How long a Leo man can go without talking to you

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Leos are known to speak their mind.

They are go-getters who know what they want and do everything in their power to get it. Confrontations don’t faze this fire sign.

So if a Leo man stops talking to you, it’s not for a petty reason.

Here in this article, we are going to answer the question: How long can a Leo man give you the silent treatment?

We’ll also look into reasons why he’s not talking to you in the first place, and what you can do about this.

If you’re dying to know the code to cracking a Leo, then keep reading!

Until you apologize

If a Leo man is not talking to you, the first thing you should do is ask yourself, “Did I do something wrong?”

You will never hear a silence louder than a Leo’s. And they will make sure you are deafened by it.

So until you apologize, he will keep doing this and more!

Expect cold shoulders or passive-aggressive statements.

He can even go as far as talking to you indirectly! This usually happens when there is another person with the two of you.

He will go, “Can you please tell that person that they…”

You get the point.

So if this happens to you, better start working on your apology speech. And do not dare make it a lazy one.

Until you get the point

Sometimes, though, a Leo man won’t stop ignoring you even after apologizing.

And that’s because he still believes you haven’t actually gotten the point.

“But I already apologized,” you might say. And yes, sure, you did. But did you know what he was trying to say through his silence?

Men in general are not very familiar with expressing themselves.

What usually works for them are actions and silences.

Maybe he wants you to understand that you can’t just force things onto him. Or maybe he doesn’t want to seem as if he’s too easy to get by accepting the apology immediately.

So if you notice your Leo man still acting cold and aloof towards you, try to be a little more patient.

It is possible that your apology just was not genuine enough for him.

In which case, you are going to have to figure out what you did wrong and what you need to understand.

Until he is interested again

Leo men value a good connection. They like being in a stable relationship. In fact, they thrive in it.

And for them, a stable relationship includes open and direct communication. That is one of the major foundations.

So when he suddenly stops talking to you, try to see what you’ve done.

Did you stop listening to the things he says? Did you doubt his abilities? Did you lessen the attention you give him?

Because if you do, then you are treading dangerous territory.

If you don’t do something immediately, your Leo man just might lose interest in you!

And it happens very quickly. Just one slip-up, and poof! He stops giving you attention.

When this happens, it’s not the end of the world. There is still a chance for him to find you interesting.

But you are going to have to wait. And you’re going to have to earn it… real bad.

As long as he wants

The animal representing Leo is, of course, the lion. And lions come in pride.

Same goes for your Leo man. It’s pride that comprises his core.

So if you did something to tick him off, then expect this prouder side of his personality to come to the surface.

That means, he will stop talking to you for as long as he wants.

It’s his way of saying he will always get the last laugh.

And I’m sure you know how alluring Leos are, even (and sometimes especially) when they deliberately ignore you.

If a Leo decides you deserve to be ignored this much, then be prepared to be on your knees, begging for him to talk to you again.

He may accept it immediately, or he may let you grovel indefinitely.

Once a Leo man sets his mind onto something, no one will know for sure what he will do next… and when.

Why would a Leo man stop talking to you?

Really, there are quite a number of reasons why a Leo man would be offended.

But there are only a number of reasons why this offense will make him stop talking to you.

Here are the most common ones:

1) You bruised his ego

Leos have big egos, especially the men. And these egos are a bit… fragile.

For all the talk Leos make about their achievements and grit, it doesn’t really take much to hurt their feelings.

If he talks to you about something he’s proud of, and you don’t show the same enthusiasm to it as him? That’s strike one. Make fun of it, then that’s strike two. You get the drift.

Leos are overly protective of their ideals and interests.

And if anyone criticizes or challenges those, their claws will definitely come out.

Typically, a Leo man will get vocal about being offended.

What will make him stop talking to you is if you make a comment about something close to his heart.

2) You judged his morals

Leos are very passionate individuals. And this passion can be seen well in their moral compass.

They like doing what is right, even if that “right” thing is different from what you think.

If you judge their beliefs, they will definitely bite back at you. They are committed to a fixed set of values. And they will stand by it till their last breath.

Even if you think their morals are a bit questionable, it doesn’t matter. Trying to persuade them to think differently just won’t work.

If they say pineapples go on pizzas, and you make a case on the contrary, then they will order it every time you’re around each other.

If they say Snape was not really a hero but just had a weird obsession on Lily, then you are not going to convince him otherwise.

If you pick a fight with him for it, then maybe that’s why he’s not talking to you.

3) You doubted his abilities

Men in general are gatekeepers of almost everything. They think they’re the better gender when it comes to online games, physical work like carpentry and wirings, and sports.

This male trait is emphasized more in Leos.

Leo men will feel like experts at their interests.

If you see them fixing a drain pipe and you show them an easier way to do it, they will take that personally.

To them, it’s a judgment against their ability to do things, even when all you want is to offer help!

This may seem a little unreasonable.

But they don’t mean harm about that. At the core of this, they just really want to feel confident about what they can do, and how what they’re doing can help you.

4) You sided with someone else

If Leos get in an argument with someone, they expect you to side with them. No matter what.

Because for them, their viewpoints have already been tried and tested.

They don’t expect you to trust them blindly. They just want you to trust that their judgment went through a thorough process, and they’re confident about it.

So if you start siding with someone else on an issue, then it will feel like a betrayal and a critique on their principles.

5) He feels as if you forgot about him

A Leo man has a big heart. He will care for you and protect you.

All he wants is for you to return his affection by showing equal loyalty. This can come in the form of words of affirmation.

But if he starts feeling like you don’t care about him anymore, then that is grounds for him to stop talking to you.

A Leo man is too self-assured to make excuses about being neglected.

To him, it’s either you love him or you don’t. And if you do, you will definitely show it.

Otherwise, what’s the point?

6) You didn’t appreciate his efforts

When a Leo man wants you, he will make you know.

He will use all the love languages (and more!) in order to show it to you.

You feel like you’re not pretty enough? He’ll list down all the times he found you beautiful, along with some pictures to prove his point.

Then he’ll take you shopping for new clothes that will make you feel amazing about your body.

You feel exhausted? He will take you out on nice dinners for the entire week so you don’t have to cook at home.

Leos take the extra mile when it comes to showing their affection for the person they want.

But if, through all these, you don’t even utter a simple word of gratitude to him, then he will take that personally.

And that’s why he won’t talk to you.

What to do when a Leo man is giving you the silent treatment?

So in the middle of suffering a Leo man’s silent treatment. What can you do now so he’ll talk to you again?

Give him some space…but not for too long

If his silent treatment is caused by an offense you did, then don’t immediately apologize.

Why? Because your apology will seem ungenuine to him. It will make him feel like you didn’t even take the time to sit down and reflect on your actions.

Plus, he will need the time to simmer down.

So give him some space for now. Let him sit in whatever he’s feeling before offering an apology.

But not for too long! Because if you take longer than necessary, then you risk him losing interest in you.

Work on your confidence

Let’s face it – Leo men are a tough catch. Although they can be brash and hard to please, they can also be an amazing life partner. 

Working on your relationship will definitely be worth it. Because on the flip side of his pride, you’ll get intense loyalty and support.

While you’re waiting for your man to calm down from feeling hurt, work on your confidence.

Nothing attracts a Leo man than confidence in his partner. To him, this is the bare minimum.

He can’t have someone who feels like a weight, someone whose self-esteem he has to carry the whole relationship.

So if you’re still waiting for him to talk to you, practice being more confident. Do it in the way you carry yourself, the way you dress, the way you speak. This will definitely tip the balance in your favor.

If your Leo man won’t tell you how he honestly feels, then you’re going to have to dig deeper and discover it for yourself.


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Be genuine with your apology

When apologizing to a Leo man, you don’t have to dial back on the emotions.

In fact, it would be best to wear your heart on your sleeves. Leo men appreciate genuine expressions. They make him feel your determination to make the relationship work.

But be careful not to be over the top. Because he will see through this.

Just be authentic and true to what you feel. Cry if you have to. Express anger or annoyance if needed.

These displays of emotions won’t be taken against you.

In fact, they will even be treated with respect.

Because nothing gets a Leo man’s attention more than someone who is not afraid of who they truly are.

Final words

Leo men can be a handful, let me tell you that.

It’s not easy to deal with their bigger-than-life personalities. And their way of commanding a room can be too much for most people.

But all that translates to security for the person a Leo man chooses to love.

If a Leo chooses you to be by their side, then expect to be treated with utmost loyalty and passion as you’ve never experienced before.

And you’re going to have to get used to being showered with gifts and compliments.

So if you value a man who is firm on his principles, then better show him the same respect.

If you do, he’ll start talking to you again in no time.

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