24 characteristics of a cheating woman

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Women cheat pretty commonly, in fact, they’re on par with men in the cheating department.

So, if you’re here because you’ve got your suspicions, you’re in the right place.

Dive in to read about what characteristics scream that a woman is cheating.

Let’s go.

1) She’s often obsessed with appearance and how she looks.

She likely spends hours in the mirror, doctoring herself up to perfection

She’s always interested in the latest beauty processes, procedures, and cosmetics because she’s conceited and wants to look her best no matter the cost.

Also, she keeps comparing herself with others, making comments on how she looks way better than XYZ. If she’s doing this, it’s a huge red flag that she’s likely to cheat.

A lady that’s likely to cheat is also known to spend way too much time on her appearance.

A woman who spends a lot of time grooming and primping herself up has likely been cheating with another man for a while. 

She’s obsessed with looking and dressing nice, probably all the time, and she does it at the expense of her relationship with you.

2) Constantly seeking validation and has low self-esteem.

A person who is constantly seeking validation and approval from other people has low self-esteem. They are not independent enough to believe in themselves.

This can be seen easily in her when she’s always seeking compliments, admiration, and appreciation. She’s super dependent on others for her own self-worth because she doesn’t think she’s worthy.

If you’re seeing this behavior, you may have a cheater on your hands too.

3)  She lies. Constantly!

Do you want to know a secret?

Women are notorious for the number of lies they tell.

They lie to enhance their image, to keep up the act, to cover their tracks, and to get out of a sticky situation.

If she’s unable to be truthful with you or even worse, can lie to you with a straight face, it’s time you began running for the hills.

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4) She accuses her partner of cheating.

Is it a case of the kettle calling the pot black, or is it more a case of having a guilty conscience?

Regardless, a woman with ulterior motives will most likely accuse her partner of doing something wrong or keep accusing him of it.

She’ll always make little snarky comments about who you’re speaking to, and what you’re doing and will throw some general shade to make it seem like you’re being a creep.

This accusatory behavior is yet another red flag that she’s likely to cheat.

5) She takes an argument to the next level

If you’re with a woman who is likely to cheat, you won’t have normal arguments. In fact, your arguments will go to the next level and even the smallest, silliest things are likely to cause an eruption.

A woman like this will often deflect and try to minimize your feelings by creating arguments and will often distance themselves from the situation without clearly addressing the issue.

A woman who does this is hiding her real feelings about something. In most cases, she is trying to hide something big, putting off the issue and perhaps out of embarrassment.

So, if you’re in a relationship with someone who does this, it’s a good way to gauge whether she’s likely to cheat on you.

6) She has two faces. One for you and one for her friends.

Wow, talk about two-faced.

She likes to put on a front to look good in front of her friends and perhaps to look like she’s a better person than you are. But, then again you both know she’s not like that.

She can sometimes be nice to you until she gets with her friends, then she gets snippy with you or just plain argumentative. If this is the case, it might indicate that she’s cheating because she doesn’t feel comfortable around you when around her friends.

7) She’s a flirt.

She might flirt with others to the point that it annoys you, but she’ll continue doing it.

This behavior can indicate that she is likely cheating on you because perhaps she needs to be showered with compliments and is in desperate need of attention.

She doesn’t want to admit to being with you because she wants someone else’s attention, regardless of what she does with her boyfriend.

8) She actually believes what she’s saying.

I was watching a high-profile defamation trial lately that featured a certain actress who told a large number of blatant lies.

The whole world could see she was lying but unfortunately she didn’t see anything wrong with perpetuating her narrative and sticking to her story.

If a woman has a tendency to lie without fear or favor, she’s probably inclined to cheat. She sees nothing wrong with lying, she doesn’t care about the truth and she will do whatever it takes to get her own way.

If she’s a pathological liar and has no fear of getting caught, then there’s a high chance that she’s probably already cheating on you.

9) She cries.

A woman who cries is usually a very emotional individual and will often cry, usually in a public place, to get attention or sympathy. 

She’ll likely cry at any disagreement or bad news, including trivial things such as the lack of an ice cream truck in her area.

This behavior is common for all women but if you’ve noticed your partner crying more than usual recently and she doesn’t seem to care about it, she’s probably cheating on you with another man.

10) She doesn’t seem to be satisfied with a relationship.

You just can’t seem to make her happy, heck, you’re not even sure if giving her $5 million would make her happy.

A woman who isn’t happy in her relationship is an indication of cheating.

She might have issues with how she should look, how she should behave, what others think about her, and perhaps even other men (especially her exes). 

She might be suffering from low self-esteem and is unhappy because she feels that she doesn’t measure up.

11) Changes in her routine and sexual appetite.

If you’ve noticed dramatic changes in your partner’s routine, behavior, or even a change in her sexual appetite, then it’s time to dig a little deeper and check whether she’s likely to cheat on you or not.

This is a telling sign, especially if she’s more on the frigid side.

If she’s suddenly taken an interest in all things kinky and is eager to perform in the bedroom, chances are she’s using you as a guinea pig.

12) Your gut feeling tells you something is going on.

If your gut feeling tells you that your woman is cheating, chances are she actually is cheating.

I recommend to all men to begin trusting their gut feelings and not what somebody else has told them (if they don’t know for sure.) Usually, if a man gets bad vibes from a woman, there’s a reason for it.

So, if your inner voice is telling you something shady is up, best you trust it.

13) She’s no longer interested in you.

Remember when she couldn’t get enough of you? When she was hanging on your every last word.

She’d eagerly wait for you to text her and it was a case of “No, you hang up..”

Those days are gone.

She quite frankly couldn’t be bothered with you and if you were to appear in front of her stark naked, she wouldn’t even bat an eyelid.

When she no longer finds you interesting, chances are, she’s spending her time with someone who she does.

This is another telltale sign of a cheating woman.

14) She bad-mouths you.

Any woman who bad-mouths her man to anyone else, even her closest friends, is a woman who dislikes her boyfriend. 

She is also likely to cheat on you because she doesn’t appreciate your presence in her life.

You could be a knight in shining armor and treat her like a princess but if she’s got something shady going on, she’ll likely be calling you every name under the sun.

15) She’s completely unpredictable.

If your woman isn’t reliable in everything she does, then it’s time to move on. She might be prone to irrationality and can change her mind at a moment’s notice.

She might not be able to see past her own needs and wants, so she’ll always act how she thinks is right. She might act like a victim and blame you for things that you do or don’t do; even if you were perfectly innocent.

Also, if she’s always running late and cannot honor her word, it’s a huge indicator that she’s lacking in the integrity department and is yet another characteristic of a cheating woman.

16) She’s self-centered and doesn’t care about others.

If a woman’s only goal in life is to get her own way and make everyone else feel bad, she’ll likely cheat on you.

She might be so negative that she won’t allow anything good to happen and will dwell on the bad instead of focusing on the good in life, no matter how small it might be.

Self-centeredness is yet another very telltale characteristic of a cheating woman, so if you’re currently involved with someone like this, it’s best to cut your losses now.

17) She’s extremely jealous and controlling.

There’s cute jealousy and then there’s psychotic jealousy. 

If She wants to control you to the point where you might as well slap on a pair of marionette strings and live life like a sheep, be warned.

An overly jealous woman is likely to cheat on her man because it’s all about the game to her. It’s who can’t cheat and get away with it.

18) She has narcissistic tendencies

A woman who’s got narcissistic tendencies is likely to cheat on her boyfriend.

She might have too many issues with herself and is constantly trying to get attention from other men. 

The narcissist doesn’t like the fact she’s with a man that treats her well so she’ll likely cheat on him for all the attention that she can get.

If she’s got narcissistic traits, you’ll also note that she’s incredibly emotionally unavailable.

Being emotionally unavailable is usually an indication that the woman doesn’t want to be in a relationship or she’s got trust issues with men. 

If she’s not fully available to you and always turns away, then it’s an indication she might not be fully committed to your relationship.

If there’s something she has to hide, then it’ll likely come back and bite her in the ass later on down the road.

19) She stops going out with friends.

If your woman stops going out with her friends and doesn’t want to hang out with other people outside of the relationship, something’s up.

She might be cheating and doesn’t want you around to be able to find out about it.

20) She is always online.

In our modern era, people like to spend time on their smartphones day and night. They can be texting, browsing the internet, or even using social media such as Facebook or Twitter, etc.

But if your girlfriend is always online, even at odd hours then it might indicate that she’s keeping in contact with someone.

She might be chatting with a guy online, texting, or just plain having a conversation that she doesn’t want to include you in.

This is also very telling if she’s continually posting photos of herself on social media and constantly changing her profile picture. She’s seeking validation and is going out of her way to get it.

Be warned!

21) She’s always upset (with you)

A woman who is always down and not smiling is an indicator of cheating because she isn’t happy with the relationship, she’s probably cheating and it’s an indication that your relationship is dying or has already died.

Also, she might be finding it difficult to express her feelings to you, and instead of just being honest, she’s trying to weigh you down emotionally with her guilt trips.

22) She blames others for her problems.

It’s never her fault, always someone or something else.

This lack of accountability should be a huge red flag.

A woman who uses other people as scapegoats is usually inclined to do many things like cheating on you with other men and it can also be because she wants attention from those other men but doesn’t want to admit it to herself.

23) She’s got trust issues and a history of cheating.

If your girlfriend has cheated on her previous boyfriends and doesn’t want to let you into her world, she’ll likely cheat again on you and she’s got a bad habit of being unfaithful.

It goes without saying that If a woman can’t trust you enough to believe you when you tell her that she’s cheating on you, then she probably is. 

If she won’t trust you with anything else in your relationship, chances are she’ll cheat on you with someone else on the side.

24) She’s evasive and has an explosive temper.

Having an explosive temper is a sure sign that something’s wrong inside of her that she can’t control or is just acting out to get her own way. 

Narcissistic people usually have uncontrollable tempers, no matter how many times they try to calm them down.

On that note…

If your girlfriend won’t open up about her past and why she can’t trust anyone, then it’s time to move on. If she’s always hiding things from you and being secretive about everything in her life, then she’ll be cheating one day.


So there you have it. I hope this article has shed some light on what to look out for in a woman who cheats.

If you’re about to get involved with a potential partner who shares some of these traits, perhaps you need to carefully consider your options before hooking up.

Who knows, after reading this, you’ll thank me for dodging that bullet. 

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