Can he feel me thinking about him? Everything you need to know

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Have you been spending too much time thinking about someone you haven’t talked to for quite some time? Or probably someone you’re heavily crushing on?

No matter what you do, you can’t seem to get him off of your head from day to night.

And now, you start wondering if he can feel you thinking about him.

This is a question most ladies ask because, as you may already know, no one wants a person who ignores them. We all want our efforts to be reciprocated in some way.

Usually, we experience a rush of unexpected emotions because we have a strong psychic connection with someone.

But when your mind is filled with thoughts of someone, does that mean they can feel it?

In this article, we will dive into some reasons as to why you can’t stop thinking about him, discuss the possibility of him feeling your thoughts toward him, signs you’re in his thoughts too, and tips to get him thinking about you more.

Reasons why you can’t stop thinking about him

There might be a lot of questions swarming your brain right now, so let us start by saying that it’s normal to feel like that. So, to help you navigate through the confusion, here are 6 common reasons why you can’t seem to get that guy off of your mind right now:

1) You’re physically attracted to him

There are two possible reasons you like someone: it could be an emotional connection or plain physical attraction. In your case, you might only be physically interested in him.

Now, you can’t stop thinking about him because he’s so attractive.

2) You’re sexually aroused

Sexual drive is something we don’t have control over, do we? Without warning, these unbidden, unwanted sexual thoughts come rushing into your mind and stay there day and night.

We all go through these phases. But remember that once your sexual charge is low, your emotions will also pass too.

3) You’re infatuated

In some cases, your overthinking is driven by infatuation. But, on the other hand, maybe you just find him interesting, which is why you can’t stop daydreaming about him.

Even if you don’t know them very well, you can still feel intense feelings for someone you barely know. 

If you’re infatuated, deep down inside, you know and acknowledge you’ll never end up together. So if you think you’re infatuated, don’t worry too much as your feelings are mostly temporary.

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5) You’ve gone through a breakup recently

You’ve just gone through a devastating breakup, and now you can’t seem to shrug your ex off of your mind along with the memories you made together as a couple.

Chances are you’re still having second thoughts about the breakup or simply missing him. Perhaps you’re thinking about going back or still holding grudges about the breakup.

Either way, if you just recently came out of a breakup, you may be having a hard time getting over your ex.

6) You’re in love

This is a common situation where you might find it hard to remove thoughts of him from your brain. Usually, a woman can’t stop thinking about a guy because she’s growing feelings for him.

Maybe you feel a connection and think he can be a potential life partner. Or perhaps, he has given you signals, which makes you think he’s in love with you. And now, you can’t stop thinking about these hints.

Can he feel I’m thinking about him?

The human mind is capable of doing incredible things, most of which we cannot fully comprehend.

Fortunately, there can be both physical and psychic manifestations of a person thinking or missing you.

In other words, the guy who’s been occupying your mind from day to night can feel you’re thinking about him.

And the best part? There are ways that you can identify if he’s getting your signals.

Ready to find out if he’s feeling your thoughts about him? Here are some physical manifestations:

1) He’s blushing for no reason

Have you ever encountered the phrase, “My ears are burning?”

According to Shea Clinic, it’s an old saying that implies that the person experiencing it is being talked or thought about. And in this sense, “my ears are burning” is rendered as “I’m embarrassed.”

A rush of blood to the ears and face signifies a strong force of emotion. And if you notice he’s blushing out of nowhere while he’s running in your mind, chances are the sudden blushing must originate from you.

2) He gets hiccups randomly

Hiccups commonly happen after eating, abdominal surgery, taking certain medications, and could be caused by other diseases.

However, it may also be a sign that someone is thinking about the one experiencing it.

If the guy you’re thinking about is experiencing hiccups without going through the possible natural causes mentioned above, chances are because you might be intensely thinking about him.

3) He shares things that interest you

Have you ever scrolled on social media, only to find out his posts about inside jokes, memes, and quotes that seemed to be directed at you?

When you’re thinking about him, chances are he can’t get you out of his mind too. That’s why he’s attempting to get your attention.

So, if you feel that he’s trying to impress you with your interests—may it be in the flesh or on social media—chances are he knows you’re thinking about him.

6 signs he’s thinking about you too

Let’s get one thing straight: men aren’t easy to read. Unlike women, men have their unique ways of covering up their thoughts and feelings.

But thankfully, the universe is on your side.

It has a unique and sometimes funny way of letting you know that the guy who has been invading your mind is thinking about you too.

If you’re intrigued by these signs, read on:

1) He shows interest in you

One of the most obvious signs is when he blatantly shows interest in you. And by that, we mean if he’s talking to you more often.

If he wants to know more about you, you’ve likely been running in his mind all day long.

If he asks, “I was wondering what do you like to do on weekends. How does your normal Saturday look like?” then he is thinking of you and deeply interested in your life.

2) He remembers random things about you

When someone is interested in you, he remembers the most important stuff about you.

But if he remembers weird, tiny details from seemingly insignificant conversations, chances are he’s deeply interested in you, to the point wherein he can’t get you off of his mind.

3) He asks for your opinion

Most guys wouldn’t go the extra mile to ask for anyone’s opinion. However, if he can’t stop thinking about you, he’d love to know your inputs and feelings on something valuable in his life.

If he approaches you about a personal concern, chances are he’s been thinking about you, or he’s been wondering if you might be interested in his life.

4) He uses “alpha” body language

More often than not, the guy would show his dominance and care for you through alpha body language.

When you’re with or around him, he stands tall with his shoulders back, pulls his stomach in, and places his feet apart, and walks with oozing confidence.

5) He randomly sends you messages

Do you get random texts and funny memes from this guy all day long? Then it’s a clear sign you’ve completely taken over his world, and he’s not afraid to show it.

He asks you random questions stemming from your interests, work, and even personal life.

And when a guy finds it hard to get you off of his head, sometimes, he’ll even double text you.

So if you’re into him, don’t leave him hanging!

6) He comments on your social media posts

Have you experienced posting a meme or a picture, then suddenly this guy would throw in a heart emoji and a comment only a few minutes after you published the post?

It’s a clear signal that he’s thinking of you, and he’d like to know what you’re up to. And more importantly, he wants you to know he’s checking you out.

And if he leaves a reaction or comment to your older posts, then he might have been thinking of you so much that he started stalking you.

How to get him to think more about you

This dashing, handsome guy may be on your mind 24/7, but it doesn’t automatically mean that you’re also in his mind.

It’s not definitive that the reason why you can’t stop thinking about him is because he can’t get you out of his head.

But the thing is, there are things you can do to get him hooked.

This time, you won’t need to “pretend” you’re busy or unavailable anymore. Let’s now dive into these sly ways:

1) Surprise him with secret notes

According to Polly Rodriguez, CEO and co-founder of Unbound through Bustle, one way to have him thinking more about you is through reminding him of the feeling you share when you’re together. She said,

“This is best achieved by thinking of the other person’s day and how to make it a bit better.”

And for a “fun and sexy surprise,” the CEO suggests sneaking thoughtful notes for the guy to find. This way, he’ll think about you all day in such a way that feels more intimate than a text message.

2) Write down your thoughts about him

Here’s a way to make you stick to his thoughts telepathically.

Simply write down your thoughts about him, and then place this paper somewhere they will see or pass by often.

Now, how does it help?

As they see it, the wordings written in the paper will provoke their brain into thinking of you.

3) End your conversations on a positive note

Always leave a good impression before ending a conversation.

Compliment him, wish him a great day ahead, or show him you care about him.

That way, he’ll keep you in mind and smile throughout the day.

4) Use scent to your advantage

According to Scientific American, your sense of smell can be a better memory trigger than sight itself.

Howard Eichenbaum, the director of the Laboratory of Cognitive Neurobiology at Boston University, explains through NBC News,

“Olfactory has a strong input into the amygdala, which processes emotions. The kind of memories that it evokes are good and they are more powerful.”

In other words, your scent is a powerful way to make him think of you. If you wear a specific perfume, one whiff of your scent will instantly trigger memories of you if he smells something similar.

5) Share some songs

This may sound too corny for some, but if you ever come across a song that reminds you of him, then share it.

The song doesn’t have to entail a deep meaning behind it, but sharing songs can be a great way to carve a fun, wholesome memory for both of you.

6) Be your unique self

Cliché, but true. One of the best ways to stand out in his mind is to be true to yourself.

Stop trying too hard to get noticed, as it will only make you look fake or desperate.

If you’re true to yourself, you appear more confident and comfortable in your own skin—and that’s always a remarkable way to remember you.

“Do you know that I’ve been thinking about you?”

It’s been a couple of days, and yet you still can’t get him off of your mind.

Does he know you’re thinking of him right now?

It’s possible. And you and he must have a strong spiritual connection to be having some intense feelings.

There may be a handful of signs that tell he knows you’re thinking about him, and that he’s running in your mind too, but you know what’s the best way to find out if he’s getting all your signals?

Ask him.

It might not be the answer you might want to hear, but at least you can sleep better at night not being stuck in uncertainty.

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