15 cute protective things guys do that show they like you

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When it comes to being considerate of someone else, there are many things guys do that show they care.

From keeping an eye out for you in public to shielding you from the sun, men like to act like a big tough guy and protect us from things like they weren’t enough.

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Here are 15 cute protective things guys do that show they like you.

1)  He compliments you more often and with sincerity.

If you’re unsure whether or not a man is interested in you, one tell-tale sign is that he seeks out more occasions to compliment you.

In fact, according to University of Kansas studies, it’s particularly common. So when he compliments you, he’s probably implying that he likes you without saying so.

It’s also important to pay attention to his compliments. While a physical compliment is a sure sign he’s into you, an emotional compliment is also a good clue.

When he compliments your generosity, sincerity, or commitment to a friend, he’s going beyond the surface to show you how much he values and respects the real you.

2) He pays attention to your details

Paying attention to details shows that he values you. It also shows that he has been thinking about you and is trying to find out your interests.

It is not just that he recalls all of the funny little things you say, but he also takes them into consideration when arranging plans.

He prepares dinner at your favorite restaurant or proposes that you purchase tickets to a show to see that new band you’re enjoying, among other things.

But one thing’s for sure:

When a man is in love with you, he’s willing to overlook your imperfections because he cares about you.

The things you’re unsure of, as well? These do catch his attention. He actively seeks to unite with you and encourages you to accept yourself.

He may accomplish this by taking up your interests or hobbies, or he may look at you in a specific manner, and he begins to see you in a new light.

3)  He wants to be around you more often

It’s not just a case of running into each other or coincidentally being at the same place at the same time, but he actually seeks you out.

He will try to ask his friends about you or tell them that he thinks you are great.

He’s continuously trying to get closer to you. He will not leave unless you do.

If you’re out with a group of friends, he may try to walk more slowly so that he can keep up with you. It shows that he’s interested in your life and has probably been thinking about you.

It also shows that he wants to make an effort to be around you and be part of your life.

4) He anticipates your needs

When a guy likes you, he will often pick up on little cues and make an effort to meet your needs in advance.

This can include doing things like packing a snack before going to the movies, knowing which ice cream flavor is your favorite, or planning the perfect date night.

Assume you are going to be on a date, and he is the one who has prepared for it. He may have bought tickets, been looking for parking, or planned out how to get there by using public transportation.

5) He checks in with you

He calls or texts to make sure that you are alright and frequently asks about your day. This shows that he puts your feelings and opinions before his own and has probably been thinking about you when he’s alone.

It also shows that he pays attention to everything you do and want from him.

He wants to know that you’re busy and making progress at work, or that he’s confident in the fact that you are handling things well at home or with a friend or family member.

The simple truth is:

He wants to keep up with your life and is interested in your life as well as his own.

6) He looks out for you

He makes sure that you have everything you need, from a coat to flip-flops.

He checks to make sure you are not in danger and will even carry your bag or walk you to your car.

It makes you feel safe and that he genuinely cares about your well-being.

When he gives you his full attention, whether it’s by bringing you a cup of coffee, driving you to work, or helping you set up your new television, he’s genuinely showing you how much he cares about you.

So, rather than feeling obligated to do anything for you, you’ve attempted to acquire the sincerity with which he feels about helping you.

7) He sticks up for you

If you’re in a disagreement with his friends, he will stand up for you and defend your right to be heard and have your opinion respected.

He will not stop trying until you feel comfortable and happy with whatever decision is made.

He gains your trust after repeatedly being there and being on your side when no one else was.

He genuinely cares about you and will go to great lengths to protect what’s important to him.

He will get between you and a stranger that is bothering you.

He will defend you when others make negative comments about your appearance or personality.

He will make sure to protect you and stand up for you — and he will do this without being asked to do so.

He also won’t allow a friend’s comment or joke about you to go unnoticed and will even try to change the subject of conversation if it seems like someone is going too far.

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8) He takes a glance your way

Even if he maintains eye contact with everyone he speaks with, it’s another story if you catch him looking at you from across the room.

He really is checking you out and thinking about how he can get to know you better.

As a traditional sign of interest, a person will look away from you and give you a sneaky smile.

He has a secret admiration for you!

It is impossible for a boy who adores a girl to look away from her. In most cases, they’re completely unaware of their own inadequacy.

9) He will protectively put their arm around your shoulder

Another classic sign of interest is when someone puts their arm around your shoulder protectively.

Usually, this is only done after a lot of trust and friendship has been established.

This can be a sign that he wants to be more than just friends with you and that he’s interested in more than just platonic affection.

Furthermore, men tend to be more physically active than women. A guy’s attempts to touch you when it’s not necessary are a good indicator that he has his heart set on you.

Touching your hand or accidentally touching your knee are usually tiny indications that show you how he truly feels about the situation.

10) He makes an effort in your conversations.

If a guy likes you, he will make an effort to communicate with you. What may begin as an awkward conversation may develop into an excellent opportunity to get to know one another.

He will actively make an effort to listen to you when you speak.

He will not only answer your questions but also contribute ideas and thoughts of his own.

He may make an effort to include you in a group discussion or might even attempt to pull you onto his side in order for you to speak. He sincerely seeks your opinions and values what you have to say.

Sometimes guys don’t know what to say to add to the conversation, but their listening skills and tone of voice will show you they’re interested.

If his voice seems to trail off when you’re talking, he’s probably not interested in you.

However, if his voice is deep and present, and he is asking questions about what you are saying, he is most likely crushing on you as well.

This shows that he understands what you need and values your relationship with him.

It also indicates that he thinks of your opinions and plans to keep listening to what’s important to you.

11) He seems to get jealous or protective when you go with other men

You might find this funny but

When a guy likes you, he’ll get jealous about the smallest details.

Maybe they’re worried that we could leave them or that we might be competing with them for their attention.

Maybe they think that we’re taking away their masculinity or that we’re not following their rules.

He is usually ready to take action if he consistently gets jealous or defensive when other guys start talking to you.

He may feel that it will be impossible for him to get you if the other guy talks to you first.

If he is protective of you, he wants to keep you by his side on a more permanent basis and will not take no for an answer.

12) He never mentions other women

The reason he doesn’t talk about other women is that he has something in common with you. It’s hard for him to pay attention to another woman when you are around.

If he’s not willing to talk about other beautiful women, it probably means he doesn’t find them nearly as impressive as you.

If he seems interested in you, and there’s another girl around him, he will not hesitate to ignore her and talk to you. You might think he has feelings for someone else if he tells you.

The last thing he wants is for you to get the impression that he’s interested in anyone else but you.

If he starts to mention other girls in all of your conversations, it is most likely that he is just trying to be nice. He doesn’t want you to think he is obsessed with you and maybe even wants you to meet another girl.

Sometimes guys will mention another girl, but they never go as far as asking if they could hang out with you or start flirting with you.

13) He’s keeping an eye out for you

When there’s a lot of people around, he’s keeping an eye out for you. He might be trying to look at you, or perhaps he’s constantly watching out for you.

He has made a point of noticing when you pass by him, and it’s obvious that he wants to speak with you.

As soon as he tells a joke and everyone laughs, he begins to search for you among the crowd to see if you’re joining in the fun. He doesn’t care if everybody laughs at his jokes; he just wants to impress you. He’s only interested in seeing how you react.

Otherwise, If he consistently laughs at your jokes or when you laugh, this is a sign that he cares about you and also a sign of a deep connection.

During parties or events, he would continually check in on you to make sure you’re comfortable. He will stop what he’s doing in order to talk with you if necessary.

If he knows it’ll be a while before he sees you again, he might even postpone his other plans in order to spend time with you. If a guy is interested in you, he’ll always make sure that your needs are met.

If it’s not something that you can go out for or have for dinner, then he will make whatever adjustments are necessary so that the two of you can be close together.

14) He quickly responds to your calls or texts

If a guy consistently responds to your texts promptly, I believe he may be indicating his interest in you.

So if a guy seems to respond right away to your text, he must like you a lot.

He will not keep you waiting for an extended period of time; he does not want you to lose interest or feel unimportant.

If he goes out of his way to text you and keep the conversation going so he can spend more time with you; maybe he is interested in getting to know you.

Guys don’t usually answer texts right away unless they’re really into you.

Moreover, he’ll be smiling after every text you send and will ask how long until you’ll next be texting again.

15) He meets and greets you with his friends and family

Want to know the best part?

A man is sincere is when he introduces you to important individuals in his life.

Not only does invite you to meet his friends and family allow him to demonstrate a new side of himself, but it also enables him to assess the possibility of a future.

In a nutshell, when a man introduces you to his friends and family, he wants to observe how you connect with them in order to decide whether the two of you have the potential to have a serious future together.

By presenting you to his friends and family, he wants to know what they think of you. And, given how influential his friends and family may be, he’s certainly into you if he’s inviting you to these many parties, events, and occasions.

So, does he like you?

If you’re ever in doubt about whether a man has feelings for you, pay close attention to all of the subtle cues he gives you.

You don’t have to be an expert to decipher a message if you know what to look for.

However, not every sign will apply to your situation. You also have to consider other factors like the way they act around you, their attitude, and the way they look at you.

Sometimes, there are no signs; after all, it is your feeling. But we hope this article will help you to understand your guy’s behavior and make better decisions for yourself in the future.

After all, with these 15 cute protective hints, the next question you should ask yourself is not if he likes you but whether you like him as well.

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