19 reasons to date an Australian man

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From Hugh Jackman to Chris Hemsworth, Australia is certainly home to some fine specimens of men.

So what is it about Australian guys that gets us drooling?

I’ve got a funny feeling you probably don’t need too much persuasion to understand the charms of dating an Australian man.

But just in case you are in any doubt, here are 20 compelling reasons to date an Aussie guy.

1) They are officially the world’s best lovers

What are Australian guys like in bed? Well, forget the Don Juan stereotype that says Latinos are the biggest Romeo’s, you may be surprised by the real truth.

According to a survey looking at the countries with the best and worst lovers, it is Australian men who are really ticking all the boxes — ranking number one in the world.

Almost 23,000 members of a dating site were asked ‘How good was the last person you had sex with on a scale of 0 to 10? and ‘What was the country of origin of the last person you had sex with?’

When it comes to bedroom antics, Aussies came out on top (no pun intended). So if you’re looking for fun between the sheets, hunt down an Australian lover.

2) The sexy accent

Certain accents are simply sexy as hell, and Australian is one of them.

It’s hardly surprising then that the Australian accent consistently ranks as one of the most popular accents in the world.

Admittedly, it’s never going to knock Irish off the top spot, but there is an undeniable appeal that sets it apart from other English speaking countries.

When it comes to Australian guys vs British guys, Australians win out over the accent. They rank in at number 5 for the sexiest accent, whilst the Brits lag behind in 6th place.

You might also be surprised to know that the sexy Australian accent that you hear is more diverse than you might be picking up on.

Most Australians will be able to tell the differences between a Sydneysider and a Melbournite.

3) The sunny weather

Ok, I know you’re primarily looking for a guy, not a great tan. But it can be nice to have both.

The sunny summers are sure to bring a spring to your step, and it means more outdoor time (hopefully, with the sand between your toes).

Funnily enough, although we tend to think that the sunnier the climate the cheerier we’ll be, research says this probably isn’t the case.

So whilst sunshine may not make us any happier, we’ll still take laying on the beach with a cold drink any day over shivering in the drizzle sipping a tea. 

4) Their laid back vibe

Just like nobody wants a high-maintenance girl, we certainly don’t want a high-maintenance guy either.

Australian men tend to be pretty chill. They’re known internationally for their friendly ways and fun-loving feeling.

Maybe it’s the surfer dude image, the barefoot lifestyle, or the playful spirit but Australians seem to take everything in their stride.

There’s a unique charm to the calm and laid-back feel of an Australian guy’s relaxed vibe.

5) To have your own personal Crocodile Dundee on hand

It’s not to say that Australian men are fearless, but they’re probably a lot less scared when it comes to creepy crawlies.

If you’re the type that freaks out over a dime-sized spider in the tub, then you could probably do with an Australian guy on hand to help you out.

In a country where killer arachnids are commonplace, if it won’t poison you he’ll consider it harmless. 

In fact, from crocodiles to sharks and snakes, Australia is home to some of the most dangerous creatures on the planet.

If he’s managed to survive, then you could just have your very own Crocodile Dundee on demand.

6) Their sense of adventure

Maybe it’s because they are used to living in a land with a natural playground. Or perhaps it’s because of their country’s sheer vastness and isolation. But there’s a bit of an untamed spirit in the soul of Australians.

If you share a wild side and are up for an adventure, dating someone from a remote island is a good way to indulge it.

Not only do you get a boyfriend, but you also get a globetrotting travel companion.

7) The lively language

Even though your first thought is that Australians speak English, it’s unlikely to be the English you’re familiar with.

Prepare to broaden your vocabulary and shorten your words, all at the same time.

From mate (buddy) and ‘maggot’ (drunk) to ‘cactus’ (broken), ‘blue’ (fight) ripper (awesome), and root (sexy time) — you’re going to learn a long list of Australian slang you never even knew existed.

And just think of all the time you’ll save from the Aussie habit to abbreviate pretty much every word they say.

Why waste time saying ‘afternoon’ when ‘arvo’ will do. And who wouldn’t want to shave 0.00000001 seconds off the clock by turning ‘avocado’ into ‘avo’.

“Meet me for a bevi this arvo?” Sounds like the perfect Aussie date.

See, dating an Australian is practically educational as well as endearing (once you’ve figured out what they’re actually saying).

8) Their great sense of humor keeps you on your toes

You’re never going to be bored dating an Australian guy, that’s for sure.

The country is known for its good-humored and friendly banter.

It’s a playful and often self-deprecating humor, so you can expect a lot of teasing.

Australian men are famous for their play fighting with words, it’s just how they show affection

So if he does this with you, know that he isn’t trying to offend you, it’s actually more likely one of those signs an Australian guy likes you.

9) You get to live in flip flops

High maintenance is so last season ladies.

Sure, it can be nice to get glammed up once in a while, but who doesn’t secretly want to ditch their heels for flip flops.

Why bother when you can throw on a bikini and reach for your trusty thongs (which is what the Australians call them).

Not only will your heart benefit from dating an Aussie man, but it seems as though your lower back might thank you in later life too.

10) They’re outdoorsy

Forget what Twilight would try and have us believe, nobody wants a sepid skinned guy who has never had a day of fresh air in his life.

Even if you’re more of a glamper than a camper, there’s no denying the sex appeal of a guy who gets out into nature.

The amount of natural beauty to enjoy Down Under means that outdoor pursuits like hiking, swimming, and even skiing are commonplace.

With 134 million hectares of forest to enjoy as well as around 85 percent of the population living only 31 miles from the coast, Australian culture is all for the outdoors. 

11) They’re up for a good time

I’m going to take a glass half full attitude to this next point, which is potentially ironic considering the drinking culture in Oz is more likely to mean the glass is empty.

Aussie guys famously enjoy a beer or two (or twelve).

But if you’re looking for the life and soul of the party and a man who knows how to let his hair down, then look no further than an Aussie dude.

Extra bonus points if you love a bad boy far more than a gentleman, as you might also enjoy the relaxed lingo that makes swearing fairly commonplace.

12) They love their sport

To the Aussies, sport is a national passion — whether it’s cricket, rugby, Aussie rules football, swimming, or surfing.

And they don’t just watch it and talk about it, they do it too. There are approximately 2.5 million recreational surfers in Australia.

Sporty guys are infamously hot, and surfer boys have backs you could quite frankly crack rocks on.

Australians putting a lot of emphasis on sports as part of their culture is one of the reasons given for their ranking as the seventh fittest country in the world.

13) They’re down to earth

They may not be the most romantic men on the planet, but date an Australian and you’ll likely get a genuine guy.

Not all of us go in for the silver-tongued approach anyway.

For plenty of us, the ‘what you see is what you get’ method of an Aussie guy trying to woo you comes across as unpretentious.

Sure, they’re more likely to buy you a beer than buy you flowers, but I’d say that’s totally “fair dinkum”.

14) The tasty cuisine

Don’t let the haters fool you, the height of Aussie delicacies is certainly not Vegemite.

In fact, Australians take their food pretty seriously. So seriously that in 2010 a televised general election debate had to be rescheduled so it didn’t clash with the TV final of cooking show ‘Masterchef’.

When agreeing to the change, even the then Prime Minister Julia Gillard had to agree “I can understand the fascination with cooking and eating”.

Date nights shouldn’t disappoint down under thanks to the culinary delights that come along with such a multicultural country, including top class Asian food.

15) They’ll tell it like it is

Unlike their more mild-mannered cousins the Brits, Australians have more of a reputation for straight talking.

They’re unlikely to dance around the issue, they’ll tell you honestly to your face. You may not always want to hear it, but they do say that honesty is important in any relationship.

Rather than getting the filtered version, you’re more likely to get the real him. So if you’re looking for a ‘tell it like it is’ style of guy, dating an Australian is perfect for you.

16) Every day is BBQ day

Admit it, we’ve all heard the stereotypical phrase “throw another shrimp on the barbie”.

We actually have old TV adverts by the Australian Tourism Commission starring Paul Hogan (aka Mr Croc Dundee himself) to blame for that.

For your information, Aussies actually say prawns, not shrimp. But the passion for BBQ probably is a more fair stereotype.

They do have the perfect climate for outdoor dining. BBQing is more than just a method of cooking, it’s a time-honored tradition.

That means on Christmas, Easter, Aussie Day, or even just a Tuesday dinner after work, there’s always a good excuse to fire up the BBQ.

17) They value friendship

Australian men have a very “mate” culture which can give them a bit of a “laddish” reputation.

Hanging out with their buddies is important to most guys. But rather than feel sidelined by their bromance, it’s actually one of the things that makes an Australian so great to date.

They understand loyalty and the importance of making strong connections. They’re also not going to be under your feet all day or clinging to you like a needy puppy.

We all know that some healthy alone time only strengthens a relationship.

18) They know how to work as well as play

We’ve spoken a lot about the laid-back lifestyle that could come along with dating an Aussie man, but they’ve definitely got a serious side too.

So much so that apparently many Australians are even workaholics who struggle to find that work-life balance.

If you’re looking for a man with a good work ethic and plenty of ambition, it’s clear that Australians are a nation who are far from work shy.

19) A partner visa to Australia

Of course, I’d never suggest getting an Australian guy purely for the green card, but let’s face it living in Australia is plenty of people’s idea of the perfect location.

Falling in love with someone who happens to be from an awesome country certainly doesn’t hurt. So there are worse ideas than marrying an Australian man.

If tying the knot is not your thing, don’t worry, you’ll be pleased to hear you can also get a partner visa.

So you can start your dream life Down Under without ever needing to walk down the aisle.

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