How to love again: 15 ways to overcome heartbreak and find happiness

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“ Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.”

– 1 Corinthians 13

Most of us have experienced heartbreak at some point in our lives. It can be devastating, painful, and all-consuming.

If you wondering, “will I ever love again?” you are not alone.

Everyone has a different process that leads them to the point of loving again. It starts with letting go, forgiving, and accepting what happened.

Here are 15 ways that you can overcome heartbreak and find happiness again.

1) Find support

It is important to be self-reliant and comfortable being by yourself. However, when it comes to heartbreak, it’s always good to have a shoulder to cry on or someone to talk to.


Everyone is different. You may find support from friends, family, a therapist, or even online communities. Find what makes you feel most comfortable and works for you.

Make sure you have a strong support system so that whenever you are feeling down, you have someone to call or text.

Remember that you don’t have to go through this alone.

Your support system can help keep you on the positive path to healing from your heartbreak so that you can love again.

2) Take some time to heal

Give yourself time. Don’t expect to overcome heartbreak and fall in love again overnight.

If this is your first heartbreak, you may have to work through a lot of emotions.

This doesn’t mean that you have to avoid dating or love altogether. It simply means that you need time to heal and get yourself back in a positive place before you can start dating again.

If your ex is someone that you want to stay friends with, take some time away from them.

I know it’s not easy but you will be surprised at how much better you feel after giving yourself some time alone.

You see, you want to get away from the painful memories and the bitterness, and you want to make sure that you don’t go running back to your ex without having resolved anything.

When the time is right, you’ll be able to get back in touch with them, but for now, take a break and some time to heal.

3) Reconnect with yourself

Before you can love again you need to take some time to reconnect with yourself.

Remember who you were before you met your ex. What did that person want out of life?

What does this mean for you?

It means that you should do the things that you used to do for fun before meeting them. Remember your goals and plans? What happened to those?

Think about what you used to love doing when you were single. What made you feel good?

Once you find yourself again you will be able to fall in love again. You’ll be able to find someone that will make you feel good about yourself and life again.

When you reconnect to yourself, you’ll feel ready for a new relationship and ready for love again.

4) Accept what happened

In order to deal with your heartbreak and move forward, you need to accept what happened.

Feel your pain, your anger, your hurt, and your sadness.

Here’s why:

It’s important that you don’t try to hide or ignore these feelings because they are going to be part of your healing process.

You need to let yourself feel the pain because it will allow you to move forward. It will allow you to understand what happened and why it happened.

It’s not healthy to bury your feelings and if you try to avoid dealing with them, you’ll only end up hurting more.

5) Forgive – don’t hold on to negative feelings

In order to be able to love again and to move forward with your life, you need to let go off the past.

This means that you need to forgive your ex, but also, yourself. You need to let go of the negative feelings that you have about your ex and about what happened.

If you keep holding on to negative feelings you’ll find it hard to open up to love and to trust again.

What’s more, holding on to negative feelings will only make you bitter and resentful, and who wants to be in a relationship with someone like that?

When you let go of the negative feelings, you’ll be able to start over and move forward. You’ll be able to find someone that will love you and treat you well.

You’ll feel good about yourself again and in turn, you’ll be able to love again.

Let go of the blame and the regret.

Simply put – forgive.

6) Exercise, do yoga and meditate

In order to move on with your life and find love again, you need to heal your body and mind first.

Exercise is a great way to get you moving again and to get your heart rate up and your blood flowing. It’s also a great way to clear your mind of negative thoughts and feelings.

Yoga is another great way for you to heal both mentally and physically and helps you relax.

Meditation can help you center yourself and bring you back into the present moment. It can also help boost your self-esteem to help you feel good about yourself again.

Meditation and yoga are great ways to get your mind and body working in harmony again. Once you have renewed your energy and motivation, you’ll be able to start over and move forward.

7) Let go of the past

Don’t dwell on the past.

Instead, let it go.

Don’t burden yourself with what could have been and what was. You need to start living your life again and focus on what you can do now.

Think about the future. Of all the wonderful things that could happen – of falling in love again!

What’s done is done. It’s the past.

Learn from your mistakes and move on. You’ll be able to move on and find someone new if you let go of the past.

8) Don’t go in expecting the worst

Going into a new relationship can be scary, especially if you’ve been hurt in the past.

But it’s important not to go in expecting the worst. If you start a new relationship with bad expectations, you’re not leaving any room for anything good to happen and are probably subconsciously trying to sabotage it to avoid getting hurt again.

Don’t be your own worst enemy. Don’t be scared.

Instead, go into it with the hope that this time things might work out. There’s no reason for them not to.

Believe me, I know how hard it is to fall in love and to trust again after heartbreak. But if you have a little faith in the future and in love itself you’ll be able to move forward and you’ll find great love awaits.

9) Don’t feel sorry for yourself

It’s important not to feel sorry for yourself because you’ll only feel like a victim and it’s difficult to move forward feeling that way.

Break-ups happen to everyone. You are not alone.

Instead of sulking, try to take something positive away from your former relationship and see how it’s just another experience in your life that has helped you grow as a person.

Remember how awesome you are. Remind yourself of all the things you know how to do and the great things you’ve accomplished in your life so far.

  • You’ve traveled so much
  • You managed to get your degree despite all the obstacles
  • You’re a wonderful cook or an excellent artist
  • You’re great at your job
  • You’ve made so many friends and have so many people that think the world of you

You can always find something positive about yourself to be thankful for.

Take pride in yourself instead of feeling sorry for yourself and love will come your way.

10) Be open to signs from the universe

The universe is constantly sending us signs.

In fact, the universe probably has a reason for your former relationship not working out.

Perhaps the universe has someone else in mind for you. Maybe your soulmate is waiting to meet you.

The universe will never steer you wrong.

Allow yourself to feel good about yourself and be open to receiving signs from the universe. You’ll see that things will work out and you’ll be happier than ever before!

If you’re not sure about the signs the universe is sending your way, maybe you should consult a professional.

A psychic or medium can help interpret what’s going on in your life and offer insight into how to proceed from there.

This might be especially helpful if it seems as though all of these signs are pointing towards something big happening soon that will change everything for good or bad.

11) Reassess your expectations

Your expectations when it comes to life and love will change with time and experience.

Maybe you thought that you will fall in love get married and that will be that. That there’s only “one” right person for you.

But now you realize that there’s no such thing as the perfect person.

Your idea of love might also change as you look back on your past relationships and see how your partner didn’t measure up to what you expected them to be. Maybe you had unrealistic expectations and set unattainable standards.

Either way, it’s time to reassess your expectations of what love is and what it can be.

Look at what you really want and need to make you happy. Think of the essentials. Forget the silly things such as how they squeeze the toothpaste or whether they leave the toilet seat up or down. Don’t think about superficial things like money and status.

Think about it:

You want someone to make you laugh. To make you coffee in the morning. To go on adventures with.

Take some time to reassess your expectations before you go looking for love again and you’ll avoid getting hurt and disappointed.

12) Start dating again with an open mind

Be open-minded going into a new relationship.

Don’t let your past experiences with love and relationships color how you feel about new ones.

You don’t know how your future partner will be or what they will be like in the long run. You might have a bad first impression and think that it’s going to be a bad relationship from the start, but it could just be you projecting.

Turns out that it’s normal to have some fears and misgivings about dating again after being heartbroken. But don’t let them get in the way of finding love again.

Be open-minded and take things as they come.

Don’t worry so much about what happened in the past because it’s in the past now, and that’s where it belongs! Your future is waiting for you!

13) Remember how great being in love is

One way to get over heartbreak and find love again is to remember how great being in love is.

Take time to reminisce and think about all the good things you had when you were in love.

Remember how great it feels to be in love? The two of you against the world!

  • You felt invincible.
  • You were complete and whole.
  • You felt like you were the luckiest person in the world.
  • You felt like you could do anything, the sky is the limit.

It’s time to remember those great feelings once again.


Don’t you want to fall in love again?

14) Learn from the past

Maybe there is something to be learned from failed relationships.

Take some time to reflect on what happened and why.

Think about your relationship with your ex and how you handled it. What, if anything, would you have done differently if you could go back in time?

It’s important to learn from past mistakes to avoid making the same mistakes again.

Maybe you learned to trust your intuition, to love yourself more, or maybe you learned when to draw the line.

Maybe the person who broke your heart was just a bad match for you. Maybe they weren’t good enough for you. Maybe you were too different to make it work. Or maybe it was all just bad timing.

The point is: don’t force yourself into another relationship if you feel that it’s not right for you. Don’t be scared to be alone. Don’t make the same mistakes twice.

15) Give it time

Before you get involved with someone again, make sure you give yourself enough time to heal and let go of your emotional baggage.

Take some time to think things through. Think about how you want your next relationship to be and what you want to get out of it.

Listen to your intuition, but don’t let it dictate your life. Be patient with yourself and take things slowly – you deserve to be happy.

It’s normal to feel a little nervous and anxious when you’re starting over, but don’t let that get in the way of finding love again. Just don’t rush into another relationship before you are ready.

It can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months or even a year or more.

When you’re ready to start dating again you’ll know it.


Before you can be ready to find love again, you need to heal old wounds and let go of any negative feelings.

Be patient and take the time that you need. Be kind to yourself. You will find love again.

Learn from past experiences. Get in touch with yourself.

When you know what you want, it’s much easier to find it.

It may not be easy at first, but with a little effort and patience, you’ll get there.

Love is not something that happens overnight. It takes time to find the right person and the right relationship.

You’re not alone on your journey; there are plenty of others who are just like you who have gone through similar things and learned from them.

How to ask someone out

1) Make sure they’re not in a relationship

Before you ask someone out, first make sure that they are single.

If they are already in a relationship, you should walk away from the situation.

You don’t want to be the reason that they break up or to cause someone else unhappiness.

You know what heartbreak feels like.

And you certainly don’t want to be someone’s side dish.

Think about it: You deserve to be with someone who puts you first and who is fully devoted to you.

2) Make small-talk

Instead of asking them out straight away, make small talk.

This will help as an ice-breaker and will allow you to get to know each other a little.

  • Discuss the weather.
  • Ask them if they’re following any sports.
  • What are their hobbies?

Try to find something that you have in common.

Once you feel comfortable enough with each other, then go ahead and ask them out.

3) Be prepared ahead of time

Write a list of questions to ask your potential date and have it ready ahead of time. Write down what you would like to know about them.

Getting ready before the date will help you feel more relaxed as you’ll have some topics to discuss.

Some things that might be helpful for your conversation are what both of your favorite color is, what type of music they like, and if there’s anything in particular they’re interested in doing on this date.

Ask them how they like to spend their free time. Do they have any hobbies?

4) Be friendly and relaxed

First impressions are very important.

When asking someone out on a first date you want to be friendly and relaxed.

Remember to be yourself. You don’t want to come across as fake or like you’re trying too hard.

And play it cool, you want to seem interested but not come off as desperate or needy.

Make sure you smile when you talk to them. This will make them feel good and will make them like you more.

5) Complement them

Before asking someone out, you might want to show them that you see and appreciate them.

Take a close look at them and see why you like them, what sets them apart. Tell them what you like.

Complimenting someone is a great way to make them feel good about themselves. It allows the other person to feel important and loved.

6) Consider making it a double or group date

First dates can be tricky.

No wonder people tend to spend so much time worrying about making the right impression that they forget to just be themselves and have fun.

Have you considered going on a double or group date with some friends?

If the person you’re asking out doesn’t know you very well, they may feel more comfortable with the idea of going on a date with you if other people will be there.

This will also help with getting rid of some of the tension and formality that comes with a “first date” and allow you both to be more relaxed.

What’s more, you get to show them how you are with your friends and give them insight into what kind of person you are. Suggesting a double date could increase your chances of getting a yes.

7) Be assertive but not aggressive

When asking someone out, you want to be confident and assertive without being aggressive or pushy.

If you come off as aggressive or pushy, you’ll make a bad first impression and ruin what could have been a great date.

So stand up straight, smile, and be your charming self. It may also help to put yourself in their shoes and ask yourself how you’d want them to ask you out.

8) Don’t ask them out right away

Don’t ask someone out right away.

Instead, give them time to get to know you. Don’t rush the conversation, take your time. Make them feel comfortable.

In order for them to like you, they have to first get to know you.

If it’s someone you know you’ll run into again, wait until then to ask them out.

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