Do guys cuddle with just any girl? The honest truth

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Most people assume that girls are the cuddly ones. 

But is this always the case?

It appears not! A guy’s love language can be just as important to him as it is to girls. 

But the real question is, do guys cuddle with just any girl?


There will always be guys who will cuddle with every girl that’s willing. However, this doesn’t mean all guys will. 

So, what’s it all about? Keep reading and you’ll find out!

What does cuddling mean to guys?

Experts say that for some men, cuddling is about much more than what it means for women.  

These men feel that cuddling is an intimate activity – one that should be reserved for just him and his partner.

Cuddling actually serves three important functions for these men: 

  • It provides physical comfort and reassurance of love
  • It gives men a chance to feel close and connected to their partners, which increases trust and confidence in their relationship. 
  • It helps men release stress, leaving them with a sense of well-being after the cuddle is over.

However, there are also other men that treat cuddling superficially and don’t view it as a meaningful expression of love.

They cuddle because it gives them the chance to physically touch a girl and feel a sense of intimacy. But they don’t necessarily expect it to mean anything more than that. 

So, this means that some guys cuddle with just any girl, which brings me to the next question:

Do guys cuddle with just friends?

Depending on how a guy sees cuddling, he may or may not cuddle with just anyone. 

But when you look at it statistically, there are more men who cuddle with just friends than there are women who do the same!

So, the real question is: Why do guys cuddle with just friends?

The good news is, this question can be easily answered because some men will tell you that they don’t see cuddling as a big deal – quite the contrary.

In other words, if a guy sees cuddling as something casual, he may just as happily cuddle with just anyone!

But here’s the thing: 

If you’re going out with a guy and he cuddles with you more than his other female friends, this is a good sign that he sees you as something more than just friends.

Also, if he cuddles with you to the point of not wanting to let go, this is another great indicator that he’s starting to feel a stronger connection with you.

I could go on and on with examples, but the main idea here is that a guy’s behavior when it comes to cuddling could be unexpected.

5 reasons why men cuddle with just friends:

1) It’s about physical comfort and reassurance.

More men tend to cuddle with female friends because it provides physical comfort and it somehow makes them feel closer to their friends.

Physical comfort is important to men because they feel safe and secure when they hug a girl

Cuddling activates the reward system in the brain, which makes them feel lots of good feelings. So, they don’t really need anything extra.

2) It lets them experience closeness and intimacy.

More men tend to cuddle with just friends because it provides a chance for physical closeness and intimacy.

Physical closeness releases emotions that can lead to positive feelings, which are important for men because they feel good when they cuddle. 

However, they don’t mistake these feelings with love.

3) They get to experience comfort and reassurance.

More men tend to cuddle with ‌friends because it provides them with the chance to feel physically comforted and emotionally reassured.

Researchers say that men need to feel comfortable around a girl because it makes them feel good. 

So, when they get the chance to be physically close to a girl, this helps create feelings of comfort and reassurance.

4) It gives them the chance to express how they feel.

Men who cuddle with just friends may get the chance to share their concerns, feelings, and thoughts during the cuddle.

This is good for them because they feel their emotions and thoughts are being understood. It’s like a therapy session, even though you might see it as highly intimate.

5) It helps them release stress and tension.

Cuddling produces oxytocin – a hormone that promotes relaxation and reduces stress for both men and women.

This is important because it helps men relieve their tensions and stress, which makes them feel good.

What does it mean when a guy wants to cuddle with you and you’re not friends?

Before I answer this question, I’d like you to think about something: 

Remember that time when a guy you didn’t even know came up to you on the street and asked for your number?

If so, what did that mean? 

He didn’t have to learn your name because it was all about the fact that he wanted to get to know you better! 

This is exactly why some men want to cuddle with girls who aren’t close friends – especially when they feel a strong attraction towards them.

5 reasons he wants to cuddle with you

1) Cuddling is a way of expressing feelings and emotions.

As mentioned before, some men feel that cuddling is an intimate expression of feelings and emotions that can be shared with someone special.

Also, this expression can show that he cares about you because he wants to express their love and affection. 

However, it could also be a selfish action that serves his needs.

2) It’s a closeness-seeking behavior – a sign of emotional intimacy and attraction.

Cuddling can be seen as a closeness-seeking behavior because it involves physical intimacy between two people.

Physical closeness releases emotions that can lead to positive feelings, which is a strong sign of attraction. 

In other words, he likes you and wants to experience closeness with you. 

3) He wants to express his feelings.

Cuddling could also be seen as a physical expression of feelings, so he may see it as a way to express his emotions. 

This can be good for him because he feels his emotions and thoughts are being understood by you, which makes him feel better.

It can also be good for you because it means that he trusts you enough to confide in you. This might not sound like much now, but it could pay off in the long run.

4) He thinks cuddling is going to lead to sex.

It’s not uncommon for men to think that if they get so close to you physically, then something else will happen too.

In fact, numerous men have said they see cuddling as a sort of foreplay. While this expectation may or may not be realistic, you can’t blame them for trying, right?

So, if you don’t want to jump right into a one-night stand, make sure this guy doesn’t see cuddling as a replacement for foreplay.

5) He wants to date you.

Okay, maybe this guy wants to skip some steps, but if he expresses his desire to cuddle with you, he may want to date you, too.

He might not know how else to approach you, so he’s trying to express his wish in the best way. 

Also, since he’s somehow expressing his feelings, he might want to find out if you’re interested in dating him too.

How can you tell what cuddling means to a particular guy?

When you’re talking with a guy who wants to cuddle with you and is not your close friend, there are a few signs that can make it easier to figure out what his intentions are.

Let’s see what they are:

1) He says he wants to cuddle with you because he likes you.

This reason is one of my favorites because it’s pretty straightforward.

If he says he wants to cuddle with you because he likes you, then it means that there’s a good chance that he finds you interesting and he would like to get to know you better.

However, he might do the same with other girls until he finds his match.

2) He says he wants to cuddle with you because he finds you attractive.

When a man finds you attractive, he might want to get to cuddle with you for physical reasons.

This means he thinks of you as someone who can make him feel good, which is great until you find out that he doesn’t think of you as a potential girlfriend!

3) He says he wants to cuddle with you because he feels comfortable around you.

If a man feels comfortable around you, then he may want to get close to you and cuddle with you because you are familiar.

This is actually a pretty good reason because he feels physically and emotionally comfortable with you. 

But make sure that you feel the same way about him!

4) He says he wants to cuddle with you because he enjoys being close to you.

A guy who wants to cuddle with you may enjoy feeling physically and emotionally close to you because it makes him feel all sorts of happy feelings. 

He may also want to get closer so that he can get a better understanding of your personality and start conversations more easily.

5) He says he wants to cuddle with you because he doesn’t have a girlfriend.

A man may want to cuddle with you because he doesn’t have a girlfriend. 

He may think that you won’t expect anything more from him and decide to get close and cuddle with you without any expectations. 

In a way, this could be bad for you (in case you want a relationship) because it means that he’s just trying to get his needs met without being in an actual relationship.

6) He says he wants to cuddle with you because he just met you and he’s curious.

This reason can be used when there’s no strong connection between the two of you yet.

In other words, he wants to get closer to you physically but doesn’t know how things will end up working out between the two of you.

The guy you like cuddles with just any girl. Now what?

If the guy you like cuddles with just any girl and you want him to cuddle with you only (and maybe do more than cuddling), then you must try a different approach.

There is something about men that you might not know. I didn’t know about this either – not until I discovered the Hero Instinct. It’s a concept coined by relationship expert James Bauer.

It explains why men do certain things in their relationships with women, as well as what drives them and what makes them choose just one female.

If you manage to trigger this instinct in him, you’ll get him to cuddle just with you, and develop deeper feelings for you than you have ever imagined.

Watch this excellent video by James Bauer.

In it, he’ll reveal the secrets of this concept, tell you what it is that makes men choose certain females, how you can use simple and easy text messages to make this guy cuddle with you exclusively, and much more.

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