10 reasons why Asian women like Western men

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An Asian-Western couple pairing is not unheard of. Nowadays, there are a lot of these couples, and some people might think their relationship is going to be more successful than others. 

In fact, there are many reasons why Asian women like Western men. 

Here are the top 10.

1) Western men are usually more masculine and taller

Compared to most Asian men, most Western men are usually more masculine and taller. 

There is no doubt that these qualities are attractive to women, especially when they live in Asia.

The average height of an Asian man is 163.3cm (5’4″) to 164.9cm (5’5″), while the average height of a Western man is 174.2cm (5’8″). 

In Asian countries like China, Thailand, and Japan, the average height of an Asian man is below 170cm (about 5’7″). 

So if a Western man has an average height of 174.2cm or higher, he will be relatively tall and he will occupy a big advantage over other men.

Of course, women are attracted to tall men, all the more if he’s masculine. This is because women naturally feel safe or protected around men who have a bigger physique. 

2) Asian women thinks they can provide more

Of course, there are well-developed countries in Asia, but in some countries, the population is still relatively low. 

This means that the workers of such countries usually have low salaries. 

Asian women are usually more inclined to help their families out in terms of income, that’s why these women would prefer someone who can provide for them. 

Although many Asian women might not know it, Western men have more opportunities than Asian men. 

In most places in America, for example, there are a lot of good jobs and possibilities for people to start a business or do freelance work. 

To add up, Westerners usually have higher education than Asians. And they usually have a stable career, unlike other Asians who are still transitioning to work as an entrepreneur or worker. 

People with higher education will be trusted more in the society, which makes it easier for them to find a job and live better lives.

With this in mind, the perception is that Western men have more income, standard of living and higher skills when it comes to working, since they are usually more developed in these regions.

3) Western men are more creative and artistic – and they know how to treat their women

Asian men have a strong tendency to be more conservative and rigid when it comes to relationships. 

On the other hand, Western men tend to be a bit more flexible when it comes to how they deal with women. And they usually have high standards when it comes to how they treat their woman. 

Western men also know how to make their women feel more comfortable and assured in a relationship, which makes them more attractive to Asian women

They often know how to read the minds of others and make them feel more comfortable, confident and happy as well. 

When it comes to dating, a Western man may be more romantic and spontaneous. He will probably do the opposite of what Asian men usually do, which is to get their girlfriends’ approval for each decision that he makes. 

4) Western men are more open-minded than Asian men

In general, it’s well known that the Asian way of thinking is different from the Western way of thinking. In modern society, the traditional Asian way of thinking restricts a lot of things. 

Asian women usually like the more flexible and autonomous Western men. 

Their minds are not as stuck “that’s just the way it is” as their Asian counterparts. If a Western man is honest and mature enough, he will be more open to her ideas. This makes him more attractive because he will listen to what she has to say and eventually reflect it. 

Usually, the man being the “head of the family” still exists in the Asian families. But it is not so in Western families. 

And for this reason, many Asian women feel more liberated to discuss their own ideas and opinions with Western men. This is one of the reasons why Asian women prefer Western men.

5) Western men are more outgoing and friendly

Asian women prefer Western men not just because of their masculine appearance, but also because Western men are more open and friendly

Unfortunately, Asian men tend to be a bit reserved or shy when it comes to talking to the opposite sex. They might also need some time to warm up. 

Think about this: With a reserved or shy Asian woman, an outgoing man may balance out the relationship. Women like to be with people they can trust and respect. 

To add to these, Western men are more comfortable about themselves – so you can expect that they will be blunt whether they like someone or not through their actions or words. They will expect you to be genuine toward them too. 

In simpler terms, Western men tend to know what they want, and they usually go after it. In the same way, Western men may also feel more comfortable in being open about what they want and what they feel. 

It’s also easy for them to communicate with each other and not just with women because they’re more familiar with the environment. 

6) Western men are more romantic than Asian men (in general)

As I have mentioned, Asian cultures are known to be more conservative when it comes to expressing love or feelings – this is due to the kind of upbringing in general. 

But Western culture is very different from Asian in this aspect. 

Westerners are known to be more open and expressive in expressing their love and feelings. They’re also more comfortable when they have to do it themselves. 

Women love a man who can express his emotions more clearly, regardless if the guy is romantic or not.

In Western societies, such feelings are usually expressed without any problem at all. 

It’s not uncommon for Western men to treat their girlfriends with roses or chocolates or even buy them some jewelry on special occasions such as anniversaries and birthdays. In a nutshell, Western men typically show their affection through gifts, flowers and sweet gestures. 

Take note on how romance is being portrayed in movies from Western countries. You will notice that there is not a “one size fits all” in Western movies or TV shows. 

The fact that Westerners tend to be more open about their feelings has also affected how Asian women perceive dating services compared to Asian men.

7) Western men displays their affection privately and publicly

One of the ways Western men express their love is through public displays of affection. 

If you see a guy showing his affection to his girlfriend, you can assume that he’s probably a man who loves her and is willing to show it publicly. 

Actually, it will be the opposite in the East because most Asian men prefer to make their feelings known through private shows of affection rather than publicly. 

But as mentioned before, it depends on individual characteristics when it comes to this factor. When it comes to confidence and masculinity, which you may recall, Western men are usually more to these aspects. 

And if you observe the way Western men express their feelings, you’ll notice that most of them will only focus on their feelings in public.

As for Asian women, on the other hand, they tend to be more discreet and private when it comes to expressing love or feeling affection for a man. In other words, Asian women are more reserved when it comes to expressing their feelings and emotions. 

To have another discreet person in the relationship would surely make things dull or predictable. So, in general, an Asian woman might prefer a guy who will make the first move or show their feelings of affection openly. 

8) Western men are more assertive than Asian men

In general, Asian women prefer assertive Western men who are not afraid to express their feelings. The problem with these types of guys is that, in general, Western guys have a stronger ego than Asian guys. 

This also makes them more demanding when it comes to relationships. They always want to be in charge and do as they please. In this day and age when there are many Westerners working abroad, the number of Western guys who want a caring and loving Asian woman has increased. 

This is because they like the fact that Asian culture is still conservative. In other words, they like that Asian women will be more submissive towards them compared to Western women. 

But having such attitude also means that many of them tend to be more possessive with their significant other. 

This can be tricky in a relationship to work, but this could also means that he is being protective of you. Here’s what one website says about possessive Western men: 

“Why do western men often begin to be over protective and jealous when we are dating them? Would you say that it is because they love us, or not?” 

It is normal for a man to be jealous and possessive when he has feelings for a girl. Any man would want to protect the woman he loves.

9) They are a better “lover” in bed

Western men are known to be more aggressive and passionate than Asian men. The reason for this is that many of them are very vocal about what they want, where they want it and when they want it. 

They will make sure that you’re having fun during the whole process and they are taking good care of your needs as a woman.

Authentic Asian men can sometimes be better lovers in bed, but only because they may know what they are doing in bed. They have more experience in terms of handling women, as well as romancing with their bodies. 

This is one of the reasons why many Asian women are drawn to Western guys. 

In general, women love a man who can be good to them both emotionally and physically. 

Western guys tend to be more passionate than their Asian counterparts. 

These men are stronger and more aggressive, which they can be more compelling. This makes them sometimes come off as cocky.

But in general, women love a man who can conquer them both physically and emotionally. 

The bottom line is this:

Asian women are attracted to Western/White men not only because of the way they look or dress (although it’s an important factor) but also because of their characteristics that make them look more masculine compared to Asian guys.

10) A mixed race baby is cuter

Most Asian women aspire to be a mother one day, so it’s only natural that they want to have their own baby.

In many Asian cultures, they believe that a mixed race baby is more beautiful and cuter compared to an Asian baby. 

This, of course, depends on the parents and how they both look physically. 

But, if you could find a guy who looks Caucasian or light skin, then you’re probably going to have a cute child for most Asian women. 

So if an Asian woman ends up with a Western man, you better believe that she will want a mixed race baby.

Final words

As you can see, there are some distinct differences between Asian and Western men. Many of these traits are the product of different cultures and are hard-wired into their DNA. 

As for Asian women, there are also differences between Westerners and Asians. 

It’s possible that an Asian woman with a Western man could have trouble in the relationship, but it’s also possible that it can work.

The important things of making a relationship work are communication, trust and love – no matter which races the lovers are. 

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