10 surprising ways a guy feels when you avoid him

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Keeping guys on the edge is a game that many women love to play.

Whether it’s because they’re shy, trying to figure out the guy’s intentions, or simply having fun messing with someone’s head, some women are prone to playing games when it comes to dating.

It can be kind of fun but also frustrating for men because they don’t know what you want from them and get insecure about your intentions.

But how does a man feel when a woman avoids him? Well, if you’ve ever wanted to play that card for whatever reason, keep reading for some surprising answers.

1) He thinks you’re mad at him

A man on the receiving end of your avoidance may start to think you are mad at him for something.

Maybe he made a joke that you didn’t think was funny, or maybe he just did something you don’t like.

Whatever it is, he will be thinking that he has done something wrong to make you mad.

People get mad at each other for a variety of reasons, but most of the time it is about something specific.

It’s rare not to have a reason for getting mad at someone. When someone is mad at you, they let you know what it is you did or said to upset them.

Now: lots of people, men and women alike use the cold shoulder or the ignoring game as a way to let their partner know they are upset.

For good reason – from his perspective, why else would you be avoiding him?

Now: if you want to avoid a man completely, be prepared that his first thought might be that you are mad at him.

Is that something you are willing to deal with?

But don’t worry, anger is not the only thing a guy will assume when you ignore him. Some might even jump to the worst-case scenario:

2) He thinks you’re uninterested

This one might sound a little crazy, especially if you were on good terms, but it is possible he thinks you are uninterested in him.

If you are someone who likes to play games and if he’s someone who takes them seriously, he may be reading into your lack of communication as a sign that you have lost interest in him.

When someone is into you and you start to avoid them completely, they might backtrack really quickly and try to give you space.

If you are playing games with him, he may think you are not interested in him and just don’t know how to say it.

Now: this is a dangerous game because if a guy thinks you’re uninterested, he will most likely move on to the next girl or simply move on from you.

I mean let’s be real – from the guy’s perspective, you only ignore him when you’re not interested, right?

So if you want to play the game and be completely uninterested, be prepared for the consequences.

Some men are willing to wait it out, but most will move on.

This is also a situation where it is kind of hard to blame him for moving on, depending on the circumstances.

If you haven’t been dating for a long time and now you avoid him, he might just not want that kind of drama in his life.

While I know that’s not what you want to hear, he does have a point – he probably just wants someone who is giving him consistent signals.

But hey, some guys will treat this situation a lot more casually:

3) He thinks you’ve got a lot on your plate

If you have been talking to a guy for a while and have been seeing him, he has most likely fallen for you just a little bit.

If you avoid him all of a sudden, he might not assume the worst right away.

That’s why some men might assume that you have a lot on your plate and need space from him.

If you only talk to him occasionally, don’t give him much attention, and don’t make a lot of time for him, he may assume that you have other things going on in your life that are more important than him.

You might only be busy with work, school, or another pursuit, but he doesn’t know that. All he sees is that you aren’t prioritizing him.

Now: depending on the guy, this can go a lot of ways.

Some men are really understanding when it comes to situations like that because they themselves sometimes have a lot going on and don’t want to deal with a lot of drama in their lives.

Others will get really upset and think you are blowing them off.

So if you are avoiding someone, keep in mind that they may have a completely different reason for why they think you are avoiding them.

You might have to explain yourself to avoid getting ghosted or losing him altogether.

The thing is if you truly do have a lot going on, a simple text saying “hey, I have so much to do the next few days, won’t be very responsive” isn’t too much to ask for in this day and age, is it?

The good news?

If you got yourself a really masculine man, he will see this as an opportunity to prove himself to you. Let me tell you what I mean:

4) He wants to prove himself to you

If you are seeing a guy who you aren’t that sure about, or if you are someone who likes to test guys to see how much they will put up with, he may want to prove himself to you.

Some men like to be challenged and tested by women.

If you are someone who likes to get a reaction out of your man, he will likely rise to the occasion and try to prove himself to you.

When he feels like he has to prove himself, he will try to get your attention.

He will push to see how far he can go without you pushing him away.

If you aren’t interested in him but he is trying to prove himself to you, he probably won’t stop until you give him some attention.

You see, that’s kind of part of the male psychology – when you avoid them, it triggers something within them that makes them want to earn your approval.

So if you are someone who likes to test guys, it might not be a bad idea to give them a chance and see what they can do.

The thing is, when you are avoiding them, they often fear that something is wrong and that you are dealing with something difficult.

As a result, their hero instinct gets triggered. That’s basically an instinct any masculine person has to protect their partner from harm and be their hero, so to speak.

The good news?

You don’t have to ignore your guy in order for this inner drive to come to the surface!

In this excellent free video, you will learn how a simple text can already bring out this protective instinct in a man, so if that is what you are looking for by ignoring him, that video is a lot better than playing games and ignoring him for days.

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But avoiding a guy can go really well from time to time:

5) He feels even more desire to be with you

If a man is interested in you, and you then avoid him for a period of time, he is going to want to be with you even more than he did before.

It could be that he is afraid of losing you or he just really, really likes you and wants to be with you as much as possible.

He may feel a little desperate to be with you, and that desperation can be incredibly sexy and attractive to some women.

The thing is, desire builds when you can’t have something.

When you play hard to get and then give him some attention, that desire for you is going to be even stronger than it was before.

If you avoid a guy, he will feel like he has less of a chance with you, and he will start doing things to try to be with you.

He might start doing things that make him feel more attractive or confident.

Maybe, he’ll start making plans for the future so he can spend more time with you in the long term if things go well.

The bottom line is this: when a guy is interested in being with you and wants to spend time with you, but then sees that you are avoiding him, it’s going to make him want to spend time with you even more because of his desire for being with you.

Now: if that guy wasn’t super interested in you, that won’t work. In that case, you’ll probably just get rid of him, which isn’t such a bad thing if you think about it!

Speaking of getting rid of someone:

6) He thinks you want to break up

When someone is dating someone new, they often take the relationship at a slower pace than they would if they were dating an old flame.

They may not want to rush into things and commit to the relationship too quickly or even at all.

When you are seeing a new guy and don’t give him your full attention, he may start to think that you are either not interested in him or that you want to break up with him.

It is rare that a woman suddenly has no interest in a man she has been dating for a while without also wanting to break up.

It’s quite a logical deduction on his part to be assuming that you want to end the relationship.

This is especially true if he senses that you are not giving him your full attention, and he’s not getting the amount of time or attention from you that he wants.

When a guy thinks that you don’t want to be with him, or that you want to break up with him, it’s going to make him feel less attractive and confident in the relationship.

He may then start doing things to try to get your attention or make himself feel better about being in the relationship.

Or, he may just want to move on himself to keep from getting hurt.

Now that we talk about getting hurt, that brings me to my next point:

7) He may think you’re only playing games

When you go out of your way to mess with a man’s head, it can be really fun for you. It can also be really frustrating for him.

If you are really going out of your way to keep him on his toes, he may think that you are only playing games with him.

He may think that you aren’t interested in him, you’re uninterested in a relationship with him, or that you don’t like him enough to want to be with him.

It could be that he isn’t getting enough attention from you and you are ignoring or avoiding him.

Whatever the reason is, he may see through the fact that you are only playing games with him.

Now: if a guy realizes you’re just messing around with his head, that can be a recipe for disaster.

Most guys in that situation will be kind of done with you, they won’t be interested in pursuing a relationship with you and will want to move on.

They may not want to waste their time trying to figure out why you are doing what you’re doing or if there is a chance for the two of you to be together.

If they realize that you’re just playing games with them and not interested in being with them, they aren’t going to wait around for an answer.

Unless of course, they do the exact opposite, which I will talk about now:

8) He wants to chase you

When you are dating someone and you start to ignore or avoid them, that can sometimes trigger a man’s instinct to chase.

You see, biologically, men are the pursuers in relationships.

They are the ones who are supposed to be chasing after women and trying to get them to be with them.

If men don’t feel like they have to chase you, it can make them feel like things are too easy.

Now, if you’re doing this on purpose and playing games with him, then that’s going to drive him crazy. He won’t know what’s going on with you or what he is supposed to do about it.

Some men love that challenge and will enjoy chasing you a little bit and not instantly knowing what your intentions are about the relationship.

Other men will not be that secure and confident, and will immediately jump to conclusions.

Let’s take a look:

9) He thinks there is someone else in the picture

For some guys, having the woman they are dating suddenly avoid them leads to only one possible explanation: there must be another guy in the picture.

If you don’t want to be with the guy you are dating, then there must be someone else who you are interested in.

If that’s what he thinks, then he is going to try his hardest to figure out who it is and why it is that he isn’t good enough for you.

He will look at every guy in your life as a potential threat and project all of his insecurities onto them.

For example: if there happens to be a guy at your work who you have been talking to a lot lately, this could set off some red flags for him and make him suspicious of what’s going on between the two of you.

If he does find out about this other guy, he may just assume that the other guy is better than him or more interesting than him.

And if that’s true, then why would you want to be with him? He may start to withdraw himself, too, because he feels insecure and like you don’t want to be with him.

In that case, you need to decide quickly. Are you going to keep playing games? In that case, you might lose this guy forever because his trust will be hurt.

No matter what you end up doing or what this guy thinks about you avoiding him, one thing is almost always true:

10) He will miss you

If you have been dating someone for a while and then you suddenly put them on the back burner, they will miss you.

They might miss the attention that they once had, they might miss the intimacy that they once shared, or they might miss the fun and excitement of being with you.

If you have always been someone who is pretty available and attentive, and then all of a sudden you are pushing one of your partners away, they will definitely miss you.

You see, distance breeds desire and so if you avoid someone, they will start to notice the lack of your presence in their life!

This can be a good thing, especially if you’ve been hanging out a bit too much and you feel like some distance would do you both some good.

But be careful, if he doesn’t have strong feelings for you yet, this can backfire and make him feel turned off from you.

Final thoughts

Whoever you are dating and how they are feeling will depend a lot on the person.

There is no one reaction that is going to be the same for every guy because every guy is different.

Ending a relationship can be really hard and really scary.

Many people don’t know how to do it, or they are afraid of the reactions of the person they are dating.

If that is your intention, avoiding the guy will maybe not really do the trick.

To be honest, it’s always better to be upfront about your feelings and just break up.

And if you actually want him to be more obsessed with you, then avoiding him is a dangerous game, as it can easily backfire. You’d be better off using something like the hero instinct to your advantage.

Whatever you end up doing, make sure you feel good about it!

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