8 surprising habits of couples who stay together forever

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Know a couple who’s still in love after many years?

You must be thinking: what’s their secret? 

The idea of spending a lifetime with someone can be hard to wrap your head around. Believe me, I get it. The movies never tell us how to do it!

So here are some surprising habits of couples who stay together for life, if you’re curious…

Let’s get started!

1) They can tell each other everything

One thing about those couples who stay together forever is that they tell each other everything!

That sounds obvious, doesn’t it?

But it’s much more than just sharing the joys! It’s also about knowing how to talk through the bad times together…

Let’s face it. It’s easy to make good memories! After all, don’t you enjoy the company of your loved one the most?

For example, when they achieve a goal or succeed at a new task, you feel their happiness in equal measure!

That said, when they’re down, you should also want to comfort them and share in the pain…

If you’re in a relationship and want to make it last, remember that there should be little to no secrets between you two!

2) They don’t tolerate bullsh*t

Here’s the thing.

Those couples who stay together forever must have seen everything, even the bad! 

For example, they must’ve seen what their partner looks like after having a bad day, or what happens when they’re too busy to express love…

But this is the secret to their long-lasting relationship: it’s that they don’t take bullsh*t! 

Let me explain.

It’s about holding your partner accountable for their actions, and not letting it slide just because you love them! 

3) They know how to set boundaries

Now that I’ve mentioned the importance of not tolerating bullsh*t, let’s look at another habit of these couples: they know how to set boundaries.

Here’s how they do it.

As I said earlier, it can be easy to sweep things under the rug when you’re deeply in love.

You may think, “Who cares, I’d do anything for them!’ And that you don’t mind picking up after them, or letting them get lazy around the house.

But for a relationship to last, you need to be firm. You will also need to know how to say “no, I don’t like this.”

Those couples who last forever know that if you have to speak up about something, you do it – no questions asked!

4) They don’t spend every moment together

I know, I know.

You must be thinking this: that if a couple’s so in love, they will want to spend every waking moment together!

But you’re wrong.

While it’s true that these couples enjoy each other’s company the most, they know it’s important to have a life outside the relationship!

And they do this by making sure to give attention to friends and family.

There’s no need to worry when they’re in such a committed partnership! At the end of the day, they know who to return to: the love of their life…

5) They know when to put their phones down

Here’s the truth about relationships: things can get boring after a while! But those couples who last forever know how to get past this.

It’s by making sure to always be present with each other!

This is why they know when to put their phones down. There are endless distractions around us…and who’s to say we aren’t distracted by the potential of a new relationship?

These couples know that it’s rare to find such stability in each other’s company! And when they put their phones down, they get to appreciate the special bond they have…

6) They keep a routine together

Another surprising habit of couples who stay together forever is that they keep a routine!

What do I mean?

Well, I know I said that these couples know how to have a life outside of the relationship! But there are still things in their daily life that connect them to each other – and it’s some sort of routine!

It doesn’t have to be complicated. 

They could make it a point to do grocery shopping together every week, or walk the dog every evening. 

Whether it’s making sure things in the house are in order or keeping fit, they know it’s important to have a common goal to work towards!

7) They know how to be spontaneous 

Speaking of keeping a routine brings me to my next point…

These couples also know how to be spontaneous! While it may not be obvious, it actually goes hand-in-hand with doing things together every week.

Here’s an example.

One person’s got to stay up for work, and it’s eaten into their movie night on Tuesdays! So how do they make up for lost time?

Maybe they agree to give up on alone time that week so they can reconnect, by heading to the movie theatre after a long time!

And this is important because it keeps the relationship exciting, just like in the initial stages…

It’s also what keeps these two people together: they know they’ll always compromise for each other.

8)  They reaffirm their love for each other

Being together for a long time, these couples know how to reaffirm their love for each other! 

And they do it more often than you’d expect…

Whether it’s showing their love through passionate sex or surprising each other with gifts, both parties will always feel appreciated!

That’s what makes them want to stay. 

This is the secret of the relationships that last forever: they both see the value of being together, and that no one else will compare!


We’ve now discussed what it’s like to be in a committed relationship, to the point you’re sure you want to be together forever!

If you’ve stumbled upon this article, you must have realized it’s hard to find someone you’ll enjoy being around for that long…

Don’t lose hope though: I swear your person’s out there!

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