Can being friends with an ex get them back? Yes, but read this first

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I know. It’s difficult to begin anew when you still feel strongly for the person you once loved. 

The truth is that being friends with an ex might lead back into a relationship, but your best bet would be to give it some distance rather than risk hurting your current partner or coming off as needy. 

This is not the case, but if you are thinking about going back into a relationship with an ex then be cautious as there may be some pitfalls to deal with.

The most important thing to remember is that it takes two to make or break a relationship, and you can’t expect your ex to just fall back in love with you.

Yes, being friends with your ex can totally lead back into a relationship, but there are some things to consider first and steps to take.

1) Don’t be negative towards them (in person, and especially on social media)

If you want them back, then there is a reason why they broke up with you in the first place.

Possibly the relationship was unbalanced or one of you was too needy

Now get this:

If this is the case, then a clean slate will give him/her the time to see that he/she made a mistake and maybe, just maybe, he/she will come crawling back.

If an ex says something negative about a former partner, stick to the facts and don’t mess with a reconciliation. 

As Trish said in “Two Women”, “I can’t let my emotions be hijacked by that.” Don’t take their comments personally and don’t be drawn into a discussion where you are fighting with them instead of working towards rekindling your relationship.

2) Think about who you want to become

I know that what you want is not always what you get. 

But, if there was something in your past that makes you like this person, or that they made you feel special and experienced feelings that you haven’t felt before then don’t be scared to admit it. 

If a relationship worked out pretty well for both of you, then don’t let all the baggage attached to the past get in the way of a possible reunion.

If you are still hung up on the past and aren’t ready to let that go, then don’t force yourself. 

Call it what it is: a rebound and remember that there is a chance to have a successful relationship with them too, as long as it doesn’t backslide in the first few months.

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4) Reflect on what went wrong in the relationship and what part you played in it

It’s never wrong!

A relationship is not always meant to be. 

There are times when we connect with people at the wrong time or maybe see a relationship that is not meant to be. 

However, if you truly want to know whether you can get back together with your ex, then it’s time to take a good look at yourself. 

Regardless of what went wrong in your previous relationship, it’s important to reflect on what kind of person you are and whether you would like to change that for the future.

I know that sometimes we have expectations about how things should be, and when they don’t happen the way we want them too, we believe that there is something wrong with us or our partner.

But if you were the reason it ended then you need to take a good look at yourself and what you did wrong.

5) Don’t text or call them all the time

I know that you want to, but you are setting yourself up for failure. 

If you text your ex all the time or ask them to get back together all the time, then perhaps that is a sign that you still want them back. 

They will know right away and tell you they don’t want to be bothered, which means there is something wrong with your relationship.

Just because you’re friends with your ex doesn’t mean that you have to check in with them every week and spend hours on the phone. 

If you love the person, then you could find a way to see them outside of just being friends.

Of course, you can still text, call or visit them (if they want this too) but be mindful of how often and when. 

Try not to rush into things or make a decision with your ex before thinking about this.

However, if you feel that you can’t help yourself from wanting to talk to them then set a limit on how often you will contact them and stick to it.

6) Don’t freak out if you are not friends with them right away, get some space

We waste a lot of energy and make a lot of mistakes when we use our emotions to guide us. 

Try not to be too possessive for the first few weeks, a month or even six months. 

Believe me!

Just enjoy being friends with your ex knowing that there is a possibility one day that you will be back together again.

After this time of reflection and introspection, if you still want them back then move on to the next step.

You may not get them back, but it’s not too late to enjoy your friendship.

7) Talk through the issues you have before getting back together with your ex

I’ve found it really helpful to write down what went wrong with the relationship, so you can both be clear about where your issues lay.

And talk about everything that’s happened since you broke up.

It may seem like a bad thing to do, but it will make your friendship stronger and help you understand each other.

Plus it gives you the opportunity to work through your current situation and how it affects your ex.

Here’s the most important part:

Your ex might want to get back to you as much as you want them to, but relationships take two people to make. 

If they only know you a little, they won’t be able to make the right decision or know what would happen if a relationship did develop. 

You can’t change someone’s mind for your benefit, this just isn’t fair.

This means it might be best to take some time apart and reflect on where you both stand before getting back together again.

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8) Don’t try to rush things

Some people think that the more time they spend apart, the more important the relationship becomes, but that’s not true. 

It takes two people to make a relationship. 

If you try to rush things or rush them back together too quickly then you will miss out on the chance to really know each other for who you are. 

It’s also not fair on your ex if they have been waiting for you to get over them and move on during this time of reflection.

It’s important to slow things down and not rush into things, otherwise you might find yourself going back to the same situations that caused your relationship to fall apart.

If you really want to get back together with your ex, then you need to give them time and space.

You might be excited about getting back into the dating scene again but don’t make a big deal of it, your ex will notice this and will think that you are desperate.

If they are not ready to be friends with you, then there’s very little you can do to get them back. 

There might be a chance that they will decide to be friends with you after all, but if they don’t then you need to accept that and move on.

9) Don’t try to control the relationship

If you haven’t talked about certain subjects with your ex, then don’t make a big deal of it when you finally do talk to them.

Let them know that these issues are important to you and why, so they know that this is still a priority for you. 

But don’t try to rush things or act like they have to do something just because you want them to. 

It’s true!

Let them make their own decisions at the right time and in their own way.

As discussed above, it’s up to your ex to decide whether or not they want to get back with you, you can’t control them. 

Many people think that if their ex left the relationship then it should be easy for them to get back with them. 

But if someone is not ready for that kind of relationship that doesn’t mean they don’t love you, some people just need space or time apart from each other before they are ready to commit.

10) Respect their boundaries and be reasonable with your requests

It can be very difficult to wait for your ex, but this could make the friendship stronger in the long run. 

Also, if you push them away then you will make it worse for yourself. 

Staying friends with your ex is a great way to get over them while they are still around without making a big deal of it.

You should respect their boundaries and only ask them about it when you think the time is right. 

What’s more?

If you push for your point of view too much, then they may be encouraged to make a decision based on this pressure that they are feeling.

If you have been friends with your ex for a while and they don’t want to be with you then it’s best to respect their wishes.

Don’t continue talking to them or try to influence them if they are not interested. 

A good friendship is about mutual respect, so if your ex doesn’t think that you will respect their decision, then they will make it easier for both of you.

If you try to be reasonable with them, then you will respect their decision and help your friendship to remain strong.

Don’t make a big deal about everything because it will make it easier for them to deal with the friendship if something does happen later down the line.

Final thoughts

If you really want to find out if being friends with an ex can lead back into a relationship, don’t leave it up to chance. 

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