How to know if a guy is manifesting you

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‍Do you feel like a guy might be manifesting you?

I got that feeling a while back and started looking into signs to prove my suspicions.

I even went to a psychic to know for sure! The good news?

I have a list of signs to know when a guy is manifesting you, and I’m not one to gatekeep this kind of information!

1) You think about him 24/7

This is the most obvious sign that a guy is manifesting you. When you think about someone 24/7, it’s because they’re manifesting you.

This is exactly how manifestation works – you’re visualizing what you want and then making it happen.

The more you think about a particular guy, the more you’re bringing him into your reality and vice versa.

Now: when he thinks about you a lot, the universe will try to bring you two together by also making you think about him.

When you’re caught up in the mind chatter of obsession, it’s hard to think of anything else.

This is a great sign that a guy is manifesting you because you’re thinking about him all the time.

2) He shows up in your dreams

Dreaming about a guy is another sign that he’s manifesting you into his life.

When you dream about someone, it’s because they are showing up in your subconscious.

This could be because they are trying to manifest you, so their energy has seeped into your subconscious.

When you’re dreaming, you’re in a deeply relaxed state, so this is when your subconscious is at its most open and receptive.

It’s the perfect time for you to see the person you want to be with.

When you dream about your crush, you’re imagining what a relationship with him would be like, and who you’d be as a person if you were together.

When you dream about him, you’re drawn to him.

Your desire to meet this guy is so strong because his manifestation is working!

3) Other people keep bringing him up

Have you ever been talking to a friend and they mention a cute guy they know? Or people just keep bringing up this one guy without reason?

This is a sign that someone is manifesting you.

When you’re talking to your friends and they ask, “What are you looking for in a partner?” or, “Have you ever thought about dating (name)?” or something along those lines, they’re not just making normal conversation.

They are playing their part in this whole process.

The thing is, when a guy is manifesting you and it works, the universe will conspire to make it happen.

People who you haven’t seen or thought about in years will start to mention this guy they know.

You’ll start to notice that every time you talk to someone, they seem to say his name.

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4) He talks about synchronicity a lot

Does your guy keep mentioning synchronicity? He might be trying to tell you that he’s manifesting you.

If you’re constantly experiencing signs and synchronicities, it means a manifestation is happening.

When you were a child, you may have been very aware of your thoughts creating your reality.

But as an adult, most people have no idea they have this power. When you’re in a relationship with someone, you are creating a bond with them.

You’re bringing them into your life and creating a bond between you.

You’re manifesting this person into your reality. When you’re constantly experiencing signs, it’s because you’re literally bringing the person you want into your life.

So when your guy is talking about synchronicity a lot, it could mean he’s trying to tell you that they are manifesting you into their life.

5) You experience mood swings

If you’re being manifested by someone, it can be quite overwhelming.

You might experience mood swings as your emotions become more intense.

You may feel exceptionally happy one minute and then incredibly depressed the next.

This is because you’re releasing all of your emotions from the past.

When you’re being manifested by someone in your life, you’re releasing all of your old emotions from previous relationships.

You’re also releasing any jealousy, anger, and resentment towards past partners and exes.

Now: in the beginning, you might still feel a bit of resistance, or at least the manifestation might come as a surprise.

In those cases, you’ll notice that your mood will literally jump from one thing to the next without proper reason throughout the day.

The guy in question is probably thinking about you, too, which is affecting your energy.

6) He tells you to trust your intuition

Does he keep telling you to trust your intuition? If he does, he may be trying to tell you to trust the signs you’re receiving.

As you’re manifesting someone into your life, and as you are being manifested, you’re receiving all these signs from the Universe.

Your intuition is what tells you these signs are present. When you’re in a relationship, your intuition can be very helpful.

It can tell you when something is off with the person you’re dating, or if they’re not the right person for you.

When you’re manifesting someone, your intuition is helping you to recognize the signs that are being sent to you.

When he tells you to trust your intuition, he’s trying to tell you that you should listen to the signs to be with him.

He is trying to manifest you and wants to speed up the process.

7) You feel his presence even when he’s not there

Have you ever been dreaming about a guy and then when you wake up, you can still feel his presence?

This is a sign that he’s manifesting you.

When you dream about someone and feel their presence when you wake up, it’s because you’ve been dreaming about the person you want to be with.

You’re imagining what a relationship with him would be like, and you’re bringing him into your dreams.

When you’re dreaming about someone, you’re opening your mind and heart so that you can accept the person into your life.

You’re literally bringing them into your dreams so that you can accept them.

You feel drawn to him because he is manifesting you, trying to draw you to him.

8) His energy feels different to you now than before

When someone is manifesting you, their energy will feel different to you.

This is because you’re attracting a different type of energy from what you were attracting before.

When you’re manifesting someone, you’re visualizing a future with them, you’re creating a relationship with them, and you’re bringing them into your life.

This will make the other person see you with different eyes.

You see, you might have never noticed this guy as a potential partner in the past, but now, you see him in a different light.

This is because he is manifesting you and so he will be sending you different energy.

You’re starting to recognize that he’s the man for you, and this is what makes his energy feel so different to you.

9) You see angel numbers and think about him

If you’re manifesting someone or being manifested, you’ll keep seeing numbers that are significant to you.

You’ll see a lot of numbers that are related to the person you will connect with.

These numbers are like signs from the Universe that your crush is very close to you.

He’s manifesting you and you’re receiving signs from the Universe that he’s close to you.

When you see numbers that mean something to you, like the numbers of his birthday or the numbers associated with his name, it’s a sign that he’s manifesting you.

Angel numbers are a great way for the universe to send signs and signals.

When you keep thinking about a certain person while seeing angel numbers, there’s a good chance that he’s manifesting you.

10) You feel the urge to reach out to him

Last but not least, a huge sign that a guy is trying to manifest you is when you feel the sudden urge to reach out to him.

When you feel like contacting a person who you haven’t talked to in a while, and you’ve been thinking about him quite often, it’s because he is trying to manifest you.

If you feel the urge to reach out to this person, and if you’re having thoughts about him, but he hasn’t done anything specific to bring these thoughts and feelings about him into your life, it is a big sign.

Once you reach out, the whole process will be set into motion and his manifestation might come true.

Don’t be afraid

If you feel like you’re being manifested, don’t be afraid.

The thing is, manifestation can’t force you to do anything that you wouldn’t want to do.

If you don’t want to be with someone, you don’t have to, keep that in mind.

Manifestation simply helps with bringing two people together who were meant to be together, anyways.

So, if you feel like you’re being manifested, then you have nothing to worry about: either you truly catch feelings or you don’t. Either way, it’s a real connection and you won’t be forced.

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