How to get a girl to text you first: 10 no bullsh*t tips!

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Girls like guys who take action and make things happen.

If you’re shy or nervous about texting her, she probably won’t think you’re that interesting.

But if you show her that you’re interested, she will respond by showing interest in you too.

If you want a girl to text first, then you need to make it obvious to her that you like her.

Here are 10 tips on how to get a girl to text first so that the next time you have the chance to talk to her again, she’ll be much more likely to text first.

1) Make sure you have an interesting profile

An interesting profile is one of the most important things you can do to stand out from the crowd.

Even if you’re a complete stranger, an interesting profile will make it easier for girls to identify you as someone who’s worth messaging right away.

With that in mind, there are a few key things to keep in mind when creating your profile:

Don’t be boring – Keep it short and sweet.

A couple of sentences is all you need to really get across that you’re a fun person who likes hanging out and making new friends.

Don’t be generic –

Avoid using words like “cool” or “awesome” in your profile because they’re just going to end up coming off as cheesy.

Instead, use your own words to describe what makes you unique and interesting.

Don’t overdo it –

Keep your profile short and sweet, but don’t stuff it with too much text either.

You want people to be able to take notice without having to scroll all the way down to see who’s contacting them.

2) Be active on social media

Social media has become an integral part of our everyday lives.

We access it from the comfort of our own homes, and we can share pictures and videos with friends from all over the world.

Social media is a great way to get in touch with people who share similar interests and hobbies.

It’s also a great tool for finding new friends and potential romantic partners.

One of the best ways to use social media to attract women is by posting engaging content that sparks conversation.

Many people are on social media looking for something to talk about, so make sure your posts are interesting and relevant.

Show your personality through what you post, because people want to know more about you.

If you’re interesting, funny, or engaging, they will respond positively.

In addition to being active on social media, be sure to engage with women who have already expressed interest in you.

Comment on their posts, like their posts, and follow them on social media.

By doing this, you show that you care enough about them to take the initiative and reach out first instead of waiting for them to contact you first.

This shows that you’re interested in building a long-term relationship with her.

3) Send her a flirty message

Texting is a great way to get things moving.

It’s casual, easy and doesn’t require much effort on your part.

Since there are no barriers between you and the other person, it’s a good way to start a conversation.

When you first message a girl, be sure to keep it light and flirty.

This will help her feel comfortable opening up to you.

Keep it short and sweet too.

The goal is to make her laugh and feel comfortable around you.

This will make it easier for her to open up and talk about herself.

If you want to get a response from her quickly, send her a text that has some sexual innuendos in it.

Be creative with your text messages – keep them short and sweet but be bold enough to ask for what you want!

Try not to spam her with too many messages though – this will only annoy her and make her less likely to respond.

4) Don’t be too available

Being too available to respond to a potential girl’s text messages can lead to her feeling like she’s being harassed, and it may also make her feel annoyed that you’re always available.

Instead, be selective about the messages you send back.

If she sends you a message, respond right away, but if you receive a bunch of messages from her, don’t respond right away.

Instead, send her a follow-up message at least an hour after the initial one.

This gives her plenty of time to delete your message if she’s in a situation where she doesn’t want to answer the phone or if she’s not able to reply due to work or other obligations.

If you’re interested in someone, by all means text her first!

However, if you don’t know whether or not you’ll have time for a conversation with her outside of texting, don’t just start responding right away.

Wait until you have time to really think about whether or not you want to pursue any sort of relationship with this person.

Don’t make it too easy for her to say “yes” and then regret it later on when it’s too late!

5) Take the initiative

There are many ways to get a girl to text you first, some are more successful than others.

The most important thing is to take the initiative and make the first move.

Don’t be afraid to send a message or ask for a phone number, even if you have to wait a few days for the response.

Most girls are flattered when a guy takes the time to get to know them and shows interest in their life.

By taking initiative, you’re showing that you’re a confident, interesting person who clearly wants something from her – which is exactly what every girl wants!

There are also plenty of apps that can help you do this, like Tinder or Bumble.

These apps allow people to quickly and easily message one another with just a few swipes of their phones.

If you already have a girlfriend then these apps could be great tools for getting her attention.

You can use them as an opportunity to ask her out on a date or otherwise show your interest in her.

Once she’s responded, and depending on how things go, you can either stop using the app or keep going and start making connections there as well.

6) Be interesting

If you have trouble getting a girl to text you first, it’s because she’s not interested.

The solution is to be interesting.

Don’t just send her a canned message like “Hey babe” or “How was your day?”

Instead, ask her questions about herself or get creative with your approach.

Show that you’re interested in her by asking her questions about herself and her interests, even if those things are completely random.

You can also try sending a personalized message – instead of “hey” or “hi,” try something more personal.

For example, “I love your name” or “You make me laugh every time I see you.”

These little details can go a long way in making the girl feel like she’s actually talking to a real person rather than a robot.

There are plenty of ways to be interesting without sounding like an attention-seeking creep.

If you’re shy and nervous around women, try talking more casually and engaging more with them in conversation by asking them questions and making small talk.

It will help you build rapport with the girl and make her feel comfortable around you, which is what she wants most when it comes to starting a conversation with you.

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7) Make her laugh

When you have a witty, funny personality and you know how to make a girl laugh, she’s more likely to respond to your text and initiate contact with you.

You don’t have to be the life of the party, but making her laugh shows that you’re a person who has some fun in your life.

Plus, laughter is contagious!

In addition to being funny, be yourself.

Don’t try too hard to impress her or act like someone else. If she laughs at what you say, that’s half the battle.

Once a girl likes you, she might text you back right away.

But if she doesn’t like you back right away, don’t take it personally.

Sometimes it takes longer for people to warm up to new people, especially if they’ve just started talking.

And if all else fails, just keep trying!

A lot of girls don’t respond at first because they’re busy or they’re just not feeling it yet.

If your phone still rings quiet after 3 days of texting, it’s probably worth another shot.

8) Be yourself

By being yourself and being authentic, you are showing that you are a worthwhile person and not just a guy trying to get into a girl’s pants.

This shows that you are someone who is worth the time of the girl.

If you try to be someone else, it can make it more difficult for the girl to relate to you and for her to want to talk to you.

It can also make it more difficult for the girl to take you seriously and be willing to meet up with you.

By being yourself, the girl will be able to see that you are a true person.

She will not have any doubt about your intentions or whether she wants to meet up with you.

She will be able to trust your intentions and know that she can trust you.

By being yourself, you will show that you are someone who is worth getting to know and who is worth taking time out of her day for.

9) Be patient

There are a lot of guys out there who are desperate to get a girl to text them first, but they don’t know how to go about it.

If you want a girl to text you first, the best way to do it is just be patient and wait for her to make the first move.

It can be awkward at first, but once you get the hang of it, it will become second nature.

Once she texts you, you can start getting her interested in you by sending her cute messages and asking her questions.

If you keep doing this, eventually she will be so intrigued that she will want to meet up with you.

When a girl messaged me first, I did nothing but reply back to her and let her know that I found her interesting.

I did not text her or ask her out until she was ready.

10) Don’t be desperate

One of the biggest mistakes guys make is being desperate to get a girl to text them first.

This is a huge red flag that can indicate a lot of problems.

Why would you be desperate to get a girl to text you?

Because you want them to see how cool you are and/or how attractive you are.

It’s important to know that this will NEVER work.

A girl who wants to be exclusive with someone will ALWAYS give you the cold shoulder if they don’t like you.

If they aren’t interested in communicating at all, then no amount of trying to get them to text back is going to change their mind.

Getting a girl to text back is not the same as getting her attention in any way.

It’s just something you have to work for.


As you know, girls like to text first.

And they like it even more when a guy responds to their texts promptly, usually within a few minutes.

It shows that you’re interested in them and are keeping their texts in your inbox so you can respond to them later.

As you build your relationship with a girl, if you want to get her to text you first, then you need to show her that you’re interested.

Wait for her to text you first and make sure to always respond promptly.

But how do you show that you’re interested without sounding creepy?

Here are 10 tips on how to get a girl to text you first so that the next time you have the chance to talk to her again, she’ll be much more likely to text you first.



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