14 incredible signs of a cosmic soulmate (complete list)

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Many people want to find their soulmate in life, that one person that they could spend the rest of their life with.

But there’s a problem.

The universe doesn’t make it easy for some of us to actually find our soulmate; no one’s exactly walking around with a sign around their neck that says they’re “the one.”

But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to tell when someone is actually “the one.”

Cosmic soulmates are people that you have a very deep spiritual connection with.

So how can you tell if something’s just a summer fling or the real deal?

Here are 12 signs that let you know that that person might just be your cosmic soulmate.

1. You Almost Gave Up on Soulmates Before You Met

Before you were completely against your friends setting you up with someone they know – but now you’re willing to do anything just to find someone to be with.

Although you’re reluctant about it, you’d rather go through with a set up or online dating sites just to find someone.

The day before your date, you bump into a stranger walking in the other direction.

They might have felt like a familiar friend, but in reality you may not even have met them.

And they feel the same way.

This happens because, once you let go of your expectation to find someone, the universe gets a chance to surprise you.

2. Eerie Coincidences Start Happening

When you think about a song then turn on the radio, that exact same song starts playing.

Before going to bed, you tell yourself you’re going to be productive in the morning.

When morning comes, an internet problem occurs, blocking you from accessing time-waster websites.

When you randomly think about a person, they randomly appear to you – whether in person while you’re out in the mall, or as a notification on your phone.

At first you might not have even noticed these coincidences, but hopefully reading this you’re more aware of it. These events tend to be difficult to explain.

One of the more likely reasons is that the universe is telling you that this person is going to be, if not already, important in your life.

3. They Appear in Your Dream

Your intuition tends to discover new things before your conscious self does.

This is because when you’re asleep, your mental barriers tend to lower, letting in the energies of the universe.

Your intuition, or what others call your higher self, then interprets these energies in the form of dreams – often, they might be much more vivid than your usual ones.

While you believe that your soulmate exists, you still aren’t sure what exactly they look like.

Your higher self might be able to give you a peek of their appearance through your dream.

This could be the universe giving you a heads up about your cosmic soulmate.

4. They Matched What You Wanted to Manifest

Before, you made it clear to yourself and the universe exactly what you were looking for in a soulmate.

You wanted them to be confident, smart, or someone with a good heart, for instance.

But then other things started becoming a priority for you, such as wanting to be a better person.

While this happened, suddenly, one day, you meet someone who coincidentally matched what you were looking for – and you weren’t even busy looking for them at that time.

The universe works better when you aren’t minding it.

It isn’t that you gave up on looking for companionship; it’s just that there were other priorities that naturally emerged as you continued growing as a person.

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5. You’ve Got an Intense Gut Feeling

There’s something about them that makes you want to get to know them more – but you aren’t sure what it is.

You might even say that you feel attracted to that person, but you can’t tell whether it’s because of their personality, their eyes, or something else entirely. It’s a gut feeling.

Gut feelings tend to come from our higher selves, or our intuition. It knows much more than us – especially about what’s best for us.

6. You’re Deeply Inspired by Them

While no one really stood out to you as being motivational, the first time you met this person, their energy was contagious.

They’re ambitious, driven, and positive people who have a clear vision of what they want to do with their lives and how to achieve their goals.

You may have been settled with your goals before, but meeting this person makes you want to achieve something even greater for yourself.

Soulmates tend to seek improvement in one another because they want someone to grow with.

They understand that reaching fulfillment in this life isn’t something to be done alone.

So if someone you met inspires you to be better, that could be a good sign that your souls might connect well.

7. You Rediscover Your Purpose with Them

It’s often easy for our purpose to get lost in the daily busyness of our life.

We start to worry about smaller and smaller details, such as what to wear for work tomorrow, or even get curious about new interests brought about by random videos online.

If this person inspires you, it might also make you reflect on yourself. They make you question why you do what you do.

If meeting them realigns you to your overall mission, then it’s possible they are meant to be your soulmate.

8. You Feel Like You’re Healing When You’re Together

We all have emotional scars from our past mistakes and heartbreaks.

Often healing from these wounds can take much longer than we anticipated.

But talking to this person can feel like the relief you’ve been looking for.

When you’re together, you can feel yourself become lighter and more comfortable with your past.

You might not even have thought about the past since talking to them.

That can be a good sign meaning your souls are more connected than you realize.

9. You Start Spotting Angel Numbers

You’re thinking about the person and suddenly you start seeing strings of identical numbers together; you spot 111 on a license plate of a car passing by; you walk past an address 222; you check the time in the afternoon and it’s 3:33.

These are called “angel numbers” They’re said to symbolize something special happening in your life.

If you spot 111 when you’re thinking about that person, the universe might be telling you to pay attention to this person.

10. You recognize them.

Another fascinating way to help you conclude whether this person is your soulmate is to check and see if you can recognize them. 

The truth is:

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11. You Feel Like You’re Going Through the Exact Same Experiences

When you enter a new restaurant and sit down, something odd strikes you: you feel as if you’ve been there before.

You swear this was your first time, but looking around feels so familiar. What’s more is that you remember seeing the exact same person sitting across from you.

When you experience deja vu that involves another person, it might be the universe telling you to pay attention to them – they might just become someone significant in your life.

12. They Tell You What You Didn’t Know You Needed to Hear

Maybe you’ve been having financial trouble recently.

No matter what you’ve been doing – whether by getting a new job, selling your old items, or trying out a new budget plan – nothing seems to be making a difference to your money.

While your friends have shared encouraging words with you, it was this person that told you the exact advice you needed to hear.

Maybe it wasn’t about what you were doing, but they pointed out that it might actually be about your mindset that was affecting your ability to save.

13. You Feel Like You’ve Met Before

Maybe with other people you’ve met, you were hesitant to share about your past heartbreak and the worries.

You needed some time to get to know each other first before talking about deeper and more personal topics. But not with this person.

When you meet them, you feel uncharacteristically comfortable, as if you were talking to an old friend you’ve spoken to hundreds of times before.

The reason why you feel this way might be because your souls recognize each other.

Your souls might have actually been well acquainted in your previous life; you both might have even been lovers and spent most of your time together.

The comfort you feel with this person might just be the joy of a soul finding its partner once again.

14. Your Relationship with Your Soulmate

Just like with any relationship, it might be wiser to take it slow at first.

This allows you to really get to understand this person as well as let your first impression and attraction fade for more objective thinking; it’s possible that you were just too excited about meeting this person and they weren’t actually your cosmic soulmate.

Go out for a few dates. Get to know each other more; see if your values align.

If your relationship doesn’t develop or you learn that they really aren’t your type, then there might not be too much harm in calling it off since you both haven’t committed to anything yet.

If the relationship goes well, on the other hand, then they might actually be your soulmate. So don’t let it go to waste.

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