How long should I wait to text him back after he ignored me? 9 things to consider

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We’ve all been there: you give a guy your number, he seems interested, and you look forward to seeing him again. Then… nothing. He doesn’t even text you back. 

The waiting game is real, ladies. 

When it comes to waiting for the right guy and waiting for that perfect text after being ignored, there isn’t an easy answer. 

But don’t worry! The points below will help you get through this tough time.

1) He is genuinely busy with school or work

Here’s the first thing to consider: this guy might just be busy

How well do you know this guy? Like, maybe he did want to text you, but school started and he’s been super busy with homework. 

Or maybe something came up at work and he hasn’t had time to think about texting you back. This is why it takes him forever to text you back

Before you freak out, give him the benefit of the doubt! Seriously. Give him time to get back to you.

If this applies to your situation, then wait for 2 to 3 days before texting him again: if you text him on the same day, it can just be weird. Give him a little space, then re-evaluate how you feel.

You’re probably not happy about this and you might come off as a little harsh or even rude if you text him on the same day. 

So give yourself a little time to cool off, and then send him a casual text.

Make sure to include a few questions in your text. Don’t just say things. If you do, he might not know what to say back.

If he still doesn’t text you back, then try to move on.

2) He is going through some serious problems

Here’s another thing to consider: he is ignoring you because he’s going through some serious problems. 

He might be having family problems that are affecting his feelings or financial problems that are stressing him out. 

Or maybe he got laid off from work and is feeling really depressed or even lost

Let’s say that you keep texting him to go to dinner or do something else that costs money. If you’ve just met him, this guy is not going to share details about his financial situation with you.

Instead, he is going to ignore you to avoid being pressured into going out to dinner or something else.

If all this is true, then wait for a week before texting him again. This gives him time to sort things out and possibly gain the confidence to text you back. 

When you text him, say something cute and maybe even funny. Try to make the text sound casual and don’t push for a response. 

If he doesn’t text you back, try to move on.

3) He is keeping his options open

Have you considered that this guy might be ignoring you because he’s seeing other women, too?

If that’s the case, then you should probably not text him back, ever. By doing so, you can save yourself a lot of time, energy, and heartache.

But how do you know if this situation applies to him? 

If you’re friends on social media, you can do a little stalking. While this isn’t the most ethical thing to do, it can prove helpful to you.

Look through his photos, his comments, his tags, and all the places he posts. If you can find pictures of him and other girls, then he’s probably seeing them on the side, too. 

Now, it’s up to you to decide whether to text him back or not. I mean, he’s clearly ignoring you because of other women.

However, if you’re interested in having an open relationship with him or a friends-with-benefits relationship, you can text him right away! 

Instead of asking him boring questions, you can get straight to the point. Make your text short, cute, and flirty.

4) He doesn’t like you and doesn’t want to reject you

The brutal truth is that you might not have to wait at all to text this guy back after he ignores you


It could be because he’s not that into you and he doesn’t want to directly reject you.

If that’s the case, he is going to keep ignoring you until you stop trying. 

In this situation, the natural thing to do is to give up and stop texting him. I mean, isn’t it easier to just avoid any type of rejection instead of having a rude text battle with him? 

However, it might be difficult for you to figure out whether this is the case or not. 

How can you tell if a guy is not interested in you?

  • He doesn’t try to make you feel special;
  • He doesn’t ask you personal questions;
  • He never initiates contact with you.

So, think about this: are you dealing with unrequited love?

If he’s not interested in you, then don’t waste your time waiting for him to stop ignoring you and reply to your texts. He most probably won’t.

5) He is not over his ex-girlfriend yet

Sigh, this is one of the hardest things to consider. Maybe he’s ignoring you because he still has feelings for his ex-girlfriend

If it’s been a few months and he’s still not over her, then wait until he disengages from her. 

This can take up to a year, so don’t rush it! In the meantime, try to focus on something or someone else.

Fair warning: If you decide to ignore his emotional state, you might end up in a rebound relationship with him. Is this really what you want?

FYI, rebound relationships rarely turn into long-term relationships. Why? 

Because they are not meant to last. They’re meant to be fun and pleasant while the heartache ends. 

So, just think about it from all angles. 

6) You’ve lost his infatuation

Infatuation is a type of intense crush that you feel for someone. It’s different from a normal interest or attraction. 

When a man is infatuated with you, he can’t stop thinking about you. He wants to know everything about you; he thinks about you all the time, and he can’t wait to be near you.

So, if he no longer seems infatuated with you, then you’re in the clear to initiate contact with him. 

7) You scared him away by moving too fast

Another thing to consider: this guy might be avoiding you because he doesn’t really feel that excited about being in a relationship with you or anyone else right now. 

Hey, it’s true! There are guys who are so focused on work or school that they’re not looking for serious commitment right now. They want to stay single and hook up with people without having to think too much about the future.

Don’t worry, though! As long as he’s not seeing other people, this guy will text you back eventually. 

However, if he’s also seeing other girls at the same time while ignoring you, then it could be a different story.

So, do your best to find out what his life is really like.

8) He found someone else

Have you considered that this guy might be ignoring you because he’s seeing someone else?

If this is the case, then it’s a good idea to give up on him, for sure. 

I mean, why would you still text him when you know he chose someone else? All you’re doing is hurting your heart.

So, don’t text him and be done with it. It’s better for you to move on.

But what if he contacts you, nevertheless, after a few months? What if he’s no longer ignoring you? Should you text him back? 

The answer is yes, and here’s why…

  • Things didn’t work out between him and the other girl;
  • You are an option for him once again;
  • He thought about contacting you.

However, make sure you have a real chance this time. Otherwise, you might end up in the same situation soon.

Also, ask yourself if you still want him. If you’ve moved on, then it would be best to keep it that way.

9) You overreacted to something

Why is this guy ignoring you? Is it because you overreacted to something?

If it is, then you should give him some time to cool off. Don’t send him message after message if he’s still upset with you.

Instead, wait until he’s ready to talk to you again. If he contacts you, then try to have a calm conversation with him and don’t wait too long to respond.

But if he doesn’t contact you, then you can wait for about a week or two and then try again.

However, if you still don’t get a reply, maybe you should give up. So, the facts are simple:

It takes very little initiative to send a text, but it can take a fair amount of courage to reply to one. 

But not all guys are like this! In reality, most guys who ignore you will come back around eventually. It might take days or weeks or even months. But they’ll come around.

How do you respond to a guy after he ignores you?

It’s a good idea to make yourself appear calm and relaxed. You don’t want to come off as desperate or angry – because that will only scare him away.

Give him a chance to explain what he’s thinking and why he didn’t get back to you.

However, don’t respond right away. Wait for at least a few hours to a few days.

If you respond too quickly, it might seem like you were waiting for him to message you. That could be a turn-off and might make him stop replying altogether.

But if you wait, it shows that you have your own life and that you’re not available to him 24/7. 

How long is too long for a guy to text back?

No guy is going to text back right away. It’s completely normal for a guy to take his time replying. So, don’t worry if it takes a few hours or even days for him to get back to you!

However, if you’re dealing with a guy who ignores your every message and never replies, then things are different. 

If he doesn’t reply after a few weeks, then he might be trying to avoid any type of confrontation with you. Or he might have gotten tired of you or the situation.

In any case, if things don’t improve in a few weeks, then you can try to let him go. 

How do you ignore a man who is ignoring you?

How can you ignore him if he ignores you already? 

If this is the situation, then you need to act first. If you continue messaging him, then this will only make things worse and he might be even more scared to talk to you.

So, how can you ignore him when he ignores you?

1) Stop contacting him altogether

Stop texting him – it doesn’t matter how long it’s been since you last talked or how much effort it took for you to initiate contact with him in the first place. 

Stop trying to call him or text him if he ignores you.

2) Stop reacting to anything he posts online

Stop commenting on his social media posts or liking his photos – especially if you do that a lot. 

By doing so, you’re not giving him any more opportunities to ignore you. Instead, you’re ignoring him by not reacting to what he posts anymore.

3) Act like he’s not even there

In case you occasionally see this guy during your daily life and he doesn’t talk to you, then don’t be afraid to just act like he’s not there.

Don’t greet him, say hi, or wave at him. Just continue on with your day as if you didn’t care about him.

Sometimes guys just need a little push in the right direction to come around.

4) Don’t interact with his friends either

Unless you’re best friends with this guy’s friends, it would be best not to interact with them either. Disappear completely from his life.

Do you think he’ll notice?

The truth is, eventually he will notice. And it’s a good thing, too!

5) Focus on improving and loving yourself

How else can you ignore him? Well, if you’re busy looking after yourself, you won’t even have to try hard to ignore him.

It’s all about being confident and happy with who you are. 

So, stop worrying about what he thinks of you and start worrying about what you think of yourself. Focus on fixing your flaws and loving the person you really are.

6) Don’t talk about him behind his back

Don’t tell other people about how he ignored you. Don’t say anything bad about him to others. If someone asks you, just say that he’s busy and not available right now.

You see, spreading rumors isn’t going to help you with anything. That’s why it is definitely not recommended.

Should I block him if he ignores me?

Not necessarily! 

While it’s perfectly normal to feel upset and maybe even mad at him, you should remember that you don’t know why he’s ignoring you.

If you block him on social media or his phone number, you’re basically accepting the fact that you’ll never know what really happened.

However, if you don’t block him, he might reach out to you sometime in the future. Who knows, maybe he’ll even have an explanation for what he did… or didn’t do.

So, it’s really up to you whether you block him or not. 

In case you decide you want to move on, then blocking him is a great idea! Make sure that’s what you really want, though!

What does he think when you don’t text him back?

Have you ever wondered what’s on his mind when you ignore him?

Men don’t like to be ignored. It makes them feel like they’re not important. Sounds familiar?

So, the next time you don’t text him back, he might:

… start thinking that he’s not good enough for you. 

… start worrying that you’re talking to other guys as well.

… think that you’re mad at him and that he did something wrong. 

… realize how much he misses you.

… feel bad that he didn’t get a chance to explain himself.

… regret ignoring you for too long.

… feel confused and unsure about what to do next.

… think that he’d do anything to make you happy again.

As you can see, the way he feels is pretty much the same as you would if you were in his shoes. So, don’t worry about him now – it’s normal to feel confused and upset after being ignored by someone.

He ignores you – What now?

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