16 interesting ways a man feels when a woman walks away

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Men are pretty good at hiding their feelings from others (and sometimes from themselves).

Maybe you walked away for good, or maybe you walked away to teach him a lesson.

If he’s been putting on a brave face after you walked away and you’re confused, this article is for you.

Here’s a list of 15 interesting ways a man feels when a woman walks away.

Let’s dig right in:

1) He may feel confused

Not only are men pretty closed off about their feelings, but they’re terrible at picking up on how women feel. You may have been dropping hints about how unhappy you were for ages, but he either didn’t get that you were serious, or he wasn’t paying attention.

Now he finds himself alone and surprised. He’s not sure why you walked out on him.

He’s confused by your actions, maybe even hurt by them.

What’s more, he may not understand why you feel the way that you do or what his role in the relationship is supposed to be.

Sometimes women have to spell everything out for men, otherwise, they’re left clueless.

 2) He may feel anxious

It’s quite an unpleasant feeling when your significant other walks away from your relationship.

If you’ve left your man, he may worry that you may never want to come back – that he’s lost you forever.

In fact, he may even feel anxious about your relationship overall, wondering how his actions could have hurt your feelings, where he went wrong, or what he might have done differently.

Here’s another thing: Some men feel anxious about what other people will think of them if they get dumped.

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4) He may also feel anger and hatred

Now, if your relationship ended on anything less than a happy note, he may feel angry and even hateful toward you.

If you left him for another guy, he may feel jealous and resentful. The thought of you with another guy makes him sick. And sometimes he’ll have a hard time shaking those thoughts despite his efforts to do so.

What’s more, if he’s a guy with anger issues, then he may channel his negative feelings your way.

There are only so many negative emotions an ego of a guy like that can take without exploding. It’s even possible that his anger would make him want to hurt you in some way.

If you think you may be in any physical danger, make sure you tell someone. And if he starts to be verbally abusive, then distance yourself from him and stop all communication.

5) He may become possessive

He may have a hard time accepting the fact that you’ve left him. In his mind, you’re still his girl.

He won’t have the patience to give you space and see if you come back to him.

Instead, he’ll try to cling on to you as hard as he can.

Don’t be surprised if he:

  • Starts texting you 50 times a day
  • Calls you all the time
  • Shows up at your home or place of work
  • Asks your family and friends to talk to you on his behalf

The sad truth is that he can’t imagine life without you and will do everything in his power to get you back.

What’s more, if you start dating again, he’ll become super jealous.

He doesn’t get that you’re now a free woman and can see whoever you want, in his mind you belong to him. He may even try to get between you and the new guy.

6) He may feel replaceable

Being with you made him feel unique. He thought you had a good thing going and that you loved him and thought he was special.

The fact that you’ve walked out on him came as quite a surprise and now he feels replaceable – like he’s not worth anything, like he’s not special, like he’s not enough.

It’s difficult for him to grasp the fact that some relationships just don’t work out and instead, he’s feeling sorry for himself.

Simply put, he feels like he has no worth because you left him; like he’s just another guy in a series of guys.

7) He may feel rejected

And it doesn’t stop there.

He may feel rejected by your actions.

He’s not sure why you left him and now he feels like he’s not good enough for you. He figures you must have found someone better than him.

This sense of rejection is a gut punch to his ego and most likely his pride. And as if that is not enough, it may bring up feelings from the past, when he was rejected by other women in his life (from primary school until just before he met you).

The problem is that often, instead of trying to figure out what went wrong, a man will wallow in self-pity.

Feelings of rejection are very painful for a guy. So he may push them away and instead, focus on getting you back.

In his thinking, if he can just get you to come back to him, everything will be ok again.

8) He may feel a loss of control

Everyone wants to feel like they’re in control of their lives.

But here’s the thing: We can’t control everything that happens to us.

So, when you left him, the fact that he has no control hit him hard. He didn’t see it coming and it leaves him feeling powerless, not just when it comes to you, but to all aspects of his life.

He may even have a hard time finding a reason to do anything. He’ll ask himself, “What’s the point?” because ultimately, it’s all out of his hands.

In short: He might feel like he doesn’t really have a handle on anything anymore.

9) He may feel scared

Every guy is different, but if he comes with some baggage, the fact that you left him may trigger his fear of abandonment.

If you’ve been a major part of his life, and then suddenly you’re not, he may be convinced that you’re gone for good. This may be especially true if you’ve been a long-time girlfriend. So while he’s grieving over you walking out, he may also be scared that you won’t come back.

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10) He may feel guilty

If you have walked out on him, he may feel guilty.

Now a guy can feel guilty for many different reasons.

Maybe he feels bad that he didn’t do everything in his power to make you happy.

Or maybe he did something bad and that’s why he feels guilty – from cheating on you to ignoring your needs and being rude to you, the list of possibilities goes on and on.

Perhaps there’s something that he did that made you unhappy, and now he’s realized just how serious his actions were.

There’s one more reason he could be feeling guilty, he could be feeling relieved that the relationship is over. That’s right, sometimes people feel guilty for no longer being in love with their partner.

You see, it’s possible that neither of you did anything wrong, but the relationship just wasn’t working out. You both gave it your best shot, but you still weren’t happy. He just didn’t want to be the one to give up.

Since you’re that one who walked away from the relationship, he feels a sense of relief that he is free, but he also feels guilty that he didn’t manage to make it work.

11) His insecurity may surface

Your walking away may have triggered old feelings of insecurity.

Maybe he was never the cool kid in school and had a hard time making friends. It’s possible that other kids made fun of him. When it came to sports, he was always the last to be picked for a team.

He thought all that was in the past, but when you left him, all those feelings of inadequacy and insecurity came rushing back.

Now he’s starting to feel insecure about everything.

He’ll start questioning every decision he’s ever made in his whole life, from elementary school all the way up to his current job.

If he has lost a lot of people in his life like partners or friends, then he may feel even more insecure because you’re one more person who he’s lost and that makes him question what is happening with his life and why is everyone leaving him.

So although guys may not show it, they are a lot more fragile than they look

12) He may become lonely

He was so used to having you in his life that now, he feels lonely.

It’s true. You were there when he woke up, and you were there when he went to sleep. You were there for the good times and the bad.

Now, there’s just emptiness. He can’t believe that you’re not there anymore.

He might try to fill the void in his life by numbing it with alcohol and drugs.

It gets worse: He’ll start to harass you by calling and texting you all the time, he may even start to show up at your place whenever he feels like it – day or night.

When he sobers up, he’ll feel even more lonely, because now he’s sorry for acting like an idiot and you never want to see him again.

13) He may feel depressed

The fact that you left him is a major emotional shock, especially because it’s not what he was expecting.

It’s like you dropped a bomb on him – he never saw this coming.

And here he is, feeling depressed and thinking about what could have been and the fact that it didn’t work out with you.

In my experience, some guys plan out their lives and if things don’t work out, they don’t know what to do, they just break down.

For example, he’ll think he’s found his partner for life in you. He saw kids, a house, family reunions, and even grandkids. He really had it all planned out. Now, it’s like a rug has been pulled from under him and he has to reset.

The longer you two were in a relationship, the harder it will be on him.

14) He may feel like he needs to prove himself

Your walking away may have triggered something positive in him. If you left because you wanted him to take you seriously, it may just have worked.

Sounds good, right?

Whatever problems you had, he just wasn’t invested in making things work. Now that you’re gone, it’s a whole other story. He finally gets it and now he wants to prove himself to you.

He wants to show you that he can change, that he can be a better guy. He wants you to know that he can be everything you need.

15) He may feel like he needs to get you back

You walked out and even though it’s been a while, he feels like your story isn’t finished.

He feels like he needs to get you back.

When you left, it might have served as a wake-up call for him. It was a chance for him to take a step back and re-evaluate his life and your relationship.

He realizes he made some mistakes and he thinks if you just give him one more shot, things will work out.

16) Feel like this is a chance to start over

Finally, he may feel like your walking out is a chance to start over.

He may miss you and feel sad that you’re no longer together, but at the same time, things haven’t been good in a while so this may actually be for the best.

In other words, he feels like it’s time to turn the page, start seeing new people, and try new things.

Try the no contact rule

If you walked out on your guy to make a point because you felt that he wasn’t paying enough attention or didn’t take your problems seriously, you might be interested to know how to get him to come to you ready to work on your relationship.

I’m talking about employing the “no contact rule”. Now that you’ve walked away and broken up with him, you want him to come begging you to take him back.

The no contact rule is basically breaking off all contact with your ex for 30 to 60 days.

Now I know that this sounds like a long time, and you may wonder how you can keep your hands off of him for that amount of time.

But it’s important that you don’t resume contact with your ex during this time. It will give him time to miss you, and will make him more willing to work on the relationship when you resume contact.

Here’s the truth: A lot of men don’t realize what they have until they lose it.

So how do you use the no contact rule?

1) Let him know that you need some space

It’s always a good idea to give him a heads up before you cut off all communication with him.

I mean, it’s common courtesy. You don’t want him to start worrying that something happened to you.

So, the best thing would be to tell him that although you still care for him, you need some time away from him to think about what you want and what’s best for you.

2) Cut off all communication with him

Now that you’ve told him that you need some space, it’s time to cut off all contact with him.

Trust me, I know it’s hard, but in order for the contact rule to work, you really must stay strong and resist the temptation to communicate in any way or form.

This means that you shouldn’t:

  • See you ex
  • Text or call your ex
  • Engage with them on social media

If it helps, ask your friends not to talk about your ex when you’re around.

3) If you want your ex back, ignore him for 30 days

In order for the no contact rule to work, you really need to have a month away from him (in case you don’t want to get back together, double the time apart and make it 60 days).

By not being in constant contact with him, you’re giving him a chance to miss you and to reflect on the things he was supposed to do and didn’t, or the things he did but wasn’t supposed to.

4) Unfollow your ex on social media

This is going to be the hardest part, but it’s important because social media can prove to be a distraction for both of you.

Unfollowing your ex will prevent them from being seen in your timeline, and will make it extremely difficult for them to reach you.

For example: When I broke up with my ex, I unfriended him on Facebook, which made all of his wall posts disappear from my timeline, and in turn, made my posts disappear from his. He may still be able to follow your public profiles such as Instagram, but at least you won’t be seeing his posts, and that will help you stay strong and stick to the no contact rule.

5) Stay busy to keep your mind off him

It’s really important that you stay busy and not spend a lot of time thinking about your ex. You’re using the no contact rule for a really good reason, and you need to stay strong to make it work.

When I was using the contact rule I stayed busy with work and fun activities like taking up pottery, joining a book club, going to critical mass, hiking, and really anything to help me enjoy my life. This helped me to keep my mind off of him.

6) Turn to close friends and family for support

It’s tough to be away from the person you love for 30 days, I’ve been there. But the fact that you’re using the contact rule doesn’t mean that you have to be alone.

You have people in your life who care about you and who love you. Turn to them for support and they will help you through the hard times.

What’s more, spending time with people you love will help get your mind off your ex.

Here are some ideas:

  • Go out with some friends you haven’t seen in ages
  • Make new friends
  • Visit your parents more often
  • Hang out with your siblings and cousins
  • Go with your friends to concerts, exhibitions, or even on a trip

The bottom line is that you should remember to have fun, it will make time go faster and help put your relationship into perspective.

7) Pamper yourself

When you’re away from the person you love, it is important that you take the time to pamper yourself.

Take some time in your busy schedule to relax and take care of your needs.

Go get your nails done or get a full body massage at a spa. Go shopping and treat yourself to something pretty that you don’t need. Indulge in some ice cream or cake from time to time.

It will help relieve stress and it will help keep your mind off of him.

8) Find new hobbies

Remember how you always wanted to try rock climbing? Well, here’s your chance to finally do it!

Instead of missing your ex and sitting around moping for 30 days, look at this time as something positive. Take this opportunity to do something for yourself.

Often when people are in a relationship they get caught up in the other person and what they want to do that they forget about pursuing their own hobbies and interests.

This is your chance to get back in touch with what you love doing and make time for yourself.

It will only make you happier and will help ease the pain of missing your ex, and what’s more, you may discover something new about yourself along the way.

9) Reflect on your relationship

Once you’ve had a month away from your ex, you should examine your relationship and decide if you want to stay together.

Ask yourself, “Does he make me happy? Is he a good person? Are we compatible as friends or lovers?”

Think about why things didn’t work out the first time around. It’s always good to take some time to reflect on the past and to try to learn from mistakes.

This will also help you be sure if you want to get back together.

10) Reach out after 30 days

Once the no contact period is over and you feel ready to talk to your ex. Start by sending them a text.

Play it cool, don’t be too eager. Write something like, “How have you been?”

It should be something casual but friendly. Let them know that you’re ready to talk to them again.


As you can see, guys can feel as lost, sad, and confused as girls when their partner walks away.

By now you should have a good idea of how he feels. But if you’d still like to get more clarity on the situation, speaking to a gifted advisor is the best way to go.

I mentioned Psychic Source earlier. Based on my own personal experience with them, I know they’re kind and genuinely helpful.

So instead of leaving things up to chance, take control of this situation and clarify what’s in store for your future.

Speaking to one of their experienced advisors was a turning point for me, and I think it could be for you too. Especially if you want to find out about what’s in store for you and the guy you walked out on.

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