20 reasons to date an American man 

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I’ve been dating an American man for more than 3 years now. While, as with any relationship, it’s not always sunshine and rainbows, it’s been the best relationship of my life so far. 

If you’ve been contemplating dating an American, I have 20 reasons for you why you should just go for it! 

1) They can do whatever they want to do 

First off, it’s no coincidence that America is called the land of opportunities and the land of the free. 

In fact, their system does open up possibilities that most of us can’t even imagine.

On top of that, these men are raised to always strive to be the best – whether that’s at work, at marriage, at sports, or anything else. 

Competition is a big factor in this culture and while yes, sometimes they could turn it down a notch, it does allow them to pursue whatever they have in mind. 

This brings me to my next point: 

2) They are goal-oriented 

In my own experience, American men are extremely goal-oriented. 

Believe me, when my boyfriend told me some of his plans and aspirations back when we first met, a little part of me was going “yeah, sure!” in disbelief. 

Well, lo and behold – it’s 3 years later and I can’t even believe how far he has come and how many of those then-unrealistic goals he has achieved. 

Needless to say, this is an extremely attractive attribute. 

The best part about it? 

When you’re with the right person, they kinda drag you with them in this spiral of motivation, helping you dream bigger, aim higher, and become similarly goal-oriented! 

3) They love work 

There’s a common stereotype that Americans simply love their jobs and basically live to work. 

Well, although the latter might not be entirely true, I have to admit that work is very important in American’s eyes. 

In case you might be asking yourself why you’d want to date a man who loves work, let me tell you something. 

I’ve been with men that had absolutely no ambition in life. 

Although at first, it’s nice to be the center of their universe, over time, something just isn’t quite right. 

When a man loves his job, he has a drive and a purpose outside of the relationship, and believe it or not, that is extremely healthy and important! 

Plus, the happier he is at work, the happier he will be at home with you! 

4) They are autonomous 

I will go out on a whim here and say that women generally like men who can make their own decisions. 

It’s true when your energy is mainly feminine at its core, you yearn for someone to take care of the nitty-gritty details so you don’t have to. 

Well, American men are really good at that. They can make their own decisions and stand up for what they believe in. 

This trait of self-sufficiency is super attractive and will make many decisions in your daily life a bit easier. 

The frustrating bit? There’s just one that springs to mind: Why is it so hard to just ask for directions??? 

5) The accent 

I get the feeling that I don’t need to do much explaining for this one. 

The American accent is a huge reason why dating a guy from the States is so great. 

Not only do they have this cool, laid-back vibe about them, but their accent can range anywhere from sexy to super cute. 

And the best news? 

You will acquire said accent for yourself if you live there or simply talk to your boyfriend enough! 

6) They are low maintenance 

Now: I’m not saying that American guys don’t spend any time getting ready or putting effort into looking good, but compared to some other countries (we’re speaking France, Italy,…), they are extremely low-maintenance. 

I don’t know about you, but for me, it’s a bit of a turn-off when a guy takes longer in the bathroom to get ready than I do. 

Usually, a pretty solid routine for many Americans is: 

  • Brushing their teeth 
  • Putting on deodorant 
  • Putting gel in their hair 

That’s it, super quick, simple, and effective! 

7) They are open-minded 

It comes as no surprise that in the land of the free, men tend to be open-minded. 

I think it’s important to mention here that this obviously does not apply to all men, there are so many different backgrounds and personalities that it would be disrespectful to generalize. 

However, from what I noticed, men tend to be on the more open-minded side here. 

By that I mean that they are: 

  • More progressive in gender issues 
  • More progressive in general 
  • Open to other opinions 
  • Happy to have a discussion with you and listen to your point of view 

These traits are extremely nice and also important when dating someone, in my opinion. 

8) They’re more fun 

Honestly? American guys are simply just more fun than others. 

They don’t take themselves or the world too seriously, and what other people think of them doesn’t concern them too much. 

Coming from a small town, I have personally learned a lot from dating an American, namely to just give fewer f*cks about what other people think. 

On top of that, they are also super spontaneous and will take you on some really fun dates, believe me!

9) They have a great sense of humor 

Now, I know, humor is very subjective and everybody is different, so yet again, it’s hard to generalize here, but still, most Americans I’ve met have an amazing sense of humor. 

Laughing is a big and important part of any relationship, and American men love to make you laugh. 

A little tip on the side: they also love a girl who can make them laugh, so don’t hold back on all your references and jokes! 

Trust me when I say that at the end of the day, you want to be with someone who can brighten up your worst days a tiny bit with their humor and presence. 

Think about it: being with someone who is so funny that they feel like your best friend on top of being your significant other, doesn’t that sound great? 

10) The dating is more casual 

Another reason why dating a guy from the States is really nice is that the dating scene, in general, is just really casual. 

Now don’t get me wrong, I know we’re all sick of the endless “Netflix and Chill” invitations that lack any real effort, but that’s not what I mean! 

What I mean is that while yes, the dates can range from traditional dinner and the movies to chilling at home, there is just not as much pressure in terms of having “the talk”. 

From where I am, after a few weeks of dating there is often the question of “what are we?”. 

In my own experience, that can be overwhelming, as, quite frankly, you don’t always know where you stand with someone you’ve known for 3 weeks. 

In the US, this topic seems to be a bit more casual, and you can actually get to know someone for multiple weeks or even a couple of months before seriously committing. 

11) The country is beautiful and full of opportunities 

Sure, this article is about dating American men, not about the USA in general, but to be fair, the country does play a big role in a relationship! 

After all, you might spend the rest of your life there, who knows? 

And while the US has its own downsides and is by no means a perfect country, it is also beautiful and full of opportunities. 

Nowhere else will you find a single country that has this many diverse landscapes and cultures as in the USA. 

Desert, ocean, cities, mountains, countryside, lakes, jungle, snow and ice, I could keep going, but I think you get the idea. 

When you’re in the US you never run out of places to visit. 

Apart from that, this country also offers many great opportunities when it comes to a career! 

In short, it’s a really unique and nice country. 

12) Subscriptions to services like HBO and Hulu 

LOL – I know, this is probably not necessarily a criterion you prioritize when dating a man, but trust me, there are many perks to it! 

You can catch up on all those shows you never had access to and get lost in the worlds of HBO and Hulu (to name a few). 

Trust me, movie nights will be really great! 

Plus, you’ll also get a new selection of titles on Netflix once you go visit or move to the States, and that is pretty neat. 

13) The food 

Every country has its own food culture. 

I can’t count the number of times I’ve heard people say that Americans lack a sense of food culture altogether, and to be honest, it’s simply not true. 

  • Burgers 
  • Hot Dogs 
  • Barbecue 
  • Pizza (in all its forms – a New York slice can’t be compared to a Chicago deep-dish, for instance) 
  • Sweet tea 
  • Cereal 
  • Pop-Tarts 
  • Pancakes
  • Waffles
  • Chicken Fingers 
  • Corn dogs 
  • Fries
  • Mac n’ Cheese
  • Fried Oreos (basically, anything fried) 

My list could go on, but you get the idea. 

While some people don’t consider these foods culinary delicacies, I do believe they deserve some recognition. 

Dating an American man gives you access to all these foods plus the opportunity to eat all of these whenever you want, judgement-free!

14) Road trips unlike anything you’ve experienced before 

Before I came to the US, I thought I knew what a road trip was. In fact, I figured I’d been on multiple in my life. 

Boy, was I wrong. 

At the latest when I realized that it was relatively normal to drive 3-4 hours to a ski mountain at 5am just to drive back home in the evening (and that wasn’t even considered a road trip) I realized that the dimensions are simply different in the States. 

Proper road trips are extensive, long, and also extremely beautiful. 

I think the longest one I’d done with my boyfriend was driving from NYC to 3 different cities in Canada and back in a little less than a week. 

We’re talking at least 5 hours of driving each day, if not more.  

The good news? It’s a beautiful experience to share with your boyfriend, and you get to see so much! 

15) Visiting each other makes for great trips 

I will not lie to you, long-distance sucks. 

While that can put a damper on the joy of being with an American boyfriend, the visits to each other during that time make up for it. 

Not only did you not see each other for a while and therefore can’t get enough of each other, you usually get the chance to explore not only their, but also your own home country during these visits. 

The memories made on those trips make up for a lot of the difficulties that long-distance brings with it. 

Plus, you’ll have great stories to tell your kids one day. 

16) Getting a different view on controversial topics 

It’s no secret that there are certain topics where other countries just have a completely different opinion than Americans. 

You see, sometimes, the problem is simply not knowing all the facts or just never getting a different point of view in the media. 

When you start dating an American, there might be some things that you inherently disagree on. 

However, if you take this as an opportunity to learn as opposed to a difference that can’t be overcome, you’d be surprised as to where they are coming from with some of their standpoints. 

Now: I still don’t agree with everything and will probably never change my mind about certain topics, but now I understand the thinking behind it and I can respect that opinion. 

17) The green card possibility 

I wanted to wait with this point because quite frankly, I don’t think a green card should be the main reason you date an American guy. 

That being said, when you do fall in love with an American, this little detail is just another point on the “Pros” – list. 

A countless number of people all around the world would give anything to get the opportunity of a green card. 

And why not, after all the USA offers amazing possibilities. 

While you might be happy in your home country and don’t feel inclined to move to the States anytime soon, having the opportunity to stay in the USA whenever you want for however long, is priceless. 

Turns out there are many people who get married just for the papers, so if you found love and have the same opportunity, I don’t see why you shouldn’t appreciate it! 

18) Americans are relatively “accepted” in most countries 

Let me explain this one a bit more. 

There are countries that have an easy time getting visas and traveling, and there are some that don’t. 

The United States belongs to the former group. 

This means, wherever you’re from, chances are good that your American boyfriend won’t have a hard time coming to visit or even immigrating. 

I hate to say it because it is incredibly unfair, but where you’re from also greatly impacts your chances of getting an immigration status (and the waiting times are tremendously shorter). 

It’s not right that it has to be that way, but at the same time, it’s an advantage of dating an American. 

19) They just seem “cool”  

Whether you’re talking to your girlfriends about your boo, telling your coworkers about your American boyfriend, or bringing him to family events – it just seems cool to date an American. 

That’s because, due to the fact that we see Americans in all our shows and movies, they just have a very good reputation. 

And frankly, who doesn’t want to brag about their handsome American boyfriend a little bit? 

This also applies to yourself, by the way. Americans just have a cool flair about them that makes them seem incredibly attractive. 

20) They are simply great 

Simply put, Americans are great and make for amazing partners. 

No matter from what point you view it, the pros definitely outweigh the cons when it comes to dating internationally. 

Sure, it’s not always easy, and depending on your home country, the cultural differences can be quite substantial but believe me, it’s worth it. 

Dating an American has enriched my life more than anything else, helped me grow, and provided me with memories and experiences I’d never have had otherwise. 

If you like someone and you’re contemplating whether to pursue it further, I say: Go for it! 

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