Can psychics really help with love? Everything you need to know

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Problems in love are no seldom occurrence. Chances are, you are facing some right now, given the fact that you clicked on this article. 

A popular way to find out more about your love life and get answers to your questions is by consulting a psychic. 

But can psychics actually help with love? We’ll dive into this and many other questions in today’s article! 

Psychic or fortune-teller? 

Before we dive straight into whether or not a psychic can help you, we should establish an important difference. 

Namely, the difference between psychics and fortune-tellers

Most people use these terms interchangeably, unaware of there being a differentiation. 

Turns out you should be completely aware of what each of these people does in order to choose the right person for your love-reading. 


Fortune-telling, as the name suggests, is all about telling you potential happenings in your future. 

Fortune-tellers pride themselves on the fact that they can foresee events that will occur hours, days, weeks, or even months from now. 

A big thing to note here is that fortune-tellers are good at telling you what will happen, and not so much why it will happen. 

Simply put, if you want to know what your future holds, a fortune teller can help you out with some insight on what’s to come. 


Psychics, on the other hand, don’t only tell you what will happen in the future but will let you know why things are unfolding the way they are. 

In a nutshell, they tell you the what and the why. 

Psychics can read your energy and, using the information they perceive from your mind and emotions, they will give you a roadmap for the future. 

The best thing about it? Psychics will provide you with the necessary tools to potentially change your path if you’re heading in a direction you’re trying to avoid. 

What issues can a psychic help you with?

Psychics can be an excellent way to work through issues in your love life and relationships. 

In case you might be asking yourself what kinds of issues a psychic can help you with, I put together a little list for you: 

1) Communication 

If you know me, you know that I always preach about how communication is the basis of a healthy, thriving relationship. 

No matter how strong your love or connection is, without communication you are bound to drift apart. 

Although it is such an important pillar of relationships, many people struggle with it. 

It’s not always easy to pinpoint where your communication with your partner derails. 

That’s where a psychic comes in. 

You see, psychics are great at helping you identify where and why communication is failing for you. 

Being aware of the problem is already half the solution. Once you know where you’re lacking, it is so much easier to resolve the issues. 

2) Intimacy 

Believe it or not, but intimacy issues are extremely common, even though they are rarely being talked about. 

A lack of desire for one another in a relationship can be a natural phase. 

However, if left unaddressed and ignored, it can develop into a serious issue between two people who otherwise seem like a perfect match. 

Intimacy is an important part of romantic relationships and a good psychic can help you with issues around that. 

For example, they will help you identify what you and your partner want and need. 

Opening these conversations up with your partner can help you make things interesting and hot again in the bedroom. 

A lack of desire is rarely a result of two partners not finding each other physically attractive anymore, by the way. 

Some common reasons for dwindling sexual desire are: 

  • Stress 
  • Being together too much (desire only breeds from something you want to have that you don’t already – being with a partner 24/7 prevents that)
  • Lacking self-confidence (and therefore having low libido) 
  • Being tired 
  • Both partners lack polarity
  • Mental health problems 

…and many more! 

With the help of a psychic, you can get to the root cause of your problem and work your way up from there. 

3) Trust issues 

Trust is one of the most important attributes of a good relationship and once it’s broken, it’s very hard to get back. 

You might have noticed I’m saying very hard, not impossible. 

No matter how the trust was broken, provided both partners are willing to work hard on themselves and the relationship, it can be healed. 

Depending on the severity of the infidelity, this can be a hard deed. 

A psychic can offer a neutral opinion on the situation and provide you with help or support. 

As the betrayed partner, when you manage to forgive and move on, a psychic can also give you the much-needed reassurance that your partner has truly changed. 

4) Self-Discovery

Contrary to popular belief, relationships and love are very tightly related to your relationship with yourself. 

With the help of a psychic, you can learn to understand and know yourself better. 

Think about it: how can you love someone else and feel seen and loved in return when you don’t even know yourself? 

Psychics have excellent insight into the person you are and can help you identify the strengths and talents you bring to the table. 

This self-discovery will fill you with a sense of purpose and confidence, which is always helpful, especially in relationships! 

5) Figuring out what you want and don’t want 

It sounds like such a simple question: “What do you want?”, when in fact, it’s one of the trickiest questions to be asked. 

Knowing what you want and don’t want out of life, love, career, and everything else will help you with every aspect of life. 

You can’t find something if you don’t even know what you’re looking for. 

That’s why a good psychic will help you identify what it is you want and don’t want out of a relationship. 

Not only will this help you understand whether a current relationship is the right one for you, but it will also help you on quests to find the one in the future. 

Knowing what you want is just one side of the story, you also need to be clear about what it is you don’t want in your life. 

Having very clear ideas of what you don’t want to accept in your life will help you set boundaries and stick to them. 

On top of that, you will learn how to stand up for yourself and say no to things that don’t serve you. 

A good psychic will help you with all of the above. 

How can a psychic help with your love life? 

Now that you know what issues a psychic can help you with, you might be wondering how they can do that. 

Well, there are different ways a psychic can help you with your love life: 

1) They encourage you 

No matter what issue it is you are facing in your love life, these things are bound to be discouraging. 

In a relationship that could mean your needs or expectations are not being met. While dating, it could be a particularly disappointing evening. 

A psychic can be great at encouraging you in these times of desperation and helping you out with what to do next. 

Their reading will provide you with information and tell you the needed changes you should make in order to improve your situation. 

2) They help you see the bright side 

When you’re in a relationship, things take an ugly turn sometimes. 

That doesn’t mean the relationship is doomed, but at times, it can get really hard to see the pros of being with your partner. 

Does that sound like you? 

Well, a psychic can help you out by assisting you in seeing the beautiful sides of your relationship. 

Dwelling on the negative doesn’t do anyone any good, so you might as well focus on the bright side! 

A good psychic will show you how to avoid dwelling on all the things that are going wrong. 

We don’t like to admit our own mistakes a lot, but it’s important to understand that with most relationship issues, there are two sides of the coin. 

You definitely play at least a little part in all the struggles you face, and although it might not sound like it, coming to terms with that can be liberating and empowering. 

3) They tell you about the future 

Fear of the unknown and of the future can hold us back tremendously when it comes to love. 

Having a psychic alleviate some of that fear by giving you a reading can give you the needed confidence and reassurance to go fully live your life. 

The reading might clear up certain fears of commitment you have emotionally or financially. 

4) They can help you find closure 

A lack of closure can be brutal. As much as you try to move on, that other person seems stuck in your mind to a point of no return. 

It comes as no surprise that being this hung up on the past has serious consequences on your present life (and emotional health). 

With a psychic, they might be able to help you find the closure you are so desperately looking for. 

You might receive answers as to why things happened the way they did. 

I want to tell you a little secret. Closure has nothing to do with the other person, as much as we believe it does. 

It is all a matter of perspective. Sure, you could spend weeks or even months wondering about why he ghosted you out of the blue even though you were so great together. 

Or: you realize that you don’t want to be with a person who doesn’t value and respect you anyways, and him showing his true face by ghosting is closure enough. 

A psychic can help you with that shift in perspective! 

What should you do to get the most out of your experience? 

You might be asking yourself how you can get the most out of your psychic reading. 

We will dive into specific questions a little later on in the article, but for now, there are certain things you can do to make your reading as successful as possible. 

1) Be honest 

I know, it sounds like a no-brainer, but being honest is incredibly important, especially when it comes to love readings from a psychic. 

Different than career or finance questions, love-related readings are usually not just about yourself. 

There are two parts to the equation, and that can make it hard for a psychic to understand the entirety of the situation and offer help. 

For that reason, you should be as honest as you can with your psychic. 

No matter how good they are, they will not be able to be of much help if you don’t tell them the truth or leave important details out. 

Don’t worry, a psychic is not there to judge, so even if the truth makes you or your partner look bad, it’s better than lying about it! 

2) Expect disappointment 

Okay, maybe don’t expect disappointment per se, but definitely keep your expectations reasonable when it comes to your psychic reading. 

Even when you go to the best psychic out there, unless they’re a fraud and just tell you what you want to hear, they won’t be able to tell you if someone likes you, thinks about you, or is your soulmate. 

The best relationships require hard work and perseverance, and that takes two people. A psychic can’t know what’s going on in your partner’s head. 

Keeping your expectations reasonable will help you to get the most out of your reading. 

3) Have patience 

You see, whether you’re looking for the one or you think you’ve already found them, having a loving, trusting, and healthy relationship requires work and time. 

A psychic can assist you in what steps to take and what to expect, but they can’t predict everything that will happen or give you a set date. 

Plus, even when your psychic predicts an event, it doesn’t automatically guarantee that it will happen. 

You might be on the right path, but you’ll need to keep walking in order to reach your destination. 

This process often requires a lot of patience, but it will be worth it in the long run, believe me! 

4) Prepare questions 

Another thing you can do to get the most out of your psychic reading is if you prepare your questions beforehand. 

This means coming to terms with the fact that you need to throw questions like 

Should I break up with my boyfriend? 


When will I get married? 

Out of the window. 

A psychic will not be able to answer these questions, no matter how good they are. 

They can’t predict your future, they simply offer guidance to help you discover the direction and clarity you seek. 

To help yourself out a bit, you can prepare open-ended questions before your reading. 

With these, you will gain better insight and understanding of your situation and your psychic will be able to actually help you out! 

This brings me to my next point: 

What can you ask a psychic about your love life?

As tempting as it might be to immediately inquire about specifics, as I just mentioned, it’s not a good idea. 

Your psychic can give you general pointers as to where your life is going, but you will likely not get any specific questions answered. 

If you’ve ever journaled, think of common journal prompts. They are usually quite open-ended to leave the writer inspired to reflect on their life. 

It should be a similar concept with the questions you ask your psychic. 

Let’s look at a few good ones you might want to ask about your love life: 

1) Is there something I should know about my current life state? 

This is a great one to start out with. After all, it is completely open-ended and allows your psychic to guide the direction of the reading a bit. 

It’s a great question for when you have no idea what to ask specifically and need some pointers. 

In my own experience, sometimes, especially when it’s one of your first readings, your mind can go blank because you feel a bit nervous. 

Reverting back to this question allows your psychic to tune into your energy and maybe give you ideas of what to ask next! 

2) Do you have advice for me as I go forward? 

This question will let your psychic focus on the steps you can proactively take to improve your current life. 

If you don’t have a specific goal to focus on, this question can give you the needed guidance to set specific goals! 

3) What energy is around me right now? 

By now, you should know that psychics are excellent at picking up on subtle energies around themselves and other people

Even if you aren’t fully aware of it, there might be a certain energy surrounding you that is influencing your love life. 

Getting to the bottom of it by asking your psychic about it, they can probably give you lots of helpful insight! 

4) What needs to happen before I meet the one? 

This is a great alternative to asking “When will I meet the one?”. 

Your psychic most probably can’t give you an answer to this, but they can tell you what needs to happen before you meet the one. 

This could include steps to take, changes to make, or feelings to cope with! 

For example: 

You get the idea. 

When you ask this type of question, you are more likely to leave the session with your psychic feeling empowered and motivated rather than beat down and sad. 

Plus, it’s always nice to have some proactive steps you can take. 

5) How can I improve communication in my relationship? 

Asking about ways to work on your relationship is going to be a lot more effective than just asking about future events. 

Your psychic, after having listened to your problems and reading your energy will have a good idea as to what you need to do to improve communication. 

At this point, I also want to mention that it’s quite easy to say “my partner never wants to talk so our communication sucks”. 

While it is true that two people are needed to have effective communication, blaming the other usually results in nothing changing long-term. 

Instead, try being vulnerable with your partner and initiating the hard conversations. 

You would be surprised as to what a big difference it makes! 

When you surrender first and show your partner you want to open up, most partners respond by being supportive and opening up conversation. 

6) What can I do to rebuild trust? 

Psychics can help with rebuilding trust in a relationship. 

Questions such as: 

Will not get you very far. The truth is, your psychic can’t possibly know whether your partner would cheat again because it depends on a lot of factors and there are never any guarantees. 

What your psychic can help you with is rebuilding trust and reassuring you by telling you what your energy currently feels like. 

Rebuilding trust is a long process and it looks different for everyone. 

Especially after infidelity, people have different ways of rebuilding trust. 

For some, that means being overly controlling, looking through their partner’s phone, monitoring their every move, etc. 

While that is okay and quite normal in the first weeks after, long-term it can get exhausting for both partners. 

This is why it’s so important to slowly rebuild the ability to trust your partner without constantly needing to check on them. 

Ask your psychic and they will provide you with helpful tips on moving on from a betrayal. 

7) How can I get through this break-up? 

Break-ups are hard, there is no doubt about it. 

I know it might be tempting to ask your psychic things such as “Are we getting back together?” or “Will they come back to me?”. 

In reality, what you need most right now is to get through this break-up. With or without a reunion. 

Turns out your psychic can help you out here. 

They will offer advice that will support you in moving on and letting go of what was. 

To tell you the truth, even if you end up getting back together, you will need to let go of the old relationship in order to have the space to start anew. 

So, simply put, don’t be afraid to let go and move on, it will not prevent a potential reunion. 

In fact, it will be the only thing making a reunion possible, because there was a reason you broke up, and if you don’t take the time and space to evolve on your own, you will just repeat the same patterns again. 

8) If they are as happy as I am, how could I start a conversation about going to the next level? 

You’re happy in your relationship, glowing, actually. 

Your psychic will probably not have an answer to a question like “When are we getting married?”. 

On the other hand, you can ask them how to start a conversation with your partner that suggests turning things up a notch. 

A good psychic will explain ways to you in which you can bring up this topic without any pressure. 

Trust me, you will get so much more out of this question than hoping for hearing a specific date. 

9) How will I know if I’m ready to have kids? 

Again, it will be hard for your psychic to answer questions such as “Will I have kids?”, “How many kids will I have?”, or “When will I have kids?” 

A better question to ask instead is “How will I know that I’m ready?” 

Psychics are very in tune with their feelings and are usually good at helping others achieve the same. 

In reality, this question is solely based on yourself and how you feel. 

Talking it through with your psychic and learning indicators that you might be ready will help you determine the right moment for yourself to have children. 

10) What is blocking me from being happy with my partner? 

Does your relationship look amazing on paper but something just doesn’t feel as beautiful as it should? 

Believe it or not, but your psychic can probably help you out with that. 

Oftentimes, even when we’re with our soulmate, old trauma, issues, or problems can prevent us from feeling the full depth of happiness we could. 

A psychic can feel into that and give you practical tips on how to work through this blockage. 

What can a psychic tell you? 

In short, let’s talk a little bit about what a psychic can tell you so that you can find your own questions to ask. 

First and foremost, the future is not predetermined. Now, I know you’d love to hear about a wonderful fortune coming your way and not having to do anything but wait for it. 

The good news? It means that you have the opportunity to choose your own path and create your own fate. 

A psychic can tell you: 

  • The keys to finding success 
  • Advice on how to navigate difficult situations
  • Guidance to make good decisions in life and love 
  • How to navigate a breakup 
  • In what way you might be restricted from past lives 
  • How to set realistic expectations for your relationships 
  • What energy is surrounding you and your relationship 

Think of your psychic more as a guide, advisor, or coach, and less as an oracle telling the future! 

What can’t a psychic tell you? 

By now, you probably already have a good idea of what questions a psychic will not be able to answer. 

Nevertheless, here is a quick summary: 

  • Definite questions like “is he the one?” 
  • Questions entailing “when …?” 
  • Any fixed details about your future 

Again, I want to mention that no matter how in tune with the spiritual world your psychic may be, these questions can’t be answered in a psychic reading. 

The spiritual realm doesn’t revolve around a linear timeline, so questions about a specific date or time are useless. 

Questions about a specific someone are also hard to answer without that individual present. 

Should you go to a psychic for love advice? 

We’ve learned a lot about psychics and how they can potentially help with love. 

The question that prevails is: Should you go to a psychic for love advice? 

You know, I can only offer my personal opinion, but I do believe I speak for most people when I say it definitely can’t hurt. 

However, there are things you should keep in mind. 

When going to a psychic to ask for love advice, maybe take a second to tune in with yourself and ask why you need external guidance in the first place. 

If you need someone to tell you that your partner and you have great energy together, do you actually believe it? 

Is there a part of you doubting your relationship? 

Once you decide to go to a psychic for love advice, remember that they won’t tell you any details. 

Chances are, whatever they tell you you already knew somewhere deep down, you just didn’t want to believe it just yet. 

All in all, psychics can be a great tool to help you grow and become a better person. That’s why it’s important to find a good and authentic psychic. 

A person who promises you to tell you all kinds of details about your future is most probably a fraud. 

Real psychics offer subtle but powerful guidance and will help you figure out your problems by yourself, only providing the necessary tools. 

No matter what issue you are dealing with, whether that’s in a relationship or in your single life, a good psychic can probably help you out and make this path a little easier. 

The most important thing to take away here is that the power always lies within you. 

You already have all the innate knowledge, you have the power to change your fate. 

A real psychic will help you see that and feel empowered. 

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