14 reasons to cut a guy off if he disrespects you (and how to do it)

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Are you in a relationship with a guy who constantly disrespects you?

If you answered yes, this is my message for you:

You deserve better.

Regardless of whether he’s your boyfriend or not, you’re too special to stand for being disrespected any longer.

In this post, we’ll walk you through 14 reasons why cutting a guy off who disrespects you is the best way to move on with your life and some tips on how to do it.

1) You deserve to be in a relationship with someone who loves you deeply

Someone who constantly disrespects you is not someone who “loves” you.

You probably fell in love with this guy because he made you feel loved and wanted.

But things changed, and now, you noticed he had shifted from that person who adored you to someone who just constantly makes you feel unwanted.

This is probably not what you signed up for, right?

If he had been disrespecting you, he’s probably the type of guy who just cares about his image and doesn’t want to be seen as a loser.

Or he’s either trying to manipulate you or trying to gain something from you.

Whatever his reason behind it, it is highly unlikely that his feelings for you are genuine. 

Someone who truly loves you would never disrespect you in any way, shape, or form and will never put their own selfish goals above your happiness.

Cutting off a guy who has no respect for you and doesn’t truly love you could be the best option for you right now.

2) You deserve better than someone who makes you feel bad about yourself

You see, when your self-esteem is being attacked, you start to doubt yourself and your own judgment.

You start to think that you’re the problem and you start to question why you even bothered getting involved with this guy in the first place.

You’ll begin to wonder what’s wrong with you and if he really loves you.

It is safe to say that having a relationship with a guy who constantly disrespects you by making you feel bad about yourself is not worth your time.

You deserve someone who would build your confidence up and support your growth — not someone who tears it down.

If this guy has been disrespecting you even after letting him know how you feel, it’s probably time to cut him off and find somebody who will respect who you are.

3) You deserve someone who respects your boundaries

Not respecting your boundaries can leave you feeling stressed, insecure and angry.

You’ll often find yourself stuck in the middle of a struggle with your partner because he won’t respect the boundaries you set.

If you feel like this is how he treats you most of the time, it’s probably time to cut this guy off.

Think about it:

Setting boundaries are essential in a healthy relationship. If he’s been crossing your boundaries, you don’t need him to make you feel trapped in your relationship.

Being in a relationship doesn’t necessarily mean your voice should be silenced.

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4) You deserve to spend time with someone who will intentionally put you first

Is he spending more time with his friends rather than being with you? Does he put his work above your time together?

He’s probably been treating you like an option rather than someone whom he wants to spend his time with.

Dating a guy who treats you like some kind of option or afterthought hurts. It’s disrespectful to be in a relationship where you feel like you need to beg for his time.

I know you understand that in reality, he cannot really put you first all the time.

You just need to see him make a genuine effort to make you feel important in his life.

If you’ve been telling him about how you feel every time he puts others or his work first and he’s never listened, then don’t waste your time waiting for him to change anymore.

But it’s safe to make sure you are not being selfishly asking for his time, too. You should bear in mind that there are situations where he should really prioritize work over you for example he has deadlines for a project.

My next point is…

5) You deserve to be with someone who will treat you right

The way he treats you when you’re out in public is a reflection of how he would treat you if nobody was around.

How does he treat you when you’re around friends or families?

If he’s been disrespecting you in front of your family, friends, and even strangers, it’s safe to say that he would also disrespect you when there is nobody around.

Everyone deserves to be treated right, especially the person you’re in a relationship with.

Cutting off this guy who disrespects you will prevent you from having to deal with the painful moments that come when your relationship is on display.

Just think about how ashamed and embarrassed you felt after such incidents.

You deserve to be with someone who would treat you special and not just some piece of trash he can just push around.

Whatever you’re getting from this guy is not worth suffering through any longer.

6) You deserve to be in a relationship with someone who wants to make you happy

We all do, right?

A guy who loves you is going to make an effort to put an end to any issues you have.

He’ll talk about what’s worrying you, ask for your opinion on things, and even suggest a compromise if he thinks it’s fair.

Dating someone who constantly disrespects you means that he doesn’t care about your happiness at all. If he’s not putting in the effort to make you happy, he doesn’t have your best interest at heart.

You deserve to be with someone who loves you and cares about whether or not you’re happy.

Cut him off if you know he’s just after his own selfish agenda.

7) You deserve to be treated like an equal and not a victim of his disrespect

I know a few of my friends who found themselves in situations where their boyfriends continuously disrespect them. 

And I’ve seen how they felt overwhelmed by the situation that it made them disempowered.

However, this should not be the case.

A healthy relationship should leave both of you feeling empowered and confident in your relationship.

In other words:

You should not tolerate being disrespected. 

It’s time to take your authority back to yourself and not allow this guy to keep on disrespecting you any longer. 

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8) You deserve to spend time with someone who thinks your needs are important

Does this guy know that one of the most important needs of women is affection?

I bet he doesn’t. Or he probably knows but he’s not taking it to heart.

If he does, he should’ve realized by now you just needed his attention and affection.

Someone who constantly disrespects you is probably telling you that everything that’s bothering you is wrong or stupid.

However, he doesn’t get it. He thinks you’re just nagging and complaining all the time.

He doesn’t see the “why’s” behind your complaints. Instead, he just thinks you’re being too sensitive.

So, if being with this guy makes you feel like your feelings are not heard, talk to him about it.

If he listens and makes adjustments, then good. However, if he still doesn’t try to change even after a lot of conversations have been done, I tell you, you’re better off without him.

9) You deserve to be with someone who has a great sense of integrity

Does your boyfriend always lie and make up excuses about why he didn’t do things?

Do you feel like he’s always playing games with you and trying to hide something from you?

If so, then this is a clear sign of dishonesty and it might have left you feeling betrayed.

You deserve to be with someone who does what they say they’re going to do and doesn’t play any games. 

Someone who constantly disrespects you is probably a liar and cheater on top of that.

10) You deserve to be with someone who’s trustworthy and not a cheater

In relation to the previous point, if your boyfriend is keeping secrets from you and acting shady, then he’s probably been cheating on you.

However, if you’re not sure whether he’s really cheating or not, you can either confront him directly about it or investigate on your own.

It’s better to do something about it rather than just brush it off. It won’t be healthy for you as well to carry that burden for a long time.

Whatever you discover, whether he’s cheating or not, decide what you need to do from there.

But I would like you to remember:

You deserve to be in a relationship with someone who will never leave you feeling insecure or afraid of losing them.

If you constantly feel that he’s cheating on you and lying, that’s a major red flag.

You might not even realize this but deep down inside, this hurts you more than anything and it will only cause more emotional pain as time goes on. 

You’re probably better off without this guy.

11) You deserve a guy who will treat you right in front of his friends

If your boyfriend disrespects you in front of his friends, he probably disrespected you behind your back too. 

He probably thinks that there’s nothing wrong with mistreating a woman. He probably doesn’t respect you and thinks you’re only his to do whatever he wants with.

If he’s got friends who treat women this way, then it’s a clear sign that he probably shares these views and will never change.

You deserve to be with someone who respects your boundaries and treats you right in front of everyone — most especially behind your back.

If he truly cares for you, he will be one to protect you instead of harming you from other people.

12) You deserve to be with someone who realizes that you’re an amazing person

Because you are!

If your boyfriend constantly disrespects you and doesn’t appreciate your awesomeness, he probably doesn’t see your worth.

He might even think of you as a toy or a trophy. He’ll use you, but then once he’s done playing with you, he’ll toss you away never to be heard from again.

Sounds harsh? But we never know.

Here’s a reminder for you:

You are amazing! You are beautiful!

You deserve to be with someone who will see your worth and treat you right. It’s best to find a guy who will respect you and see that you’re a valuable person.

13) You deserve to be with someone who has a positive outlook on life

Being in a relationship with a guy who always sees the negative side of things is draining.

He might have brushed his negativity on you by constantly disrespecting you and this will only put you in an emotional downward spiral.

You deserve to spend time with someone who has a positive outlook on life and your relationship. 

Relationships should be a healthy place for each individual to love and grow together.

If you cannot see yourself in this kind of relationship, then it’s probably time to get away from this guy.

And the last but not the least reason I wanted to share is this:

14) Maybe he’s just not the one for you

You probably have thought of this first on the list.

But since you love this guy, you have kept giving him chances and thought to yourself he is just going through something or hoped the situation will change in the next day or so.

Yet here you are, maybe weeks or months or years of hoping but still being left disrespected by someone whom you thought loved you.

So if you’ve been dating this guy for a while and you’ve been telling him the things that offended you but still he did not do anything to correct it, it’s pretty safe to say that maybe he’s just not the right guy for you.

But what if you find it hard to let go of this disrespectful guy?

Well, I highly suggest watching the free video by Rudá Iandê I mentioned earlier.

I believe it will give you the right mindset to take your personal power back in this toxic relationship you are in.

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So, what’s next?

Have these reasons convinced you by now?

I really hope so.

If ever you finally decided to cut this guy off, here are some practical tips you can do to properly end it once and for all:

1) Break up face to face

This is probably a no-brainer piece of advice. But it is the most mature way to break up with someone — saying it straight to his face.

Set up the time and place yourself. This would be a good start to taking your authority back.

2) If you can’t break up face to face, then break up over chat

You can still end your relationship without having to deal with him whatsoever.

Ask him why he’s been treating you like this and if he’s really committed to you.

You probably already know the answer. 

3) Do it when you feel comfortable

There is no set time to break up with someone.

Some people wait a long time before they make the decision to call it quits.

But other cases are where you just wake up one fine morning realizing that it’s time to end this toxic relationship.

No one can tell you when that will be. And no one should judge you for waiting too long or even not giving him enough chances.

Just end it when you have finally made up your mind and you know whatever he says cannot change your mind anymore.

4) Walk away from a toxic relationship with your head held high

You have endured for too long now and you deserve to take the final bow without feeling any guilt at all.

He should be the one feeling sorry for all the things he has done to you.

Cutting off a guy who has been disrespecting you when you deserve to be respected and loved is probably one of the best decisions you will make for yourself.


I know, being disrespected hurts.

It doesn’t just affect your relationship but more than that, it destroys your relationship with yourself.

You might have been wondering how it feels to be in a relationship where love and respect are a given.

And if you’ve been going through this and haven’t gotten any relief, a relationship breakup would probably be the best decision.

However, no one can judge you if you still wish to keep on with the relationship, 

In the end, it’s only you who know all the details that are happening within your relationship. 

But I hope this article has shed some light on the reason why you should end the relationship now.

You can also reach out to the experts from Relationship Hero for tailored-fit advice to your situation.

I hope you get to decide on what’s best for your relationship and most especially, for your own good. Good luck!

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