nobody to blame here… well, maybe just yourself for being so interested in somebody who doesn’t see your value.

It is pure foolishness if you continue trying to chase this girl but she’s clearly not interested. You will only be wasting your time, energy and effort on something that is a lost cause.

It will feel literally like pouring water down the drainhole; you will get nothing out of it except frustration and lots of wasted time.

Don’t be desperate and don’t treat every situation as if it’s the last one you’ll ever have. 

Who knows? It might be a great way to turn things the other way around once she realized you are ignoring her for showing no interest. 

Now, you are the one who might be surprised when the girl comes craving for your attention, and that’s the best time for you to make the sparks fly.

When you should NOT ignore her

If all this time you are thinking of the girl you like, there are situations that ignoring her will be a bad idea. 

Here are some instances that ignoring her is a no-go.

If she is actually putting efforts to creating a relationship with you

This is definitely a time not to play games with her – she’s genuinely ready to talk to you and she thinks of you as a challenge. 

You need to consider the fact that she might have genuine feelings for you, and you need to give her a chance to discover your true character.

It is also very possible that she’s just as interested as you are, but she’s simply taking her time. 

Give her some time to get adjusted. Don’t fly away right away when you feel rejected the first time around. Give it a second shot and take a more refined look at her intentions toward you. 

If she’s truly hurt from your actions

If the girl you like gives up on your relationship drive because of your actions or words, don’t ignore her. She might be hurt and will, understandably, want to make you regret every word that you said to her or actions that made her down. 

She’ll feel bad as she’s not getting her way anymore and would like to change it. She’ll continue with her chase for a while, but then she’ll find some other guy who can respond back to her as much as you do. 

You’re a man with a lot of options in life; don’t hesitate to fulfill any of your wishes, but at the same time don’t hurt her unnecessarily. 

Hear me on this: you don’t want to hurt a girl’s feelings – it is not worth it. Just do the smart thing and consider her feelings.

If she’s not a typical girl who’s very easy to impress

Yes, there are girls who are not that easy to impress, so don’t get discouraged if you can’t get her attention by ignoring her. 

These girls have high standards of what they want in life, and they won’t be impressed by anything less than that. They’ll be very hard to impress and will take a lot of time and effort. They’ll still need your attention, but they won’t be as easy as they were before. 

But it is also helpful in some sense that you know what this kind of girl looks like and you are fully aware of who they are so you can ignore them instead.

You won’t get into trouble by ignoring someone who’s not that easy to impress. Plus, if you don’t want to chase her, that can be the best way for you to get out of this situation in one go.

If you are in the same group of friends with her

Whether you are already in a relationship or not is not a matter of concern. 

If you are in the same group of friends as her and you see each other often, it will be hard for you to ignore this girl even if she doesn’t give attention to you – at least not in your presence. 

This is one situation where you can lure her into chasing after you without being too obvious that it’s what you want. Let her come to the conclusion that she wants to talk to you – but don’t let this happen if there are many people around.

If your friends care for you, they will notice that something feels off between the two of you. This will throw off the balance and fun of friendship. 

You will need to handle any awkward situation that may arise if you continue to specifically ignore this girl in your circle.

If you did something wrong

Be someone who has integrity that will not ignore anybody because of a mistake you did – this is not a mature way to handle things. 

This is a blatant disrespect and it’s not what most men will do. You will be labeled as a coward, but at the same time, you’ll turn one of these girls into an enemy that will ostracize you from the moment they meet her.

Be someone who deserves forgiveness, not someone who deserves to be ignored.

If you like this girl, be sure she deserves to be chased, or you will only end up being a fool in the end. 

Own up to your mistakes and apologize for them, ask for forgiveness if that is the case, and everything will be alright in the end.

Final words

If you are someone who enjoys ignoring girls, learn to be a better version of yourself. 

Be the kind of person that will not make others feel miserable because of his actions, words and attitude towards other people.

But if you are doing this to catch a girl’s attention, make sure you won’t overdo it – she will not like it. 

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