15 signs that show he is actually sorry

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Men apologize for the things they do wrong, but how can you tell if a man is actually sorry?  

These 15 signs show if he really means it.

1) The way he says he’s sorry is genuine.

An apology shouldn’t be believed just because a guy says it. You need to watch him closely during the conversation to see if he’s genuine. 

If you can tell there’s no sincerity in his voice, then maybe he’s not sorry at all. For example, if he says, “I’m sorry, but…!” then that’s not really a sincere apology. 

When a guy is truly sorry, he should not try to justify what he did or find excuses for himself while he apologizes.

What would indicate total honesty would be a complete apology, such as “I’m sorry for what I did and how it made you feel”.

2) He doesn’t expect you to forgive him right away.

When a guy really understands that he did something wrong and he is truly sorry for what he did, he will not expect you to forgive him right away. 

If he gets that he hurt you, then he will understand that it takes time for you to forgive him and he will give you the needed time to heal.

This is very important because otherwise, it means he doesn’t take your feelings into consideration and he is only using the apology to cover up whatever he did wrong.

A sincere apology is based on understanding and respect, while an insincere one is based on selfishness and a need to cover up his wrongdoings.

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4) He understands what his actions did to you and the effect they had on you.

This is an important part of a sincere apology. If he doesn’t realize the effect his actions had on you, then his apology can’t be genuine. 

It’s his responsibility to try and understand how you feel about what he did wrong so that he can take steps to change his behavior in the future.

To tell if he really understands, ask yourself if he interrupted you, got angry at you, or patronized you when you explained to him why his actions hurt you.

In case he did, then he’s probably not truly sorry because he doesn’t understand your feelings or doesn’t respect your point of view.

5) He doesn’t come up with excuses for what happened.

Taking responsibility for his actions is also a sign that he’s genuinely sorry.

When a guy makes excuses for something he did wrong, it means that he can’t recognize when he made a mistake and that he is playing the victim. 

He isn’t owning up to his actions and is trying to deflect the blame on you or on other things.

If he asks for your forgiveness but does not take responsibility for his actions, then there’s no way you can really forgive him because you’re always going to feel that there’s something more to the story that you don’t know about.

6) This is the first time it has happened.

Is this the first time he has made a mistake? Or is it the second time he made the same mistake

A man’s apology becomes more sincere and more believable if he can admit that it’s the first time he’s made that mistake.

If it happened once before and you forgave him, then this time you’ll have to be more careful because he could be using the same trick. 

This isn’t to say that he isn’t sorry, but it is to say you should be more cautious.

7) He genuinely feels bad about what he did wrong.

This is really important because if a man doesn’t actually feel hurt and sad after he does something wrong and upsets you, then his apology will have no meaning. 

Even so, how can you tell he really does feel bad?

You can tell if his remorse is authentic by the way he talks and acts. Does he look sad? Does he show emotions or cry? Or did he apologize with no feelings and then just walk away?

If a man is truly sorry, then his feelings come out and this shows in what he says, how he looks at you, how fast he tries to fix the situation, etc.

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8) He thinks your feelings are equally important as his own.

A man who is truly sorry won’t see you as less important than him, but will try to see things from your point of view as well and understand how your feelings were hurt by his actions.

If this guy is truly sorry, then he won’t be totally focused on himself and his own feelings, but he’ll also be willing to make an effort to understand your feelings.

Also, he will try to understand what effect his actions had on you because that’s one way to prevent repeating the same mistake in the future.

9) He doesn’t expect you to find a solution.

A guy who’s truly sorry will take responsibility for his actions and try to find a way to fix things without putting all the pressure on you.

He’ll also not just wait until you give him a solution to make it all better.

If a man expects that you’ll find a solution after he apologizes, then this means that he doesn’t take responsibility for his actions and didn’t think about your feelings when he did something wrong to hurt you. 

In other words, he’s just apologizing to get the problem over with. Also, it’s a sign that he isn’t giving up his rights to ‘play the victim’.

10) He learned the importance of reassurance.

Another sign that shows he’s truly sorry is when he reassures you. Reassurance is the kind of behavior that is done when someone takes responsibility for their actions and wants to make things better.

A reassurance shows that he understands that what he did hurt you and caused you pain. He also understands the seriousness of his actions and wants to reduce your pain by offering a way of getting over the problem.

More than anything, reassurance shows that he cares about your feelings and wants to help you get over what he did.

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12) You notice him trying to make you happy.

If a guy is really sorry for hurting you, then he will try to make you happy in other ways. 

He understands that he hurt you and wants to give you proof that he really cares about your feelings and isn’t just using the apology to cover up his wrongdoings.

So if he shows signs of trying to be extra nice, understanding, and caring, this means that his apology was more than just lip service.

This is great because you probably deserve to be happy and it’s great that he’s trying to make it happen.

13) He makes sure you know he isn’t expecting anything in return.

A man who is truly sorry won’t be looking for some kind of favor or reward for his apology. Instead, he will make it clear that he only wants your forgiveness and nothing more.

He will never ask you to forget what he did, to not be angry at him anymore, or to not hold anything against him. Instead, he will simply ask for your forgiveness and he’ll leave the rest up to you.

If he’s expecting something in return after he apologizes, then there’s a good chance that this is one of his manipulation tactics.

14) He is consistent like never before.

A man who is truly sorry is usually always consistent and acts the same way in all situations.

If he’s sorry and then his behavior changes after an apology, it means that he isn’t really sorry. He’s just using an apology as a way to get what he wants in the future.

Also, if a man is running around saying how sorry he is but then doing things and saying things differently, this shows that he doesn’t really respect your feelings and doesn’t really understand your point of view.

So, if he acts differently after the apology, then this shows that he’s not being completely honest with you and is only saying what you want to hear.

15) You’ve noticed that he doesn’t use anger to control you anymore.

Another sign of a man who’s truly sorry is when he stops using anger as a way to control you and to get what he wants.

In other words, he no longer threatens or intimidates you or throws a tantrum just to get what he wants.

If a guy uses anger as a weapon against you, then this shows that he’s not really sorry and is using the apology as a way to stay in control.

In fact, it shows that he has no respect for your feelings and doesn’t believe in your right to be treated with love and respect.

Is he actually sorry or not?

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