10 ways to get over the heartbreak of dating an emotionally unavailable guy

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As if breaking up isn’t hard enough, getting over the heartbreak of dating an emotionally unavailable guy is next level.

These men can be so frustrating to date, especially when feelings are involved on your end.

Luckily, there are 10 things you can do to get over the heartbreak!

1) Find a way to deal with the emotional pain

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the emotional pain of dating an emotionally unavailable guy, find a way to deal with it.

Maybe spending time with friends or family can help you cope.

Maybe looking back on the relationship and writing down your thoughts will help you process the hurt.

Think about it: in order to not take away any trauma from this experience, it’s important to find a way to cope with your emotions.

Some other ideas for dealing with the pain are:

  • working out
  • meditation
  • doing breathwork
  • journaling
  • scream therapy

Basically, anything that lets your energy flow freely so that your emotions don’t get stuck.

You see, the last thing you want is stuck emotions.

Perhaps you enjoy artistic creation- that could be another way for you to transform your emotions and give them an outlet.

Sometimes, these experiences open us up to new hobbies we never would have tried otherwise.

Who knows, maybe breaking up with this guy will be the best thing that’s ever happened to you!

When it comes to your situation, there is something you can do to feel better.

And it’s as simple as taking a breath.

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So what made this breathwork video so effective?

Well, it comes down to the man behind it all. Rudá created these unique flows using a combination of ancient shamanic techniques and healing breathwork sequences.

He’s spent years developing them to help people find their inner peace.

So, if you feel a disconnect with yourself due to your recent heartbreak, I’d recommend checking out Rudá’s free breathwork video.

He’ll give you the tools to start injecting peace and confidence back into your life, from the very first breathwork exercise.

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2) Get moving on with your life

One of the most important things you can do is get moving on with your life.

This will help you to better focus on your life and not worry about the emotional issues that are going on.

You need to show yourself that you are still strong and that you can move on from this guy.

This will give you the confidence to move forward with your life.

It’s important to show yourself that you are not weak.

You see, in order to get over the heartbreak of dating an emotionally unavailable guy, it’s important for you to believe in yourself and your strength.

Understand that he was the problem, not you. Don’t let this take a toll on your perception of self-worth.

It’s not your fault you’re going through this, and it’s not your fault that he was emotionally unavailable.

This is an issue in his life and he needs to work on it, not you.

Believe it or not, most, if not all of the time that someone hurts you, it is 100% about them and not about you.

Does that mean you should accept it and let it happen again and again?

Of course not.

But you can easily forgive and move on when you understand that their actions have nothing to do with you.

Forgive him for being emotionally unavailable and move on with your life.

Your happiness is more important than chasing an unavailable guy.

3) Take some time for yourself

One of the most important things you can do in order to get over the heartbreak of dating an emotionally unavailable guy is to take some time for yourself.

This could mean going for walks, reading books, or spending time with friends.

This will allow you to relax and find comfort in something other than the person you’re dating.

It’s important to take time for yourself because you will be able to better focus on your life and your emotions.

You need to show yourself that you are not weak and that you are able to move on from this guy.

You see, in order to get over the heartbreak of dating an emotionally unavailable guy, it’s important for you to remember that you are whole all on your own, and you don’t need a guy to “complete you”.

Sometimes, in relationships, we give up parts of ourselves and forget about them.

Take this time as an opportunity to reclaim and embrace everything you are as a person!

Maybe you can pick up a hobby again or just spend more time with friends, either way, it’s important to take care of yourself.

Taking care of yourself looks different for everyone, but a few ways you can do this are by

  • eating healthy
  • exercising
  • finding hobbies that make you happy
  • meditating
  • doing breathwork
  • journaling
  • buying new clothes or makeup
  • drinking enough water
  • getting plenty of sleep
  • being in the sunshine a bit every day

You will feel better and be more confident when you take care of yourself.

There’s a reason why you don’t find fulfillment in relationships – you’re reliant on your partner for happiness and not yourself.

But when you learn to trust yourself and tap into the incredible pool of personal power within you, you’ll find what you’ve been searching for all along.

You see, we all have an amazing amount of potential. We’re all capable of achieving more than we realize. Happiness is within reach, we just look for it in all the wrong places.

And this has a knock-on effect on everything else in our lives, including our relationships.

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He uses a unique approach that combines ancient shamanic techniques with an effective modern-day twist.

In his excellent free video, Rudá explains how you can build the life and relationships you’ve always wanted and move on from toxic partners, simply by following a few of his techniques.

So if you’re ready to take the plunge and live the life you know you deserve, check out his genuine advice below.

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4) Talk to someone about your feelings

Perhaps the most important thing you can do after breaking up with an emotionally unavailable guy is to talk to someone about your feelings.

This will help you understand why you feel the way you do, and it may also provide some helpful guidance.

Talking to someone about your feelings will make you feel better and help you move on from this heartbreak.

It may also help you understand why the man you’re dating is emotionally unavailable and how to deal with it in the future.

Your friends and family can be a great beacon of hope here.

Take time to talk to them and open up about your feelings.

You’d be surprised how many people are more than happy to lend a listening ear.

Be sure to share the details of your situation and what you are struggling with.

You don’t have to share your entire life story, but it can be helpful to share what you’re experiencing.

If you don’t know how to talk about these things, ask a friend or a family member for advice if they were in a similar situation.

They may have experienced similar feelings and know exactly how to help you.

You’re not alone in this and there will be someone who can help!

If talking to a friend or family member is not possible, then there are plenty of other ways to process your break-up.

For example, you could read a book on dating and relationships, attend a workshop on emotional intelligence, or attend a support group for dating and relationship therapists.

5) Move on from your relationship

One of the most important things you can do when you’re dating an emotionally unavailable guy is to move on.

This means moving on from your relationship and not dwelling on it too much.

Of course, you shouldn’t suppress your feelings and emotions, but just be aware of how much energy you give him each day by letting him dominate your thoughts.

And if all that doesn’t work?

Think about the positive side of breaking up!

You don’t want to put yourself through any more pain by continuing to date someone who’s not worth your time and energy and who’s emotionally unavailable, right?

So take a deep breath, think about what you want and what you’re going to do about it.

And then do it!

Don’t let your feelings of sadness and anger make you stay in a relationship that’s not working for either of you.

You deserve to be happy and have someone who will respect your emotional needs.

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6) Avoid social media contact

If you’re trying to get over the heartbreak of dating an emotionally unavailable guy, avoid social media contact as much as possible.

It can be difficult to move on when you have feelings for someone and keep reaching out to them on social media.

It’s important not to put yourself through any more pain by being in contact with him.

So, what does that mean for you?

  • stop following him on social media
  • don’t stalk his profiles
  • don’t like/comment on all his posts

If possible, just take him out of your life completely, for now.

Trust me, this will help enormously with moving on.

7) Deal with the aftermath of your relationship

After a break-up, it’s important to deal with the aftermath.

Your emotions and your thoughts can be overwhelming, but it’s important to work through them.

For example, do you need some space?

Maybe you need to talk to a friend or family member about how you’re feeling.

Or maybe you just want to get out of your home, go for a walk, or watch a movie on TV?

This can be difficult, but it’s important to get your life back on track.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed or trapped, it can be helpful to talk to a friend or therapist.

You may also want to read self-help books or watch online video guides on how to get over a break-up.

The aftermath of dating an emotionally unavailable guy can often include trust issues.

You may find it difficult to trust someone again after a break-up, especially if you’re not sure how they feel about you.

The thing is, trust is not dependent on exterior factors.

Once you have internalized this, life will become so much easier.

Let me explain:

You will never be able to control what other people say, do, think, or feel.

Now: you can despair and hate that fact, living in fear for the rest of your life.


You can choose to root your trust in something you can control:

The fact that you will be okay regardless.

You see, if you trust yourself that you will be okay no matter what happens, trust issues become a problem of the past.

8) Talk to a therapist about your feelings

If you’re feeling overwhelmed and upset after a break-up, talk to a therapist about your feelings. They can provide you with support and guidance.

There are many therapists who specialize in dating and relationships issues, so it’s important to speak with one who will be able to help you sort through your thoughts and feelings.

Some people are hesitant to go to a therapist because they say that they have no “serious” issues.

But think about it: if your leg has been hurting for months you will go to the doctor, even though you know it’s not a broken leg, right?

It’s the same here. You don’t have to be seriously ill in order to benefit from seeing a therapist.

If you’re in pain and you need help, you should do it.

9) Focus on your other passions

It can be tough to focus on moving on from someone when you’re constantly worried about them.

But, by focusing on your other passions, you’ll be less focused on the relationship and more focused on your own happiness.

By taking time for yourself, you’ll be less likely to feel upset when the guy you’re interested in is emotionally unavailable.

Finding your passion can be the key to moving on from an unhealthy relationship.

What should you do if you feel like you have no passion?

Look for something you love to do, and then work on it.

If you love music, play music.

If you love writing, write.

Don’t let yourself feel like there’s nothing to do in your life.

There are so many things you can do, and if you find something that really speaks to your soul and makes you happy, it will be easier to focus on moving on from an unhealthy relationship.

Sometimes it helps to think back to what you loved doing as a kid.

These early passions can give you a hint of what would bring you joy as an adult.

10) Find a new relationship with an emotionally available guy

Finding a new relationship with an emotionally available guy can be tough, but it’s important to remember that there are people in the world who are just as interested in finding a new partner as you are.

Searching for someone to share your life with is a huge step, and it’s important to remember that it might take some time.

This should not be your first step, by the way.

You see, first, you should heal from dating an emotionally unavailable guy before heading right into the next relationship.

Maybe you know the saying: “If you don’t heal your wounds, you’ll bleed on people who didn’t cut you.”

Basically, it means that if you still have your trust issues and sadness from the previous relationship, you might sabotage your new, healthy relationship subconsciously.

Let’s say you have healed and are ready to date again.

Some of the things you can do to find someone who is just as interested in finding a new relationship as you are:

-Use online dating services to see if there are any potential matches out there who would be a good fit for you

-Talk to friends and family members about what you’re going through and see if they can offer any advice or support. They may be able to point you in the right direction.

-Think about what kind of relationship you want. If you’re looking for something more serious, you may want to look into a dating service that specializes in finding relationships with emotionally available guys.

-Be patient. It can take time for these relationships to develop, and sometimes it takes a lot of effort on both sides involved to make them work.

-Don’t let yourself get lost in the emotional distance. Remember that there are people out there who want a relationship as much as you do.

When you do meet the one, take it slow.

Even if he is the perfect partner, there will be issues to work through, that’s completely normal and nothing to be worried about.

Make sure this time you put your needs first and don’t accept anything less than you deserve.

Can a relationship coach help you too?

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