10 geeky Valentine’s Day memes to share and laugh about

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Valentine’s Day is…well, something else.

People love it with as much passion as they hate it, and it leaves almost nobody indifferent.

Poly, monogamous, single, or dating casually, Valentine’s Day is coming for us all.

What better way to be prepared than with the top 10 geekiest memes about it?

After all, memes are what keep us going most of the time.

Check out this list of freshly picked memes right on your screen.

Top 5 geekiest Valentine’s Day memes for single folks

Yeah, we see you.

If you hate lovey-dovey posts online from friends, enemies, and strangers on Valentine’s day, these memes are going to be your healthy coping mechanism.

They’re as geeky as you are.

Enjoy and share with other single friends!

Sheldon Cooper eradicating the love virus from his environment

What gives you maximum levels of cringe? Couples being all sweet online or couples in public doing that exact same thing?

For some, the only solution is to stay off the internet and the streets for a day.

We love Sheldon Cooper almost as much as we love this meme, and that’s why we chose it.

Stay geeky!

Superheroes and their… complicated love lives

Not all single people are angry with Valentine’s Day, though.

Some of us are just trying to survive a harsh world out there with our hearts ready to love again!

Alas, the world always needs saving and it’s not an easy job to be the one to do it.

Maybe next Valentine’s Day we’ll have found our very own Mary Jane Watson to geek out with.

For the time being, let’s focus on developing our superpowers.

Han Solo isn’t afraid of Valentine’s Day

We seriously doubt someone like Han Solo can stay single for long, but we put up the meme because… yeah, we can relate.

Having a solo Valentine’s Day celebration isn’t a bad plan, actually.

Chocolate, wine, and Netflix? We’re here for it!

Alternatively, dreaming about Harrison Ford is never a waste of time.

Dwight Schrute on the spot

Bears. Beets. Battlestar Galactica. Valentine’s Day.

If you’re as tired with all the Valentine’s Day fanfare as Dwight from The Office, the geekiest geek that’s ever geeked, we understand.

Valentine’s Day is intense for all of us.

Just remember: treating yourself is the best thing you can do in every situation.

And this time, you’re not spending tons of money on someone else! Invest it all in yourself and enjoy it.

Harry Potter’s clever strategy

We don’t encourage this behavior, but we did laugh at this one.

Harry Potter eventually found himself a great Valentine’s, and we have a lot of faith in you as well.

Get that Amortentia into action and Slytherin to someone’s pants!

(See what we did there?)

For couples, throuples, and situationships

You’re partnered up and it’s all going great. This means that Valentine’s Day is easier for you, right?


Now you have to plan an entire romantic day, and if you’re a man, you better step up to the game because other men will certainly do.

Love’s in the air, and being geeky with your partner is a great way to express it.

Oh yeah, we got memes for everyone here.

In fact…

If you keep scrolling, you’ll probably find one you can relate to on the list.

Share it with your partner(s) and laugh about silly wordplays together.

Star Wars is in our hearts

Maybe it’s Luke’s face, or perhaps it’s the clever use of Yoda there. Either way, we laughed out loud with this one and we had to share it with you!

Yoda one for us, baby.

May the force –of love– be with you on this Valentine’s Day.

Here’s a fun date idea: take your partner to the planetarium and explore the galaxy together!

Gollum and Smeagol are a hell of a couple

Lord of the Rings is an endless fountain of memes. We see it, we share it with you.

Gollum can sure love one thing forever, so we have to applaud his loyalty.

This had to make it into the list of geekiest Valentine’s Day memes.

Looking for a Tokien theme date? We suggest organizing a picnic surrounded by nature and the sound of birds.

Maybe even look up a recipe for Lembas and recreate it for your partner!

Kevin is all of us

Let’s just admit it. It’s wonderful to receive attention from our partners, even if it collides with our beliefs.

Maybe V Day is a capitalist holiday, but it’s also a perfect excuse to pamper your partner, show some love and give and receive gifts.

The fact that flower shops survive mostly because of it is another matter entirely.

Kevin from The Office knows what’s up, that’s all we’re saying.

Also, his famous chili recipe is a great way to break the ice with your date. Try and recreate it… but don’t drop it!

Spidey-pool dating game

Deadpool and Spiderman are a couple!? If you haven’t seen it before, here it is.

This couple has been making the rounds on the Internet for a long time, and they celebrate Valentine’s Day in great fashion.

They love each other’s weirdness and we do too!

Go, Spidey, go!

As a side note, we can see Deadpool taking Peter to a dancing club…and we think it’s a great idea for a fun date with your special person.

Howard Wolowitz, the king of geeks

Although we’ve laughed with all these memes, the “Geekiest Award of the Year” has to go to Wolowitz. He really knows how to pick up a girl and how to keep her happy!

We’ll even forgive that grammar mistake we know you’ve already spotted.

What do you think he would do for Valentine’s Day?

In our humble opinion, he would be developing some kind of coding language to declare his love from space.

As Ned Stark would put it: Valentine’s Day is coming.

Let’s get ready for it together.

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