49 characteristics of a high-value man (don’t let him slip away!)

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Do you want to date a man who is devoted, successful, and has his life together? Then check out this list of 49 characteristics that make a high-value man.

Whether you are looking for a long-term commitment or something more casual, these traits will help you find the perfect guy!

Let’s get started:

1) He takes care of himself

A high-value man takes care of himself because he values his health. He exercises, eats well, and limits the amount of alcohol he consumes. All of which help him live a longer and healthier life.

And that’s not all!

A high-value man also knows the importance of good mental health; he not only treats his body with respect but also his mind.

He most likely meditates and if he’s feeling overwhelmed and unable to deal with some issues, he’s not afraid to speak to a therapist.

2) He treats women with respect

He knows the worth of a woman and treats all women in his life with respect – his mother, sisters, wife/girlfriend, friends, co-workers, and even women he doesn’t know.

He’d never dream of disrespecting a woman or being condescending. He doesn’t objectify women and he doesn’t see the female sex as inferior or women as second-class citizens.

You see, a high-value man believes in equality and each individual’s ability to do what he or she is capable of, regardless of gender. He knows that gender doesn’t define a person’s capacity for greatness and he’d never make any assumptions based on prejudice or stereotypes.

High-value men are truly respectful human beings who both support and love women.

3) He has a purpose in life

Here’s the thing about a high-value man – he has a purpose. He has goals in life that he’s always striving towards.

This means that he has a reason to get up in the morning.

Unlike some guys, a high-value man doesn’t sit around drinking beer and watching TV or playing video games all day because he has better things to do.

And he’s not afraid of any challenges he may face because he knows that’s part of the journey and it will all be worth it.

A high-value man knows the importance of living a life that’s full of meaning. He’s not just a success in life, but also a person who makes an impact, both on himself and others.

4) He wants to help others

He wants to help other people and make this world a better place.

He’s not afraid to get his hands dirty.

The wonderful thing about a high-value man is that not only does he share his knowledge, help his neighbor and give to charity, he’ll also go out there and volunteer in a soup kitchen and help those who need it the most.

5) He is confident

He knows that he’s a smart guy who’s capable of achieving anything he sets his mind to.

What’s more, he’s not afraid of learning something new or putting himself in situations where he might fail or struggle for a short period of time.

Best of all, a high-value man’s not afraid to face challenges that may seem impossible from the outside. To him, they’re just stepping stones on the path towards achieving his goals and dreams.

A high-value man understands that confidence is key to success in all areas of your life.

If you’re not confident about what you’re doing, then you’ll never accomplish anything in life because you’ll always be doubting yourself and second-guessing every decision before taking action.

All in all, a high-value man is confident because he knows his worth.

6) He’s a man of his word

A man is only as good as his word.

If a high-value man says he’s going to do something, then you can be sure that he’ll follow through. He’s a man of his word, someone you can trust and depend on.

He’s always willing to go the extra mile to make sure that he keeps his word. When he makes a promise, he’ll follow through 100%. He doesn’t make empty promises to make someone happy – if he is unable to do something, then he’ll say so right away.

7) He has a great sense of humor

A high-value man likes to look on the bright side in life and has a good sense of humor.

He’s often the life of a party because he likes to tell jokes, do impressions, and he’s even good at physical humor. Everyone is drawn to his good nature and quick wit.

Best of all, a high-value man always knows how to add lightness to any situation, and he doesn’t take himself too seriously. In fact, he’s not afraid to laugh at himself.

8) He loves his family

Now, when it comes to a high-value man, family comes first.

He knows that maintaining good relationships with his family members is the key to a healthy lifestyle and a happy life.

A high-value man loves and values his family and is always there for them, regardless of where they may be located or how often they see each other. Whether it be his parents, siblings, or his own children, he’d do anything for them.

He understands the importance of family – they’re always there to support each other through the good and bad times in life.

9) He’s spiritual

A high-value man has his own set of beliefs and values. He has specific values and standards by which he lives his life.

He is a spiritual person because he understands that there are things in life that you can’t explain.

A high-value man understands that religion is just one way to discover yourself and find spirituality, but he also knows that being spiritual should be a personal experience and not forced on anyone else.

10) He is an honest person

You know what they say, honesty is the best policy.

So if you’re tired of going out with guys who lie and cheat, then you should find a high-value man.

He doesn’t like bull**it and if he has something to say, he’ll come out and say it. He won’t pretend or beat around the bush. And if he makes a mistake, he won’t try and cover it up – he’ll come out and confess.

The bottom line is that he’s high-value because he doesn’t tell lies and people know they can trust him.

Now, who doesn’t love a man who tells the truth and holds himself accountable for his words and actions?

11) He dresses the part

Here’s the thing: A high-value man dresses to impress.

Just picture 007.

He makes sure that he’s always looking his best and that others notice him because he knows that first impressions are the most important ones.

Let me tell you something:

A high-value man doesn’t have to wear expensive clothes because he has style. He knows how to dress appropriately for any occasion and enjoys having all eyes on him.

12) He earns a decent living

A high-value man takes care of himself. He makes sure that he is always financially stable so that he can support himself, his family, and even help out friends in need.

He’s not one of those guys who sit around and live off their well-fare checks.

He has a good job or even a business of his own. He earns a decent living.

A high-value man does not spend all his money on useless things like cigarettes, alcohol, cars, and jewelry. He makes wise investments.

To make a point: He knows how to manage his finances to ensure that he’s able to afford all the necessities of life – for him and those who depend on him.

13) He’s generous

He is generous to a fault.

In fact, he’s happiest when he can give someone something and make their day.

You see, the high-value guy is the guy who always remembers everyone’s birthday and knows just what to get them.

But that’s not all!

A high-value man gives to charities, various causes, and non-profit organizations because he knows that doing good will always bring him happiness and contentment.

He knows he’s lucky and just wants to give back.

A high-value man isn’t afraid to give money and help out friends in need. He understands that money isn’t everything and that sharing what you have is a great way to help the less fortunate in this world.

14) He works hard

A high-value man knows how to work hard.

He knows that getting what you want in life requires hard work and that hard work will make him a better man. After all, you don’t get ahead in life by simply relying on your good looks or social status.

A high-value man knows that he has to have the knowledge and skills necessary in order for him to achieve his goals and live up to his potential as a person and as a man.

A high-value man who works hard is a productive and responsible worker.

15) He is a great conversationalist

He is funny, confident, and very clever. He can talk about almost anything he wants to.

A high-value man knows how to improvise on topics that will make him more interesting, engaging, and attractive in the process.

He thinks fast on his feet and is comfortable speaking on a wide range of topics with people from varying backgrounds.

What’s more, his conversation is part of what makes him so seductive to women. He always knows the right thing to say.

The bottom line is that he’s intelligent and can connect with anyone and can talk about almost anything – from talking to bakers about bread to ambassadors about foreign policy.

16) He speaks his mind

A high-value man speaks his mind when he needs to without being confrontational.

He’s not afraid to stand up for himself in order to protect his dignity, reputation, or values.

And the best part is that a high-value man is able to assert his beliefs, opinions, and ideas without the need of being confrontational or offensive towards anyone else. He’s always in control of himself and thinks before he speaks.

What’s more, he knows how to put forward a very convincing argument and doesn’t just make simple claims without any back-up.

17) He’s a positive person

He’s someone that you just love being around.

A high-value man believes that life is amazing, wonderful, and spectacular. Even when things go wrong, he remains positive that everything will work out for the best.

A high-value man knows that a positive mind frame will help him be a better and happier person overall. His positive attitude makes the people around him feel good.

18) He’s fun!

Did I mention that he’s fun to be around?

A high-value man is a fun and entertaining person.

He lives by the motto, “Life is short so seize the day” – that’s why he always tries to have a good time and enjoy the moment.

And the best part? He can make others feel comfortable around him because he is able to lighten up the mood in any situation that may have been difficult up until that point in time.

19) He’s tidy

Picture this: A guy who doesn’t throw socks and underwear around the house!

It’s true, a high-value man likes order and cleanliness. He’s not afraid to get in there to clean and scrub – he doesn’t mind getting his hands dirty.

He does the laundry and the dishes too. He is self-disciplined and takes the time to do things the right way.

A tidy home equals a tidy mind – it shows that he cares for himself as a human being.

In other words: His home and car are always clean and smell good.

20) He’s in shape

A high-value man likes to stay in shape. He’s always working out at the gym, cycling, jogging, or engaging in other outdoor activities.

He knows how to take care of himself physically, not just to look good, but to feel good too.

A high-value man understands that physical exercise has a direct effect on his mood and emotions.

He knows that staying in shape will allow him to be more productive when it comes down to work and other activities that he likes doing daily.

21) He knows what women want

A high-value man understands the needs and wants of women. And he knows that each woman is different and unique; that not all women want the same thing.

He’s a gentleman first and foremost.

He’s attentive and generous. He really listens to a woman unlike some guys that just nod their heads. He remembers things – how they drink their coffee, their favorite flowers, important dates, and even the names of their pets.

Women love to be around him because they feel he really gets them and sees them for who they are.

22) He’s open-minded

A high-value man is always open to new ideas, new people, and new hobbies.

When he travels, he likes to eat what the locals eat. Do what the locals do. Dress as the locals do. 

He understands that by being open to all types of different people and experiences, he will be able to learn and grow as a person in the process.

He knows that the world is full of different cultures and ideas, so there are tons of things to experience on your own.

The great thing about a high-value man is that he’s curious about the world around him.

23) He’s in touch with his creative side

Here’s something else about high-value me: they have a creative side.

The high-value man is always working on a creative project.

Now, he could be writing a book, practicing a new song, painting, or even trying out pottery.

He’s always exploring his creativity by doing something that he loves to do.

He’s patient and understands that you have to put in the hard work when it comes to art and that the final result will only be as good as the amount of effort you put into it.

24) He loves animals

A high-value man is a compassionate and gentle person who treats animals kindly. He spends several hours a day walking his dog and loves to snuggle up with his cat on the couch.

In fact, he volunteers at an animal shelter every weekend and is happy whenever he can be the foster dad of a cat or dog in need of a home.

25) He’s a great friend

A high-value man values and cultivates friendship.

He takes pride in the fact that he’s still friends with some people he went to kindergarten with!

A high-value man is a loyal friend who will always be there to lend a helping hand or shoulder to cry on.

He’s the best friend anyone can have because he’s easy to talk to and he will never judge you for anything.

He will always manage to make you smile, no matter how bad your day was.

26) He’s loyal

Whether it be to his family, friends, or to his country. A high-value man will remain loyal through the good and the bad times. He sets a very high bar for himself and has very high morals and values.

What’s more, when a high-value guy is in love, he commits to his partner 100% and will always be faithful to her.

27) He’s respected by others

A high-value man respects himself and the people around him. He doesn’t make others feel inferior or inferior based on their social standing or economic status in life.

And in return, everyone who knows him respects him because they see that he’s a good human being.

28) He doesn’t hold grudges

A high-value man doesn’t hold grudges against anyone because he understands that the world is already enough of a mess as it is and that concentrating on negative things or situations in his life will only bring him down further.

Life is too short to hold grudges.

29) He’s knowledgeable

A high-value man is always reading or studying something that isn’t related to his career so he can broaden his horizons and become more knowledgeable about the world around him.

He’s curious and his brain can never get enough new information.

What’s more, he knows that knowledge is power, and knowing something about everything will allow him to be successful in all areas of life.

30) He’s successful

A high-value man understands that being successful isn’t just about building a big house and buying a fancy car, but it also means working hard to achieve your goals.

He’s always studying to understand the world around him, and he uses his knowledge to find success.

He’s not afraid of hard work because that’s what it takes to be successful in life.

31) He has integrity

A high-value man has the courage to stand up for what he believes in and what he believes others should do as well.

The important thing is that he never backs down on his beliefs simply because someone else doesn’t agree with how he feels or thinks about something.

32) He’s a gentleman

A high-value man is always the “perfect gentleman”.

And yes, he holds the door, pulls out the chair, and pays for dinner and a movie, but it’s so much more than that.

He has the utmost respect for his woman and treats her as an equal. He’s caring and sensitive and would never do anything against her wishes.

His priority is to make the woman in his life happy.

33) He’s a great listener

Some guys are difficult to talk to. They either have a hard time finding something other than sports and computers to talk about, or they pretend they’re listening while their minds are a million miles away.

But not a high-value man, he’s actually listening to every word a woman says and he’s very much engaged in the conversation.

34) He’s in tune with his feelings

A high-value man doesn’t hide from his feelings, he knows that you have to be aware of how you’re feeling and not bottle up your emotions inside you.

If he’s feeling angry, he embraces that feeling and doesn’t run away from it. If he’s sad, then he allows himself to be sad.

He knows that hiding from your feelings always catches up with you and can have serious consequences.

35) He has great hygiene

A high-value man is always clean and well-groomed.

He’s never too tired to brush his teeth or hair. He’s always clean and smells great.

You’ll never catch him with bad breath or greasy hair.

36) He’s an optimist

A high-value man knows that the glass is always half full. He sees the bright side of life and always looks for the positive instead of the negative in every situation or person he comes across throughout his day.

37) He takes pride in everything he does

A high-value man knows that there’s no point in doing something unless you’re going to do it right. That’s why everything he does, he does it with pride and passion.

38) He’s aware of his surroundings

A high-value man always keeps his eyes open and is present in the here and now.

He knows that being present in life helps him become more aware of what’s happening around him, which helps him become a better person altogether.

That’s why he practices mindfulness.

39) He’s an original thinker

A high-value man always has a unique perspective on life and his world, as well as on problems and issues facing him throughout his life.

He’s not afraid to think outside of the box, even if it means going against everyone else’s beliefs or ways of thinking in order to make things better for everyone around him.

40) He’s non-approval seeking

When he does something, he does it because he feels that it’s the right thing to do.

A high-value man doesn’t care what other people think about him because he understands that you can’t make everyone happy. If someone likes him as he is, great, if they don’t, that’s fine too.

He does things his way, and he does them well.

41) He’s assertive

He’s not aggressive but he is assertive.

What’s the difference?

Aggressive people push their way into situations and then act as if it was really their own idea. Assertive people will let you know what they want, but they will be respectful of your wishes, too.

A high-value man knows that it’s important to stand up for himself and what he wants or needs in life.

This helps him stand out from the crowd, and it helps him become successful.

42) He’s a great lover

A high-value man likes giving pleasure as much as he likes receiving it.

He’s a generous and adventurous lover that a woman never forgets.

43) He has integrity

A high-value man is always treated with respect, and he never takes advantage of anyone.

He’s honest, trustworthy, and he treats everyone around him with dignity and respect.

This is a quality that women are attracted to because it shows that you’re trustworthy, loyal, and easy to be around.

44) He’s emotionally intelligent

A high-value man understands that emotions dictate how you think and how you react to anything in your life.

This is why he’s able to control his reactions and thoughts at all times no matter the situation at hand because he knows it will only make things worse.

He’s also got a lot of insight into how other people feel and can act accordingly. He has a lot of empathy and is very understanding.

45) He has a growth mindset

A high-value man understands that his limitations are what prevent him from reaching his true potential in life, so he uses those same limitations as a reminder of how far he still has to go.

46) He’s humble

He’s wonderful and humble too?

Let’s face it, nobody likes a guy who keeps bragging about his achievements.

A high-value man understands that treating others better doesn’t make you better than them, and it’s also knowing when to stop being a hero and just be a normal person

The bottom line is that a high-value man is confident in himself and doesn’t need to brag to show people how great or successful he is or to get their approval.

In fact, in my experience, the guys that do all of the bragging are the ones that are most lacking in every aspect.

47) He loves an independent woman

A high-value man is not threatened by a strong, independent woman, in fact, it’s what attracts him to her in the first place.

48) He’s a problem solver

A high-value man never sees problems as obstacles or walls, but rather as obstacles and walls that need to be overcome in order to reach his goal in life.

49) He’s passionate about life and everything in it

A high-value man is always passionate about everything that he does in life no matter what his current situation is. He’s happy to be alive and he’s grateful for every moment.

He loves to go out on adventures and try new things. He’ll go kayaking, bungee jumping, and diving with sharks.

A high-value man wants to experience everything life has to offer.

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