12 ways to know if your soulmate is manifesting you

We often spend so much time working out how we can manifest our soulmate into being, that we don’t pause to consider whether our soulmate is underway manifesting us?

Have you ever stopped… flipped it around… questioned what your soulmate is thinking and feeling right now?

If they are in the process of aligning with you. And you are in the process of aligning with them. Then it stands to reason that the Law of Attraction is going to bring your worlds together in an incredible way.

So, how can you tell if this process is underway?

How do you know if your soulmate is manifesting you?

Here are 12 signs for you to be on the lookout for.

12 ways to know if your soulmate is manifesting you

1) You feel like you’ve already met them

This is one of the clearest signs that your soulmate is in the process of manifesting you.

Have you had this strange feeling recently, but haven’t been able to pinpoint it? Almost like you’ve already with your soulmate, despite not knowing who they are.

It’s very likely that your soulmate is at work setting their intentions and energy inside you, while manifesting you. It feels like you’re already together with them, as that’s what they’re trying to make happen.

If you have a strong intuitive feeling come out of nowhere, and you suddenly feel like you’ve met your soulmate, or will be meeting them soon, it’s a great sign they are manifesting you already.

2) You dream about them

What happens in our dreams is just as important as what is happening during our waking hours. The universe communicates with us through signs and symbols and dreams factor into this.

It’s very common for our soulmate to appear and manifest in our dreams, long before we actually meet them in person. Your soulmate is sending out signals to the universe and as a result, you’re seeing them in your dreams.

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Try meditating before bedtime to really open your mind up to the possibility of meeting your soulmate each night. This will allow you to focus on the details in your dream.

To pick up on clues about where you are, what they like and other little pieces of information that will help you piece together when and where you will meet your soulmate in life.

Dreams bring a big emotional charge with them. It’s like that your soulmate is thinking about you at the same time. If someone is manifesting us, it’s usual for them to make an appearance in our dreams.

3) You see Angel Numbers

Do you keep seeing the same numbers appearing to you in different ways? If your soulmate is manifesting you, then your Angel Numbers are one of the biggest signs.

So, what are these numbers? Basically, any numbers that show up in sequence, at the right time, can be a clear sign from the universe.

It’s important to pay close attention to the world around you to ensure none of these signs slip past you unnoticed. You might find these numbers in a dream, on a license plate, when you wake in the morning. They often catch you by surprise when you’re least expecting it. Simply accept them into your life and embrace them.

The most common Angel Numbers when it comes to soulmates are 111 or 1111 (but don’t limit yourself to just looking out for these numbers). If you’re noticing these numbers appearing in your world, it signifies that your soulmate is in the process of manifesting you and your energies are in the process of emerging together.

4) An unexpected opportunity arises

Has good fortune come your way unexpectedly?

Whether you’ve received a promotion at work, or managed to seal the deal on an amazing house you’ve been longing for, take it as a sign.

These are both amazing things to come your way, and a sign that someone out there in the universe has been communicating with the cosmic mind to bring them your way.

This opportunity may even be taking you on the right path to meet your soulmate one day soon. Whether you move offices, homes, or even countries, it could be taking you one step closer to be with your soulmate. And they are making that happen.

All you need to do is say yes, accept the opportunity and embrace what’s to come!

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5) You feel the pull

Are you feeling a pull to do something out of your comfort zone?

Something that you would never consider doing?

It could be as simple as packing up everything and heading off on an unexpected road trip. Or it might be more adventurous, such as trying your hand at sky diving.

No matter what it is, you’re feeling pulled in this direction and can’t quite explain why this is happening.

It’s a sure sign that someone else is guiding you there. Your soulmate is in the process of manifesting you and you’re feeling the tug of the universe setting you on the right path.

Once again, say yes and embrace whatever opportunity you have been mulling over. You never know where it might take you.

6) You sense them

Have you started to sense things around you that actually aren’t there?

It will seem strange at first.

You might smell a particular cologne that you have never come across before.

You might see a flash that seems really familiar, yet you can’t place it anywhere.

You might even feel someone brush against you when no one is there.

It’s almost spooky! But don’t be afraid of it.

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It’s likely your soulmate is in the process of manifesting you, and your energy is connecting with theirs. While you can’t quite explain it, there is a connection forming between the two of you, which you are both able to sense in the moment.

7) You get the sudden urge to reach out

It’s natural to think about someone you have seen or spoken to in a while.

You might even get the urge to reach out to them for no reason.

But if you pay close attention to the emotions that surround these thoughts, something very different could be happening.

Your soulmate could be manifesting you and driving your urge to reach out to the completely out of the blue.

Whether it’s an old boyfriend, an old flame, someone from your past, or a simple acquaintance you barely remember, if you get a sudden strong feeling of fear, euphoria, or fascination that drives you to reach out and message them, it’s a good sign that your soulmate is manifesting you.

It’s these strong emotions that let us know something bigger is at play and driving our thoughts and feelings in that moment.

Why else would you be overcome with so much emotion?

8) You have an urge to improve yourself

If you’re suddenly driven by a need to rid of all the bad habits in your life, then there might be something driving these emotions.

It’s like you need to get your life into order straight away. And you can’t put a finger on why it’s so urgent all of a sudden.

It’s likely that your soulmate is manifesting you. They are thinking about you and your souls are in the process of trying to meet. But in order for that to happen, you need to get to a place in your life where you are happy and content with who you are.

It’s time to focus on you and rid yourself of any dead weight. Once you achieve happiness, you are in a better place to open your soul up to connect with your soulmate on that deeper level.

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Put in the hard yards now and your soulmate will be waiting for you. What have you got to lose!

9) Love is in the air

Everywhere you look, you see love.

It’s like one of those soppy montages from the movies. People in the streets are in love, dogs are in love, birds are in love…

It seems that every person and animal around you has found their one and only…except you.

But rather than actually feeling lonely and like you’re missing out on something, you feel motivated. You feel energised. You’re feeding off the love around you and are excited about finding it yourself.

It’s because something special is already making its way to you.

Your soulmate is manifesting you and feeling you with good thoughts of what’s to come. It’s preparing you for the relationship that is sitting just around the corner for you.

Keep enjoying that love that’s surrounding you, as your own true love might be closer than you think.

10) You find a white feather

While this is one of the stranger signs out there, it’s one you definitely want to take notice of.

A white feather is actually an angelic sign (one of many) that the universe can send you. This is even more likely to happen if your soulmate is manifesting you in that moment. This is the universe’s way of communicating these intentions with you and bringing your souls closer together.

A white feather symbolises both faith and protection. It’s also a sign that someone you miss is thinking about you as well.

The white feather will often appear when your spiritual desires are being answered. You might find it shows up after a feeling of disappointment, as a sign that things are going to get better. The universe is working in your favour.

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While there can be so many different meanings that come with white feathers, you can take it as a sign that someone is out there thinking of you and communicating with you as best they can.

11) You’re getting feelings of déjà vu

Déjà vu is one of those feelings that you can’t seem to shake no matter how hard you try.

It’s the sensation that comes across you, when you feel like you have already been somewhere or done something.

It can be both confusing and intriguing at the same time.

But it’s not just a trick of your memory, so don’t brush it off and ignore it.

Déjà vu is often one of the strongest signs there is that someone is manifesting you. The process of meeting that person and falling in love with them brings this sense of familiarity and déjà vu because you’ve likely already crossed paths before. Even if just spiritually.

If you’re experiencing more and more incidences of déjà vu, take it as a sign your soulmate is manifesting you and your paths are getting closer and closer.

12) You feel it

As always, it’s so important to trust your intuition when it comes to matters of the soul.

If you cut out the noise and really take the time to listen to yourself, you may realise you have a strong feeling that someone is thinking of you. Your soul has connected with yours and you can feel it on a deeper lever.

Trust that feeling.

Trust where that feeling takes you. You may feel compelled to reconnect with someone from your past. You might feel like taking off on a holiday. You might even feel like moving countries.

Now’s the time to listen to what the universe is telling you and trust that it’s working to bring your soulmate to you.

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If you feel like they’re manifesting you at the same time, it’s a good chance they are. So use that connection to bring the two of you closer together and be on the look out for any signs or opportunities that might arise along the way.

If you’re open to your soulmate manifesting you, then you can be sure that your paths will cross in time. It’s a matter of trusting the guidance the universe sends your way and knowing there’s a bigger plan for you out there, as long as you’re open to it.

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