10 ways guys feel when their girlfriend gets hit on

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What would you do if someone is interested in your girl?

As a guy, it can be extremely difficult to stay cool and unperturbed when another dude hits on your girlfriend.

You want to punch him in the face and tell him to get lost, but that’s not exactly an appropriate response.

You might start feeling some very mixed emotions that are hard to pin down.

Don’t worry. It’s normal. But what are those feelings?

Here are 10 emotions every guy experiences when their girlfriend gets hit on.

1) Confusion

Confusion is the first emotion that guys will feel when their girl gets hit on.

They are confused about what to do next.

It’s like a foreign language that they don’t understand.

Do they punch the guy? That won’t go down well.

Do they ignore him? He’ll think she’s not interested and hit on her some more.

Do they say something to their girlfriend to try and save the situation?

That could backfire and make her mad at you for assuming the worst of her.


Some guys just stare and laugh at the other dude’s approach.

I know it sounds awkward, but you have to learn how to respond when she gets hit on.

You have to act cool or be honest and tell her either way.

As you might imagine, there are several different feelings a guy might have about his girl being hit on by another dude.

He could show anger and frustration when his girlfriend is trying to keep things friendly.

He might feel jealous, suspicious, or even threatened.

Or he could be feeling pretty confused, not knowing whether he should be flattered or insulted—let alone offended!

2) Anger

If you are a jealous boyfriend and your girl is getting hit on by another guy, there’s a chance that you might feel angry about it.

You might feel this way because you don’t like the attention she’s getting from other guys, or because you’re feeling possessive about her.

This means that you want her to be focused on you and only you.

That means you might want to get up in the other guy’s face and tell him to get lost.

Your mind immediately goes to a toxic place—fear, insecurity, or shame.

You may get aggressive. You may start to feel and express your rage.

You might think that showing him who’s boss is the best way to keep your girl’s attention on you, but be careful.

This approach might even turn the tables. 

And what’s worse?

Your girlfriend may see you in a bad light and will start doubting your relationship.

3) Threatened

If you’re a guy who sees himself as the underdog, then your emotions can change when your girlfriend gets hit on by another guy.

You might feel threatened because you feel like it’s always been you and her in the relationship and that she’s now not paying enough attention to you.

You feel like someone else has come along and taken your place, which makes you angry.

After all, you want to be the one who stays with her.

Or, you could be threatened by this other guy because he’s seen to have more power than you.

The more time passes, the more this frustration becomes your normal response.

Some guys feel like if they’re not the boss in their relationship, then who are they?

These guys might become more aggressive and angry than they should.

That’s why you just want to stay calm and be yourself around your girlfriend.

4) Jealousy

As a guy, you can easily feel jealous when another man flirts with your girlfriend.

It happens to everyone.

But why do you get jealous?

First of all, you might think the guy is better looking than you and that your girlfriend prefers him over you.

If the guy is making eyes at your girl and she’s giving him a hard time, you might feel jealous.

You may even hate this other dude for getting to spend time with her when you’re not around.

The truth of the matter is:

Guys don’t have it easy when it comes to jealousy.

Jealousy could be a great emotion to have as a guy, as you want to keep your woman safe from harm and abusive men like that.

But make sure that you’re not being too jealous. You don’t want to scare her away.

5) Uncomfortable

Another feeling that guys get is discomfort because they know that their girlfriends are being hit on.

Discomfort could be frustrating, which makes them feel annoyed with themselves for not having the power to stop it.

There are many different and complicated reasons why this may happen.

Some guys just can’t stand to see other guys getting attention from their girlfriends.

They might feel embarrassed that their girlfriends are being hit on, even if they’re not interested in others.

Other guys get jealous feelings because they have a fragile ego.

They feel like their girlfriend is going to leave them for another guy.

They always want attention from women and they feel uncomfortable when other guys are getting it instead of them.

Some guys just don’t want to see other men getting the attention that they want for themselves.

As of now, this is an emotional response to a certain situation.

It’s an emotion that makes you feel uneasy or uncomfortable, and you might have other feelings while experiencing it.

But please fret not.

It’s not a permanent emotional state.

6) Foreboding

Foreboding is a feeling that comes when you’re worried about your relationship.

You might start to feel something is going wrong even though she hasn’t done anything to make you feel that way.

Your feelings might come from your belief that people are generally very toxic in the world, and they always try to bring other people down.

You might feel like you’re going to lose your girlfriend because of the way you act.

You might feel that you don’t have enough experience with relationships, and guys who are more experienced than you will take your girlfriend away.

You might feel that she’ll want to be with someone else because they get more compliments than you do, or their girlfriends are hotter than yours.

You might think: ”I always have to keep my guard up against people who would hurt me.”

You’re worried your girlfriend might be too vulnerable to keep an eye out for that toxic behavior.

Maybe you think you might have to protect her from them, but you also feel like she doesn’t need your help or support.

She might not even care about these other guys, and she might just be happy on her own.

This strongly contributes to the feeling of insecurity.

7) Insecure

Insecurity is another confusing emotion that you might feel when your girlfriend gets hit on by another guy.

Is she interested in him?

Is she even into other guys?

Are they just messing with her?

You might be feeling insecure because you are worried she might be attracted to this other guy and change her mind about you.

You may be wondering if this new guy is smarter, funnier, more powerful, or more attractive than you.

As a guy, we often feel like we’re just not attractive enough to get girls to pay us any attention.

We might have trouble getting dates because we’re just not the most attractive person around.

It’s extremely disheartening to look at your girlfriend and see someone else looking at her the same way you do.

Your normal response would be to distance yourself from her.

You just want to avoid her, not because of her.

You wish she could be single and find someone better than you.

Insecurity makes guys feel like they can’t keep their women happy.

8) Resentment

Resentment is another complicated feeling that guys get when their girlfriends get hit on.

Some guys feel like they are the ones who should be getting attention.

They don’t feel like they are getting their fair share of attention from other people.

Their girlfriends might even feel like they can’t live up to all of that attention, which makes them depressed and resentful.

Some guys might even feel jealous or angry that they’re not getting any attention.

Guys are often just as shallow as girls, and they want to be noticed and appreciated by others.

Even if you’re happy with your relationship, you might still feel a bit resentful.

Resentment is an emotion that makes a guy feel like he is not good enough for his girlfriend.

They also feel like he’s being treated unfairly by other guys who have more opportunities than him.

9) Protective

Maybe you’re so in love with your girlfriend that it hurts to see her get hit on by another guy.

You have this urge to protect her no matter what.

It could be because you feel like you’re the only one who truly loves and cares for her.

You want to fight off all of the suitors trying to steal her away from you.

It might also be because you wanted her love first, and now she’s getting attention from other guys.

And if they get what they want first, then that means there’s a chance that you may not get it.

You might feel jealous because you love your girlfriend and you want to make sure that she’s yours forever, no matter what those other guys say.

But wait – could it be that there are other reasons where these feelings might stem from?

Maybe this protective feeling comes from your desire to prove yourself.

Maybe it’s got nothing to do with the other guys and everything to do with you proving yourself as a man who deserves her attention.

Maybe if you prove yourself enough, she’ll start paying attention to you more.

This feeling might come from your desire to protect her from other people and make sure she never gets hurt by them.

It could also come from your need to protect yourself and make sure that you don’t lose her by getting nervous or losing focus.

On a side note, some guys might have a more positive feeling than others.

Read on.

10) Unbothered

If you’re a guy who’s confident in himself, then you might feel even more interested in your girlfriend.

You have the advantage of knowing that your girl’s not interested in that other guy.

You might feel like there’s no competition, and maybe you even get a little bit of extra attention from her because of it.

If you’re secure yourself, you might feel like getting attention from other people just doesn’t matter that much.

You’re confident enough in who you are as a person and your relationship with your girlfriend, so it’s not that big of a deal.

You don’t feel jealous of other guys because you trust that she’s genuinely into you and she loves you, no matter what anyone else says or does.

This is probably the most awesome feeling for a guy.

You’re not threatened, and you’re not jealous either.

You get to feel like you’re the most important person in your girlfriend’s life and that she’s very happy with you.

We’ve covered most of the emotions guys experience when their girlfriends get hit on.

For some, you might feel like it’s the end of the world if she gets the attention of other men.

You might start to picture the worst of the possible scenarios.

You might feel like there’s a chance other guys will come along and ruin everything.

You’ll be stuck without her. She’s your reason to live. You don’t want to lose her.

All these feelings are valid.

Getting hurt, jealous, angry, and confused are real feelings felt by real people.

Let’s admit it. We all have our demons.

But, hey!

If you are confident with the love you and your girlfriend share, then other people won’t matter.

We just have to learn how to deal with it so that we can make sure we don’t let it affect us too much.

Always remember!

Trust is one of the most important foundations of a successful relationship.

No matter how many guys hit on your girlfriend, if she truly loves you, she will never entertain them.

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