12 reasons why a cancer man disappears and reappears

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There will come a time when you begin to question whether you and your Cancer man have something special or if he’s simply the master of disappearing acts.

I mean seriously, why does this zodiac sign disappear and reappear again?

Today we’ll get to the bottom of this frankly quite frustrating question!

1) He is scared of rejection

The Cancer man is so sensitive to rejection that he may avoid you at all costs due to an irrational fear of it.

He may have been hurt one too many times before and be now more guarded and cautious than ever.

While he’s not likely to open up to you about this, you may notice that he’s more withdrawn, less affectionate, and doesn’t return your calls.

You see, Cancer is one of the most emotional zodiac signs out there, so he’s prone to be on the more sensitive side.

Now: when things start to get a bit more serious, it can happen that he gets too scared of being rejected to even try.

You see, Cancer men are usually very hard on themselves.

They can be perfectionists and they have a tendency to beat themselves up over small mistakes.

If you have a Cancer man, then you may notice that he’s very secretive and introverted and might be constantly criticizing himself for not being good enough or handsome enough or smart enough.

In fact, he might even be the one to bring up the topic of self-criticism first!

This is something that he does unconsciously and out of habit but it’s still something that can make him feel bad about himself.

He won’t show his emotions in public and will hide them away inside for fear of being judged or rejected by others.

This is also why he may not return your calls when things start getting serious: he wants to protect his heart from getting hurt again!

So, what can you do in that situation? Well, you do exactly what you would need when you are scared of rejection: give him reassurance.

Think about it: when you are scared that a guy will reject you, all you need is reassurance that he is serious about you and wants to be with you.

You can tell him how beautiful he is, how great he is, that he’s perfect the way he is, and that you are completely head over heels in love with him.

This will help him to feel more comfortable and relaxed around you, which will make him more open when it comes to expressing his emotions.

That said, as much as you want to reassure him and make him feel better about himself, don’t expect too much from this method.

It may just work for some guys but not for all of them. In the end, he has to do the inner work and feel better about himself first!

And if that happens then there’s nothing you can do but wait for the situation to improve or give up on it altogether!

2) He has trust issues

Cancer men are typically very warm, loving, and affectionate partners.

But if they have been hurt by a past partner or have trust issues, they may pull back and be more emotionally distant.

While it’s normal to have some relationship issues, you’ll want to be aware of whether your Cancer man is always pulling away from you or seems afraid to get too close.

These may be signs that he doesn’t trust you or has past issues that are getting in the way of a healthy relationship.

Now: many people suffer from trust issues, it can be either from a past relationship or even all the way back from childhood.

But, if he’s been hurt by a past partner or has trust issues, he may pull back and be more emotionally distant.

These may be signs that he doesn’t trust you or has past issues that are getting in the way of a healthy relationship.

What can you do about it? Well, there’s no magic cure for trust issues but you can give him reassurance and tell him how much you care about him.

You can also ask him how things went with his ex and if she ever cheated on him.

The truth is that this type of information will help him to feel better about himself and his past relationships so he can be more open with you!

The thing with trust issues is that trust is truly an inside job.

I mean, sure, if your partner cheats and lies that obviously doesn’t help but let’s assume that they haven’t given you a single reason not to trust them.

In that case, trust is really something only you can cultivate from within, so you can’t really help him out too much here.

What you can do is tell him “Hey, I’m serious about you, and if that means you need me to be more open about my life in the beginning so that you don’t have trust issues, that’s okay by me”.

This will show him that you are willing to take the risk of being more open with him, which will make him feel better about himself and show you how much he cares!

3) You didn’t trigger his inner hero

One reason a Cancer man might go hot and cold with you is if you didn’t trigger his inner hero.

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4) There is conflict and he’s pulling away

A Cancer man will pull away from you if you two have a conflict. This is his way of protecting you from his “dark side” and avoiding a fight.

While he will reappear again in time, don’t be pressured to apologize or end the conflict until he’s ready to do so.

You see, Cancer men hate conflict, they absolutely despise it.

So, instead of facing issues head-on and talking them out, they will often simply withdraw from you and avoid the issue.

This can be very frustrating for you, but it’s actually a very innocent thing.

It means that he’s trying to protect himself from the pain of conflict by avoiding it.

It’s sort of like a shield, and if he’s not ready to talk about it yet, then don’t force him to do so.

He may come around though, especially if you show him how much you care by being patient with him and waiting for him to come back around.

But you see, you don’t have to put up with that.

It’s important that you are in a relationship with someone who knows how to healthily navigate a fight and doesn’t run at the first signs of conflict.

What can you do in that situation?

Well, if there is conflict, you can try to work on your side of the equation and make sure that you are calm, and collected, take a break when things get heated, and never insult him.

You can also try to talk to him about your concerns without getting upset, and if you can’t, then maybe take some time to cool down.

Don’t let someone who wants to avoid conflict get away with it!

You see, in a relationship, conflict is unavoidable, it’s completely natural and will happen one way or another.

Now: what is not unavoidable is that things get ugly! You can always argue in a way that is loving and civil.

When your cancer man notices that, he might realize that there is no reason to run away anymore.

And that is when he will come back to you and apologize and tell you how much he loves you.

You see, sometimes, Cancer men can think that they are the only one who can solve a problem or make things better.

But in reality, this is simply not true.

You are always there for him, no matter what! You can help him be a better person and be his best self with your love and support.

And if you do that right now, then he will realise how much of an amazing person you are. And this will make him want to stay with you!

5) He feels impending conflict and wants to avoid it

Okay, so we just talked about a Cancer man fleeing conflict as it is happening, but Cancers often have a sense of impending conflict and uneasiness.

If he feels that a fight is likely to happen, he may go into hiding. If a fight does happen, he will likely reappear after cooling off and reflecting.

I know, this sounds frustrating and annoying, having someone disappear on you at the tiniest sign of impending conflict, but you’d be surprised how huge Cancer men’s fear of conflict can be!

You see, Cancers are often very sensitive and they can feel that a fight is imminent, even if it’s not.

A Cancer man will have a very strong sense of impending conflict and he will want to avoid it at all costs.

He will put up with some minor issues in the name of avoiding conflict, but he can’t handle many conflicts in general.

What can you do in this situation?

If you are fighting with him about something that seems like a small issue, try to resolve the issue without getting upset or mad at him.

If you cannot work things out on your own, then make sure that you cool off first and then talk about it again when things have calmed down.

The most important thing is to get him to understand that there is nothing dangerous or scary about arguing with you.

And if you notice him pulling away at a sign of conflict, you can tell him how much you like him and how much you’d love to solve this conflict as a team.

You see, Cancer men can be quite emotional and they want to be with their partners, not against them.

So, make it clear to him that it is never you against him, it is always you two against the problem!

6) He’s figuring his feelings out

A Cancer man can be very analytical and thoughtful.

If he disappears, he may be trying to figure out his feelings for you and if you two are right for each other.

You see, when a Cancer man starts to fall in love with someone, he is often flooded with emotions.

And it’s not uncommon for him to experience a lot of conflicting feelings about that person.

Sometimes, he will become confused about his feelings and at other times, he will have strong feelings about the person.

He may go through this process of feeling like he loves you one moment, then feeling like you don’t mean anything to him the next moment.

This is normal and it happens with every relationship. But it can be a little hard for Cancers to deal with these emotions because they are such deep thinkers and they are very analytical.

If he goes through this process and gets confused, it may be because he is trying to figure out how he feels about you.

If you notice that this is happening, try not to freak out or get mad at him!

The best thing to do in that situation is honestly just to let him be and give him some space.

Imagine this: you are trying to pull away to figure out whether you like a person or not and they freak out and become super clingy.

Not a great look, right?

Yeah, that’s what you want to avoid.

Give him some space to figure things out and set yourself a time frame!

For example: “If he hasn’t texted me in 1 week, I will move on because I want to be treated better than that.”

That will make things a lot easier for yourself.

7) Try talking to a relationship coach

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8) He has no concept of time and didn’t realize how long he was gone

Most of us keep track of our schedules and appointments.

Cancer men don’t. They are unapologetically imprecise and don’t always keep track of time.

He may have forgotten to call or visit you and not even known how long he’s been gone.

He may also have a different concept of time and not fully understand why you’re upset.

You see, when a Cancer man is passionate about something or immersed in a project, it can easily happen that a couple of days go by without him giving you another thought.

Does that mean he doesn’t care about you? Not at all!

It just means that he’s so focused on his project or passion that he doesn’t realize how long it’s been.

He may have even forgotten that he’s been gone!

If you’ve noticed this happening, don’t give up hope!

Just wait a few days and be patient and see if he calls you.

Now: usually, he will apologize and make it clear to you that that was the reason for his absence.

In that case (and depending on how serious you two are already), there is nothing wrong with setting a boundary and letting him know that you don’t want this to happen again.

It’s not unreasonable to not want to go 3 days without hearing a single word from someone you are seriously dating.

So, if he cares about you he will understand and make an effort to be better in that regard!

9) You hurt his feelings

Cancers are warm, loving, and very sensitive. If you hurt his feelings, he will likely go into hiding. He may reappear after cooling off and reflecting on the situation.

He might feel like you have done something wrong that hurt him in one way or another.

When you hurt a Cancer man’s feelings, you’re in trouble because they don’t forgive and forget very easily.

What can you do if he is doing this?

You see, Cancers are often very sensitive and they will take a lot of time to get over the hurt.

Don’t pressure him unnecessarily to come back to you. If he’s hurting, he needs time and space.

If you’re not sure about this, ask yourself if this is something that you really want in your relationship.

If it is, then by all means be patient and wait for him to come back to you.

You see, in this situation, all you can really do is offer a truly genuine and sincere apology and try to make it up to him.

This will show him that you truly care.

But if he’s upset about a minor thing that you think doesn’t even warrant an apology, you have to rethink whether you can picture a life with this man!

10) He didn’t see you as anything serious

Cancers are generally loving, loyal, and affectionate partners.

But if he disappears, it’s possible that he didn’t view you as anything serious or thought you were just having fun together.

You see, although they are such committed partners, they are still men who sometimes enjoy a more casual fling.

They may not be particularly bothered by this and may even think that you are having fun.

So, if he seems like he’s only here to have fun, then you might want to reconsider what you’re doing with him.

You might be better off without him or by having a talk about what he thinks your relationship is!

I mentioned this fascinating concept earlier: the hero instinct. When a man’s inner hero is triggered, he’s more likely to commit to you!

Just by knowing the right things to say to him, you’ll open a part of him that no woman has ever reached before.

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11) He dove in too fast and scared himself

Cancers can be very impulsive and dive in headfirst without much thought.

If he disappears, it’s possible that he was really into you and then scared himself out of the relationship by moving too fast.

You see, when a cancer man dives in too fast, he will often overshare and tell you his entire life story and traumas and will just come on really strong.

He might not be able to handle himself around you and will start to feel like he has opened up a whole can of worms that he can’t close.

So, if this is the case, he might be running from you in order to cool off a bit, because he scared himself with how quickly he was moving.

In that case, you can reassure him and let him know that you really like him and how open he is and that you’d love to get to know him even better.

This will show him that he was not moving way too fast!

12) You were too pushy with him

Cancers are very warm, loving, and affectionate partners.

But if you are too pushy and demanding with your Cancer man, he may disappear.

You see, especially in the beginning stages of being with a Cancer, it can be all or nothing.

They either dive in head-first or they need a lot of time to warm up to you before falling head over heels in love with you.

In that case, if you are being too pushy at first, it can drive him away.

You might want to give him some space and time to come around, but if he doesn’t make any moves after a while, then you might want to reconsider what you’re doing with him.

It’s possible that he’s just not into you yet or that he needs a little more time.

You can reassure him by easing up on the pressure and giving him some space.

This will show him that you are moving at his pace!

What now?

Keeping these common reasons why a Cancer man disappears in mind will help you recognize when he’s distancing himself from you.

Once you understand why he’s withdrawing from the relationship, you can better move forward and resolve any issues you two may have.

In any case, remember that cancer men are very caring and loving, so more often than not, there is an issue that can be resolved!

I touched on the hero instinct earlier – it’s the perfect remedy for the situation you’re facing.


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And in return, he’ll be compelled to commit to you and love you like he’s never loved another woman.

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