51 ways to invite a guy over without sounding desperate

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So you’ve begun seeing a new guy and believe now is the right time to bring him over to your place.

So, how can you do it without appearing desperate or too easy?

You could wish to invite a guy over for a variety of reasons.

Maybe you always hang out at his home and now you think it’s time for him to come see yours.

Alternatively, if he lives with his parents or roommates, coming to your place may be a great method for you to have some privacy.

What if you meet a hot guy while out dancing with your pals and want to take him home with you?

Many women are hesitant to invite a guy over because they believe it signals that they want to get physical.

Other women aren’t worried about being rejected if they get intimate with a guy in their place.

To make things easier for you, we’ve come up with 51 suggestions for how to invite guys over without sounding like you want to sleep with them and prevent rejection.

1) My friends are coming over to watch a Netflix series with me. Want to join us?

2) I’m stuck with those Physics assignments. Do you want to come over and help me study before the final exam tomorrow?

3) I’ll cook your favorite dishes, pasta, and tacos tomorrow. I’ll use the special recipe and make sure that it’s delicious. Do you want to come over and try this with me?

Example #4

You: My parents just left the house for work until next week. Unfortunately, I have monophobia and I don’t think I can handle it myself.

Guy: Then, tell your friend to come over!

You: I’ve already told them, but all of them are busy. Do you mind coming over and watching some movies with me? I’m scared to be alone.

Guy: Alright! See you soon.

5) I’m planning a surprise birthday party for my best friend. Do you want to come and help me prepare it?

6) I think my PC doesn’t work anymore. Could you come and help me fix it?

Example #7

You: I’ve created the best recipe to cook pizza. Let’s meet at my place. I can show you how good I can cook.

Guy: Awesome! Do you want me to bring anything?

You: You can bring some drinks! I prefer juices.

Guy: Great! So what about the time?

You: Will you be free tonight? If not, let’s meet at 7 pm.

Guy: Alright! See you soon!

8) I just bought a bookshelf yesterday. But it’s too heavy for me to carry. Do you mind helping me move it to my room?

9) My friend just gave me a brand new PS5. Do you want to come over and play some games with me?

10) I’m going to re-decorate my room. But I have no idea to make my room better. Do you wanna come over and give me more ideas?

11) There’s going to be a pool party at my place with a few of my friends. You should join us!

Example #12

You: The rain is too heavy. I don’t think that you can arrive home safely. Your house is too far away.

Guy: Yeah! I don’t know what to do. I might have a car accident if I try to go home now.

You: How about staying at my house for just one night. My house is right there. It only takes us 2 minutes to get there.

Guy: That’s great! Thank you so much!

13) I lost my car key and I couldn’t find it yet. I think it’s somewhere in my house. Can you give me a hand?

14) Want to come over and watch a World Cup match with me? It’s your favorite team!

15) I am working on a project about painting! I’ve painted some so far. Do you want to come over to see those paintings and give some comments?

Example #16

You: Hey! Wanna come over and watch movies with me. I hate watching it alone.

Guy: Sure. I’ll bring popcorn and cokes for you.

You: That’s great! What about 7 pm at my house.

Guy: Okay! See you soon!

17) I just bought an amazing board game. I’ve invited some friends of mine. Want to join us? I think that you’ll like it.

18) I’m having a bad headache right now! Can you come to the drugstore near my house and buy some medicine for me?

19) It’s my birthday tomorrow! My best friends and I will organize a little party at the weekend. You’re invited of course!

20) I just bought a cute Corgi and a Chihuahua. I think you’d love to train them with me.

Example #21

You: My roommate went to her hometown yesterday. Do you want to come over and have dinner with me?

Guy: Sounds good. I’m bored by the way.

You: So let’s meet at my place at 7 pm!

Guy: Sure! See ya!

22) Do you know how to make a beat? I just wrote a really good song. Come over and work on this project with me!

23) I just moved here and I still have a lot of unorganized furniture. Do you mind helping me with that stuff?

Example #24

You: I downloaded some good games on my Xbox. Wanna play with me?

Guy: Of course! I love playing games.

You: So see you at 6 pm at my house!

Guy: See you soon!

25) Do you want to play billiards with me? Tonight, at my place! I bet you beat me!

26) My car is broken. I need you to help me fix it!

 Example #27

You: Teach me how to play basketball, please!

Guy: Alright! I’m good at it.

You: There is a court at my place. Come over! 1 pm

Guy: Good! I’ll see you then.

28) I have a test tomorrow. I’ll cram all night. Do you want to come over and help me?

29) Do you want to have a meal with me tonight?

30) I think I know how to cook a delicious bowl of Pho. Come over and I’ll teach you!

Example #31

You: Hey! I have some secret stories about my family. Do you want to hear?

Guy: Interesting! Where can I meet you?

You: 8 pm at my place.

Guy: Sure! I’ll be there soon.

32) I just bought a gaming chair. But I think it’s too hard for me to set up. Do you want to come over and give me a hand?

33) I have a better chemistry score than you. I can help you improve it. Come to my house and we’ll study together.

34) I bought a present for you. But it’s too heavy for me to bring to you. So, come over!

Example #35

You: I’m working on a project related to your major. I need you to help me finish it as soon as possible!

Guy: Sure! Let’s meet at the lab!

You: How about my place? I’ll prepare dinner for you.

Guy: Alright then! I’m busy until 6 pm tomorrow.

You: Great! See you tomorrow!

Guy: See you!

36) Could you come over and help me build a Christmas tree for the upcoming Christmas?

37) The corrugated iron roof of my house is punctured. Do you mind fixing the hole for me?

Example #38

You: If you are free this weekend, will you come to my house? We can play some games together.

Guy: Just you and me?

You: I invited some of my friends.

Guy: Sure! See you then!

39) I just bought a brand new washing machine. But I don’t know how to use it. Can you come over and teach me?

40) It’s late. I’m scared of going home alone. Can you drive me home?

41) My house is extremely messy due to my naughty cat. Do you mind coming over and helping me clean that stuff?

42) My grandparents just brought me so many fresh fruits from my hometown. Do you want some? Come to my place!

43) I want to set a profile picture on Instagram. I need you to come over and take some pictures for me!

Example #44

You: Can you help me clean my house? My cousins who came yesterday just messed up.

Guy: That’s so sad to hear! I’m free this evening. I’ll be there at 4 pm.

You: Great! Thank you so much! See you later!

Guy: No problem! See you then!

45) It seems like you are in a bad mood right now. Do you mind spending time confiding with me? Come to my place! I’ll make coffee for you.

46) I’m so happy if we can do cardio together. I know you want to lose weight. Come over!

Example #47

You: I’ve written an essay for my project. Can you proofread it for me? I’m bad at writing.

Guy: I think I can help.

You: So then, let’s meet at my house tonight. I’ll make you some burgers.

Guy: Awesome! See you later!

48) I want to learn some languages. I prefer Spanish. I’ve heard that you are good at Spanish, aren’t you? Can you spend some of your free time coming to my place and teaching me? 

49) Do you want to come to my house and have some karaoke?

50) If you need a peaceful place to read books or relax, come to my place!

Example #51

You: My uncle just gave me a motorbike for my birthday. But I don’t know how to ride it! Could you mind teaching me?

Guy: Let me help you. It’s easy to ride.

You: That’s so good! Meet me at my house.

Guy: Sure! What about the time?

You: Now?

Guy: Okay! Let’s go!

Final thought

Plenty of people had turned down the invitations because they were busy. 

But sometimes, some men didn’t turn down the invitation at all. Just thought that the reason for their behavior was complicated.

You can have more chances to invite a guy to your house if you know how to say it politely and friendly!

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