The truth about whether or not Asian women like bald men

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Do Asian women like bald men? 

Little is known about the reality of Asian women’s preferences for bald men. 

A lot of people think that Asian women may prefer and are attracted to bald men – just as their Western counterparts.

However, this is not necessarily true.

This assumption ignores the reality that all cultures have their own standards of beauty and preferences when it comes to physical attributes.

So, what is the truth about whether or not Asian women like bald men? Let’s find out!

How is a man’s baldness viewed in Asia?

In the East, there are many cultural norms that play a significant role in how a man should look like.

These cultural norms and perceptions towards baldness are significantly different between East and West.

In China, for example, long hair is a sign of piety and virility. It’s been like that since ancient times and it remains to this day. 

Now, this doesn’t mean all Chinese men have long, cascading hair. On the contrary. Even so, very few a bald.

Long hair is especially important in India, too, – but for other reasons. In India, long hair is considered a sign of energy, vigor, and vitality. 

In fact, it is connected to kundalini, a form of energy stored within our bodies.

What about Japan?

Well, think about samurais and sumo fighters. Do they have long hair?

Yes, they have long hair!

In fact, East Asian men traditionally preferred long hair on their heads. Why? Because it symbolizes maturity, traditionalism, and masculinity – it is also connected to a man’s social and political status.

Want to know more?

In South Korea, only a little over 20% of all men have to deal with baldness. This means that it has one of the lowest rates of baldness out of 21 Asian countries. 

As you can see, while being a bald man in Asia is not uncommon, it’s still not as common as it is in the West.

6 reasons why some Asian women may not be attracted to bald men

There are a few reasons why some Asian women may not be attracted to bald men. These include cultural values, personal aesthetics, and the stigma that people with alopecia may face. 

Here are some of them:

1) Long hair in men is associated with a higher level of attractiveness

In many Asian countries, long hair is associated with a higher level of attractiveness. It’s also considered a sign of youth and virility.

This means that bald men are at a disadvantage because they lack the defining physical feature that most Asian women find attractive. 

This is one reason why bald men may not be as popular with Asian women.

2) Long hair in men is associated with strength and power

Traditional Chinese culture also associates long hair with strength and power. They believe that people who have long hair are healthier, more energetic, and more powerful than those who don’t.

In ancient times, a man’s prosperity was determined by how long his hair was. This made baldness an embarrassing issue that some men tried to hide.

While the idea of a strong man with long hair has been around for a long time, it’s still very much relevant up to this day. 

It’s also one reason why many Chinese women may not like bald men.

3) Bald men are seen as less confident

Since men didn’t start getting bald in Asia for a long time, they are still dealing with issues like low left-esteem and less confidence.

While it may not be a direct correlation, baldness is often viewed as an indicator of insecurity and fear. 

This can make Asian women think that men who are bald are overall less confident than those with longer hair.

4) Baldness in men is seen as a sign of weakness

In other Asian cultures, a man’s baldness is considered a sign of weakness. 

By extension, this means that Asian women may think that bald men are somehow more vulnerable than those with longer hair.

This can make bald men less attractive than their counterparts. Even worse, it can make them seem unattractive and unappealing to many Asian women.

5) Baldness in men is seen as less masculine

Some Asian cultures view baldness as a sign of weakness and a lack of virility. This is because very few men in Asia typically go bald.

This is why a lot of them are still holding on to their hair when they’re already in their 30s. What’s more, it’s considered shameful for men to go bald before the age of 50.

6) Baldness in men is seen as unhealthy

Men who are bald may be perceived as unhealthy. Also, if they are going bald, it means they’re getting older.

In other words, there is an unspoken stereotype that bald men are old and older men are unhealthy.

Asian women may not like bald men because of this stereotype. It’s also why they may not want to date a bald man.

6 reasons why some Asian women may be attracted to bald men

Here are some of the reasons why some Asian women may be attracted to or interested in dating a man who is bald:

1) They are more interested in their personality

According to a study done by Fusamen, 54 percent of 500 Japanese women said they think they could fall in love with a bald man. 

They agreed on the idea that although they would not prefer a bald man, his baldness would not be a deal-breaker. 

2) Asian women like a rich and bald guy better than a handsome and poor one

According to the same study, 76 percent of 500 Japanese women admitted that they prefer a rich and bald man over a handsome and poor one. 

This means that even if bald men do not have the long hair that Asian women find attractive, they are still okay with dating them because of their wealth.

3) They are attracted to confident men regardless of appearance

Asian women like men who are confident about themselves regardless of their looks or age. 

Confidence is something that could turn an unattractive bald man into a more attractive and eligible one in the eyes of many Asian women.

Also, bald men seem to be more self-assured and less shy than their counterparts.

What’s more, confidence is something that could help a bald man overcome the challenges that come with being bald. 

4) Asian women are attracted to masculine bald men

You see, in Asia, men tend to have finer features than in the West. In other words, Asian men have more delicate features than Western men.

In turn, this can make them appear less masculine to women who are interested in dating, marrying, and bearing children with alpha males.

More specifically, these women prefer men who look more masculine and powerful by comparison. This is why many of them are not attracted to bald men over those with longer locks, because they look more masculine and powerful.

However, if the man is bald and has a masculine look, then he has a lot more chances of being chosen by Asian women.

The same goes for fit, muscular men.

5) They like how bald men look more mature

When it comes to Asian women who are attracted to their potential partners’ looks, there is one thing that they notice in particular. 

More often than not, many of them are looking for a man who looks older and more mature. 

How so? Some Asian women aren’t looking for the perfect glowy complexion. They want a more mature and stable kind of man.

In other words, many of them feel that a bald man is more mature and more composed than someone with longer hair. In turn, this impression can make them feel more secure and confident over him.

6) They do not care if men go bald as long as they are healthy and virile

Lastly, some Asian women are open-minded about baldness. They don’t mind dating a man who is bald as long as he is healthy and virile. 

This means that baldness alone isn’t enough to turn them off or make them feel unattractive around a man’s appearance.

Is it common for Asian men to go bald?

In general, it is not common for Asian men to go bald. 

According to a study done by Diamond, a Japanese online media outlet, there is an increase in the number of men who go bald now compared to 1982 in Japan.

At the moment, 26.78 percent of Japanese men go bald or are in the process of going bald. Whereas in 1982, only 15.6 percent of Japanese men went bald or were going bald.

Are you curious to find out more?

21 countries were included in this survey and these are the results:

  • In Hong Kong, 24.68 percent of all men are bald or going bald;
  • In Singapore, 24.06 percent of all men are bald or going bald;
  • In South Korea, only 22.41 percent of all men are losing their hair.

What is the nationality of most bald men?

If you think 20 percent is high, then you should see what nationality has the highest baldness prevalence among men.

It’s the Czech Republic! 

At least 42.79 percent of all Czech men are going bald or are in the process of going bald. 

What’s more, this percentage is higher than what British men experience. Only 39.23 percent of British men are losing their hair at this point in time.

Do Asian women like bald men with beards?

Asian women may not prefer bald men, but where do they stand when it comes to beards?

According to another study, not many Asians grow beards. Why is that?

Well, simply put, most of them can’t. At least not those from China, Japan, or Korea. This happens because their facial hair is too thin, not dense enough, and sparse.

So, if you’re a Westerner with a generous beard and a bald head, then your look might be considered exotic by some Asian women.

More Asian women are attracted to bald men now than in the past

As time goes on, the situation is changing. 

More specifically, the number of Asian women who are willing to date a bald man is gradually increasing even though they may not prefer it. 

These women, for the most part, are attracted to their personalities and look at them as attractive men regardless of their hair situation.

So, if you think that being bald is an obstacle to you, then you might want to shift your mindset. After all, not all Asian women are fans of men with long hair.

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