10 reasons why Korean men like Western women

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Have you ever wondered why Korean men like Western women? 

Well, if you’d like to know the answer, this article is for you. 

We’ve compiled a list of 10 reasons why Korean men might be attracted to Western women. We hope you enjoy the article and that it inspires other Western women out there who are looking for their perfect Korean man! 

1) Western women are more “natural”

Here’s the truth:

Most Korean women spend way too much time and money on their appearance — they are constantly wearing heavy make-up, distracting perfumes, and full hair/make-up regimens. 

On the other hand, Western women tend to wear less makeup and more natural styles. Korean men may be attracted to a woman with a natural face and no excessive body modifications. A Western woman will appear “deeper” with more “inner beauty.

But don’t be offended by this. It’s just a fact that most Korean women would spend all their money and energy on their appearance. 

That’s not to say Western women don’t have the same priorities in life, but they’re just more “natural” and realistic because they don’t place so much importance on superficial stuff.

2) They don’t worry about marriage and children immediately

According to Korean culture, marriage is a necessity and a woman’s only goal.

Joshuah Cho wrote an article on this website about how Korean women are different from Western women in terms of marriage and dating. He said:

“On top of the pressure to marry, many Korean women have the added pressure of having to date within their age group and their social status.

Western women on the other hand don’t pressure themselves to find a partner and typically will not rush into marriage.”

Korean men, who are looking for a strong, independent woman to settle down with, may find Western women more attractive because they’re less desperate to get married.

But that’s not to say Western women don’t want marriage and children, it’s simply that they place less emphasis on finding a partner — and thus there is much less pressure on them.

3) They’re less traditional

Another reason Korean men may be attracted to Western women is that they tend to be more independent and less traditional.

Let me explain:

Western women are less traditional because they grew up with much more independence and different social pressures.

It is not uncommon for Korean women to grow up with a set of strict rules dictating how they should behave. 

If you were to ask a Korean woman how she should act, she would most likely say: “You need to be more demure and more obedient.”

This means that Western women can do more things, dress how they want, and be who they want without being judged.

4) They are more open-minded, flexible

Western women are more open-minded, flexible, and independent.

Mothers in Korea often encourage their daughters to stay at home and focus on taking care of their husbands. 

They would tell them: “My dear, your husband is the first priority in your life; you must serve him with all your energy.” 

And then, in marriage, women become the “homemaker” who takes care of her husband and his parents. 

On the other hand, Western moms may encourage their daughters to become more independent by saying: “My dear, go out there and be successful in life!” 

Another difference between Western women and Korean women is that many Korean women grow up being told that they should obey their parents, especially when it comes to marriage.

5) Their mindsets lean more towards business or entrepreneurship rather than home life 

Korean men have a preference for Western women because of the way their mindsets lean towards business or entrepreneurship rather than home life.

Many Korean men will remember their mothers being more focused on being a housewife and taking care of the family. 

And so, even if women work in Korea, most still make it a point to go home at a reasonable time to cook dinner and make sure everything around the house is okay. 

On the other hand, Western women have a more business-like approach to their lives and their careers. 

They take a more proactive approach to their careers, whether in Korea or abroad. They are also more independent than Korean women. That’s the reason why many Korean men find them attractive.

6) Western women don’t take themselves too seriously

Fun fact:

There is a book called the “Korean woman’s guide to beauty” that tells you how to be beautiful.

In Korea, there are even TV shows dedicated solely to teaching you how to make your face more attractive. And believe it or not, women actually watch these! 

As a result, Korean women tend to be more preoccupied with their looks and appearance. They have an obsession with “looks.” 

And that’s not to say Korean men don’t care about looks, they do! But Korean men also care about a woman’s intelligence and personality. 

That’s why Korean men are more attracted to Western women. It’s because of their more open-minded, friendly personalities and the fact they don’t obsess over looks.

7) Western culture is very open toward sexual behavior and dress code 

One of the reasons Korean men love Western women is because Western culture is very open toward sexual behavior and dress code.

So what does this mean?

Western culture allows women to dress more provocatively, even in public. 

In Korea, you can’t do that because some people will be offended and others will look down on you for doing so. 

Another thing about Western culture is that people don’t judge others quickly based on their appearance.

That’s not to say Koreans don’t talk bad about others; they do. But their opinions are not as strong as opinions from Western cultures.

8) They are not as hard-to-get

I know, this sounds a little weird. But hear me out:

If you’re a Korean male and you’re struggling to get a girl’s attention because she’s too overwhelmed with her friends and her social schedule, then perhaps it would be easier to date a Western woman.

Western women are not as hard to get. Western women generally don’t value their “freedom” as much as Korean women do, so they are more willing to open up their schedule for a man more quickly.

This can be a huge advantage because you can move things along more quickly without needing to wait for an entire week or month to have a date.

Additionally, Western women tend to be more open and friendly toward you, which makes them easier to approach. 

Korean women, on the other hand, have the reputation of being more “reserved” and traditional.

9) Western women are more adventurous

Korean women are traditionally simple and conservative. 

Korean women prefer to follow the rules and act as “good wives.” 

Western women, on the other hand, may not necessarily fit into stereotypical “feminist” roles, they still tend to be more goal-oriented, ambitious, and enjoy the adventure. 

They are usually more interested in starting their own business rather than having a 9 to 5 job. And this is why Western women are more adventurous.

So Korean men who like adventure will find a lot of love in Western women.

But also keep in mind that Korean women these days are becoming more independent and “adventurous.” So if that’s the type of woman you want, go for it!

10) They’re not afraid to show their feelings 

Western women are not afraid to show their feelings in public.

This is another trait that makes them more attractive to men than Korean women.

For example, Western women will engage in public displays of affection more freely and openly than Korean women. 

They are not afraid to hold hands or hug their significant others. 

In Korea, this is a big no-no! Public displays of affection are not socially acceptable. So if you’re a male and you want to date a Western woman, remember this point. You can have an easier time holding hands or hugging in public with Western women than with Korean ones.

Final thoughts

Hopefully, with these 10 reasons, now you know why Korean men love Western women.

So if you’re a Western woman looking for a relationship with a Korean man, it’s probably easier than you think. 

Although this article has many tips based on my personal experience, there is no guarantee that any specific knowledge will work in your favor. 

Korean women nowadays are becoming more open-minded and independent. And they’re beginning to appreciate Western culture and their freedom more, which may change the way they perceive things in Korea.

So who knows if you will find someone who cares as much as you do? 

You must remember that no matter where you are going, what language you speak, or what nationality you are; the most important factor for dating a man is his personality and character.

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