Early stages of dating a Scorpio man: 7 things you need to know

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Being in a relationship is hard work. It’s even harder when you’re dating a Scorpio

Scorpios are very loyal, ambitious, and honest. However, they’re also known for harboring grudges, jealousy, and secrecy.

Scorpio men can be described in one word: intense. This applies to everything they do. 

A guy like this is not easy to get along with! But, his determination and hard work are impressive. 

His self-assurance and confidence are remarkable. He is willing to do anything to carry it out with a plan in mind.

There are plenty of reasons to date a Scorpio man, even though it’s not always easy. So if you’re dating one or are considering dating one, here’s what you need to know.

1) He moves fast and with intention.

Prepare yourself for the experience of a lifetime if you’re dating a Scorpio. Things will get intense very quickly.

A Scorpio man enjoys keeping in touch constantly during a relationship. 

So naturally, you’re going to be bombarded with calls and cute texts from him. Clinginess is not in his nature; it’s a way of showing that he cares. 

In a relationship with him, things will move quickly. Having no intention of pausing any part of life, he plans on experiencing it all to the fullest. 

You can tell that he’s serious about you if he is dating you, and if he is serious about you, he sees you as a potential long-term partner. 

Scorpio men invest a lot of time in a woman they like, so make sure you see him that way too. Scorpio men are easily irritated and aggravated by flaky and inconsistent women. 

2) He is passionate and considerate.

Scorpio men are passionate by nature. This passion extends from the bedroom to every conversation. He is drawn to women who work hard for their dreams and are optimistic about life.

Sexual lust and spiritual connection are at the heart of Scorpio males. The Scorpio man seeks comfort, tenderness, and sensuality in his bed. As a Scorpio man, you can expect him to jump into a relationship full force with his body and soul.

The best advice they give tends to come from their intuition, so listen to what they have to say. 

Women have always wanted a man who understands them without expressing their feelings? A Scorpio man might be the right guy for you if that’s the case.

3) He loves to analyze.

There is no such thing as black and white when it comes to Scorpio males. As a result, they tend to overanalyze everything around them.

Whether it’s your texts, facial expressions, or how you part your hair, a Scorpio male will pay attention and try to figure out your intentions. 

While over-analyzing is comforting, you should remind him to relax if he becomes too fixated on something since these guys can become overwhelming.

Scorpio men appreciate honesty. 

Leading him on is never a good idea. But, if you are serious about dating him, let your life adventure begin. 

Scorpio men get a bad reputation because they are misunderstood so much. 

A Scorpio man can only be understood accurately by an intuitive and wise woman. You might think that men are complicated, but Scorpios are a puzzle unto themselves.

4) He hides his emotions.

Scorpio males do not want to be perceived as weak or burdensome in front of you, as this is the last thing they want to do. 

Scorpio males enjoy taking care of others, so they tend to hide their own emotions.

Your man needs to be reminded that bringing down his walls is perfectly fine. In doing so, he will feel relieved, and he will feel connected to you more. 

Despite his love of being a caregiver, Scorpios thrive as a power couple with other zodiac signs and understand they must work as a team.

No one could ever call him a quitter because he never gives up. Scorpios have very complex personalities with many facets to them. 

It seems as if you’ve reached the bottom, but then there are more layers to uncover. So it’s going to get interesting when you get into this guy’s heart because that’s where the fun begins.

5) He likes taking the lead.

The Scorpio male enjoys taking the lead in all aspects of his relationships, from the bedroom to the bar. Scorpios hate it when anyone tells them what to do. 

Their stubbornness makes them inflexible when it comes to asking for directions.

You may have issues if you’re also fiercely independent. 

However, you will have a much more satisfying relationship if you understand their need for control and don’t mind taking a backseat in making decisions.

A Scorpio man, maybe your dream guy if you like a chap who takes charge in a relationship. 

As a result, you won’t have to wonder if this guy is into you. Either way, you better trust him. 

The Scorpio is always three steps ahead, so when he’s into you, he’s not going to waste months or weeks thinking it over. So be ready as he is making a move soon!

Don’t let this guy lead you on if you aren’t feeling it after a few dates. If you don’t plan to date him seriously, you need to inform him sooner rather than later.

6) He remembers everything.

Scorpio guys will remember you if you do them wrong. They keep your last word and action in their memory. In an argument, this can cause trouble.

This can, however, be a good thing as well. Whether it is a first kiss or something you whispered to them years ago, Scorpio males remember every special moment.

When it comes to Scorpio men, he can understand people like no other because he is so intuitive. It’s as if he knows what you think before you do. 

You can’t play games with a Scorpio because they’ll know you’re lying before your words even leave your mouth. 

So don’t bother even trying. Whenever they look at you, they’ll see if you’re in a lousy mood. Moreover, they have a good sense of what to say at the right time and are very careful with their words.

7) He goes all-in.

Scorpios don’t do anything half-heartedly. When he says he is with you, he means it. 

He is with you in every sense of the word. A Scorpio man will never lie to you or fool you about whether he’s interested in you or not. 

He isn’t shy when it comes to showing his affection for you. You won’t have to do anything other than let him call, text, and show up on dates.

In a relationship, he takes charge, so you can just sit back and let him do his thing.

Relationships with Scorpios can be challenging, but in life, if you’re going to ride a roller coaster, you might as well ride it as high as you can.

The dos and don’ts of dating a Scorpio man

So, you’re dating a Scorpio man

To help you navigate the early stages of your relationship, here are some of the best pieces of advice presented to you as dos and don’ts.

1) Do not force him to divulge information

Scorpios are often frustratingly secretive despite their mysterious nature, so you shouldn’t insist on him opening up right away. 

But, on the other hand, you’re not Oprah intervening, Megan Markle, so stop with all the questions already!

2) Don’t push him into a relationship prematurely

Scorpio men also dislike being forced into sharing personal information too early, especially if it wasn’t their idea in the first place. 

In the event that you see that he is taking a step back from you, give him space, and he will soon come back to you.

3) Don’t let him become jealous

I would never recommend flirting with the bartender in front of your crush to get him to like you. Scorpios are easily jealous, so don’t do it. 

Their temper can often be likened to that of the Hulk. But, on the other hand, they usually protect the people they care about.

4) Do not lie to him… ever

Lies are terrible in general, but lying to a Scorpio is particularly bad. 

Despite their loyalty and faithfulness, you will feel their anger if you get caught in a lie. Furthermore, it’s unlikely that a Scorpio man would forgive or forget an offense.

5) Don’t make him feel left out

Don’t forget to give him extra attention from time to time, especially when you’re in a group, and try to compliment him every time he does something funny or sweet, even if it’s as simple as giving him the last sip of your milkshake.

6) Don’t make fun of him

Scorpios don’t like being teased, even if it’s all in good fun.

 So if you’re going to make fun of his sandwiches or whatever, say it once and let it go. Keep going, and he’ll turn into The Grinch.

7) Don’t expect to win every fight

You’re not likely to win a fight with a Scorpio since they are brutally honest and rarely stray from their opinions. 

You don’t have to agree with him all the time, but sometimes you have to let emotion override logic.

Now for the part you’ve been waiting for — the six do’s!

1) Do let him be the leader

Scorpios like control, so let them set the dates first. It’s okay. Because Scorpios are so focused, they won’t be asking, “Where do you want to eat?”. 

They already know way too much about you. Your likes and dislikes so they’ll feel completely ok with taking charge and making plans. You’ll obviously end up having a blast!

2) Do practice patience with him

Remember when I told you it would be tough to beat a Scorpio? 

Patience is a virtue here. Scorpios are incredibly private, but they also have a lot of emotions, so when mood swings strike, keep this in mind.

3) Do pay attention to what you say and do

Your new love interest’s intuitive and observant nature will make a mental note of everything you do. 

If you like to bite your nails when you lie, he’ll know. He’ll be able to read you like a book, so if you plan on fooling him, you’ve got another thing coming.

4) Do offer information about yourself

The Scorpio man cannot share personal information without really knowing the person, but he loves to learn everything about the other person. 

So regardless of whether he reciprocates your efforts, he will ask as much information about you as you can. So don’t be discouraged because it will pay off!

5) Do wait to get intimate

Scorpios are usually great in bed, as you’ve probably heard before. 

Do not rush into sexual activity because you know he will be dynamite in the bedroom.

Until you genuinely grasp where this thing is going, the awesomeness will only cloud your judgment.

Furthermore, if you get attached after sex, sleeping with him too soon can worsen matters.

6) Do let him show his dark side

Scorpio can be cynical sometimes, so listen to him when he complains about the Mcdonald’s ice cream machine being broken again or the anguish of the Jets losing the world series.

It’s not often that he’ll bitch and moan so, be supportive even though you’re rolling your eyes at the thought of his “problem.”

Is your sign a match for a Scorpio man?

Astrology is often the first place we look when trying to determine if our partner is a potential match, so here are the best zodiac matches for a Scorpio man:

Best Matches for Scorpio Men

  • Cancer (kind-hearted, seeking protection, eager to please)
  • Capricorn (diligent, determined, good sexual compatibility with Scorpios)
  • Pisces (idealistic, vulnerable, unpredictable, tolerant)

Worst Matches For Scorpio Men

  • Libra (hates boundaries and jealousy)
  • Leo (fun, independent, doesn’t enjoy possessiveness)
  • Gemini (enthusiastic, flighty, flirtatious)

Wrapping Up

So now that you know everything there is to know about the early stages of dating a Scorpio, I hope you use this information to your advantage!

Even if you consider all of these tips, dating a Scorpio ultimately boils down to taking a chance and seeing what happens. Good luck!

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