Have a gut feeling she’s cheating, but no proof? Do these 12 things

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One of the most common reasons for marital strife is infidelity. 

The signs of cheating can be difficult to detect.

You just have a gut feeling she’s cheating, but you can’t be one hundred percent sure. You’re torn between confronting her and letting it go.

You might start wondering whether you’re being paranoid and overreacting, but you simply don’t have the proof to know for sure. 

If you think your girlfriend is cheating, there are some ways that you can find out for sure. 

Here are 12 things you can do to prove your partner is cheating on you.

1) Do not confront her immediately.

Your gut feeling of cheating might be right.

But don’t confront her immediately.


You feel cheated on so you are angry and might lose your temper and accuse her of cheating on you.

If you do this, it will be almost impossible to get the truth out of her. 

She is likely to lie and deny it because she’s scared of what could happen if she tells the truth.

Don’t accuse her of cheating right away because she might deny it and will probably think you are just having an affair on your own. 

Allow her to feel the pain of being caught cheating by not confronting her right away. 

Let’s say it takes you three days to realize that your partner is cheating on you.

This time allows her to deny it and makes it harder for you to prove your suspicions.

2) Approach her sensually.

Your partner might be wary of getting caught when she is cheating

So, now you have to approach her in a way that’s so subtle she doesn’t suspect anything. 

Step up the romance and show her how much you love and care for her. 

Do not accuse her of cheating at this point; rather, express your feelings to show her how much she means to you. 

It’s true!

It is easier to believe your partner when she looks and behaves like a cheating lover.

You should approach her with a semi-sensual appearance. 

Approach her with your hair a little messy, clothes slightly unkempt and a seductive manner. 

Do not appear aggressive and make it look like you are worried about their infidelity. 

This will make your partner more relaxed and willing to admit that they are cheating on you.

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4) Stalk her.

If you think your girlfriend is cheating on you, do not just sit back and wait for the proof. 

You have to act quickly. 

Act with stealth and never meet her in public places or social functions. 

Her fear will be so high, she’ll forget she’s cheating on you if you stay out of sight. 

This will give your partner the time to think about what is going on between them without being afraid that they are being watched. 

In fact:

Stalking is legal in most countries as long as you do not break the law.

You should be careful not to cross the line.

If your partner doesn’t suspect being followed, it will be easier for you to gather evidence of infidelity. 

You can use this time to confirm whether your girl is cheating on you or not.

5) Ask the same question repeatedly.

Do you think your partner is cheating? 

Here is another technique that will not only strengthen your suspicions but it will also prove to you whether or not they are cheating on you. 

Ask them the same question repeatedly.

For example: “Is there anyone else?” “Are you cheating on me?” or “Who do you think of when we’re not together?” 

This way, she will feel pressured and unable to answer in a normal way.

You should ask the same question again and again. 

Your girlfriend will be confused and not read between the lines because it might seem random to her. 

She might think you are being aggressive if you keep asking the same question repeatedly. 

Keep at it and do not let up! 

6) Try to find out more about her struggles.

A cheating partner will usually try to hide her feelings and have a good time.

They are not going to tell you everything that’s happening in her life. 

The more information you can get, the better you can assess whether she’s being genuine with you. So start to pay attention to what she’s saying or how she’s acting. 

Here are some things to pay attention to:

  • Has she started talking about problems at work or school? 
  • Is she showing symptoms of mood swings or depression? 
  • Does she seem more withdrawn than usual?  
  • Has her behavior taken a turn for the worse in other areas?

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7) Take her by surprise.

It is a good idea not to confront her after she has been caught cheating on you.

You want her to be in the wrong-fully aware that she has done something wrong. 

Additionally, it’s also important not to make it seem like you’re taking revenge on your partner because that will make her feel nervous about being caught. 

She’s likely to try and hide what she did from you, which will just give you more evidence of her deception

It’s also important not to make it seem like you’re taking revenge on your partner because that will make her feel nervous about being caught. 

In this case, a rational discussion that is devoid of emotions is the best way to handle her. 

If everything goes well, she will come to you with a confession and apologize for cheating on you..

8) Talk to her friends.

Many people are guilty of even sneaking to their friends to confirm their suspicions.

This is one of the best methods because it’s the easiest. 

It is also an opportunity to test your girlfriend’s reaction when she sees or hears you talking about her behind her back. 

Watch for any sudden changes in her mood and check if she seems defensive about the topic of conversation. 

If she does, then chances are she’s guilty and is trying to escape from being found out through denial tactics.

You should not feel bad about talking to other people about your suspicions. 

It’s a fact that 80% of cheaters have another person on the side.

And that’s even if they’re just trying to “hold it together” by keeping in contact with friends and family.

It is time for you to learn what you can do to prevent her from doing the same thing when she finds out you are still interested in her .

9) Try to check her message.

The easiest way to check your girlfriend’s messages is to just ask her.

It is the most obvious way, but it can be very effective if you know what you are looking for. 

However, it is best not to tell her that this is your intention. 

If she realizes that you are checking her phone, she will probably avoid leaving any evidence of infidelity around. 

This makes it harder for you to find out whether your partner is cheating on you or not.

Cheating partners might be too embarrassed to keep messages from their other partner.

They are likely to delete them. 

If you were to access her past chats, you will be able to gain some insight into what exactly is going on between the two of them. 

You’ll know whether your girlfriend is seeing someone else or communicating with someone else in a way that shows she thinks of them as more than just a friend.

10) Dress casually to attract her attention. 

You want your girlfriend to notice something different about you, so dress in a way that only a cheater would wear.

In this way, you will attract her attention to a change in your appearance. You might have to push it a little bit.

You can wear things that are different from what she’s accustomed to seeing you in. 

That’s right!

If you notice a change in mood, pay attention and see if she looks more interested in you than usual. 

Things like new hairstyles and different clothing choices can help you make the point clear: I want to be with other people. At least for the time being.

Your girlfriend will be curious to know what you are up to. 

She’ll probably be suspicious if she knows that you are being “methodical” or focused on something other than her in your attempts to find out the truth. 

Be careful not to scare off the person you want by paying too much attention.

11) Pretend to be hurt. 

If your girlfriend is cheating on you and you think it’s okay to tell her she’s wrong, then take a page out of the cheaters’ books and play the “bad boy” to make her feel jealous

Your ex might be too scared of what you might do if you find out about her affair to come clean. 

You should pretend that you’re hurt and hurt in a way that seems believable. 

That’s the point!

If you think your partner is cheating, pretend you are convinced she cheated on you

She might admit that she has an affair if she thinks that you will never find out. 

She will be more willing to tell the truth if you believe her and act like it’s all over between the two of you.

In other words, act like a woman is cheating and she needs help.

12) Look for signs of strangeness or unusual behavior – Ask for a date. 

If you have suspicions about your girlfriend, allow yourself to be curious about what is going on between her and your other partner. 

Ask her to go out for a date even though you’re planning on breaking up with her. 

This is the most effective way because she won’t suspect that you’re doing this on purpose and will think it’s just natural for you to act interested in someone else.

No wonder!

Sometimes, a change in your appearance can prompt your partner to find out if you’re losing interest in her or not. 

It’s a good idea not to wait for her to come to you with a confession.

In most cases, this will never happen because she’s too scared of the consequences. 

Instead, take the initiative and ask her out on a date. 

If she refuses this invitation, then it might be time for you to be concerned about the feelings you have for her.

Final thoughts

To sum up, if you are in a relationship, the best way is to trust her. 

You’ll never know for sure until you confront her about it. 

If she denies everything and you still think she’s cheating on you, then go ahead and open that door which you closed before. Let her go with dignity. 

However, if she confided in you about her relationship problems and has given the utmost effort to save your relationship, then act accordingly.

By now you should have a good idea of whether she’s cheating on you or not. But if you’re still unsure, I recommend getting in touch with a trustworthy advisor. 

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So instead of leaving things up to chance, take control of this situation and clarify what’s in store for your future.

Speaking to one of their experienced advisors was a turning point for me, and I think it could be for you too. Especially if you want to find out whether she is seeing someone else.

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