How long does it take to manifest a person?

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You heard about manifestation, and decided you want to give it a try. 

But now you find yourself wondering if it’s really working. Perhaps you tried for a bit and didn’t see any results, or maybe you’re not sure if you’re doing it right.

So here in this article, I will tell you how long it usually takes for you to manifest a person and the signs to look for if it’s actually working.

Can you really manifest a person?

Before anything, let us tackle the topic of manifestation itself. Manifestation is about communicating your desires onto the universe so it will conspire to turn them into reality. 

You can manifest phenomena and inanimate objects like good fortune and car keys well enough. 

But will it truly work on another person? 

And the answer is that, yes, it’s possible to manifest a person.

When you manifest someone, you are communicating your desire for them to the universe, and the universe then takes on the task of guiding that person to you through such phenomena as dreams and angel numbers.

Why manifesting someone is not instant

When you’re manifesting, you’re requesting and communicating.

You’re not putting a gun to the universe’s head. You’re not mind-controlling your object of desire or violating their free will.

The fact that manifesting a person isn’t taking direct control over them is the reason why it generally takes longer to manifest another person than it does to manifest your ambitions into reality. 

You’re waiting for that person to notice the signs and follow them to you.

So yes, more patience is necessary if you’re manifesting a person rather than an object or a personal goal.

How long it takes effect depends on the following:

1) How often you manifest them

The more you manifest someone, the more the universe will communicate your wishes into their lives. And the more signs are thrown their way, the more likely it is that they will notice and pay attention.

If you try to manifest them once in a blue moon, they might just dismiss the signs that come their way as coincidences. But if you’re unceasing in your efforts, it will become hard for them to ignore.

So that’s why you shouldn’t just do it casually, as if trying to call out to them once a month is good enough. 

To see results, try to manifest at least once a day, or every other day if you simply don’t have the time and focus otherwise

2) How much faith you have in manifesting them

Manifestation is the outcome of your sheer willpower shaping the world around you. If you have no willpower or faith to give, then nothing will happen. Or if something happens, it will take a while.

Any doubts and fears you might have towards the idea of manifesting someone will only get in your way.

And the biggest doubt that will hold you back are doubts about whether manifestation itself works. It’s not that different from prayer. The more you doubt it, the less of an effect it will have on the world around you.

So if you want to make sure that you’re manifesting them properly, think about how much faith you actually have in manifestation. You have to go all-in and erase all doubt for it to work.

3) How detailed you visualize them

You might be assured that manifestation works, but your efforts at manifestation will only be hindered if you don’t have a clear idea just who you want to manifest.

Simply trying to manifest “someone important to me” or “my soulmate” is going to take you forever, simply because it means you’re not 100% sure what you’re trying to manifest.

But then you might wonder…maybe you haven’t met your soulmate yet, so how are you supposed to know what they look like?

And this is understandable. Finding your soulmate is no easy task. 

Luckily, there are many things you can do that can help.

I’ve just stumbled upon a way to do this…  a professional psychic artist who can draw a sketch of what your soulmate looks like.

I wasn’t convinced at first, but a friend eventually managed to persuade me a few weeks ago. And what would you have it—when I met the person that the psychic drew for me, I immediately recognized them as soon as I saw them.

This can really help you out if you’re trying to manifest someone. So if you’re ready to find out what your soulmate looks like, get your own sketch drawn here.

4) How clear your mind is

The clearer your mind is, the faster you can manifest a person.

When you’re manifesting someone, your mind needs to be clear and free of distraction. 

It’s an important moment. You’re trying to communicate to the universe that you want someone in your life, after all.

It doesn’t matter if it’s because you’re hungry, in emotional pain, or on medication. The more clouded your mind, the harder it will be for you to manifest.

Let’s say that you want to get somewhere, and you’re lost so you ask a random bystander for directions.

It’s easy enough for you to find your way if they tell you something like “when you get to the corner, turn right and stop at the red building.”

But on the other hand, you would probably only get more lost if they spend 15 minutes going on tangent after tangent, telling you random trivia like how the building used to be pink until 2 years ago, or how the street used to be full of potholes.

Having a clear mind when you’re manifesting someone works in much the same way.

You have to clear your mind from clutter before you even start manifesting. It’s a sacred moment, and therefore you should sit down, relax, and stay away from distractions.

5)  How spiritual you are

The more spiritually inclined you are, the faster you can manifest a person.

Manifestation is a spiritual discipline. If you must do it, then you must believe in the spiritual realm in the first place.

This is not because the universe ignores you if you’re a skeptic who refuses to believe in anything supernatural. It happens because if you simply aren’t spiritually inclined, you’re not actually reaching out to the universe.

You simply don’t just become spiritual because you want it, however. It’s something you have to internalize.

But thankfully, with meditation and introspection, you can help center yourself and understand just how much trust you have in the spiritual.

6) How ready you are to meet them

People meeting before they are ready for one another—be it due to a need for more personal growth, or just a lack of time—is one sure path to tragedy. 

And tragedy is one of the last things the universe wants for you… especially if they’re someone important, like your twin flame or your soulmate.

For example, maybe they’re not quite who you expected them to be. Perhaps they’re someone you’d find annoying or even hate if you met them right now.

To avoid such tragedies, the universe will delay your meeting no matter how hard you try to manifest them.

It can be hard to know if you simply are not ready until the moment you are. You might think you’re ready now even when you simply are not. The universe knows.

When in doubt, keep an open mind and simply try to be the best person that you can be, and things will come in due time.

7) How ready they are to meet you

Of course, it would be unfair to assume that you’re the only one who needs to be ready.

As I mentioned earlier, people need to be ready for one another, and that means they have their own growing-up to do, too.

Perhaps you’re ready to meet them and take them into your life, but they are not ready to meet you yet. If that happens, you’ll just end up resenting each other if you met now.

Sadly, there’s nothing you can do to directly help them. They are the only ones who can fix themselves up, and the life they live.

But it does not hurt to pray for the universe to help them along. The universe itself might not be able to change them directly, but it can let them know deep inside that there’s someone waiting for them.

8)  How prepared you are to have a healthy relationship

You might both be open-minded, have many core values in common and the maturity to handle your differences. By all means you look like you’re ready for one another.

But if you aren’t prepared to have a healthy relationship, the universe will still hold you back from one another.

This isn’t necessarily your fault. Knowing how to handle a healthy relationship is a skill, and most families don’t teach their kids about it as they grow up. And it doesn’t help if you’ve had bad relationships back to back either.

Problems such as codependency and abuse happen to even the most perfect couples simply because this skill isn’t passed down.

But an upside of it being a skill is that it can be learned. And the resource that I recommend in particular would be the relationship masterclass with Rudá Iandê.

It’s an 80-minute-long course created by world-renowned shaman Rudá Iande to help you break free from and avoid things that damage and undermine your relationships.

I got a lot of life-changing insights from his videos. 

Rudá made me realize how damaging it was for me to cling onto my old beliefs of what constitutes a happy life…and that if I didn’t make some changes to myself, I’d probably end up miserable whether I was single or in a relationship.

I highly, highly recommend his masterclass. 

If you want to get a glimpse of Rudá’s philosophy,  you can check out his free video here.

So how long does it usually take to manifest a person?

Manifesting people generally takes a while. 

When everything is going right, it can happen in months or even weeks. But the problems listed above aren’t exactly rare, and most of the time it takes much longer.

It can sometimes take months, or even years. Or never.

Love is not something that can be forced, after all. 

That’s why patience is a virtue. 

If you must truly manifest someone, you must keep going even when it seems like your efforts are going nowhere.

Signs they’re getting closer

The wait might be long, but thankfully the universe itself is more than willing to tell you when your effort is about to bear fruit.

So stay alert for the signs that the universe is showing you

1) You dream of them often

Dreaming about someone you think about often is normal. But there’s definitely something not normal about them showing up in your dreams.

If you don’t know their face, you might find someone you’ve never met before showing up in your dreams consistently.

Or if you know their face or had them sketched by a psychic, you would see them show up more often. Where you once dreamed of them once a week, now you dream of them every day.

It’s almost like they’re waiting for you in your dreams simply so that you could be together!

If you think about it, there’s a sense of realness about their presence, too. It’s almost like you’re not just dreaming about them, but that they’re actually THERE with you.

In a way, it’s because they are. 

They are in sync with you and the universe is preparing both of you for your in-person meeting by having you meet one another in your dreams.

2) You begin seeing angel numbers

The universe itself is trying to talk to you, especially if you’re trying to manifest something or someone.

You begin seeing signs cropping up out of nowhere and finding your eyes drawn to patterns of numbers like 1111, 9911, and 5959.

And the more time passes by, the more you notice these numbers.

Chances are that this is because your manifestation is taking effect and the person you’re trying to draw to you is about to enter your life.

Of course, simply seeing the angel numbers by themselves isn’t enough. Every single one of them has meaning, so you should pay attention to what those numbers are and in what contexts you are seeing them.

They can offer hints as to where you might meet the person you’re manifesting, and what kind of person they are or have become.

3) You feel at peace

You no longer feel like you have to worry about whether your manifestation is working or not, because you have this deep-seated reassurance that things simply are.

This happens when the universe has finally done what you’ve asked of it, and has sent the person you’ve been manifesting in your general direction.

Your waking mind might not know this, but your soul knows ahead of time. That’s why you suddenly feel assured that everything is falling into place

Your soul is in a state of bliss, knowing that its wishes have been answered. And it’s communicating that sense of fulfillment to your waking mind.

4) More things begin to go right in your life

Things suddenly begin to become a little more effortless in other aspects of your life.

You can’t quite explain it, but things that used to be troublesome for you suddenly get done without you even trying.

If you’re trying to write a novel or a poem, words would suddenly spill out of your fingertips and onto the page where you used to take hours trying to write a hundred words.

And at work, where you used to struggle with fifty different tasks that barely get done by the time you shift is over, you will suddenly find your coworkers helping you pick up the slack.

This is not just a coincidence. This is happening because your vibrations are at harmony with the universe, and with the person you’re trying to manifest.

Other people will feel and be affected by these vibrations too, which is why you’re not the only one being sunny all of a sudden.

5) You get moments of Déjà Vu

You would be doing a task at your desk, watching a show on TV, or simply walking down the street when you’re suddenly struck by a strong feeling that, perhaps, you’ve seen this before.

And not only that, it happens often. So often that you might think that you’re going mad.

But take heart—this is far from the case!

What’s actually going on is that you and the person you’re trying to manifest are connected to each other spiritually and operating on the same wavelength.

They might be doing the same things you are, simply because of how synched the two of you are. Echoes of your experiences travel through this bond.

So when you find yourself thinking “wait, I said this before… but when?”, it’s not because you actually said those words before. It’s probably because the person you’re manifesting did, and their actions resonated with you.

6) People suddenly drop out of your life

A weird side effect of your manifestation drawing nearer is that you will find some people leaving your life. This has to do with your vibrations. 

You’re on the same wavelength as that person you’re manifesting—you’re becoming more clear of your life direction and who you are— and this forces people to either harmonize with your wavelength or to leave you alone.

Some people will choose to go along and this explains why sometimes people would suddenly be nice around you and just “get” you. 

Some others—even people who have known you for a while—can’t stand that however and will just leave.

While unfortunate, people leaving is an indicator that you’re growing. So take heart—know that life will soon take a turn for the better because you’re more sure of your path.

7) The universe tells you

You see and hear about your wishes, if you pay close attention.

If you’ve been trying to manifest your soulmate, you might turn on the radio and hear people talking about their soulmates. Or you might go online and see articles about being ready to meet your soulmate.

If you know the person you’re trying to manifest likes painting, you might find yourself stumbling into artbooks and have your feed filled with people talking about painting.

Whoever this person you’re trying to manifest may be, you’ll find yourself being thrown all sorts of things that relate to them. 

The universe couldn’t be any more obvious about who’s coming into your life if it tried!


Manifesting a person is not easy.

You’re trying to have the universe guide someone to you—a person who, should they feel like it, can just ignore the signs the universe is showing them.

Because of this, manifesting a person takes a lot of time, effort, and faith to succeed. 

While doing the tips above can make things move along faster, you can go for ages without seeing a single sign that your attempts have got any effect at all. And so, perseverance is a must.

But while waiting, prepare to be the best person you can be. And Rudá Iandê’s relationship masterclass can do wonders to help.

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