12 no-bullsh*t ways to get a capricorn man

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‍Capricorn men are known for their sophistication, ambition, and drive. They’re also known for being notoriously picky when it comes to dating.

No matter how much you like him or how well you get along with him, getting a Capricorn man to date you might take some convincing!

Here are some no-bullsh*t ways to get a Capricorn Man!

1) Be the best version of yourself

This is the ultimate dating advice, no matter who you’re dating.

But it’s especially important when you’re trying to get a Capricorn man to date you.

Capricorn men are very status conscious and ambitious.

They like to be seen with high-achieving, successful individuals. Now: before you despair, you don’t have to be someone completely different in order to get a Capricorn man to like you.

All you need to do is to become better.

So the first thing you need to do is be the best version of yourself.

Get your finances in order, make sure you look your best, and do things that make you feel accomplished.

Capricorn men are attracted to strong, confident individuals.

Make sure you are the best you can be so you can win over this finicky sign.

How do you become the best version of yourself? Well, take care of yourself on all levels.

Eat healthy foods, exercise regularly, and get plenty of sleep.

Take your career seriously and make sure you’re doing the best work you can.

And, of course: date other people!

Try to learn more about your own wounds and trauma and work on it, so that you are not projecting past issues onto other people.

In short, just try to become better in every way imaginable!

2) Show him what you’ve got

When you first start dating a Capricorn man, try not to oversell yourself or your relationship experience.

Capricorn men are notoriously picky and they’re the first to admit it.

You’ll show him what you have to offer by not trying too hard to impress him.

Capricorns are attracted to confident people who don’t need to sell themselves.

They’re also attracted to down-to-earth people who aren’t pretentious.

Capricorns want someone who’s easy to be around, who’s relaxed, and who isn’t too high maintenance.

They want to be with someone who doesn’t try too hard to impress them.

When you first start dating, try to be the person you would be if you were dating anyone else.

You see, simply show a Capricorn man what you have to offer.

And then, after he’s gotten to know you and has started to like you, you can show him more.

But if you try too hard too soon, he’ll be turned off.

Capricorns like people that are easy to be with.

So try to be the best version of yourself and don’t try too hard!

However, don’t be afraid to flaunt your skills and talents.

Capricorns are attracted to people who are confident in their own abilities and talents.

And they’re also attracted to people who know how to have a good time.

So if you know how to do something well, don’t be afraid to show him!

He will most likely be intrigued and will want to know more about you.

3) Are you giving him what he wants? 

Let’s face it – Capricorn men are a tough catch. Although they can be mysterious and hard to please, they can also be an amazing life partner.

But how can you get them to commit?

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4) Give it time and don’t give up on him

Capricorn men aren’t the most impulsive people in the world.

They like to take their time, get to know someone before they commit, and are very thorough about who they end up with.

That’s not to say that they’re going to take forever to start dating you, but you do have to give it time.

Capricorns aren’t the type of men who are going to instantly fall in love with you.

They aren’t the type of men who are going to instantly commit to you.

That doesn’t mean that they’re not interested in you.

It just means that they’re going to take their time and get to know you.

Don’t give up on him or the relationship if he doesn’t instantly ask you out or try to move things forward.

Capricorns are deliberate and thoughtful.

Now: if you try to push him into a decision too soon, he will most probably not feel comfortable with you.

Give him time to get to know you and he’ll probably end up falling in love with you!

I know, you probably don’t want to be patient anymore, I get it, but if you want to be with a Capricorn man, you need to wait for him to figure his feelings and emotions out.

Now: of course, you should be aware of whether he has any intentions of ever being with you or not, because if he doesn’t, then you don’t want to waste your time on him.

But, if he does, then give him the time that he needs to figure things out and you’ll be fine!

Sometimes, simple communication will do the trick and you will find out what he needs and wants.

5) He’s a tradition guy, so show him how you value that

Capricorns are traditional.

If you’re dating a Capricorn man, he’s probably old-fashioned and values traditional dating practices.

He’s not going to expect you to pay for everything or try to impress you with a flash date every time.

He is going to try to sweep you off your feet with a fancy dinner some night.

He’ll probably bring you flowers and plan a simple, casual date every once in awhile.

Don’t try to turn the relationship into something it’s not just to impress him.

Capricorns value tradition, so respect that and show him how you value that.

If you show a Capricorn man that you value tradition just as much as he does, he will most probably fall in love with you.

You see, nowadays there are lots of women who are not a fan of tradition.

They try to break all the rules and get away with everything, but that’s not how a Capricorn man wants to be treated.

He wants a woman who respects him and his traditions, so show him that you do!

Of course, you need to stay true to your own values, though. You can’t change your entire belief about relationships based on a man.

However, if your idea of a relationship is already more traditional, then this will be perfect for you, you simply need to show a Capricorn man that you value tradition.

6) Bring out his inner hero 

To win over a Capricorn man, bring out his inner hero.

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The result is a man who loves harder, commits wholeheartedly, and truly dedicates himself to the relationship.

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7) Be independent

Capricorns are known for being independent and fiercely ambitious.

They don’t want someone who’s always trying to be attached to them.

They want someone who is independent and can stand on their own two feet.

If you’re dating a Capricorn man, make sure you’re independent.

Don’t be clingy and don’t try to be too dependent on him.

Capricorns like dating independent people who can stand on their own two feet.

They don’t want someone who’s always trying to be attached to them or be dependent on them.

If you’re always trying to be attached to your Capricorn man and you’re always trying to be too dependent on him, he’s probably not going to like it.

Now: if you are more on the needy side, try to use this as an opportunity to spend more time by yourself.

Learn to enjoy your own company and learn to be independent.

When he’s not around, don’t feel like you have to be with him all the time.

You shouldn’t worry about being alone or lonely, because that will make him feel bad as well.

But make sure you don’t talk too much on the phone with him or text him too much either.

Instead, find things to do that you enjoy, and then live your life without him!

The thing is, there is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to spend time with your Capricorn man.

He’s a very nice guy, but he’s not a doormat, and he doesn’t want you to be one either.

8) Don’t shy away from commitment talk

Capricorns aren’t the type of men who jump in headfirst or who want to get serious right away.

They’re cautious and they like to take their time.

But when they do decide that they want to start talking about commitment, don’t shy away from it.

Capricorns aren’t the type of men who like to talk about big, serious relationship things all the time.

They prefer to date casually and slowly.

But when they decide they want to start talking about commitment and getting more serious, don’t shy away from the conversation.

You see, if you do, he will assume that you don’t want to get serious.

He will think that you’re not interested in him, and he’ll start to think that you’re not as into him as he is into you.

And if he’s thinking that, then it’s probably best if he doesn’t ask you out again or try to talk about commitment with you again.

Of course, you dont want that – you want him to be your partner, right?

In that case, take the commitment talk seriously and if he brings it up, really take your time with him to talk things through.

This is the best way to show him that you’re serious about him and that you want to get more serious with him.

9) Show him you have an awesome life without him (but you want him to join)

Capricorns aren’t the type of men who want to feel like they’re responsible for someone else or like they’re dating a co-dependent.

They want to be with someone who has an awesome life of their own.

They want to feel like they have their own space and like they’re dating someone who has their own life and isn’t completely dependent on them.

Make sure that you have your own life, but also make sure that you want him to be a part of it.

Don’t try to tie him down or make him feel like he has to spend all of his time with you.

You see, when a Capricorn man notices that your life seems to be amazing without him, he will want to be a part of it.

He will want to be a part of your life and your awesome life, but he won’t want to feel like he has to be there all the time.

It’s important that you don’t try to make him feel like he needs to spend all of his time with you.

How can you show him that you have an awesome life?

Well, for starters, you could start doing fun things in your free time or focus on your career, or you could just start doing things that you love.

Just make sure that whatever you’re doing, it’s awesome and that he can see how amazing your life is without him.

Having a great life on your own will only inspire other people to want to be a part of it!

10) Make him feel respected

Capricorns like being with people who respect them, who treat them well, and who make them feel good about themselves.

They want to feel that they’re with someone who is intelligent and who knows how to treat them right and make them feel good about themselves.

And if you can show him that you respect him, then he will want to be with you more than ever.

He will want to be more involved in your life and he will start to think of himself as your partner, rather than just a friend or a casual date.

This is the best way for you both to have a great time together and for him to think of himself as more important than just a friend or casual date.

Now: that doesn’t mean you need to be submissive or anything like that, but simply respect his views and opinions and don’t disrespect him.

11) Don’t be afraid to be yourself

This is related to a previous point, but it bears repeating!

Capricorns are attracted to authenticity and to people who are themselves.

They’re not interested in dating people who are trying to be something they’re not.

But they also don’t want to date someone who doesn’t know who they are or who they want to be.

Make sure that you’re not afraid to be yourself when you’re dating a Capricorn man.

Don’t try too hard to impress him or impress him with who you think you should be.

If you’re dating someone who wants to be with you, they want you to be yourself.

Think about it: if everyone on this planet tried to be “perfect” and followed the same exact style, that would be so boring!

A Capricorn knows that, which is why he values individuality and authenticity.

So be yourself and he’ll most likely be attracted to you and want to get to know you better.

Trust me, when it comes to Capricorn men, being yourself is truly your best shot!

12) Make sure he knows how much you enjoy his company

Capricorns aren’t the most talkative or social people.

They like to chill out, be by themselves, and enjoy their own company.

But they also value having a significant other who they can spend time with and enjoy their company.

Make sure that you’re not always trying to spend time with him and that you’re not always trying to talk to him.

Let him chill out and spend time with his friends and do things on his own.

But make time for him when he needs you and make sure he knows how much you enjoy his company.

You see, although Capricon men are pretty self-assured, they sometimes tend to worry that they’re not good enough for you.

Maybe he isn’t sure if you truly like being with him, or he doesn’t know how to act around you.

You need to reassure him that you like being with him and that he does good things for you.

And if you can, make sure he knows how much you enjoy his company so that he doesn’t feel bad about himself.

When you give him this reassurance without him having to ask for it, he will be extremely grateful and will love you for it!

What now?

If you do all of these things, you will most probably have no issue at all winning over a Capricorn man!

You see, Capricorn men are great lovers and they are also great friends.

They are also great partners and great boyfriends, so it should be easy for you to start dating a Capricorn man!

You see, if you do all of the above things, then he will feel like your partner in life and he will want to be with you more than ever.

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