How does a Cancer man test you? 20 sneaky ways

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Horoscope can be truly fun and exciting because many people believe there is more to it than meets the eye.

If you just started dating a man and you’ve found out that he is Cancer, you can be sure that you will be loved but also tested in numerous ways before he gives you his love.

Here are 20 sneaky ways that he will use to test you!

1) He remembers everything you say

Cancer men don’t forget (excluding when they’re in deep conversation).

This is why he will bring up something you said a while ago so he can test you and see if you were telling the truth.

He can also trick you by giving you tons of compliments, even though it may be obvious to you that he doesn’t quite mean it, just to see how you will react.

What this means is that he will carefully listen to everything you say, but also what you don’t say.

My point is this – his eyes will be wide open for the clues you will give him about your true nature and your intentions.

2) He will test you with gifts

We all know that women love gifts and all the attention that goes with them.

However, there are two kinds of women:

  • the one that will be thrilled to get small gifts
  • the ones that don’t accept anything but the most expensive gifts

Your Cancer man will give you these gifts just to see what he can expect from you in the future.

If you show disappointment after receiving something inexpensive, he will probably put his guard up, especially if he is looking for a serious relationship.

3) He is overly mysterious sometimes

He doesn’t like to show his vulnerability, so he won’t tell you everything about his life.

He isn’t going to tell you he misses his ex or gives you tons of details about why he broke up with her. But don’t get mad at him for it.

This is just his way of protecting himself and also keeping your interest because if he tells you everything, your connection will be less special and might not seem like such a big deal.

Give him time so he can gain trust in you and you will have his loyalty forever.

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4) He will ask your friends about you

If your Cancer man asks you what your friends think of you, remember that this is a test.

This means he can’t wait to see if you are worthy of his love.

He might ask your friend, “did she try on her new outfit?” or “did she buy any new things?” so he can test you and see what kind of reaction he will get from you.

Remember, if your man likes the answers your friends gave him, then it’s safe to say that the first stage of this relationship has passed.

Here’s the deal: he will know instantly about how good friend you are by the things he hears from them.

This is more than just a series of questions. He wants to know if he can let you into his world and if you can be trusted.

5) He will ask you what you do when you’re alone

Is he jealous of your time alone?

Well, maybe he is because it means that he cares about what happens to you.

What he wants to know is whether he can trust and rely on your judgment and that there’s no other guy out there who is going to be interesting to you.

While he might not admit it, he is definitely jealous of your time spent away from him.

He wants to make sure you only have eyes for him.

This is a common trait among Cancer men because they want what they can’t have, so they’ll go that extra mile to make sure you’re paying attention to them!

6) He will want to know more about your family

If you tell your man that you are a family-oriented person, there is more than one way to test you.

First of all, he will want to know if you have any close connections with your family members.

Secondly, and this is more important, he will want to see if your past relationships with previous boyfriends and lovers affected your relationship with your family.

If you’ve had a bad past with previous boyfriends and lovers and are keeping it a secret from him, then this should tell him that there are more things that you are hiding from him.

7) He wants to know if you have a job or aspirations

You’re probably wondering why this is important for him.

Well, this is his way of checking on what you do with your time and also to see if you can be financially independent of him.

The thing he wants to hear from you is that even though he earns enough money to take care of both of you, you will want to take care of half of the expenses.

The odds are that he wants to protect his wealth if he has it, or he wants a partner that will equally contribute to the family budget.

He may not show you that he is thinking about this, but he cares. It’s his nature to care, and he is always thinking about the future.

8) He wants to know if you’re faithful and committed

Again, the reason he asks this is not so that he can control you or keep tabs on what you do when you’re away from him.

Cancer men are actually quite trusting when they find a partner they like.

It’s just a matter of human nature. If a guy trusts you, he will definitely let his guard down because he won’t be afraid to trust you.

But again, this also means that if you do something that puts your commitment and credibility on the line in any way, it will hurt his feelings deeply.

By asking him if you are faithful or committed to him, he is trying to gauge how much of a hold he can take on your emotional stability and emotional well-being.

9) He will check if you’re loyal

This is something that most Cancer men will try to find out because they know only too well how much loyalty and trust mean in a relationship.

They are so trusting in love, which is why they always tune in to their partners’ feelings and emotions.

They want to be sure that you will never leave them for other guys, so they can feel safe not only with their hearts but also with their bank accounts!

10) He will want to see if you have various interests

He wants to see if you have a good sense of humor or if you have hobbies that interest you.

Here is the secret – women who have hobbies are better partners because their overall life satisfaction is on a higher level.

This means that you won’t mind if he wants to go out with his friends or do something on his own.

Usually, Cancer men are not very athletic because their minds are usually put in an analytical mode.

This means that they will take time out to do things like reading or doing a crossword puzzle. So be prepared!

11) He will want to know if you are spontaneous

if your man wants to take you out of the city where you live and have a romantic weekend somewhere else, he is trying to observe your reaction to this.

He is looking for things that show your spontaneity in ways that may not be positive or negative.

For example, if you can’t wait to get back home after a holiday, this might be a sign that you’re not as spontaneous as he would like.

He will probably stage some “unexpected” situation just to see how you will handle it.

In essence, he will be testing to see if he can rely on you when things go downhill.

Once he tests all your qualities, he will probably stop testing you so much.

12) He will look for clues about your body language

This is just a test to see if you are a good actress and can package your inner qualities in order to please him.

For Cancer men, this is pretty much the same as dating – they don’t really care what you do as long as it’s something that pleases them.

His friends will merely be the ones who give him his reactions and feedback on how well your performance went.

They are the ones who will tell him if he should give you a chance or if he should pull the plug on you right away.

13) He might try to test your patience

If your man is a Cancer, he will try to test how patient you are with him by showing you that he is never on time for anything and then asking for forgiveness.

A Cancer man always needs someone who gives him space and helps him make decisions without forcing them on him.

If you try to force your way into his life, and if he notices that you’re doing it, he will be very upset.

He will even feel betrayed by your actions because he feels like you are taking advantage of him or that you’re trying to take attention away from him.

This is one of the biggest tests of a Cancer man – if you want to get closer to him, you need to be able to give him space and let him make his own decisions without being too pushy.

14) He will want to see if you are aware of the political situation

If anyone wants to be a Cancer man’s partner, they should definitely know what’s going on in the world and have an opinion on it.

He will be very interested in your opinions, so if you are well-informed about world affairs or local politics, that means that you’re educated and have a good head on your shoulders.

He will definitely admire this because it shows him that you take responsibility for yourself and your relationship with him.

15) He will want to check your attitude towards family

A Cancer man’s family is almost like his arm. He will always be there to support and love him without question.

Something that he will always look for in a partner is an understanding and supportive attitude towards him and his family.

If you can’t understand this, then your relationship with him will just end up in failure because he cannot do anything on any level unless you understand what the importance of family is for him.

16) He wants to see how your friends and family feel about him

As a Cancer man, he will always be on the lookout for any signs of rejection or disapproval from anyone who is close to you in some way or another.

To him, the most important thing is what his friends and family think of you. If they are not respectful of your feelings, that means that they don’t respect him as well.

17) He might want to see how much you love him

Your man will be so sure of the strength of his love and affection for you that he will ask himself if you are truly in love with him or if it’s just a passing phase.

If a Cancer man can’t find any signs of your affection except for what you show him, his suspicion will be confirmed, and he might get even more insecure about your relationship in general.

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18) He will want to see if you’re a good conversationalist

Cancer men love talking, and they especially love talking with someone who can listen to them and have intelligent conversations.

A Cancer man will always want to make sure that his partner is capable of being his match in conversation.

For example, don’t assume that he can keep the conversation going, but engage in a conversation and listen to what he has to say.

Discussing something interesting with him is a good way to do this, whether it’s the latest news or an upcoming event.

19) He will want to be sure you are not jealous

When your man is a Cancer, he won’t tolerate jealousy for any reason.

He will feel very insecure about it because he does not see it as a sign of love or caring.

In his mind, you only act this way towards him if you don’t trust him and do not care about his feelings.

The best way to make him happy is to never get jealous of anyone who is close to him – whether they are male or female.

This can be pretty tricky and challenging at first, but once you see that he only has a heart for you, it won’t be a problem anymore.

Keep in mind that he will always want to be the dominant one in the relationship.

Cancer men know a lot about relationships, and they know that the best way to make their partner happy is to be strong and confident for them.

It’s important for them to feel safe and secure with the person they are in a relationship with, so if you want him to truly love you, it is very important that he takes charge of the relationship on his terms.

20) He will be willing to go out of his way for you

The word “courage” doesn’t really appear in a Cancer man’s vocabulary.

However, he knows that being courageous is the best way to show someone how much he cares about them because this means that he has everything under control and can give his all to make sure everyone is happy.

He knows that if he puts his foot down and takes care of the situation without being asked, he will make sure that everything is done right the first time, with no room for mistakes.

Cancer men are quite protective of the people they love, so it’s important for them to know that you belong to them.

They will spend a lot of time and effort trying to make sure you are happy and well taken care of.

If this is something that you like and need, then you will enjoy having a relationship with him.

Final thoughts

The most important thing to remember about a Cancer man is that he loves to be in love.

In fact, his codename in the Zodiac is “The Romantic.”

However, this doesn’t mean he will just go with the flow.

He’s actually one of the most logical and practical signs of the Zodiac, which simply means that he knows what he wants and will get it.

If you are lucky enough to get a Cancer man, then you know that the most important thing is to be yourself.

He will never leave you because he loves and accepts who you are with all your flaws.

Do not worry if your relationship has problems because Cancers tend to overreact sometimes – they always need time to relax and process the information they just received.

If he truly likes you, you will probably pass all these tests in no time, and you two will surely be able to enjoy the enormous love that you will share in the future!

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