“Girl says she doesn’t want a relationship but keeps texting me” – 9 tips if this is you

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Have you ever asked someone out and they turned you down, but now they won’t leave you alone? 

Or do you text with someone who said they don’t want a relationship, but keeps on bombarding you with dating-related texts? In these cases, you might be dealing with someone who is just plain stubborn and refuses to leave your personal space.

So what can we do when someone won’t stop bothering us?

Here are 10 tips that can help keep this person at bay. These tactics will allow you to feel more in control of the situation so that you’re not being forced into an uncomfortable situation without any power.

1) Find out the reason why she keeps texting you

Trust me, there are many reasons why someone can keep trying to get in touch with you. 

For one, she might just want to be friends with you in the first place, or she might want to get back together. She might want something from you. 

Regardless, it’s always best to find out what is going on before making a hasty decision. If you notice she keeps trying to contact you and refuses to leave your life, then the best thing you can do is discreetly ask her for an explanation as much as possible.

To help you with this, here are several reasons why she keeps texting you:

-She feels insecure and wants to feel better about herself by talking to you. 

-She wants other people to know that she’s with you. 

-She has unresolved feelings for you but is afraid that she’ll lose your respect if she tells you how she feels. 

2) Be completely transparent about your intentions

The next step is to be completely transparent about your intentions and what you really want. 

If you ask whether she wants a relationship with you, and she replies that she doesn’t, then it’s obvious that you should let her go. 

However, if she says that she actually wants a relationship with you, yet keeps telling you that she doesn’t, then it’s safe to assume that this person is just too stubborn to know what they really want. 

It can be very frustrating when someone refuses to come clean and admit how they really feel. So when we ask for an explanation for their behavior, the best thing to do is listen carefully and give them the benefit of the doubt. 

3) Understand that boundaries are important

I bet you didn’t know that boundaries are important in a relationship. 

Well, when we’re in a relationship with someone, it’s important that we put our feelings out there and make it clear how we feel. 

By coming across as too cold or too warm to someone, you’re only going to cause a lot of problems for yourself in the long run. So if you really like this person but they don’t want the same from you, then you need to be upfront about your feelings and mention your concerns.

There are many ways to practice this in your relationship with this person as well. In fact, you could easily draw some boundaries for yourself by writing them down and posting them somewhere you can see them frequently- like in your bedroom or bathroom. 

4) Know your worth 

Here’s the truth:

If you don’t know your worth, then you’re vulnerable to negative thoughts about yourself. And if you’re the type of person who doesn’t think highly enough about yourself, then it’s easy for someone else to manipulate your thoughts and make you believe that they like or love you.

However, if you know your worth as a human being and can understand when someone is saying something just to be nice but they really don’t mean it, then it makes communicating with these people easier.

So to help you with this, here are things to remember:

  • You’re a valuable human being
  • You should have enough self-esteem that you know what you’re worth to someone else.
  • When in doubt, just say no. 

If she really wants a relationship with you or if she really cares about you, then she should be willing to work on the problems in her life that are preventing you from having a relationship.

5) Know when to walk away 

In some cases, it’s best to walk away and stop engaging with this person when your heart says that you should. 

This means putting your feelings first so that you don’t feel uncomfortable or awkward for longer than necessary. If you believe that this person is only going to push you away, then it’s best to make the decision to stop communicating with them altogether.

Your thoughts have a powerful impact on your life (this is scientifically proven). So if you’re constantly engaging with someone and having doubts about this person’s intentions, then it can be difficult to trust them. 

That’s why it’s best to put your feelings first and give yourself time to think rationally. If they haven’t made the first move, then take that as a sign that you should walk away.

6) Clear up any doubts she may have about your intentions

Have you ever found her texts or messages confusing? 

Do you think she’s actually interested in having a relationship with you and truly cares about you? 

If her messages seem confusing, then it’s possible that she may be sending them out of sadness or even embarrassment. 

That’s why you can clear up any doubts she may have about your intentions by expressing yourself clearly and communicating your feelings without second-guessing her. 

However, if you try to communicate with her about your feelings and she gives you the cold shoulder, then it’s safe to say that this person doesn’t have any interest in being in a relationship with you.

7) Get clear on what she wants from you before doing anything else

You might think that you’ve got a great sense of what this person wants from you. But it might be confusing if she can’t make any decisions about her feelings or where she stands with you.

However, if you get things sorted, then it makes it easier for the two of you to communicate comfortably and honestly with one another.

So before you do anything else, stop, take some time off from the relationship, and think about what she wants from you in your relationship with her.

The secret?

Paying attention to what she actually says.

She may not be able to make up her mind about things, but she will be willing to tell you what she wants from your relationship. So, if you take the time to listen and understand her feelings, then you’ll be able to help grow and deepen your relationship with this person.

8) Determine if she is actually interested in a relationship with someone else 

There’s still a chance that this person is interested in a real relationship with you. But there’s also a chance that she is holding out for another person who has been getting her attention. 

Even though she may have said some confusing things, it’s still possible that she might be waiting for a better offer or for someone else to call. 

So the tip is to take the time to find out for yourself what she wants from you.

If she is interested in another person, then you need to know that so that you can let go of your feelings and move on from her. 

9) Be honest and respectful of her feelings 

The last tip on relationship advice is about being honest and respectful of a person’s feelings. 

After all, she said she didn’t want a relationship but keeps texting you. So, if you want to show her that you care and that she means a lot to you, then it’s important to show a little bit of respect for her feelings.

You’ll be surprised how far it can go in your relationship with this person when you’re respectful of what she says and does as well. 

That’s because it will prevent you from doing something stupid and avoiding an uncomfortable conversation.

Final thoughts

Hopefully, with these 10 tips about improving your relationship with this person, you’ll be able to let go of your feelings and put yourself first.

And that can help you to build a stronger relationship with her.

Don’t be afraid to follow your heart and do what you know is right for you. You’ll be able to get some much-needed closure from this experience and be able to move forward. 

So, the next time you try to talk with her about your feelings, ask her about her intentions for your relationship. Be mindful of what she says so that you can make the right decision for yourself.

And, hopefully, you’ll find out whether or not she is interested in having a relationship with someone else as well!

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