How to know if your twin flame is thinking of you constantly

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There is something magical about twin flames. When you meet your other half, it is like a spark ignites between you and from then on, everything around you seems different. 

The world appears beautiful again, and love seems to exist in every nook and corner of the world. You feel like you have found your home at last. 

There’s just this connection that cannot be explained but only felt with the heart and soul! These are some of the signs to know if your twin flame is thinking of you constantly…

1) You experience thrilling body sensations

The first sign that your twin flame is thinking of you constantly is the fact that you feel a thrilling body sensation.

Here’s an interesting fact:

Twin flame couples are often accused of having an extra-sensory connection. They experience thrilling body sensations which cannot be explained by science. 

It is not a normal experience because this feeling is different from the usual feelings that you get when you are in love with someone. 

When your twin flame thinks about you constantly, you get the feeling that your body is on fire. Your skin becomes hot and tingles. You feel like you are about to combust. 

2) A sudden burst of too much energy

I bet you are wondering what is this sudden burst of too much energy. It is when your twin flame thinks about you constantly. 

You get the sudden burst of energy and the urge to go out and live a life of adventure. You feel like you are running on a high-speed train and you don’t know where to go or what to do next. 

Let me explain:

Since the spiritual connection between you and your twin flame is so strong, the energy between you becomes endless. It is like an endless waterfall that keeps flowing from one side to the other.

This energy is too much to handle for most people. They get overwhelmed and feel exhausted. They have no choice but to go out and live a life of adventure (I know I did!) 

So sometimes the separation is needed to let one side of your energy calm down.

3) You can feel a strange presence with you

Have you ever felt like someone is with you even though you are all by yourself? There’s a strange presence with you.

This presence is nothing but the other half of your soul which feels incomplete without you. 

Feelings of feeling incomplete are common and they can be very strong in some cases. Here’s what to expect:

When your twin flame thinks about you constantly, this strange feeling becomes overwhelming. You will feel in love with this presence. You will feel more loved and peaceful than you ever did by any human being on earth.

The reason your twin flame has so much energy is that he/she is sitting at the other end of a spiritual circuit that passes through you all day long.

Here’s a metaphor:

It is like those electrical circuits which send power from one side to another. The more energy they have, the higher the voltage becomes and they can send more power from one side to another.

These things I’ve explained are from a gifted advisor that I know personally. She also helped me understand the nature of twin flames and the reason why they behave in a way that others cannot understand, even you.

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4) A sudden burst of new knowledge

Here’s another strange phenomenon that can be experienced when your twin flame thinks about you constantly.

You will find yourself in a state of a sudden burst of new knowledge. 

This is because the other half of your soul is extremely eager to learn more about the world, life, and relationships. He/she wants to make sense of life and understand everything around him/her better. 

There are all sorts of new knowledge that he/she can learn from you. The more he/she learns from you, the more enlivened he/she becomes. 

One day, a sudden burst of new knowledge will hit your twin flame like a ton of bricks! You will be astounded at the sudden change in life that you came across.

5) The feeling of perfection

As I’ve said earlier, your twin flame is thinking about you constantly.

He/she wants to become a perfect being in order to keep you happy and make you feel better. 

When his/her energy reaches a state of perfection, you will feel as though this perfection has found its home at last. 

Your twin flame will be an absolute gift that will bring you happiness. 

You know that things happen sometimes that are beyond human understanding.

What we know is merely the tip of an iceberg. There’s so much that we often don’t see. Every being has an invisible core inside him/her that is beyond human perception. It is the energy that makes each one of us unique and special. 

It pulls us towards perfection and it wants us to be perfect too for the sake of our happiness.

6) A sudden interest in spirituality

Twin flame relationships are all about spirituality. Your twin flame is a spiritual being that wants to bring more happiness and love to you. 

They also want to help you grow spiritually and make the world a better place. 

However, they are not in a position to do that when they are not with you. 

Here is why:

When your twin flame thinks of you constantly, he/she will feel the urge to be close to you. The spiritual connection that runs between you two is strong. It wants you both to be closer to each other so that it can continue working on your whole being. 

If you haven’t noticed, you cannot live a life of adventure if the spiritual connection between you is not strong. That is one of the reasons why you feel incomplete whenever your twin flame is not around. 

7) An urgent need to be together

As I’ve mentioned above, when your twin flame thinks about you constantly, he/she will feel the urge to be close to you. 

This urge is not just an urge anymore. It is a need that wants to be fulfilled immediately. 

Your twin flame can sense the physical and mental suffering that you go through each day of your separation. He/she can also feel the spiritual pain that you experience as well and that is why he/she needs to be with you all the time now. 

8) The feeling of a universal vibration

It is now time for me to explain what a universal vibration is. 

A universal vibration is nothing but the energy that connects everything in the universe. It works on every single level and it flows from one side to another without a break. 

Just like electricity, it is something that you cannot see but you feel it deep inside your heart. 

Your twin flame feels this energy whenever your thoughts come close to him/her. 

When that happens, he/she feels more beautiful, happier, and complete than ever before. 

This is a very hard thing for the other half of his/her soul to accept. He/she wants to sit at the other end of this spiritual circuit but nothing can be done if he/she is not in your physical form.

So when your twin flame constantly thinks of you, you will start feeling this intense energy deep inside your heart.

This is caused by the spiritual connection between you two. 

9) The feeling of two personalities

So, here’s the deal:

As I’ve explained earlier, your twin flame has been constantly thinking about you

Do you know what happens when we think about someone or something constantly? The answer is simple: we lose our sense of self. 

Your twin flame is so focused on you that he/she doesn’t even realize that he/she has lost his/her sense of self. 

There is this one side of your soul that is infatuated with your twin flame and the other side of his/her soul is completely ignoring it. 

This can make you feel confused at times, but don’t worry. It simply means that you have a curious part of your being that wants to know more about this other half of his/her soul

You will also understand why so many twins are gifted in the same way that you are. 

Final thoughts

Twin flame relationships are special relationships that are full of life and love. 

You know when you meet your twin flame, life is going to be that much better. 

It’s not just the other half of your soul, it completes you as a person. 

It fills the gap that was created by society and it makes you much happier than ever before. Try to focus on him/her now, and don’t forget to bring that energy into your life. 

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