10 surprising ways a Pisces man tests you (and how to respond)

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If you find a Pisces man, you’ve struck gold.

Known for their idealistic and romantic nature, he’s all about looking for the perfect soulmate because once he loves, he loves with all his heart.

But before he gives you his everything, he will test you to know if you’re truly the one for him.

In this article, I will give you ten ways a Pisces man tests you and how you should respond.

The Pisces man in love

Pisces is deemed the most emotional sign of all.

He has a big heart with overflowing emotions and has very high standards when it comes to love and relationships.

He’s ruled by the heavenly bodies Neptune and Jupiter. Neptune is the planet of dreams, illusions, and emotional connection. Jupiter is the planet of abundance and generosity and this is why he has a massive well of feelings.

Represented by the fish, his element is, surprise— water. And like fish on water, he likes to go with the flow and change intensity with the weather. There’s a mystical and dreamy air about him and he’s quite the catch.

He’s in tune with his spirituality as the two fish in his sign look up to the heavens and down to earth. He’s the ultimate sign of fantasy.

Like water, he can be adaptable and changeable, so be ready for a rollercoaster of a ride when you get into a relationship with him.

The Pisces man is idealistic and he dreams up his visions of the perfect partner. He needs a lot of reassurance but it’s all worth it— he doesn’t like to play around and date casually. Because again, he’s looking for the one!

10 ways a Pisces man can test you 

The Pisces man wants to be sure you’re worth it. And he has probably had his heart broken a couple of times when a past lover fails him, hence his wary approach towards you.

Here are 10 ways a Pisces man can test you to see if you’re one for keeps.

1) He asks a lot of questions.

 It’s normal to ask each other questions at the getting-to-know stage of the relationship.

The thing is, he’s not asking drinking game questions—he’s doing an inquisition. The aim is to catch you off guard to see if you’ve been up to some sneaky business.

He wants to know how steadfast your loyalty is, and if you’re really being serious about the relationship.

He’s not joking around when it comes to dating. He’s been dreaming out the ideal scenarios all his life so breaking that image is pretty frustrating for him.

Since he’s very sensitive, he can tell right away if you’re hiding something. Don’t be too defensive and just be honest. The Pisces man can smell dishonesty from miles away, so you might as well be real.

2) He cancels out on your plans.

The Pisces man can be a bit indecisive so he may make plans with you like he goes with the flow, but the moment he doesn’t feel like it, he cancels on you.

And it’s up to you to pick up on his trail or cleanup after the mess he makes, like readjusting your schedule or calling the restaurant to tell them there won’t be any dinner for two.

How is this a test?

Well, he wants to know if you’re controlling.

The Pisces man likes his freedom like the fish swimming freely in the water. He doesn’t want to be pinned down so he’ll want to see if you can forgive him for being slippery or if you will throw a tantrum to get your way.

3) He shuts you out.

Being the most in-tune with his emotions, sometimes it can be a lot to take in so he is easily overwhelmed. He wants to get away or wish for some alone time.

He probably clams up and stays quiet all of a sudden. He pulls away and ignores your texts because he needs time to process all his feelings.

When he does this, how will you react? He wants to know.

Will you respect his privacy? Will you hate him for it?

He’ll note if you intrude in his personal space when he’s not ready, or if you’re more understanding and allow him to have some breathing room.

4) He blows hot and cold.

A lot of people might say that dating a Pisces man is very challenging and this is because it’s not that easy to read a Pisces man.

He’s prone to mood swings—affectionate one minute, and the next he’s suddenly aloof.

He can go from 0 to 100 in a very short amount of time!

And though he can be very emotional, this doesn’t mean that he always lets his feelings show. He’s very discerning of who he opens up his heart to.

Being his partner, he’ll wish for you to pick up on the subtle changes in his demeanor and if you can adjust to match his vibe.

So yes, he’s doing the push and pull right now so you are prepared for his “bad” side if you ever become a couple.

5) He asks you on a “smart” date.

Creativity is a main trait of a Pisces man. He’s very imaginative and dreamy, and very in touch with his artistic side.

This is a good thing because there will be an outlet to his passions—be it visual or modern art, writing, dancing or music.

Be on your toes when he asks you to go on a date with him to an art gallery, or perhaps watch him do his work. It could even be just a simple movie date but he’ll want to discuss a whole lot of it with you over dinner.

He will ask your opinion about what you just experienced to see if you “get” him and his tastes, or if you can support him in his artistic pursuits and set him free to follow his desires.

I personally know a Pisces man who broke up with a girl who is considered “a catch” because he thinks she’s not clever enough.

Don’t be scared, though. The Pisces man doesn’t necessarily want an IQ of 200. All he really wants is curiosity and attentiveness…and we all can do that.

6) He probes your wokeness.

Because he is ruled by Jupiter, he is naturally caring and generous. He is also very empathic, so he cannot really tolerate any form of meanness.

The Pisces man is very charitable and supportive.

He’ll probably wonder if you care enough about the world, especially now that things are pretty grim.

Where you are in the political spectrum can be a bit of a gray area but he’ll try to find out how socially aware you are or if you have a sense of justice at least.

Even if it’s not the grand gestures since not everybody is cut out for that, he will gauge how you treat your friends, family members, children, and even strangers.

He will also pay close attention to your reaction when he shares about the suffering of other people.

7) He tries new things in bed.

Be prepared for an exciting sex life with the Pisces man.

Since he’s very creative, he’ll be wanting to try different things and shake things up when you do the deed. Because the fish is the symbol of fantasy and imagination, he’ll live up to it so you won’t be disappointed.

Relax, don’t be intimidated.

Despite his inventiveness, he’s also sensitive and can easily adjust to your feelings so he will know if you’re not comfortable with the sparkly new toy he just bought. Nevertheless, he will want to see your reaction.

One thing you should remember is that the Pisces man is all about the full mind-body experience.

Even if he’s playful in bed, he gives more weight to the spiritual and emotional connection you two will share. He will know if you’re taking it for granted or if you treat sex as as a special way to bond.

8) He wants a specific gift.

Pisces is the most sentimental of all the zodiacs.

When it comes to gifts, it’s not about the material cost. He’s very particular about the thought behind the gifts.

Put some thought into it when you plan to give a Pisces man a present.

Some stuff you just picked up on the way because you were in a hurry will not work on him. He’ll want to know the story behind it so you better choose something with a bit more significance.

He’ll prefer a cake you baked yourself versus a fancy one you just bought since he can appreciate the effort you put into it. Or maybe a keychain that reminds you of your first date rather than an expensive leather wallet that doesn’t mean anything to both of you.

9) He takes you on a sudden trip.

Is it surprising that your Pisces guy loves to travel?

It’s to be expected.

Like his star sign, he swims through the currents exploring places and is drawn to places with water and beaches.

Mix that with his impulsive trait, and you can bet he’ll sweep you away on a romantic getaway. He has a strong sense of freedom so he wants to be in places where he feels unshackled.

I hope you can pack your bags in a jiffy.

Because of his fluid nature, he’ll want to know if you can shove your plans for a few days and spend a spontaneous vacation with him.

10) He pushes your buttons.

As if his sudden changes in mood are not enough, he puts you in uncomfortable situations by testing your limits.

Passion can be a good thing, but when he’s a Pisces, it’s a whole other level.

When dealing with this guy, passion takes precedence over everything, so much that logic does not apply when he makes a decision. And because of this, the two of you may easily get into arguments if you are not careful.

And since he’s an empath, he is averse to violent and aggressive reactions. He’ll see if you can approach the disagreement in a calm and collected manner.

Pisces man and compatibility 

After all that hullabaloo, are you confident enough to keep up with a Pisces man?

You’d think that with the tough tests he’s judging you with, can anyone really live up to this guy’s expectations?

Virgo may keep him grounded with a routine even if you are exact opposites (opposites attract, as they say).

Scorpio is just as intense emotionally so it’s a good combination, and Sagitarrius might be the perfect travel companion.

Libra is open-minded just like him, but Pisces and Pisces together doesn’t sound so bad either.

I’m not here to break your heart if you’re neither of those zodiacs because if there’s anything the stars can’t give you, you can always carve out a destiny for yourself.

It’s not hopeless! It just means you have to put in more effort.

How to win the heart of a Pisces man

Appeal to his kind nature

It’s important to understand the Pisces nature.

He’s very charitable and generous. He’ll give you all the support you need, as long as your intentions align.

Pisces can easily feel guilt and compassion, so he’ll want to have the role of your knight in shining armor.

Men in general have what we call hero instinct. But this is ten times more intense to a Pisces man.

Coined by relationship expert James Bauer, this fascinating concept finally explains how men really think and feel in relationships.

And it’s something most women have never even heard of.

According to James Bauer, men don’t actually need a lot to feel content in their relationships. In fact, what they need has nothing to do with sex.

Men have certain innate drivers. And when a woman comes along and triggers them, it causes a powerful response. The result is a man who loves harder, commits wholeheartedly, and truly dedicates himself to the relationship.

So, how can you trigger a Pisces man’s hero instinct?

The easiest thing to do is to watch this simple and genuine video by James Bauer.

The truth is, once you understand how the hero instinct works, there’s no telling what heights your relationship can reach.

So if you want to give your man what he truly wants from you, make sure to check out James Bauer’s excellent video. In it, he reveals the exact texts and phrases you can use straight away.

Here’s a link to the free video again.

Show him your wild, creative, and clever side.

Don’t hold back in showing him your innermost quirks and desires. That’s what he likes!

Pisces men are attracted to uniqueness and imperfection, so go ahead show him who you really are.

Trust me, he’ll match you with his own uniqueness since he can let his imaginations run loose most of the time.

He’s receptive and will take great interest in your unusual thoughts and might even take your conversations as inspiration for his next work of art.

This will apply to your love-making, too. Not everybody can be bold when it comes to sex but he’ll want to hear all about the things you want to try and match your pace.

Give him the freedom to be himself.

Pisces men hate control. For them, it’s a form of aggression and dominance, two things they hate with a passion.

They’d rather be alone than be with someone who wants to keep them on a leash.

He doesn’t like you calling him twenty times a day, he doesn’t like a strict routine, and he doesn’t like it when you nag.

And there is no use forcing a Pisces man to do something if he believes it’s not in his nature to do it.

If you do any of these, he won’t like the tension and too much will take a toll on the relationship. He will slip through your fingers and look for someone he thinks will be more compatible and understanding.

Make sure to be gentle on him and to support him throughout his endeavors. Otherwise, the Pisces man would slowly swim away from you.


It’s a lot of work to make a Pisces man commit.

He’ll test you in the ways mentioned above. But don’t worry! He’ll mostly do it at the start of the relationship to assess your compatibility.

After that, it will all be smooth sailing. You can be assured that it’s worth it once you earn his trust and he opens up to you.

Once you prove to be well-matched, he’ll be the man of your dreams. He’ll take you for a spin in ways you think only exist in fantasies.

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