19 ways to know if your ex is your soulmate

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Breakups can be hard and people often find themselves wondering if they’ve made the right decision.

What if they were “the one”?

If you’re regretting your breakup and are trying to figure out if your ex is actually your soulmate, here are 19 ways to know.

Let’s jump right in:

1) You had an instant connection

Think back to when you first met your ex – there was an immediate spark.

You had an emotional connection that felt like love at first sight and it just felt right.

More than that, you experienced a strong physical attraction that felt like butterflies in your stomach.

Meeting your ex was like running into an old friend and you felt as though you’d known them your entire life. This is the type of connection that soulmates share.

You knew right from the start that you both were going to be in each other’s lives forever

You see, a soulmate connection is a bond that time cannot erase.

Even if your relationship doesn’t work out, they’re always with you in spirit and will come into your life again someday when it’s meant to be.

2) You saw them for the person they truly were in that moment

The person you fell in love with – the good and the bad – was exactly as they appeared at that time.

There was no illusion or false persona.

You knew who they were and loved them anyway.

This is a major telltale sign of a soulmate relationship because it means that you both showed your authentic selves to each other right from the beginning.

The truth is that we all tend to put on masks when we meet new people to protect ourselves, but you had no need to do that with your ex because you felt safe.

3) A gifted advisor confirms it

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4) When you looked into their eyes, you could actually feel their soul

You know what they say, “The eyes are the windows to your soul.”

Well, when you looked into your ex’s eyes, you could see beyond the flesh – you saw an essence, an intangible energy – in other words, you saw their soul.

And that’s not all, when they looked into your eyes, it’s as if you could see their soul peering back at yours.

This is undeniably and unmistakably a soulmate connection.

Nothing else compares to this feeling.

5) You were perfectly matched

There was a distinct feeling of wholeness and completion when you were together.

You and your ex fit together like puzzle pieces and there was an entirely pleasurable sense of satisfaction.

It may have taken some time to fully notice this, but soulmates know that they were perfect together.

Where you were missing, your ex had the exact ingredient to complete the recipe. And vice versa.

When two people have this type of connection, it is pure magic.

6) You recognized them

You could swear they were your soulmate – I mean, you recognized them!

But how can you know for sure you’ve met your soulmate?

The truth is:

We can waste a lot of time and emotions with people who ultimately we’re not compatible with. Finding your soulmate is no easy task.

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7) You saw yourself growing old together

When you dreamed about your future, you saw yourself with your ex by your side for all of it – the good times and the bad, in sickness and in health.

There was no question about it because it felt so natural and right to you both that the thought never entered your mind that one day you wouldn’t be together forever.

The truth is, this is another sign that your ex is your soulmate. You’re meant to grow old together, it’s the only thing that makes sense.

8) You’re always thinking about them

Even after your breakup, your ex is constantly on your mind – all the time.

In fact, you can’t seem to focus on anything that you’re doing and you keep wondering:

  • What are they doing?
  • Are they ok?
  • Are they happy or sad?
  • Do they miss you?

Thoughts about your ex consume you. You miss them like crazy and wish you were still together.

9) You never got bored with each other

When you were with your ex, you were never bored. The two of you always had something to talk about – you shared your hopes, dreams, and ideas with each other.

But wait, there’s more!

You made everything into a fun adventure – even the most menial task – like washing the dishes – was fun because you did it together.

This is a special connection that only soulmates share.

Everything was easier with your ex around because you loved every moment of being together.

10) You both put each other’s needs first

The truth is that many relationships don’t work out because the two people involved don’t put each other’s needs before their own.

But this was never your problem. In a soulmate relationship, this never happens.

When you truly love someone and share a deep and spiritual connection that soulmates share, it only feels natural that you’d put their needs before your own.

You want nothing but the best for your partner – that’s why you always put them first and yourself second.

When two people share this type of connection, it’s an incredible thing, and it’s only possible when you’re truly meant to be together.

11) You had great conversations

Deep and meaningful conversations happened naturally.

Open communication was never an issue. You could tell each other anything without being afraid that you’d be judged or misunderstood.

Without any effort, you could go on and on about all kinds of topics. This is because soulmates can actually relate on a deep level with one another.

12) You just knew

You knew right from the start that you were going to be in each other’s lives forever.

A soulmate connection is a bond that time cannot erase.

Even if your relationship doesn’t work out the first time around, you know that they’re always with you in spirit and will come into your life again when it’s meant to be.

You see, love rarely runs on time.

And even when it shows up, you often get hit with sudden surprises and nasty twists and turns.

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13) You always felt safe together

Your ex made you feel like nothing in the world could go wrong as long as the two of you were together.

You were there for each other and always had each other’s backs.

Simply put, when you were with your ex, you felt safe and protected.

14) Everyone could see it

Here’s the deal:

If you’re not sure if your ex is your soulmate, just ask those closest to you.

It was pretty obvious to everyone else.

Your friends and family felt the energy shift when the two of you were in the same room, they saw the connection between you..

They could tell that there was something special about this relationship and they were rooting for you from day one.

In fact, they could not be more surprised and saddened to find out that you two broke it off.

15) You have the same morals, values, and goals in life

You and your ex shared the same values and had the same vision for life.

Those values were non-negotiable to you both and something that bonded you on a spiritual level.

In other words, you were a perfect match.

The two of you not only shared your lives together, but had the same outlook on life – as if you were an extension of each other.

There was a natural flow and ease between the two of you because of this connection.

More than anything else, this is what makes soulmates different from everyone else. It’s literally as if your souls merged into one when the two of you met and that is something that cannot be erased.

16) You hated being apart

Like an addiction, there was a powerful urge within you that made you want to be with them all the time.

The two of you were almost never apart because it literally hurt not to be with each other.

The feeling you felt from being away from one another was unbearable…and the minute you were together again, everything was better.

This is another trait that distinguishes soulmates from everyone else in their lives – they’re not willing to let anything come between them and their relationship.

They’re loyal, devoted, and fully aware of the connection they share.

Now that you’re no longer together, you feel the pain of the separation 24 hours a day.

17) You loved them just the way they were

Nobody is perfect but you think that your ex came pretty close.

You loved their little quirks and imperfections.

You accepted your ex for who they were without trying to change them – and they accepted and loved you for who you are.

You see, soulmates are there to support each other and love one another unconditionally – no matter what.

18) You remember everything

You seem to remember everything about your relationship, even the smallest detail of each and every moment you spent together. 

Their smile is burned into your memory so clearly that nothing will ever be able to erase it.

You’ll never forget how it feels to be in their arms because it felt like home.

19) They made you feel whole

Before you met your ex,  you felt that something was missing in your life.

It turns out that the missing piece was your ex.

When you were together you felt complete but now that you’re apart, you can feel that void again that only your ex could fill.

Even if some time has passed since your breakup, it’s likely that there’s still residue left over from all the love and passion that was once there and it probably won’t ever go away entirely.

Signs your ex is waiting for you

The signs above will confirm that your ex is indeed your soulmate. But how do you know that they haven’t moved on with their lives?

How can you tell that your ex is waiting for you?

Let’s look at the signs:

Your ex is checking in with you

Do you find that your ex is constantly checking in?

They’ll ask you how your day was, what you did since you last spoke, or how a particular project at work is going.

You see, your ex is keeping tabs on you because they want to know everything about your life – from the most mundane things to the important details. 

They’ll even ask after your friends and family.

It’s obvious that they still care about you and chances are they’re hoping you’ll get back together.

They’re curious about your love life

If your ex is overly-curious at the mention of another man/woman, if they’re constantly prying about your love life, there’s a good chance that they’re still hung up on you.

They’re obviously jealous and afraid that you’ll replace them with someone else.

Clearly, they’re hoping that you’ll get back together because they’re still in love with you.

Your ex is reaching out for advice

Your ex knows that you’re there for them, no matter what. This is why they came to you with their problems in the past.

So when they reach out to you again with new problems, even though you’re no longer together, it’s a sign that your ex still feels close to you.

They might not admit it right away (because they don’t want to scare you off), but they’re hoping that after spending some time together and reconnecting, you’ll want to get back together.

Your ex drunk dials you

We’ve all been there…

We try to play it cool after a breakup, but when we get drunk, we tend to forget that calling our ex in the middle of the night might not be the best idea.

If your ex drunk-dials you, telling you that they still love you and that they miss you, then it’s the truth.

Now, they might regret doing it and feel embarrassed. They’ll probably call you up to apologize.

But here’s the thing: 

What someone says when they’re drunk is most often the truth.

Why? Because when someone is drunk they’re free from their inhibitions and are more likely to speak freely and say the things that they really feel.

In other words, if your ex is drunk dialing you to express their love, it’s because they’re still waiting to get back together with you.

Your ex comes over unannounced

This is a tell-tale sign that your ex is trying to stay involved in your life – and they’re hoping that you’ll get back together.

They’ll come over unexpectedly bringing with them some take-out to eat together, or they’ll say they’ve come to watch a movie, or just hang out for the evening.

They’re hoping that spending time with you will reignite the spark and make things go back to normal again – where the two of you are back together.

Your ex left a bunch of stuff at your place

If your ex left a lot of their belongings at your place, there’s a good reason for that:

  • They needed an excuse to talk to you after the breakup
  • They needed an excuse to see you after the breakup
  • They wanted you to remember them
  • They thought the breakup was only temporary

I think it’s pretty clear: Your ex is still interested in you and the two of you getting back together.

Your ex isn’t dating anyone new

If your ex is still single, they’re probably still interested in you.

They haven’t moved on because they can’t – it makes no sense to be with someone else.

They may be trying to move on, but they’ll never be happy with someone else because there’s only one person who will ever make them truly happy: you.

The bottom line is that they’re waiting for you to realize that you belong together, and then you’ll get back together again.

Your ex wants to remain friends

Your ex wants to remain friends with you because they need you in their life.

They want to stay in touch, maybe even hang out every now and then. They know they can rely on you when they need to talk to someone.

The truth is that they haven’t been able to get over you, so they’re hoping that this ‘friendship’ will reignite the spark between the two of you and make you realize that it’s not over and that you two are still in love and belong together.

Your ex gets nostalgic

Have you noticed that when you talk to your ex, they like to reminisce about the good days?

It’s like your ex is trying to remind you that your relationship wasn’t all bad, and that you had some amazing times together.

They’re hoping that you’ll realize how much you loved them and that there’s still a chance for you to get back together.

Your ex does things to impress you

Here’s another sign that your ex is waiting for you – they’re constantly trying to impress you and get your attention.

They want to show you how much they still care about you.

For example, they’ll get you tickets to a sold-out concert or buy you a first edition book by your favorite author. They’ll really go out of their way for you.

They may even start going to the gym and working out or start dressing better – hoping to impress you.

If their plan works, you’ll realize how amazing they are and how good you two were together. You’ll find yourself missing them and wanting to get back together.


Relationships can be complicated, but as you can clearly see, breakups are no picnic.

This article gives you a lot of insight into whether your ex is your soulmate and if they’re waiting for you to get back together. But understanding an issue can be just the beginning.

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