10 reasons a guy acts as if he likes you but then talks about his girlfriend

You’ve just had a great conversation with a guy, and then he’s suddenly talking about his girlfriend.

Why does this happen?

Here are 10 reasons a guy might act as if he likes you but then talks about his girlfriend.

1) It’s only a compliment

A guy might be trying to compliment you when he is acting as if he likes you.

He might be saying things to you like, “You look really pretty today,” or, “I like your shirt.”

He’s just trying to be nice and let you know that he thinks you look good.

You see, some guys don’t really see normal compliments as flirting, they are simply trying to be genuinely kind.

So, watch out for other cues for flirting outside of the compliments he’s giving you.

If there aren’t any – he was simply complimenting you.

2) He’s trying to see if you’re interested

A guy might mention his girlfriend to see if you’re interested in him.

Sometimes when a guy is talking about his girlfriend, it might be because he wants to see how much you like him.

You see, sometimes guys will flirt as a test of your feelings for them.

They aren’t really interested in you, they are just trying to see if they “still got it”.

Once you jump in and react positively to the flirting, he has his confirmation and that’s when he’ll mention his girlfriend.

Don’t let him try to play games with you.

3) He doesn’t want to hurt your feelings

Men can have a hard time telling a woman she’s not his type.

To avoid hurting your feelings, he might act as if he likes you so that he can end the conversation without hurting you.

That’s also when the girlfriend excuse comes in handy – before you get any ideas, he mentions that he’s taken and that’s how he gets out of the situation.

Don’t take this personally, I’m sure you’ve done something similar at some point.

Think about it: how often have you used the excuse “I have a boyfriend” for guys at the club you didn’t find attractive?

This guy was probably just trying to let you down easy by being nice to you first.

Don’t let this influence your confidence in any way. Everyone has a different type and the most beautiful woman to one man can be mediocre or not attractive to someone else.

You are beautiful, no matter what!

4) He likes the attention from you

Maybe he likes being in the company of a woman and enjoys talking to you.

He might be feeling the attention you are giving him, but not want to admit it.

This can be especially true if the guy is married or in a relationship with someone else.

Some guys might be flirting with you as a way to forget about their problems at home.

This is a low-key way of getting attention.

As long as he stays within the boundaries of his relationship, there’s nothing wrong with this behavior.

Do you want to know a secret?

Sometimes, getting extra attention from someone else will actually help bring back more sexual tension and attraction into your relationship!

5) He is in an open relationship

One reason that a guy might act as if he likes you but then talks about his girlfriend is that he may be in an open relationship with his significant other.

One of the benefits of being in an open relationship is that it allows both people to focus on their needs without always having to worry about what the other person is doing.

This would be a great explanation for why this guy was acting like he likes you before mentioning his girlfriend.

However, if he was in an open relationship, you probably wouldn’t be reading this article in the first place because he would have probably mentioned that right away.

6) The boundaries with his girlfriend make it okay to flirt with other people

Some guys may flirt with other women because he and his girlfriend agreed that flirting with others is okay.

You see, every couple has different boundaries and, believe it or not, a lot of couples enjoy flirting with other people.

This really just comes down to personalities and how much they trust each other.

He and his girlfriend might be flirting with others but as soon as things get a tad more serious, they immediately mention their partner.

That could be part of the agreement and the reason why, out of the blue, he mentioned his girlfriend to you!

If you feel like he is messing with you, just don’t engage in any further contact with him.

And if you enjoy the flirty banter – by all means, keep going.

7) It’s an ego boost

Some guys will find it flattering that you’re showing interest in them.

They may enjoy the ego boost they receive and use it as an opportunity to feel better about themselves.

It’s a way for them to prove to themselves, and perhaps also to you, that he has other options and is not desperate.

Sure, you probably don’t want to be used as an ego boost, but try to turn the roles around:

He is using you as an ego boost, which means you are ego-boost worthy.

Technically, you can use that as an ego boost yourself and then move on.

8) He wants to make sure you’re ‘available’ for him

Often, a guy will flirt with you to make sure that you would be available in case he was single.

He may be interested in you but doesn’t want to get into a relationship.

If he is not interested in getting into a relationship, then why flirt?

It’s just a way for him to make sure that you are available for him should the time come.

You see, some guys will flirt with you because they want to feel better about themselves and see how far they can get.

They will use this as an ego boost and use it as an opportunity to show off – which can be very flattering for them if they are feeling down about themselves.

9) He wants to break up with his girlfriend

If a guy is talking about his girlfriend during the conversation right after flirting with you, he may want to break up with her but doesn’t know how to do it.

He may not want to hurt her feelings and is torn between wanting to flirt with others while simultaneously feeling guilty about it.

Or, he is scared of being single and wants a relationship so bad that he is already using you as his backup option in case he will be single.

You see, some people can’t stand the thought of being alone.

Not being in a relationship terrifies them so much that they immediately dive head-first into the next connection they make with someone.

Perhaps that connection is you!

10) He wasn’t trying to flirt

A guy might have been talking to you with no intention of flirting with you.

He might have said something that made you think he was flirting and felt compelled to clarify his intentions.

Or, he might have been just chatting with you and not really interested in you.

He is just being friendly but doesn’t realize how flirty he is being.

Most people don’t realize how flirty they are until they are told by someone else that they are being flirty.

What should you do now?

Well, first and foremost, you should gauge the situation.

If he’s in an open relationship, there really isn’t anything speaking against pursuing things with him.

However, if you notice that he’s in a committed, loving relationship, then you can’t really pursue things with him.

You only have yourself to blame if you fall for him and end up getting hurt.

If he’s in a committed relationship, then it’s best to keep your distance from him so that he doesn’t end up hurting himself or someone else by falling for you and getting hurt in the process.

This might not be what you want to hear, but I think as women, we owe it to our sisters to immediately stop pursuing a man who is with someone else.

Do your part in rebuilding the trust in fellow women!

Too often, that trust has been broken by women who were fully aware of a man being taken and still trying to get with him.

Don’t be like that, and honor fellow women!

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