10 ways a woman looks at a man she loves

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Have you been dying to know whether she has feelings for you?

One of the best ways to tell if a woman loves you is by the way she looks at you.

Trust me, the gaze of a woman can have the meaning of a thousand words!

Want to know how a woman looks at a man when she loves him?

Read on!

10 ways a woman looks at you if she loves you

1) She’ll make a lot of eye contact

This is the most important sign to look out for.

If she’s looking at you often, it means she finds you physically attractive or is always interested in what you’re up to. (Or hopefully both!)

However, if she actually looks at you more often than other people do, that’s an even stronger sign. 

After all, who doesn’t want to look into the eyes of someone they love?

However, more often than not, she might suddenly look away after making eye contact. This brings us to our next point…

2) Or she may not even look at you at all

While making and holding eye contact is a way for her to signal to you that she loves you, the opposite is also a sign of attraction—albeit unintentionally. 

A bit ironic, I know

But just like I said, women are often shy and nervous around their crushes. They simply can’t handle looking at you while you gaze back.

Even though she has strong feelings for you, she might also be incredibly hesitant to show it out of fear of coming off too aggressively.

Try to see if she’s a shy person in general. 

If she acts relatively normal and outgoing around other people but acts incredibly shy and avoids eye contact with you…then you know you have her heart!

3) She’ll give you a Marylin Monroe’s “I wanna be loved by you” look

If a woman tries to woo you, she’ll try to look as attractive as possible.

She might attempt this by using Marylin Monroe’s signature look.

They’ll raise their eyebrows, lower their lids, and try to look as sultry and sexy as possible.

If you catch her gazing at you as if she had a burning question to ask you, she’s probably doing the Marylin Monroe’s look. 

If you stop in your tracks in awe or feel like you want suddenly hug her, then she’s doing it well!

This classic facial expression from Marylin Monroe is an easy way for women to look:

By using this on you, she’s telling you to come and get her!

4) Her eyebrows will flash at you

Now, this one probably never stood out to you. After all, it happens in like, well, less than a fifth of a second?

Regardless, an eyebrow flash is one of the main ways our bodies express interest in someone. 

Compared to other points in this list, we do these unconsciously. It happens whenever we see someone we want to approach or be approached by.

It might happen quickly, but if you keep an eye out for it, it’s actually fairly easy to spot. You’ll simply know it when you see it.

Biologically speaking, we do this to open up our eyes, allowing more sunlight to reflect on them. This action makes us look more attractive and also prepares us for focused interaction.

So if you see her flashing her eyebrows at you, then she definitely wants to talk…maybe about love!

5) She’ll be very expressive 

When a woman is active with her facial expressions whenever she talks to you, there’s a good chance she’s interested in you.

Through active and lively facial expressions, she’s showing that she’s interested in what you’re saying and wants you to keep going. 

She will also be just as energetic when it’s her turn to talk, trying to hold your attention.

Here are some of the main ways she can show she’s interested in you: 

  • By raising her eyebrows to show she’s intrigued by what you’re saying;
  • Bu rolling her eyes or laughing at loud to show you she finds you funny;
  • By having a big smile when greeting you to let you know, she’s happy to see you;
  • By flattering her eyebrows or closing her eyes when she’s pleased.

In our society, men are often the chasers and initiators when it comes to dating and flirtation. So women are taught to express their feelings in a more subtle way.

So, keep an eye on these signs she’s trying to send you to show she’s attracted to you.

6) She’ll lick or bite her lips

Even though eye contact can reveal her feelings to you, sometimes she simply might get lost in her thoughts and look at you for a second longer.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that she’s into you.

However, if she’s licking or biting her lips and looking at you at the same time…you just know she has the hots for you.

Licking lips is a strong sign of sexual attraction. 

Moisturizing them makes them look glossier and thus sexier. Even if she didn’t mean sending you any signals intentionally, licking her lips may indicate she’s nervous. 

And you know…we usually get nervous around our crushes.

7) Her eyes get wider

We unconsciously widen our eyes when we see someone we’re interested in..

And, no, I don’t mean in a weird way where her gaze is trying to burn a hole through your skin.

But a woman just might have a burning passion for you if you see her looking at you with her eyes wide open!

At the very least, it’s a sign that you’re a familiar figure she trusts and is willing to have in her personal space.

8) She flutters her eyelashes at you

Fluttering one’s eyelashes is one of the most aggressive non-verbal flirting tactics women employ.

If you catch her doing this, she’s almost surely trying to express romantic interest in you.

There’s no other reason why anyone would flutter their eyelashes at someone. In most cases, it’s an exclusively flirtatious thing to do!

Fluttering her eyelashes is a way for her to come off as perky and cheerful and make her eyes look pretty.

It’s a good time to tell her a compliment, then!

9) She won’t look at you but she’ll touch you “accidentally”

Women tend to touch people they’re attracted to. 

However, it won’t be an obvious action.

Instead, they’ll make it seem like something that happened accidentally or unintentionally.

Sure, it may as well be an accident that she touched you in a hallway. However, if it happened more than once, she might be doing it to attract your attention.

She might accidentally bump into you or her hand might casually touch yours… 

If you notice that you broke the “touch barrier” with her and it was her initiative…boy, oh boy.

It’s your move, sir. Don’t waste your chance.

10) She’ll keep staring at your lips

Well, what can I say? 

The poor girl is so deeply in love with you that she can’t stop looking—or even staring—at your lips.

Either she can’t help herself, or you missed (or didn’t get) her other hints that she feels she has to resort to something so drastic.

“Why is she doing that?” you might ask.

Well…do I really have to spell it out for you?

She’s fantasizing about kissing you! Go for it!

Other non-verbal cues that she loves you

Let’s start with a disclaimer: while body language can be generalized to a limited extent, nothing will universally apply to every single woman on Earth.

Every woman is different. Each and everyone has a different personality, preferences, and communication styles.

So try not to assume anything (and don’t just suddenly kiss a woman because she touched you in a hallway!).

Read carefully, and compare what you see with other body language signs we list here.

She can’t get enough of listening to you

You’ve noticed that she listens to everything you say and gives you her undivided attention.

That’s a great sign!

But do you always feel confident talking to women? Do you ever struggle to find the right words?

I mean, starting a conversation with women can be tough. Actually, starting a conversation with any person can be a nerve-wracking experience.

What do you say? How do you keep the conversation flowing?

Ugh…that’s a hard nut to crack!

To be honest with you, I struggled with having to talk to strangers. It didn’t matter if it was a romantic interest or not, just the bare idea of having to approach somebody gave me chills.

This was especially hard when I wanted to talk to someone I loved. Eventually, I got so nervous, I wouldn’t even try…

That’s when I stumbled upon a video from Kate Spring.

She explains how to approach a woman confidently and how to not just appear as an alpha but actually feel like one.

The secret here is to find common topics for you, use the right words, make her interested, and most importantly – keep her interested after you leave.

Does it sound too good to be true? Not at all.

Kate Spring is a best-selling author and one of the best dating coaches in the world. She created this free online video to share techniques guaranteed to help you feel confident approaching women.

You know, after watching it, I didn’t feel like I was doing everything wrong. But I definitely got the feline that I could’ve done so much better in the past if only I knew this information earlier.

Watch the video here. It’s 100% free and there are no strings attached.

She’ll look her best

When a woman wants to attract you, she’ll surely try to look as pretty as she can.

Pay attention to her. When she’s with you, have you noticed that:

  • Is her hair styled?
  • Is her makeup more expressive than usual?
  • Does she wear nicer (or more revealing) clothes?

If so, then you know she’s up to something.

Of course, some women simply have their fashion game on point every single day, regardless of who they’re in love with.

Thus, the key is to notice if she presents herself differently when she’s around you. 

If she does, then you know she wants your eyes in particular!

She always laughs at your jokes

You know she has feelings for you if she consistently laughs at your jokes (even the lame ones).

If she has a crush on you, she’ll laugh at your jokes to make you feel good around her.

If no one else finds your jokes funny, but she does, man, just marry her!

She gets excited around you

When we’re around a crush, it’s hard to sit still and remain calm. 

If you notice that she breathes a bit heavier, and talks too much or too fast when you’re around, then there’s a reason for that!

Your presence makes her so excited she can’t hide it from anyone.

Do you feel the same way about her? Then don’t keep her waiting! Make the move.

She shows off her legs

Have you ever noticed her slowly crossing her legs, almost if she wants you to witness it?

I have to tell you…she’s trying to show off her sex appeal and seduce you.

I mean, what’s sexier than crossing (or uncrossing) legs like in the famous movie that never gets old?


She nods a lot

Everyone nods, but if she does this a lot when you’re speaking, you know that you have her full attention and probably her romantic interest too!

By nodding, she wants you to keep talking and tries her best to make you feel comfortable and happy around her. 

That’s how she’s making you fall for her.

But how do you reply to this sign if you love her back?

One thing is to get a sign of attraction from her and another – know how to respond to it right.

Do you remember Kate Spring’s video on how to approach women I’ve mentioned before?

It’s a technique that helped me to overcome my shyness and gave me confidence to talk to anyone I found interesting.

So, I just want to remind you about this video, in case you haven’t watched it yet.

Trust me, she shares some excellent tips on how to attract the women you want to date, and importantly, how to attract them on a level deeper than most men do.

So, check out her free video here to learn the ropes from an expert.

Her head tilts

Although very subtle, experts say that this small action is actually a very meaningful non-verbal sign. 

When someone tilts their head when talking to you, it means they’re completely comfortable around you.

Try talking about another subject to check if she does that just to support what you’re saying.

If she still tilts her head, you know she’s into you, not just the subject.

She becomes touchy

Perhaps one of the most obvious signs of attraction is if a woman is constantly looking for ways to touch you. 

She might rub your arms, put her head on your shoulders, or have the back of her hand graze against yours.

Not only does this mean she’s comfortable with you, but she is also trying to flirt with you. Bonus points if her touch lingers longer than usual!

She preens herself in front of you

Preening is not exclusive to birds or chimps. 

Female human beings also preen themselves to look more attractive to potential mates. Most of the time, they even do this subconsciously!

When you’re out talking with her, pay attention. Does she often: 

  • Straighten or run her fingers through her hair?
  • Adjust her jewelry?
  • Flatten creases in her clothes?
  • Go to the restroom and return with her makeup touched up?

If so, she has one goal: to attract you.

She keeps leaning toward you

People lean closer to someone when they want to pay better attention to what they’re saying.

It’s as simple as that.

However, if she consistently leans towards you regardless of what you’re talking about, she does that on purpose.

More often than not, this is a sign that she wants you in her personal space and to be in your personal space as well.

She can’t help but blush

Isn’t this cute? 

If a girl blushes whenever you approach or talk to her, she most definitely loves you. 

Blushing happens when we feel embarrassed, nervous, or stressed. 

If she has nothing to worry about and your presence only makes her blush – she might’ve fallen for you.

She gets touchy with herself

When a woman tries to flirt with you, she’ll often touch you. But she might touch herself too.

If you see her subtly touching her neck or wrists, she’s trying to bring your attention to these tender and erotic body parts. It’s very similar to how she might show off her legs.

But even if she wasn’t doing this intentionally, it might be a sign that she feels nervous or shy around you, indicating that she has a crush on you.

She tries to sit beside you

Duh, you might say. This is an obvious one!

Trust me, a lot of men simply don’t notice the hints women drop.

Pay attention when you’re with her. Does she sit next to you, even in group settings? Does she stand close to you when you’re talking?

If she loves you, then, of course, she would! Who wouldn’t want to get close to the person they love?

She tries to arch her back

Other body parts a woman might show off to attract you are her back, breasts, and waist. Arching her back highlights these body parts and her entire feminine figure.

Now, of course, most people will do this subtle, especially if you’re in public. So pay attention if you want to know her real intentions!

She randomly plays around with things

As established, most women feel nervousness, excitement, or stress around the men they like. 

To relieve this stress, she might start fidgeting with small objects in her hands.

Alternatively, she can gently play with a straw in her drink or with a pen in her hand…if you caught her doing that – she’s trying to get your attention!

How do I know if she’s not interested?

Reading body language goes both ways. Knowing if a woman is trying to tell you that she’s not interested is just as crucial. 

If you cannot take a hint and keep pursuing women even after they show you they’re not interested, you might come off as overbearing, if not outright creepy. 

Trust me, you don’t want that to happen.

Luckily, non-verbal signs that someone is not interested are also well-documented. To keep it brief, here are some of the main signs you should look out for:

  • She doesn’t make eye contact during conversation;
  • She turns away from you;
  • She replies with short, dull responses;
  • She is yawning or coughing to cut the conversation;
  • She’ll start talking to somebody else while you’re still saying something.

Don’t make the mistake that she’s simply playing hard to get. 

I hate to say it, but most likely she’s just not into you. While a few (emphasis on a few) women might act this way when they actually are interested in a men, they are the rare exception.

Play it safe, and don’t push further. 

If you see she’s pushing you away, stop trying too hard. Let it go and if she loves you, she’ll find a way to show it. 

She loves you, what next?

So, you’ve read all the signs and you are sure she loves you! Congratulations, man!

But if you want to take things to the next level with this girl, you don’t need to play games or act like someone you aren’t.

The best thing to do – is be yourself. But in case you get nervous (like when approaching a women for the first time), make sure you’re armed with tools and techniques that guarantee you success.

Because when we’re stressed out it’s hard to find the right words, right?

I recommend you to watch this free video by Kate Spring and make notes of some of the most basic but effective, biology-driven techniques for getting through to women on a deep level.

Besides learning this, you’ll also understand what’s important for women in love and relationships. No more second-guessing, no more ending up in the friend zone.

Here’s a link to her free video again.

There are no strings attached, just pure, valuable advice on upping your game around women.

An eye for an eye

There’s a reason why eyes are the mirrors of our souls. If you look closely enough, you can tell a lot from a person’s eyes.

While some women might try to hide their feelings, their eyes will tell the truth.

If you become adept at reading people’s eyes and body language, you will have a significant advantage when it comes to flirting and dating.

Not only will you know when a woman loves you, but you’ll also know when it’s time to retreat and avoid being seen as a pushy creep. 

Knowing how to read the way she looks at you, you’ll come off as smooth and savvy no matter the situation. 

So keep in mind all the points we’ve listed above. You’ll be able to tell if a woman has their eyes on you, so you can let her know you have your eyes on her too.

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