35 ways to know for sure if a Gemini guy likes you

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One of the most exciting, but also confusing phases in a relationship is when you wonder whether or not he likes you back. 

Gemini men are notoriously evasive and ambiguous, which means you’ll need to rely on his actions, gestures and sometimes bizarre sentences to figure it out.

Sure, it might feel like you’re reading into or overthinking things, but trust me: his behavior is telling you a lot about him and his feelings for you.

I’ve broken down the list of characteristics that Gemini guys tend to like into specific items that are sure-fire signs. 

1) Chatting all night and all morning

This is a big one. 

Many Gemini men don’t want to feel like they’re relying on you to entertain them with stories or jokes all night long when they’re not up to it. 

No matter how tired he might be, if he wants to tell you something important or needs your advice on something, chances are you’re going to hear from him first thing in the morning (or all night long). 

In fact, you may find that he gets so carried away talking to you that he loses track of time.

2) You’re his favorite source of information

If he’s asking you a ton of questions, making a lot of statements that start with, “Did you know…” or “Have you heard about,” chances are he’s got a lot going on in his life and he’s looking for your input. 

He wants to know your opinion on pretty much any subject because it makes him feel more secure about himself.

Just remember that he’s probably not just asking for your advice. He’s also interested in hearing your answers because he likes you and cares about what you think. 

3) He likes debating with you

While he cares about what you think, Gemini man also isn’t afraid to take on an argument, especially when it’s with someone they trust and feel confident about.

The best part? 

He’ll make you feel excited about something in particular and point out why you should be happy about it.

If he invites you to argumentative debates around how to solve certain problems in life, this is a clear sign that your relationship might have legs.

4) He loves to test your boundaries

Geminis are notorious for pushing your buttons and wanting to know what kind of reaction they’ll get out of you. 

They also enjoy seeing how much they can get away with, which can come across as them being really disrespectful, but trust that it’s only because they don’t want to feel like they’re being held back in any way. 

If he’s doing something really inappropriate or crossing a line you didn’t know existed, take it as a sign that he’s lovable and not the devil incarnate.

5) He can’t stop touching your hair/face/hand etc

As I mentioned earlier, Gemini men love to test your boundaries. So the fact that he touches you is also a test of how you react.

Gemini men are also known as notoriously affectionate and touchy-feely… when they want to be. 

They draw comfort from being in contact with the people that they love and have a deep need to be accepted and liked by those around them. 

If your Gemini guy leaves his hand resting on your back or rubbing your arm every time you sit down next to him, he probably wants to feel connected and appreciated. 

He may not say anything directly, but his actions might say it all – just listen carefully: he likes you.

6) He thinks it’s really really important that you know all the details of his life

Gemini men are always going on about their lives and what they’re doing, who they’re talking to, what their plans are etc. 

I have a hard time figuring out exactly why these guys like to talk so much. 

It’s not like they don’t have a ton going on in their lives, but they need to share it with you every chance that they get.

I think it must be a feeling of relief or comfort that comes along with knowing that someone else understands all the fears, worries and doubts they experience. 

Whatever the reason, Gemini men want to tell you everything – even if it’s just mundane stuff like which brand of shampoo he uses and what he had for dinner the night before.

7) Gemini man will not leave you alone when having problems that are difficult to solve or sad things that need to be relieved

A sign of a Gemini guy liking you is that he will listen to you and come up with ideas to help you get out of those difficult situations.

If he’s not bothered by the fact that your life is already like a train wreck and doesn’t want to talk it over with you, this might be a sign that he’s not as interested in getting to know what’s going on inside you.

I know that at times it can feel like every second of your day is filled with drama, but there are definitely good signs if he wants to know what is going on.

8) He tries to make you feel better

Gemini men are sensitive, and this makes them sensitive to the mood and emotion levels of their mates.

They will try to make you feel happy even if they are not doing anything at all, for example by buying you flowers or bringing you funny gifts (a teddy bear in your favorite color or a bouquet of daffodils).

If he is thinking about you when he hears sad news, or if he is trying to cheer you up when sad news has hit the fan, this is a sign that your relationship has good potential.

9) Talking about vague things that you don’t understand

It’s very common for Gemini men to speak about their feelings for you with words that just don’t make a lot of sense. 

They might tell stories about how much they “love” or “admire” or “like” something about you, which can be kind of hard to follow up with.

If a Gemini man tells you that he likes the color of your eyes, chances are it’s just a story and will probably change to something else, because his true feelings for you might be something else.

10) Looking at you with love, desire and emotion 

Gemini men are always in a hurry to show love, affection, and desire. 

If he’s always looking at you with great eyes full of emotions, this is a good sign

I have noticed that many Gemini men have a tendency to look at their partners with an endless lust, but that is just how they are. 

They know what they want and will look at you with eyes full of desire.

11) He asks you to hang out a lot

You may find that he’s always asking you to go on spontaneous adventures or meet him at his favorite spots. 

He may not ask frequently, but when he does, be sure to take advantage of it. 

Gemini men like having a lot of options and variety in their lives because it helps them feel more comfortable and confident about themselves.

If you’re one of his options and seem like a great fit for whatever he’s looking for, then you might just be making his life easier.

12) He’s unusually open about his emotions

You may think he’s got something to hide when he’s too quick to smile and crack jokes around you.

But chances are a Gemini guy actually likes you better when you know what makes him feel good or bad, so he can get used to the idea of telling you his secrets.

In fact, chances are he thinks that if you knew what upsets him or how he feels about something, then it would make the two of you closer. 

In other words: He likes being able to be himself around you because it makes him feel safe and accepted.

13) He makes jokes around you all the time 

Gemini men like having fun, so they like creating situations where they can get excited, giggle, laugh, and feel light-hearted.

They want you to know that everyone has good inside them.

I have noticed that some Gemini men have a tendency to make jokes about everything: 

About their personalities, quirks, and even the things they do.

14) He asks you questions about your life

Gemini men are curious, and always like to ask you about your daily life. 

They want to know what you do with yourself all day, and also who you surround yourself with.

In fact, if he is really interested in who your friends are and how close you are to them, then this may be a good sign that he wants to know more about how much time you will have for him or just how normal or weird your life is. 

You wanna know the truth? 

It seems like Gemini men like the idea of having a normal partner (as normal as possible with Gemini).

15) He tells you your name daily

When a Gemini man likes you, he’s going to learn everything he can about you and let you know that he knows. 

They love saying their crush’s name because they always want to remind themselves that their potential love is by their side. 

16) He is very sensitive to your mood

Gemini men are always in tune with the emotions of the ones they like. If you’re upset, he’ll make it his mission to cheer you up and reassure you. 

On the flip side, he’ll also know when you need space and can give it to you so that you can keep an even level of happiness around both of you. 

17) He makes affectionate gestures towards you in public

A Gemini guy likes you if he shows off his feelings for you in front of other people, or brings up subjects that make him feel close to you. 

He might do this by talking about your relationship goal for the future or buying some small gifts for you. 

Yeah, you know what? 

The Gemini man will do this because he’s afraid of losing you

Being a Gemini guy that likes you means that he is emotionally unstable; and with the changes in their psychological state, which usually hit early twenties, their feelings for others change. 

This is why they are keen on showing how much they like someone else to avoid losing them.

18) He chooses to hang out with you over their other friends

Gemini men may enjoy themselves more when they are being themselves around others. 

But they enjoy being seen as a couple with you when you’re out in public so they can feel more comfortable and confident about themselves. 

This is why when you’re with a Gemini man, he enjoys your company more than others.

19) He’s flirtatious and funny, but only around you

Well, Gemini men know how to be funny in public but they don’t want to be the center of attention. 

A Gemini man likes you will show that he’s flirtatious and funny, but only around you. He wants to make you laugh because he loves hearing you laugh. 

Gemini men like making the special person – not anyone else  – happy, by being themselves.

20) He talks about what you’d like to do when you’re older

A Gemini man will always try to talk about the future with you. 

He may not talk about what he wants to do, but how happy he would be if you were a part of his future. 

It’s a clear sign that a Gemini man likes you if he’s thinking of your future together. 

You might want to listen carefully if he asks you what it is that you really wanna do in the near or distant future, because he might really be interested in finding a way for both of your dreams to come true…together.

21) He’s very thoughtful about the things you like

If your Gemini man is talking about what you would like to do at home or in the future, he is most likely interested. 

He may not be ready to do it but he will enjoy being around you if he can make you happy. 

He will use this information to help him introduce new ideas to your life, like parties with his friends or a fun weekend getaway.

22) He will have an unplanned picnic with you in the park

Gemini men like to take advantage of spontaneous events and they love to express their affection by doing small, but romantic gestures.

If you are going to a park and your Gemini guy asks you if he could bring along something then he might be showing you that he is interested in your relationship.

He will take time out from his usual routine to go to the park and the best part is that it’s for no other reason than meeting you. 

23) He is chivalrous and etiquette conscious

The best part? 

A Gemini guy will love giving the signs of respect to a lady; although, not necessarily in front of other people.  

He will tell you that there’s something about being around you that makes him feel good. 

He’ll be polite because he wants to make sure that the women in his life know just how important they are to him.

24) He compliments your work, efforts, or achievements

A Gemini man who likes you will always appreciate your work and what you have achieved in life. 

He is usually very passionate when it comes to supporting his partner’s dreams, hobbies, goals etc.

They will try their best to support you on all your endeavors and that’s the real reason why you find yourself loving him back

25) He asks your opinion about relationship things

A Gemini man who likes you might ask you how he should handle a particular situation. 

They are also very curious about how you handled your previous relationship and they want to know what happened. 

They like talking about past relationships because they want to feel like they are prepared for the future and learn from other people’s mistakes. 

He will also ask for your opinion on his thoughts or behavior about the previous relationship that he had with someone else.

26) He makes a point of keeping you posted on his daily activities

Gemini guys will spend every minute they can with their partner and they will always tell you what they’re doing. 

They always feel like it’s important to let their partners know about how much they care about them. 

He wants to feel connected and experience everything that he can in order to make him happy and make his life amazing. 

27) He makes physical contact with you

You may even notice that he likes to touch your hand while he’s talking to you, or hold your hand when giving the high-five at the end of a game.

They are a very tactile kind of guy and would spend extra time making sure that it’s love in their heart and not just physical attraction.

For Gemini men, being physical with you is as important as being emotional with you.You won’t be able to keep this secret from him or else you will break his heart.

28) He touches you often while talking 

As I mentioned above, Gemini men think that being physical with you is important. 

That’s why you will see that they will touch you often while talking. 

Gemini men want to say goodbye before they leave home or work so that they don’t feel lonely. 

When they are with you, they would like to hold your hand, touch your hair and this is what makes you fall for them. 

So if your Gemini guy wants to be more physical with you because he likes you, then TAKE NOTE. 

29) He gives you special privileges like using his car or borrowing his credit card

Now this one is a really big deal because most men don’t give their cards or cars to anyone. 

If your Gemini guy is letting you borrow these things without any hesitation then he likes you and wants to spend time with you. 

A Gemini man will probably also buy you gifts like food, perfume, jewelry etc. and would never even think about returning them back to wherever he got them from. 

If he is willing to go the extra mile to give you what you want, then he likes you a lot!

30) He takes your picture or records it just so he can look at it 

Gemini men love to take photos but not of those where they are actually doing something heavy. 

They simply love the beauty of a person, a place with the purpose of recording them and sharing it later. 

If he does this for you and records your pictures then that’s enough to prove that he likes you. 

31) He cares about your living condition

Gemini men are the kind of guys who love to keep it tidy.

They love cleaning and want things to be really clean around them. 

If they start caring about your stuff, it’s because they like you. 

Sometimes you will see that he will tidying things for you, instead of just commenting about stuff that you leave around.

So if your Gemini guy is cleaning for you and doesn’t ask what he should be cleaning for, then that’s enough for you to know that he likes you.

32) He makes sure you only eat food that you like

Gemini men are known to be picky about what they eat and wouldn’t even try things not because they hate them but because they want to know if it’s good or not. 

If your Gemini guy doesn’t want you to try anything new, then it means that he is already married to his tastes and they include your culinary choices as well.

And the best part? 

If he takes you to a restaurant, orders the specialty there and then proceeds to order something else for himself in case you don’t like it, then this is a sign of his admiration for you. 

33) He asks for a hug before he leaves home

A Gemini man who likes you will do something out of the ordinary just so that he can be more comfortable before going to work or leaving home.

This is not just an idle gesture, but a way of saying thank you for everything that you have done for him and make him feel better about himself.

They are very sensual and have strong feelings for those that they love, so if your Gemini guy is hugging you goodbye then it’s obvious that he regrets parting from you.

34) He tries to be romantic in a very cute way

Gemini men like to surprise their partners with the little things in life. 

They can even give you a small gift or romantic message and leave it somewhere that you will find it on your own. 

If you are hoping to get into his heart, then be prepared for lots of surprises whenever he finds the chance to do so. 

35) The Gemini man starts talking about marriage

This is an obvious sign but worth counting.

If your guy starts talking about life together, he’s definitely interested in you. 

They will ask you questions about your family, kids, job and financial status. A Gemini man always likes to know what he is getting into before he makes a move. 


Gemini men will be wonderful romantic partners because they like to make other people feel special. 

When they love you, they will do anything for you and that includes spoiling you with love and romance.

You will find out soon enough if your Gemini man really likes you, so go out there and enjoy yourself with him.

I hope this article helped you understand Gemini men and their needs better. If you are also a Gemini man and want to share your experiences then please feel free to send me an email. I would love to hear from you!

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