7 body language signs your date is digging you

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Did you just get back from a date with someone special?

That must be why you’re reading this: to find out how it really went!

You must be wondering, did they enjoy your company? It can be hard to tell how the other person’s feeling, especially if you’ve only just met…

But I’m here to help with this list of 7 body language signs your date is digging you!

Let’s jump in!

1) They make lots of eye contact

The first sign that your date’s interested in you is that they make lots of eye contact!

I know, I know.

You must have heard this so many times! But there’s a reason: it’s an easy way to tell that someone’s enjoying your company. 

Say you’re deep in a conversation and your date can’t take their eyes off of you. You may be thinking, “Is it because I’m wearing a nice outfit?”

Maybe it’s that, or they can’t get enough of you. You may even find that their pupils dilate! 

Either way, lots of eye contact is a sign that things are going well. 

It must have also been the first thing you noticed…since it can be pretty obvious!

2) They touch you more

Let’s slow down here: I don’t mean THAT kind of touching, if that’s what you’re thinking…

What I’m talking about is that little accidental touch you have when walking through the door, or when they hold the small of your back while waiting for the bus.

These are all indications of interest! 

If someone’s digging you, they’ll want to get closer…but of course, they’ll need to behave appropriately. They may want to wait until the next date for a hug or kiss!

After all, you’ve just met! And if they really like you, they will want to take things slow.

If you think that your date’s initiating a lot of these touches, trust me: they don’t want to let you go!

3) They listen closely

Another sign that your date’s digging you is that they listen closely to whatever you’re saying!

I mean, let’s be honest.

It’s hard to fake your interest in someone to this extent…if someone’s boring you, you’ll want to find your way out as soon as possible.

But not your date: in fact, they want to hear all about you, outside of whatever it is you’re sharing with them!

If you DO get serious with this guy or gal, you’re going to want to have lots to talk about. And that’s why this is a sign you’ll also get along fab…

4) They lean towards you

This is an obvious one: if your date is enjoying your company, they’ll lean forward – or whatever direction you’re facing – so that they can feel more engaged.

Not to make a reference to Red Riding Hood, but you know what they say:

“All the better to see you with!”

Or in this case, all the better to get to know you!

Realize this is more of an instinctual thing than something deliberate, though. At least most of the time!

While many relationship coaches instruct people to lean forward to show interest, your date most likely can’t help doing it.

In fact, it’s often a way for their subconscious mind to tell them that they’re “attracted” to you!

How cool is that?

If you find that your date’s inching closer to you or that they’re somehow facing you directly, it’s a good sign that they want more!

5) They try to make you laugh

Speaking of your date leaning towards you brings me to my next point…

Another way they show interest is when they try to make you laugh. A lot.

You may be thinking: how does this show in their body language? After all, making you laugh is more of a verbal cue.

But let me explain…

If your date’s already been showing the above signs, this is the icing on the cake!

After all, it’s much easier to engage with you if they’re making eye contact, listening closely, AND leaning towards you.

That’s why an effort to make you laugh is a sign of interest: it must have already gotten to the point where your reaction matters to them. 

This is how you know your date’s digging you. They’re starting to get invested…

6) They get awkward

While most body language signs that show your date’s interested are easy to spot, this might be a bit tricky.

Know that your date can get awkward, even if they do dig you!

If someone’s attracted to you – more than they might have expected – they will find themselves getting tongue-tied. And they may sometimes even turn away from you.

This doesn’t always have to be a bad sign…

Some advice I can give is to think about whether or not they have shown other signs of interest. Like I mentioned, they already give lots of eye contact and try to make you laugh…

Maybe it’s only later in the date that they get awkward and seem more shy than before!

It might be because they’ve realized how much they like you and are trying hard not to show it. 

At least, not yet…

7) They mirror you

You know what they say about couples: they look alike after being together for some time!

But have you heard of the psychology of mirroring?

It’s a similar idea.

The reason why your date mirrors you when they’re attracted is because they want to show that you guys are connected…

Let me tell you what I mean.

When your date starts to mimic your actions – maybe they start tapping on the desk when you do – they’re trying to express that you two are similar in some way.

And that’s why you’re “good together”!

Isn’t that neat?

Again, this is a subconscious way of showing interest! But it’s a very real sign, nonetheless…


So you’ve just met someone really special on a date and can’t wait to see them again. But you don’t know if they’ll call…

Rest assured, though. 

If they’ve exhibited the above signs, do expect to hear back and maybe take the next step in your relationship!

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