17 early dating signs she likes you (only list you’ll need!)

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The first few dates are crucial ones. 

Trust us, we know. These are the dates for making decisions about who you like and who you want to ask out again. 

On early dates, these lesser-known 17 signs could be all it takes to determine if she likes you enough to make plans to see you again and again.

Let’s jump in!

1) She asks you questions

On the first few dates, it’s sometimes the little stuff that tells you a lot. 

If a woman wants to know more about you, she is showing interest. If she seems genuinely interested and engaged in your answers, she is most likely into you. 

This doesn’t mean that she will be interrogating you about your life and/or asking questions that make you feel as if she’s putting together an FBI file on you (but worse). It means that she is asking questions that show that she is interested in getting to know you and genuinely in tune with what you are saying.

Questions like:

  • “What was your last job?”
  • “What do you do for fun?”
  • “Where did you grow up?” 

These are all good questions. They show genuine interest, and will lead to a lively discussion where both of you learn more about each other. 

2) She likes to talk about herself 

You’re just not that interesting. 



Not every woman loves to talk about herself. But on early dates, it’s always nice when the woman you’re hanging out with does in fact like to talk about herself.

Why? Because she is telling you in a subtle way that she’s interested in you. She wants to get to know you, and isn’t afraid to show it. 

She asks questions, and gives you feedback, hence she doesn’t make small talk.

And not only that, you should know that she talks about herself because she wants you to know her really well. 

3) She’s touchy-feely

When she likes you, and wants to show it, she’ll be friendly. 

Even a bit flirty. 

She’ll be open to physical contact, even in public.

When you go out to a restaurant, she will lean over and rub your arm when she’s communicating something important. When you talk about the future, she will touch your hand to emphasize something very important. 

You will notice that she initiates physical contact – this is because she wants you to know that you’re special to her. 

She may be shy at first, but if you keep showing that you like her, she will come out of her shell.

A woman will touch your arm or leg when trying to make a point, emphasize something or show interest. And it doesn’t mean that this will happen every time. It may be subtle – but it can potentially be very obvious.

On the other hand, if she’s communicating that she’s not interested in you, it will be less obvious. She might be less touchy-feely and more reserved in public. 

4) She’s attracted to your confidence

If she likes you, she will be attracted to your confidence. 

You’ll have a bit of swagger, and she’ll be drawn in. 

She will smile at you and appreciate your dominance in the situation (so don’t let it go to your head). 

On early dates, it’s the woman who is comfortable around you that is generally the one who likes you more. 

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5) She asks you to hang out again later in the week

If she wants to see you again in a few days, it’s because she likes you and wants to get closer. 

This can happen on the first date or on the third or fourth date (or even after number five!). 

However, when a woman you like asks to hang out with you again on the same week, it’s because she likes you and is ready for more than just one date.

Instead of asking her out on a second date in the next couple of days, give her the chance to think about it. Don’t ask her to go out until five or six days after your first date (unless she suggests something earlier). This will show that you care about her and respect her wishes.

But if you both agree to it, why not go out sooner? If she asks you to go out again in three days or less, it’s because she wants to see you again and she doesn’t want to wait.

6) She is open to physical intimacy

This might sound cliché, but if a woman wants to sleep with you, she will let you know. 

She won’t be shy about it and won’t try to hide her intentions. 

You may get a clear indication from the way she looks at you or touches your arm, legs or any other part of your body that’s in reach. She’ll show that she’s attracted by sending sexual cues to you. 

Your job is to be aware of these cues, and to reply in a way that will encourage her. 

On early dates, if you’re not sure how she feels about physical intimacy, give it a go with her and see what happens. 

It might be fun! 

7) She’s honest

Don’t let anyone tell you that women don’t respond well to honesty. 

It’s a myth that women hate it when men tell the truth. 

This is because most women have found out the hard way that men usually don’t tell them stuff. Men typically expect their female partners to be sweet and feminine and like surprises – which means they never get told that they’re not into it, or “it’s not what I had in mind”. 

If a woman likes you and wants to get closer to you, she will be open and honest with you. She won’t sugar coat things, she won’t make excuses or get “creative”. She will tell it like it is: if you’re wrong, she’ll tell you that. If you’re right, she’ll be happy to hear it. 

And this is what a woman tends to like: an honest man who is comfortable being himself around her without making excuses.

8) She looks at you with admiration

It is the look with admiration that will say a lot. 

She won’t just be looking at your body, either. 

She’ll be appreciating your gait, your smile, and the way that you make her feel when she stands next to you (and the way that she makes you feel when in your presence). She’ll notice how you feel with her… and if you’re connected. 

If she likes you, she’ll want you to know it in a way that doesn’t seem like a pity or charity pick-up line. She’ll want you to know it in a way that feels real and authentic. 

Although sometimes, if it is the look from admiration, she will look away shyly when seeing that she has caught your eye. 

Remember, the eyes, they never lie – there is almost always a sign, whether it’s big or small, whether you see it or not. 

9) She laughs at your jokes

Admit it, some of your jokes are terrible. 

Don’t be shy to tell her as much, but in the meantime, laugh at it because women love it when a man can laugh at his own jokes!

If she smiles when you make a joke (even if she doesn’t outright laugh), this is probably the first indication that she likes you.

This ensures that you have a sense of humor and confidence – two extremely attractive qualities in any man. And women appreciate men who try to make them laugh. They appreciate men who can make them feel happy even for a few minutes in their busy day. 

If you’re not a jokester, I can tell you from experience that women will love making fun of (sometimes literally!) their dates when they’re forced to laugh through the whole date.

10) She won’t ask you for anything big

When a woman likes you, she will not ask for very much in return. 

This is because she wants to keep it casual, and doesn’t want to make serious demands. 

If you’re giving and giving, but never getting anything back from her, this is your first sign that she’s not interested in continuing things further. 

But if the woman you’re dating does not make any demands, and if she’s asking for some time to hang out with you, this is the first sign that she’s going to be the one who is interested in you

She won’t want to ask you for a lot of dates or force you to commit too quickly – and she’s not going to make any big demands in the beginning. 

You see here? That’s great news for you because it means that the relationship may well be headed toward a long-term commitment. 

11) She feels good about herself around you

If she likes you, she will feel good about herself when she is in your presence. 

Even just the thought of you is going to make her feel happier and more confident. 

This doesn’t mean that she’s going to spend hours prepping for every date. It means she’ll be doing the little things that make her feel good about herself – like putting on a little bit of makeup (even if it’s not her usual look), or throwing on some nice clothes. 

Isn’t it amazing to think that someone’s glad just because you’re around, and not because they’ve done something to impress you? 

This is what women want – they don’t want to spend endless amounts of time on their appearance (or any other vain efforts) to make themselves look decent for the very first time. 

They just want to feel happy, and that feeling starts from within. 

It’s like she’s telling you, “I can’t believe I’m actually meeting him,” that’s a sign she’s really interested in getting to know you – because the feeling is genuine for her.

12) She makes an effort to get closer to your friends 

If a woman is interested in you then she likes others in your life and will make an effort to get closer to them, especially your close friends. 

If you’re seeing a woman who has made an effort to connect with your friends, this means she’s interested in you more than just sexually.

But if you feel like it’s too early for her to meet your friends, she won’t get upset or offended; she’ll just wait for the right time to meet them. 

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13) She smells good 

Do you know that it’s possible to smell feelings? Get this, if a woman likes you, she’ll smell good when you’re around her. 

You won’t get a bad smell, but it doesn’t stop there… she’ll be sweet and light. 

This is a scent that is hard to describe – but you can pick it up if you’re looking. 

And this smell isn’t just coming from her clothes or body wash; it’s coming from her skin, her breath and even her hair.

If you like the scent of her perfume, this means she likes to smell nice for you. 

And she wants to smell good and make an effort because she wants to keep the focus on your senses… and nothing else.

You might not notice it. It might be something that you have to get used to. It may be subtle, but if you’re paying attention, she’ll smell good. 

And if she smells good, it’s because she wants to smell good for you.

14) She doesn’t try to change you

If a woman is interested in you, she won’t try to change who you are. 

She will like you even though you’re not perfect and that’s the best thing she can do for your relationship. She will give an extra attention and some compliments without asking something in return. And that’s the best way how a woman shows she likes someone.

If you’re seeing a woman who won’t try to change you, it’s because she knows that you aren’t perfect and she’s okay with that. She’s not trying to fix your flaws because she doesn’t care about them. She likes the fact that you are unique. 

What is more important for her is to put effort in a way of getting closer so she can see those good things about you that make her fall in love with you even more. 

Every person is unique and every relationship is different. 

If you think that all women want to change their boyfriends, you’re doing a mistake. 

Women are attracted to some traits that they might like to change, but they don’t want to change the character and personality of their men. 

If she wants you to be different, it means that there is something she doesn’t like about your character, but it’s not necessary that she wants you to be another man.

12) She makes you feel good about yourself

If she likes you, she will make you feel good about yourself. 

She’ll compliment you in a way that makes you believe that what she says is true. 

She won’t say things like, “You look tired today,” or “You look too messy for this occasion.”

Instead, she’ll tell you that you look good and that she’s glad you’re around. 

This is a good thing to notice – because your self-esteem will grow which means more confidence in your relationship with her. The more your confidence grows, the more she will feel attracted to you. 

She won’t be asking you to change anything about yourself.

She will just say nice things about you and expressed her interest in being around you. The connection between two people is strengthened when she tells you nice things about yourself and she wants to make sure this connection keeps growing.

13) She checks your Facebook or Instagram profile 

If a woman likes you, she will spend her time checking your social media profiles. 

But this doesn’t mean she’s spying on you; it’s just that she wants to know more about you and who you are. She wants to know more about the person she’s dating. 

It’s not about being interested in you for the wrong reasons and a woman would never do things just to see what you’re up to because it will make you feel uncomfortable. 

You see, if a woman likes someone, she’ll always try to get close and make sure her relationship with them is strong. And she’ll do it even if it takes time until you feel the same way about her. 

And when you feel that way about her – it will be obvious by the way you talk to each other and interact with each other. 

14) She doesn’t mind paying 

If a woman is interested in you, she will do anything to make you feel comfortable. 

One of them is paying for the date. 

If she offers to pay the bill, it’s not because she wants to impress you and make you like her. 

It’s because she likes you enough that she doesn’t mind spending her money on a nice date with you. 

This is hard for women, but if she offers to pay, it’s because she thinks it’s fine for her to do so and isn’t awkward about it. 

What matters the most is she feels comfortable around you and you feel the same way towards her. This is a good sign that you’re growing closer to each other.

15) She will have time to answer your texts or chats

She’ll never leave your text unanswered; it’s possible that she will not answer immediately but she will try hard to respond as soon as she can. 

If you’re seeing a woman who likes you, she’ll send you a couple of chats in order to make sure that she’s always there for you. 

Her life might be busy and she might not have time to chat or reply right away because it’s very important for her that she makes sure that she keeps her relationship strong with you. 

And if the conversations are always full of replies, trust me, she enjoys the conversations and wants to make sure they keep growing.

She does this not only because she cares about you, but also because she wants to check what’s going on in your life. 

16) She’s not afraid to tell you that she likes you

If she likes you, she will be able to tell you about it. 

She won’t get nervous and she won’t try to avoid the topic of your relationship. 

She’ll try to express her thoughts in a way that makes both of you feel good about yourselves and your relationship with each other. She’ll never say something to make you feel uncomfortable. 

As you can see, it doesn’t matter if the woman likes or not, it’s up to her. 

If she likes you, she’ll be direct and honest with you and you’ll see what she has to say about your relationship. 

Don’t worry if a woman gets nervous when saying that she likes you because this is natural for her. She might be afraid that you’ll think she’s interested in you just because of a physical attraction. 

She might be afraid to show interest in you and that’s why she’s so nervous when she has to say something to you. 

Don’t be a jerk, if she likes you, don’t let her down. Don’t play games with her head; if you like her back, show her that you’re the man she deserves.

17) She will try to make you feel special

If you’re feeling that she likes you, it probably is true. 

How? She will try to make sure that every time you meet is special. She wants to be around you, and she doesn’t care if it’s just in your presence or if it’s somewhere else. 

It can be a coffee time at some place in your town or somewhere else. This woman wants to be special to you, and if she manages to do that, it means she likes you a lot. 

She may show it by:

  • talking to you as much as possible
  • spending time with you doing things she enjoys, and not just going to fancy places all the time
  • doing things for you, like cooking a delicious meal or drawing something, etc.

She will take good care of you and wants to make sure that your relationship will be strong and healthy. 

It takes her time to get close to you when she likes you, so if she tries hard to make sure that every encounter is special, it’s because she likes what’s going on between both of us. 

She likes you, what next?

Women are definitely the pickier of the two sexes – but if you have made it past those first few dates, there is a good chance that she will like you enough to stick around. She’ll want to get closer (and she will). 

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