10 ways a guy feels when they see their ex looking good

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Breaking up is never easy for men, especially if the love is real.

According to a psychotherapist, men never really recover from it – they just move on.

Imagine the turmoil inside him if he sees his ex at social gatherings, on TV shows, and even on dating apps.

Though his face may remain expressionless, chances are he’s feeling something deep inside.

Many factors affect a guy’s feelings, so we compiled ten things that a guy feels when they see their ex looking good:

1) He will admire the beauty of his ex

The first thing a guy feels when he sees his ex looking more beautiful than ever is admiration.

Men are programmed by their DNA to want to find the fittest mate. So when a guy sees his ex looking more beautiful and more confident, he will be impressed.

He may have broken up with her in the wrong way, or maybe he forgot why they broke up in the first place, but seeing her looking good can be a bit of a surprise.

Regardless of the reason, part of him will always be grateful that she gave him the chance to love her.

In fact, there’s a good chance that he will want to get back with her and start all over again!

But even if he doesn’t want to rekindle the relationship, his feelings of admiration will still exist deep within him.

2) He will feel nostalgic about the past

Guys (and girls) find it hard to move on. No matter how broken up they are, he will be reminded of the good times they shared.

Though he may have had nothing to do with the breakup, seeing his ex at their best will make him appreciate what he had and feel like the breakup never happened.

The feeling of nostalgia is strong, and it can make him feel like he hasn’t moved on yet. That’s because a part of us always wants to see what could have been.

He may think things like: “She made me happy when I was with her.”   “She kept me from making mistakes.” etc.

Even if it’s best for both parties involved to continue life without each other, sometimes something about their personality makes us want more of them.

 Nostalgia can make guys go back on what they have said in the past. Even though they know how much better off everyone would be without seeing each other anymore, nostalgia has its way of convincing people that this could work out after all.

3) He will feel proud of his looks and self-esteem

When a guy sees his ex looking good, he will feel proud because he had a relationship with a beautiful ex. He might think that not all men were gifted the chance to be in a relationship with a beautiful woman.

He may also feel a sense of accomplishment knowing that he could keep his ex-girlfriend happy in the past. Additionally, her beauty will boost his ego, and he will think that he is a good-looking man to get a pretty ex-girlfriend like that.

4) He will feel happy for her

 Even if the relationship was bad or ended badly, seeing his ex looking good can make him feel happy.

 He may think things like: “I’m glad she finally found someone better than me.” 

He may even start thinking that maybe they are meant to be together again one day!  Of course, that depends on how the breakup went down or the way it ended, but this is just what happens in his head when he sees his ex looking good. 

5) He will regret why they broke up

 Seeing your ex looking good can make you feel slightly upset, especially if she’s with another guy.

 He may not know how to react, and it might even make him feel bad about himself for letting her go.

 It is not uncommon for someone to feel confused, angry, and even hurt. In turn, these feelings might lead to thoughts of self-doubt or feeling that something must be wrong with himself as a person.

As Bart Lucas Orchad’s song says, regret is the most painful thing in life. He may regret why they broke up and may find it difficult to carry on without feeling the emptiness she left behind.

6) He will get embarrassed

While some men feel proud to have a beautiful ex, some guys will feel uncomfortable or embarrassed because their ex has found someone new.

He might think that he is getting laughed at because the other man is better, and it can deflate his self-esteem.  His low self-esteem may lead him to hide if their ex is around.

Seeing someone else with his ex will make him feel awkward, and it will start making him regret their relationship.

7) He will feel confused

As a man, you’ll probably feel like you didn’t love her for the length of time you knew them. But seeing them looking good will make you second-guess yourself because their beauty will make it hard to remember why you broke up or even what she was like before.

You’re not going to want to admit that you allowed yourself to be swayed by their physical looks, but that’s exactly what happened.

8) He will feel guilty

If he is the cause of the breakup, seeing her looking good may make him feel guilty because it seems that she is being so happy without him, and he was the cause of it all.

 Imagine breaking the heart of a woman who has nothing but love to give and seeing her picking up the pieces and becoming lovelier and wiser than ever.

9) He will feel insecure

Seeing your ex looking good can make you feel insecure because she is with someone else.

Some men can get over the fact that they are no longer together, but seeing a woman who you once loved and cared about so much with another man can make them feel insecure.

It’s hard when you see her being happy, and it makes you wonder if she would want to be with you or be happier with someone else.

10) He will feel jealous

Some men will feel jealous and angry because they have to sit back and watch the woman they once loved with another man. Seeing her with another man can make them feel like they are no longer important to her.

She is happy now and it can really hurt a guy’s ego if he thinks he is no longer important to the woman he once loved.

In conclusion

Even though it can be difficult to deal with, seeing your ex looking good can make you feel a myriad of different emotions. You may have wanted to move on or tried to avoid them completely, but seeing them looking good can make you realize that they are a great person and that they deserve happiness.

Hopefully, this article has given you clarity about how guys feel and why they feel like this when they see their ex looking good.

At the end of the day, seeing your ex look good could be the very thing that brings them back home.

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