Do emotionally unavailable men miss you? 13 signs to look for (complete list)

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Emotionally unavailable men can leave you feeling hurt, confused, and not sure where you went wrong.

One question remains: After all that, do emotionally unavailable men miss you?

Well, today you will find the answer with 14 clear signs that they do!

1) He becomes more attentive

The first sign that an emotionally unavailable man misses you is that he becomes more attentive.

If you’ve been distant, this could signal that you’re still on his mind.

It could also mean that he’s feeling insecure due to your distance.

You see, emotionally unavailable men have no reason to become more attentive to you other than that they miss you.

Think about it: if he wasn’t available to you, he probably didn’t let himself care about you too much, so why would he reach out now?

You will notice this sign clear as day when suddenly he starts to call you more often or text you throughout the day.

He may even start to initiate plans with you more.

Once that happens, you know that you are on his mind and he misses you dearly.

Does that mean he is emotionally available? Not necessarily, unfortunately.

Sometimes, they simply miss you but still aren’t ready for a relationship.

You have to play it by ear, but make sure not to get hurt again.

2) He tries to win your trust back

Trust is an important component of any relationship and when it’s broken, the hurt can be unbearable.

When he realizes that he has hurt you and starts to miss you, an emotionally unavailable may try to win your trust back.

If you are unsure about his feelings for you, this could be a sign that he misses you.

Why would he do that?

Well, he knows that unless you trust him again, there is no way you will hang out with him or give him another chance.

So, he has to win your trust back.

What will he do?

Well, for starters, he will probably reach out to you more to let you know he cares and is present.

Then, he might even open up a little bit emotionally to show you that you can trust him.

Now: the big question is, can you trust him?

Unfortunately, I’m not the one who can answer this question, as it is different for everyone.

You see, there are men who miss a woman and actually change in order to be with her, and then there are men who lure you back in just to break your heart again.

So, which one is it gonna be? You will have to listen to your intuition on that one.

Your intuition is the best indicator of his intentions.

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He starts to be more romantic

Another way an emotionally unavailable man might show you that he misses you is by being more romantic.

You see, when a man becomes more attentive and loving, it’s usually because he has feelings for you.

Now: this doesn’t mean that he will say “I love you” or anything like that.

It means that he will start to do things that make you feel loved and appreciated.

For example, he may buy you flowers, send you to love notes, or even do something special for you.

The point is, if he didn’t care about you before and suddenly starts to treat you better, it’s because he misses your company and wants to make sure that you know it.

Whether this sentiment will stick or not is up for debate, but if he puts in a lot of effort, it might be a good idea to give him another chance and see if he is more available to you now.

4) He is jealous

If the emotionally unavailable man is jealous, this means he misses you.

Jealousy is a sign of possessiveness, which can mean that he is missing you or that he wants to maintain control over you.

Think about it: have you ever been jealous of someone you don’t care about at all?

Yeah, neither have I.

This sign is relatively easy to spot.

Does he ask who you hang out with? Does he get mad if you go out with other guys or post a photo on social media with someone else in it?

You see, if he didn’t miss you, he wouldn’t care what you are up to.

He would be okay with you going out and having fun without him.

But if he is jealous, it means that he wants to be with you and that he misses your company.

Of course, this is not a sign that you should put up with his possessiveness or jealousy, as it can quickly turn into toxic behavior.

However, if he only shows these signs occasionally and is generally a good guy, it might be worth considering giving him another chance.

If he is jealous and demands attention from you, then it’s clear that he misses you!

5) He shows initiative in fixing the relationship

One of the clearest signs that an emotionally unavailable man misses you is when he takes the initiative to fix the relationship.

This may not seem like a big deal, but it is.

When an emotionally unavailable man shows this interest in fixing the relationship, it means he cares and wants to make it right.

He will start doing little things, like fixing the things that were a red flag in the first place.

Maybe he never replied and now he makes it a priority to get back to you in a reasonable time frame.

Or perhaps he never opened up to you, but now he tries to be more vulnerable.

These changes show that he is trying to improve the relationship and make it work.

What about when he starts initiating plans for the two of you with little prompting?

This may be one of the biggest signs that an emotionally unavailable man misses you. When he initiates plans on his own without any prodding from you, then it’s a good sign that there is hope for your relationship yet.

You see, once a man starts to put effort into the relationship and into planning things for the two of you, he is emotionally invested and wants to make things work.

6) You bring out his inner hero

A huge sign that a man misses you is when you bring out his inner hero.

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7) He apologizes and admits he made mistakes

One sign that an emotionally unavailable man misses you is when he apologizes and admits that he made mistakes.

This is usually followed by his promise to change for the better, which means there is a chance of reconciliation.

It’s important not to be too quick to accept this apology.

Check if he has a genuine motivation for changing; if there is no evidence of change, then it’s best to avoid him.

However, apologizing for his mistakes is already a great sign that he is changing for the better.

You’d be surprised how many people can’t even own up to their own wrongdoings, let alone apologize in person!

If your emotionally unavailable man is able to do this, then it’s a good sign that he is ready to make things work again.

Again, make sure that they aren’t just empty promises, though.

While for some people, these apologies can mean something big, for others, it’s just words with nothing behind it.

8) He asks for another chance

They might say something like, “I’m sorry for being distant, I missed you when we were apart.”

It’s true that maybe he was upset because of your confrontation or didn’t want to commit to the relationship.

But now, he wants to work out the problems and come back to you. He misses you and he knows it’s his fault.

When an emotionally unavailable man asks for another chance, he usually really misses you.

You see, these men often avoid relationships at all costs and don’t want to get too involved, so when he is begging you for a second chance, he definitely misses you.

Even if he doesn’t show it in words, this shows that he is taking the time to think about his actions and how they impacted you.

Try to see how he acts and if he is serious about you.

You see, when a man truly wants a woman, he will go to the end of the world for her.

That doesn’t mean you should test him a lot, but I’m just saying that the bare minimum is not enough proof.

9) He calls you when he’s drunk

If your emotionally unavailable man calls you when he’s drunk, it might be the best sign that he misses you.

You see, when you are drunk, your subconscious desires and wishes come to the surface, so if you’re the one he’s calling, you must have struck a chord with him.

In other words, he might be reaching out to you because he really wants to apologize and fix things.

However, if your man is always drunk when he calls, it’s a sign that he doesn’t really want to change.

You see, it’s one thing to do something drunk, but when he never follows up sober, then it’s still just empty words.

He may not even be aware of how much of an impact his behavior has on you.

So, just because he calls you drunk doesn’t mean you should give him another chance, he needs to put in a little more effort than that.

Does it show he misses you, though?

Yes, absolutely!

10) He likes your posts on social media

At the end of the day, it’s all about attention. Attention will show you whether he misses you or not, and what better way to gauge attention than with social media?

If he’s liking your posts on social media and comments, then he misses you.

You see, usually, emotionally unavailable men will stray far from your social media so as to not get your hopes up.

If he suddenly resumes liking and commenting on your stuff, it’s a clear sign that he misses you a lot!

Think about it: why would he suddenly take the time and go through your posts again?

By the way, bonus points if he accidentally liked a photo from way back, that will be a hallmark sign that he misses you!

This man is sitting at home stalking your social media accounts because he can’t get you out of his head!

11) He is always talking about you

This is the most obvious sign your emotionally unavailable man misses you. If he is constantly talking about you, it means that he can’t stop thinking about you.

Unfortunately, you can only spot this sign if you have mutual friends who tell you about this.

If the emotionally unavailable man constantly brings up your name or talks about things that remind him of you, this means he misses you.

You see, when we think about someone a lot, their name tends to come up in conversation more often than usual.

We also tend to talk about things that remind us of the person we are thinking about.

So, if he is constantly talking about you, it’s a sign clear as day that he misses you.

Plus, he might even tell your mutual friends about missing you or wishing you were in his life.

Of course, it can’t get any more obvious than that, if he says those things, he really misses you!

Make sure that he doesn’t bad-mouth you, though, that is obviously not a good sign.

A man who misses you will speak fondly of you, even in separation.

If he starts to bad-mouth you or talk about how much he doesn’t like some things you do, that’s a sign to move on and find someone who appreciates you.

12) He supports your goals and dreams

Men that are emotionally unavailable and miss you want you to get ahead in life.

They may not be there for you, but they support your goals and dreams.

Emotionally unavailable men often take their time texting back, but they will still make sure to support your goals and dreams.

You see, when a man misses you, he wants you to succeed, he cares about you!

So, what he will do is whenever you two talk, he will be rooting for you.

A man who is completely over you won’t care a lot about your dreams and goals, trust me.

13) He invites you out

Okay, this one is as obvious as it can be: when an emotionally unavailable man invites you out, he obviously misses you and wants to spend more time with you again.

I don’t think I have to explain this one a lot, but it’s no surprise: you don’t ask someone out unless you miss their company, right?

When an emotionally unavailable man invites you out, it’s a clear sign that he wants to get back together.

And if he doesn’t want to get back together, he would never ask you out in the first place!

So all that is left to do is for you to decide whether or not you want to go out with him!

Now, the power is in your hands and you get to choose!

Should you give him another chance?

After reading all the signs of an emotionally unavailable man missing you, should you give him another chance?

You see, it all depends on your unique situation.

Do you think he has changed?

Did the relationship end in a way that allows a second chance or did he hurt you beyond repair?

Does he prove to you that he is serious about you and the relationship this time around?

These are all important questions to keep in mind but in the end, you have to listen to your heart!

And if you want to get him to miss you?

I touched on the hero instinct earlier – it’s the perfect remedy for the situation you’re facing.


Because once a man’s hero instinct is triggered, he’ll only have eyes for you. You’ll reach a part of him that no woman has ever managed to reach before.

And in return, he’ll be compelled to commit to you and love you like he’s never loved another woman.

So if you’re ready to take that plunge and reach new heights in your relationship, make sure to check out relationship expert James Bauer’s invaluable advice.

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