10 definite signs a married man is your soulmate (and what to do about it)

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Falling for a married man and wondering if he’s the right guy for you?

The first time you met him, you felt that he was different from any other guy. 

There was something about him that made your heart skip a beat.

It could be his smile or his laugh, or perhaps just the way he makes you feel. 

Whatever it is, this special someone is more than just a crush: he’s your soulmate.

Here are 10 definite signs a married man is your soulmate and what to do about it.

1) He respects you

Every woman wants her man to be there for her and respect her.

After all, the last thing you need is to come across as an object or a conquest. 

You start to see a married man in a different light when you realise that he respects you.

When he’s with you, he’ll definitely be respectful in body language, demeanour and tone. 

He will absolutely honour the relationship that you have and never try to put his needs ahead of yours.

He will not disrespect you or make fun of you, and he won’t try to make you feel bad about yourself.

A married man worth his salt as a soulmate won’t lose sight of your needs. 

He’ll give you what you need, and he won’t try to live in your shoes. 

If he sees that something’s not right, he’ll do whatever is in his power to make you feel comfortable and secure.

If this sounds like the kind of guy you’re looking for, then you’ve found yourself a good-hearted man who cares about your well-being.

As much as he respects you now, never forget to let him know what you need. 

The more he knows, the better he can be in terms of meeting your needs and showing you that his intentions are pure.

You should also reciprocate the same amount of respect for him. 

2) ​​He makes you feel special

A married man who feels a spark with you will want to make sure that you know it. 

He will make you feel like a million bucks when he’s around you. 

He goes out of his way to let you know how special you are. 

He may try to plan meet-ups that allow him to spend quality time with you, or he may do something small—like buying a little trinket to let you know that he cares. 

He’ll likely show up with a bouquet of flowers or a dozen roses—or just one, just because he can.

If a married man treats you like the only girl in the world, then he feels pretty strongly about your relationship

And that’s certainly a good sign!

It’s easy to feel good about a married man who treats you like he thinks you’re the only girl in the world. 

You get to have your needs met, and you get that warm fuzzy feeling that comes from knowing that someone out there cares. 

However, it’s important to note that he could perform the same act on other women as well.

If he could sneak around behind his wife’s back, then he could definitely do it with you too.

So, it’s a great idea to check in with yourself. 

Ask yourself if he’s treating you right and if he is doing what he should be. 

In the end, it’s all about communication: make sure that he knows how you feel and vice versa.

If you’re sure that he’s honest with you, he’s the right one for you.

I’ll explain more in my next point.

3) He’s honest with you

Another thing that makes a married man your soulmate is his honesty.

He will always tell you the truth and never lie to you. 

He doesn’t want to hide things from you, and he doesn’t want to twist things in your favour either. 

He’ll have no qualms whatsoever about telling you the truth; he simply wants to be the kind of guy that you can trust

He knows that in order to have a healthy relationship, you both need to be able to trust each other. 

A man who lies is one who you can’t trust, and he understands that. 

He won’t lead you astray because he wants the truth to come out sooner rather than later. 

He’ll tell it like it is: good or bad, right or wrong—he tells the truth and nothing but the truth. 

This way, there are no surprises when it comes down to his character and how he will treat your relationship.

Trust him and be ready to handle the truth. 

4) He’s compatible with you

It’s like he knows exactly how to make you feel good, where to put his hand or what to say.

When it comes to communication and dynamics, you’re equal. 

You’re both smart, fun and nice people. 

People are often compatible because of their similarities, but remember that opposites really do attract . 

If he feels like your soulmate, then there’s something about him—and about the two of you—that just works.

However, sometimes it’s hard to clarify if someone is your soulmate no matter how compatible you are with them.

It’s no easy task.

But, what if I tell you there’s one way to get a solid confirmation?

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5) He makes you feel sexy

Sexy is a term that doesn’t belong in a reserved shelf for only the most beautiful women. 

A man can make you feel sexy by giving you the kind of attention that makes you glow! ​

He’ll compliment your appearance, sure, but also his compliments will go beyond your physical and into who you are as a woman. 

When he lets you know that he likes who you are and loves being around you, it goes a long way. 

He’ll communicate to others how hot he thinks you are, but it will be in the tone of someone who really means it from the bottom of his heart.

He’s not just saying it to say it; he means what he says and shows you how much he loves having you in his life.

Sexy isn’t just an adjective used by the media.

Instead, it’s a term that can be given to a woman by the man who loves her. ​​

Keep your eyes open for a man who makes you feel sexy both inside and out, and you’ll start to believe that you are as well.

What you can do to elevate this is to show him the other sexy sides of you that he still yet to know about. ​

This will keep your relationship interesting and exciting for both of you.

Spend more time with him and when things are getting steamy, make sure that you’re both at your best. ​​

By being able to show him new things about you each day, it will give him a reason to love spending time with you.

6) He’s there for you during the tough times 

A man who is in it for the long haul will be there to support you when times get tough.

He’ll know how to be there for you when you need him the most. ​​

If things go wrong, he’ll help you walk through the turmoil and get you safely to the other side. ​​

He’ll help you through all of your hardships and push off any self-doubt that is trying to settle in your heart. ​​

If the two of you are in a little spat, then he’ll call and try to make amends for whatever set things off. ​

He doesn’t want to leave things on a sour note and will do everything he can to fix the situation. ​​

As long as it’s not something that will nag at your heart or go against what he believes in, then his try at fixing the problem will be appreciated.

If he’s supportive during bad times, then there’s a high chance that he will also be supportive during good times as well. ​​

7) He’s not just looking to please you, he’s looking to love you

A soulmate doesn’t want to be just another person in your life. ​​

Instead, he wants to be the person who shows you that you’re enough, and treats you like a queen. ​​

He wants to hold your hand when you feel down and be there for you when your life is in need of support. 

When he’s able to show you how much he cares about you, it makes him seem like the man that he is. ​​

When a man loves a woman, it’s because he can’t see living without her. 

This isn’t just another relationship where a guy will only love her if she gives him something in return.

If he truly loves you and wants the two of you together at all costs, then this is a man who is willing to let go of what is best for him in order to be with you. ​​

When the two of you are committed, your relationship will show it. 

It will show how deep the two of you care for one another. 

If you can see how his actions show how connected he is to you, then he’s the man for you. ​​

Try to figure out what it is about him that makes him so selfless and obsessed with you. 

You’ll see the things that set him apart from other men, but hopefully they will be a good thing. ​​

8) He’s not afraid to make a commitment

A married man who’s ready to commit to you is a good sign. 

He’s not afraid to get serious and take a good look at what he wants in life. 

If he makes an effort to tell you how he feels, then there must be something special about him.

Committed relationships are bound by two people who love each other and want to work on their relationship and future together. 

A man who is truly in love with you will know that a relationship takes hard work and patience. 

Marriage is no exception , so if he’s already married, then he should want to commit to making it work for the two of you. ​​

He should be willing to put in the hard work that it takes for a relationship to survive and thrive. ​​

If he’s not willing, then he’s probably not looking for anything long-term .

There’s no point in getting into a relationship when you know that it will be short-lived.

You would rather make sure that the guy you’re with is ready to work for your happy ever after. 

To do this, you need to check into the character of the man you’re dating.

Does he make you feel special? 

Does he make an effort to commit? 

Once you find out the answers, then you can determine if he’s looking for something real.

9) He lets you into his life and vice versa

A relationship is one where two people learn from one another as well as provide support for one another.

When the two of you are committed to each other, there should be a mutual respect for one another’s hobbies and interests—and not just your own. 

He will tell you about his job and all of his troubles at home and always make efforts to let you into his life so that you can be there for him when he needs some support.

If you want things to work out for the two of you, then you need to let him into your life as well.

Make sure that he has the chance to know your family and friends, along with your interests and hobbies. 

Nothing turns a guy off faster than being kept in the dark when it comes to getting serious with his soulmate.

You should feel comfortable enough to share your interests with him and have him listen in interest. 

He’ll be able to reciprocate the same trust and respect by sharing his hobbies with you. 

If he shows signs of interest, then you can feel free to ask him questions about his interests. 

You can even take part in some of his interests if they aren’t something that takes up too much time. 

10) He talks about the future with you

When you talk to a man who has his feet firmly planted in the future, you’re talking to a man with vision. 

He’s not looking at the here and now; he’s thinking about your future together. 

This is what makes him a soulmate, because he wants nothing more than to have his life intertwined with yours. 

He wants to share things with you down the road and make plans for the two of you together. ​​

He wants to be prepared for the future now, so that he can share it with you and have it be something special. 

He wants to take care of you and get the most out of life with you on-board.

If he’s ready to start planning out the future, then you can be sure that this man is a good-hearted soulmate.

You should also let him know how you want your future with him to be.

You can tell him what kind of lifestyle you want to lead, and he’ll be sure to make plans that are suited to your big plans. ​​

If he’s not ready to make those plans, then he’s probably not looking for the long-term.

However, if your thinking is similar and you’ve discussed future plans together, then you know for sure that this man would make an effort to plan your future.

You should never settle for less! 

Bottom line

Finding out if a married man is your soulmate is a lot more complicated than if it was a single man.

This is because he’s been committed to another woman.

How do you know if he’s not just using you and playing with you?

How can you tell if he’s actually serious about you?

Well, the signs mentioned above can definitely help you know if he’s your man.

But another thing that can help is by listening to your heart.

If the guy is right for you and your heart is saying so, then why not just go for it?

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