9 ways to get a Pisces man to like you

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If you have your heart set on a Pisces man then you may be curious about what makes him tick.

And what makes his heart pound as he dives deep into the crystal clear waters of love.

How do you get the Pisces man to like you or get him back after a breakup?

Fortunately, the stars have some answers for us that have paid off for many lovers in the past. 

But before you read further it’s important to keep one big thing in mind. 

Trying to get someone to miss you or come back to you can be a demoralizing feeling. It can feed into feelings of inadequate self-worth and the feeling that you as a woman are only seen by men as a piece of ass or a one-night stand.

This is a bad place to be emotionally, and it can start to seem like there’s no way out. 

The cycle of feeling not good enough and seeking out someone to validate us is deeply painful, and often reflects a lack of integration and acceptance within ourselves. 

We can build up an ocean of expectations and codependency as we hope that the next person who comes along will really understand us or really complete us and make us feel whole. 

Still, Pisces-specific tips can come in very handy, so here’s how to get a Pisces man to fall for you

Understanding the Pisces Zodiac Sign

Pisces is the last and twelfth Zodiac sign and represents a sort of “apex” of the signs. Pisces is the sign of experience and maturity and emotionally sensitive empathy. 

The Pisces tends to be someone who has been through deep trials, low lows and high highs. As a water sign, Pisces has some commonalities with signs like Cancer in being in touch with the sensitive side and in touch with feelings.

The difference is Pisces tends to be sensitive and feeling-oriented to an even greater extent and are what some refer to as old souls. They are empaths in many cases and can feel what’s inside you on a deep level. 

Think of them as a fish swimming around and sensing any disturbances and waves in the water or swimming to bask in a sunny patch. 

Pisces are the king of gut instinct and can “sense” when something is right or wrong. They also are generally very creative and people like Albert Einstein and Steve Jobs are leading examples of Pisces men. They can rise to great heights on the wings of their vibrant imaginations and highly imaginative explorations that can help with new discoveries, innovation and incredible progress in many fields. 

Pisces is ruled by Neptune, which is also very important to understand. The god of the seas is emotionally intelligent but also able to think abstractly and creatively on an epic level that some other Zodiac signs struggle with more. 

Neptune looks to the future and is all about spiritual progression and self-knowledge. The Pisces sign of two fishes actually symbolizes the conscious and subconscious mind. As such, the Pisces man is on a quest to integrate himself and reach a level of spiritual wisdom that transcends the everyday. 

Pisces can be drawn to those who are having a hard time and are usually very generous. They want a partner who complements them on a physical, emotional and soul level. They can never accept a connection that doesn’t really “feel right.”

Remember that the Zodiac has three types of signs: fixed, mutable and cardinal. 

Fixed signs come in the middle of the seasons and are usually action-oriented people, cardinal signs come at the start of a season and are the pioneers who forge new paths, while the mutable signs of Gemini, Pisces, Sagittarius and Virgo are those who have taken the best of the other signs and used it for flexibility and greater wisdom. 

Those from mutable signs are dynamic and can change as they go. Pisces men are generally very in touch with their emotions – sometimes they can even get lost in them. But if you’re wondering how to get a Pisces man to like you here’s a brief guide with some answers.

1) Give him time and space for self-care

As a sensitive man, the Pisces guy can get really wrapped up in his emotions and the emotions of those around him. This can tire him out a lot and leave him just needing some time and space alone for self-care.

Give Pisces man time and self-care

Knowing when to give your Pisces man room to chill and be a sensitive dude will benefit you greatly in the long-term and lead to his growing respect and affection for you as he will sense that you understand his occasional need for space and solitude.

Pisces men aren’t obsessed with being alone, nor are they necessarily emotionally distant or something like that; it is more so that they receive impressions and the emotional impact of events and people more deeply than many other people and they may need time to process and work through emotions and experiences that other people can sometimes gloss over or quickly move past. 

The Pisces man often feels even the pain of wider society and injustice deeply and can also be very affected by distressing news cycles and problems in the world. 

If you don’t give the Pisces man time to process what he’s feeling and work on himself he can become despondent and negative and begin to blame others for demanding too much of him. 

2) Introduce him to your mystery

Pisces guys tend to be drawn to the unknown. Think of their water sign and the deep depths they like to swim in. 

The Pisces man wants to explore and find sunken treasures and glittering gold in the deep blue sea. That gold is your love. 

Or it could be. When you’re too much presenting your “treasure” right in front of him or seeking his attention, the Pisces man may swim away and start seeking out other glittering gems. He wants a challenge and a mystery that can draw him in and foster his creative imagination and passion at a profound level. 

If things have become stale or you’re interacting overly directly the Pisces man may withdraw or lose interest. Keep things a little bit mysterious and keep the waves rolling.

Limit your availability a little bit and don’t check in with him quite as often. When he senses you withdrawing a little bit he will tend to pursue, drawn by the deep current and the connection he feels with you. 

3) Treat him well and pamper him

Pisces often carry the weight of the world on their shoulders and need a place to kick back and be pampered. That’s where you come in. Not as a caregiver or anything over the top, but as a loving partner who cares for their emotional and physical wellbeing.

This could be something as simple as cooking a meal or a gentle massage to just being understanding and easygoing around them and stroking their hair as you watch a movie.

You don’t want to baby a Pisces man, but you do want to treat him with care and intimacy, so that he feels your love for him and sees you as a welcoming refuge amid the storms of the world. He’ll magnify back the love you give him and create a cycle of mutually reinforcing attraction and connection that intensifies over time. 

You want to be there for him but not overly available or needy, just a calm cove that he can meander back to and enjoy frolicking in the waters and sharing love with you. A kiss in front of a warm hearth and some soulful gazing in each others’ eyes will do wonders.

Pisces men are not drama queens, but they do tend to need a lot of care, and they will respond very positively to your affection and love.

4) Reach out with words

Conversation and speech is very important for Pisces men, and often when they are in need of attention they will welcome you talking to them and engaging with them. 

The Pisces man will truly appreciate your words and the emotions and intent behind your words. Sometimes, however, he gets lost in doubts and in his head, and this is when you reach out to him with words.

Assure him about your connection and let him know you’re in this thing together. The Pisces man will sense your authenticity and appreciate your bravery and vulnerability in opening up to him and trying your best to understand him. 

Reach out with words to Pisces Man

Plus, what could be better than spending time talking to the guy you love, right? It’s just important to try to sense if he’s in the “needing space” mode or the “wanting to talk” mode, but as you spend more time together this intuitive knowledge will come more easily. 

Sometimes reassurance and loving words are all it will take to pull the Pisces man back from wandering off into dreamland or into his own problems. 

5) Check in with him emotionally

Pisces men can sometimes leave you feeling discarded or ignored. And that’s not a great feeling. 

You want a guy who you know loves you and who you can count on. When he withdraws you can feel betrayed, unseen and actually kind of insulted. That’s normal to take things personally or feel upset, but with a Pisces man it can be a bit tricky. 

Some women will get angry, sad or resentful. It’s understandable, but with a Pisces man it will tend to backfire – sometimes badly.

During these times when you feel this fellow is pulling away from you in a hurtful way do your best not to take it personally and check in with him emotionally.

The Pisces man almost never means his sulky silences or moods to be taken personally, he’s just caught up in his feelings and retreating into himself. 

True, he may blank you out, but do your best to be that guiding light who’s there for him in the hard times and not dependent on him to boost you up. 

6) Tell him why

Pisces men love having a purpose and an objective. Sometimes it can just be something fun like building a set of shelves or learning about astronomy, but either way they want to know about the why behind things. 

Pisces men long to leave knowledge and wisdom wherever they go and to help make the world a better place. 

The Pisces man may be drawn to activism, teaching and similar professions and will seek out friends and colleagues who share his desire to make a difference about things that matter. 

Having a real appreciation for a Pisces man’s need for purpose will attract and keep him close to you and head over heels. He wants to commit himself to grand projects and purposes that mean something, and you demonstrating that you admire and support him in this will make a big difference. 

They will respond very well to you enhancing and supporting their desire for a mission and a purpose in things both large and small. 

7) Be gentle but firm

Pisces men tend to be sensitive, so be gentle but firm with him. A Pisces guy will do almost anything for you and loves to help those in need, but if you go too hard on him he can become sulking and distant. 

If you go too easy on him he may drift away into Pisces-land. For this reason it’s good to be a bit of a “rock” that is also caring and gentle in your own way. 

The Pisces man lives a bit in his dreams and emotions and he’ll be most entranced by the image of your love as a place of refuge and solace. Sharing your hopes and dreams with him and being gentle and compassionate with him will stimulate his love and desire for you. 

And he’ll also respect and be attracted to your down-to-earth side that calls him back to himself and the present moment. 

Finding the balance between being gentle and firm is a bit of a tough act but it’s certainly possible and will attract the deeper love and interest of your Pisces man who will seek to spend more time around you and respond positively to you. 

8) How to dress for the Pisces man

Pisces men like to dress in looser clothing that’s comfortable and lets him feel at ease in his own skin.

He’ll be more attracted and comfortable if you do the same, and if you wear really tight clothes or uncomfortable high heels he may even feel a bit ill at ease by how tense and uncomfortable you are. 

How to dress for the Pisces man

Being comfortable in your clothes and dressing sexy but in a low-key way will draw the Pisces man towards you and give him a twinkle in his eye. 

Light green and aquamarine blue are especially well-suited colors to catch the Pisces man’s eye.

9) More than just sex

This means that your sexual connection with a Pisces man should be more than just physical. 

Sex matters, definitely, but it’s not everything. The Pisces man wants more and he cares about those things that some guys might not be as focused on like atmosphere, music, the location and so on. 

The sex can still be out of this world – and hopefully it is – but remember that a Pisces guy does get very attracted by all the lead-up and surrounding atmosphere as well, so paying attention to these aspects will really bring him closer to you and strengthen your connection physically and emotionally. 

Foreplay matters to the Pisces man, so you want to really seduce him, not just go from kiss to zipper in record time. 

Concluding thoughts on getting a Pisces man to fall for you

Pisces men are dynamic, dramatic, and deep. They will treat you to the love story of your lifetime and go on dates you’ll never forget with roses and all. They can be the man of your dreams who you always hoped would one day arrive …

And then they do arrive. It can be a heart-pounding experience and you can fall in love fast. 

The one red flag for a Pisces man, however, is a woman who demands that he change who he is to be with her. He won’t respond well to this at all. This includes trying to pressure him into your interests or beliefs. 

But giving a Pisces man the right mix of gentleness and firmness and respecting his boundaries and need for exploration and spiritual growth on his own terms can be the spark that lights the fire of love. 

The Pisces man in love …

When a Pisces man is in love he will never go half-way. He’ll dive straight in the deep end and not come up for air for a long time. 

He may tell you he feels things he’s never felt before or that you’re the kindred spirit and lover he’s always been searching for. And he’ll mean it. 

The Pisces man is nothing if not genuine. 

The thing is he very likely meant it before when he said it to women in the past, too. So always maintain that little bit of hesitation before completely giving yourself away too, until you know deep in your heart it’s for real. 

Pisces men are always learning and growing and changing, and it’s the same in their relationships. As he progresses in his personal and spiritual journey, the Pisces man feels deeply and commits totally – at least for awhile. But he can change and be volatile at times, so make sure you’re really in love before you take a chance. 

Having a relationship with a Pisces man …

Having a relationship with a Pisces man isn’t easy and he can be temperamental and come and go emotionally. He won’t be one of those guys who always remembers special days or is super reliable. 

He’ll also tend to be a bit wishy-washy in his own intentions and goals for the future. Pisces men have been known to ghost women at an above-average rate, so keep an eye on his slippery tail and try to notice the signs of him backing away for the exit. 

At the same time, he’ll be highly romantic and dedicated to you on an emotional level.

The truth is Pisces men are a bit of a mystery. They feel deeply and care for others including in their romantic life, but they can also be undependable and confusing. Nonetheless, if you treat a Pisces man right and work to uncover the layers of his soul, you can share a special journey together full of love, laughter, and growth.

Or, you can try something else to get him to like you. 

If you can tap into something called the Hero Instinct, everything about your relationship with him will change. Whether you aren’t sure of a Pisces man’s level of commitment, or if you’re just looking for a surefire way to make him fall for you, tapping into his hero instinct is the way to do it.

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