10 genuine signs he will never forget you (complete list)

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When someone says they know the feeling, it can be a little scary – since you can’t be sure.

Life is too short to waste moments dwelling on why someone won’t remember you. 

There are, however, things that you are or you did that he’ll never forget

Here’s a list of 10 signs your guy never forgets how much he loves you and how great it was being with you.

1) He blows off his friends

Picture this: You’re out with the girls for a night of fun, and this guy is busy. 

He doesn’t want to cancel plans at the last minute. Instead, he’s blowing off his friends—even though he is having a great time with them—just because he wants to be with you. 

Guys who love you don’t flake on their friends for anyone else but you. 

If he still makes time to hang out with you even if it’s at the expense of his friends, he has a lot of spare energy for you. 

He wants to be with you and asks you to tell him about your day – you are still on his mind to care about your well-being. 

He might even ask you to describe what you did that day and why. 

You know he’ll not only be listening but also remembering what you told him because your guy loves to remember details of your life.

He might even stop by unexpectedly at your place just because he feels like seeing your pretty face. 

You’re flattered and shocked to see him there, but it doesn’t let that stop him from making his presence felt in your life. 

2) He still makes you feel special

Remember the days when you felt valued and loved by this man? Yes, some of his ways are still the same:

  • He still expresses his love for you when he plays with your hair or rubs your feet. 
  • He was with you for a while, so chances are he knows the way to your heart. 
  • He knows how to treat you and is often able to make you laugh even when there’s nothing funny going on. 
  • He can tell jokes even if he doesn’t think they’re funny and know what makes you tick without being asked or told. 
  • If he’s still thinking of you, there’s a reason for it. 

He wants to make you feel good and special, so he’ll make an effort to do so. 

He might even find a way to surprise you exorbitantly because he knows that the smallest act of kindness can go unnoticed. 

Your guy is willing to go the extra mile for you, so don’t be surprised if he surprises you on special occasions or when you least expect it.

He might be doing something else, but he’ll remember something about you and thinks: “She was pretty funny.” 

He’ll take time out of his busy schedule to do something for you and make you feel like a priority

3) He’s still talking about you

When you thought he forgot about you, he could be telling his friends and family how great it was being with you. 

About the feeling of discovering you again and how surprising it was that he felt the same way all over again. 

About how truly special you were and how unexpectedly real your feelings were. 

He’s not just bragging to impress you, but he’s stating it as the truth because, in his mind, that’s exactly what happened. 

Your friends or colleagues might ask and wonder why the two of you aren’t together anymore since all he does is mention you or ask about you on them.

He might even share some of the things you were like together and how much of a difference you made in his life.

4) He’s waiting for the right time

Knowing how things went down between you, it’s obvious that he hasn’t forgotten about you. 

He knows that the two of you were a real couple for a long time and he doesn’t want to rush anything to make it work again. 

He wants to ensure that he doesn’t come off as desperate or try too hard because if he does, it will only cause more trouble and confusion for you. 

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5) He tells you he misses you when he’s apart from you

You’ll learn to treasure these moments of missed connection even more because he’s the type who longs for the beautiful things in life when he was with you.

Think of these: He might miss you when he needs to focus on work, when he needs to be with his friends, or when his whole body aches and begs him to rest. 

You’re both heartbroken that you’ve been apart for too long and that often made him think of you. 

When a man says that he is missing you, this is a sure way to say he’s still thinking of you and feeling the pull to be with you again.

Not only that, he might even show hints of the regret he is feeling when the two of you broke up. He might apologize again for his mistakes during the relationship. 

It’s as if he knows that breaking up isn’t a mistake, but it’s being away from you that hurts.

When he’s missing you, it means a lot to him to let you know how much he misses and wants to be with you again.

By now, he knows that what we want doesn’t change – although our surroundings often do. 

He’s willing to adjust his plans because he wants to get back together with the best girl of his life.

6) He likes all of your posts on your social media

Notice his activity of your posts on your social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.) and see that he was really paying attention to all the things you do. 

He checks them nearly every day just to see if you’ve been posting anything new. 

You might be surprised by how many photos he sees because your guy is paying attention and reviewing all of your posts, why? He wants to make sure that you’re okay. 

Don’t be surprised if he has liked and commented on all your posts, too. 

In fact, he might have been posting comments on some of them just to let you know that he’s actually looking at what you’re doing out there. 

He might even have liked or commented on some of the things you’ve posted simply because they were hilarious or cute. 

And the best part? Seeing you posting something on your social media will leave a smile on his face. 

He’s happy to know that you’re doing well.

In fact, you’ll discover that he’s been looking at your posts on a daily basis. 

7) He is not seeing anyone

He might make it noticeably obvious to you, but he’s not seeing anyone else. 

He’s giving you all the space and time you need to be with him if and when you’re ready. 

In fact, he didn’t make any plans to see someone else because he wants to make sure that his mind is clear and that he’s only focused on the two of you. 

It’s been weeks, months or even years since the two of you broke up, but he still keeps his schedule open whenever you might like to see him. 

If he’s not seeing anyone else, it means that there’s a good chance that he’s waiting for the right time to talk to you and make the offer of getting back together again. 

You’ll know what his intentions are from how easygoing and kind he is when you’re around him. 

8) He stays in touch with your family and friends

When two people break up, it’s a common scenario that they will stop communicating with their ex’s family or friends – but that’s something he won’t do. 

Not only has your ex been in touch with your family and friends, but he hasn’t completely cut ties. 

He is probably still in contact with your family and friends and knows that you will likely be calling them for some self-reflection about him. 

He’s not the kind of guy who will avoid the questions or comments in fear of hurting your feelings, but he does know that it’s not his place to answer. 

You know that he enjoys talking and communicating with you, so that’s why he wants to keep in touch with the people you care.

By staying in touch with your family and friends, he’s letting you know that he cares so much about you.

If you still care about him, wouldn’t this make you happy?

What better way to show the people who matter in your life how much you care about each other and how happy being together made the two of you? 

9) He’s easy to reach

Should you happen to not have contact with him for a while, it’s a good sign that he’s easily available whenever you need his contact. 

You see, if he doesn’t want to talk,  he’ll find a way to be difficult because it will add tension and divide the two of you. 

By trying to avoid any contact with your ex, it will only cause more pain and heartache for both of you – that’s just not healthy for anyone.

But, if every time you’re in need of his attention or contact, he’s always on your page and readily available, this just clearly shows that you’re on his mind – no matter what. 

He’s not a stalker, nor is he trying to hide in the shadows. He just wants to keep in touch with you whenever you want. 

All that shows that he wants to make sure you’re OK and that the two of you still care about each other even when you’ve moved on with your lives. 

You might think that he’s too busy with work or school to spare time to call you or make an effort to connect with you. You might even be right! 

But, what makes it so obvious that he wants to reconnect with you is the fact that he is actually trying. 

10) He wants to get back together with you

It’s not wrong to think that he’s just being nice about things or playing games with you, but that’s not the case. 

He doesn’t want to punish you for the past, nor does he want you to feel like he’s trying too hard. 

He understands that everything happened for a reason and that it was meant to be on his end

Although he’s still on the fence about what he wants, he’s not giving up on you. He knows that it’s time for you to feel happy again, and that’s why he wants you back. 

He doesn’t want to pressure you into doing anything and is a reserved sort of guy. He won’t force the relationship on you or try to rush things unless he feels confident in the way things have been going.


If this man is still waiting for you to make an effort in contacting him about what happened, it means that he’s still not ready to let go of you. 

He wants you to be happy, and although he might appear a bit uninterested in the relationship, it’s because he sees how much your ending has hurt you and that things could have been different had the two of you worked things out.

If you were the one who made an effort to reach out in the months or even years since breaking up, then this is where you will want to continue making an effort in reading this article. 

It’s good for you to put yourself back in the position where you want him back and keep reminding yourself of what a great guy he is.

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